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Review #1, by beccableuLove Online: Love Online PART 29: Call Me Draco

27th August 2009:
Hey, so my best friend and I love your story and we check it periodically to see if you've updated. It completely made our day when we saw the you updated! We thought it was a great chapter, just like all the others.

We do hope that you'll update more often and soon. You practically killed us with that long wait, lol. So please update soon!

Author's Response: Hey, I'm glad you guys like to read it. Sorry about the long wait. I was fed up with the old computer I used and fighting to use it with my brothers, so I've been saving up for a laptop lol. But I have it now so updates will be more regular! Thanks again.

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Review #2, by beccableuLove Online: PART 27: The Morning After

27th March 2009:
Great story going, but when are you going to update? No pressure but you left it on a cliff hanger.

Author's Response: hey, im sorry about the big gap of no new chapters. i've had computer troubles lol and had to save up for a new laptop. that's why there's been nothing happening but it's all good now! i've just posted the new chapter but i don't know when it will be put through. thankyou for waiting :)

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Review #3, by beccableuLove Online: PART 28: Bob Exposed

5th March 2009:
Hey, I love this story. Not to be a nag, but are you going to update soon? I really hope you do because your writing is brilliant!

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Review #4, by beccableuWhen True Love Falls: Thoughts To Words, Never Read, Never Known

21st February 2009:
great story, please keep it going

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Review #5, by beccableuexcuse me, Mr. Slytherin Prince!: They Left Me ?

20th February 2009:
Great story, I hope you continue.

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Review #6, by beccableuThe Greengrass and The Malfoy: Welcome to my Life

30th December 2008:
Great story, I can make you a banner if you want.


Author's Response: Glad you like it I have had a major case of writers block it sucks!!
But do you think you can make the banner for me plz!

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Review #7, by beccableuNothing More Than A Fantasy: Sticks And Stones

20th December 2008:
Your story is amazing! When is the next chapter going to be out? That cliffhanger is practically killing me. Please update soon, I love your story!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like it. I was going to put chapter 12 in validation but then I found out I couldn't so it will be out in January I think. Thanks for reviewing.

Happy Holidays!


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Review #8, by beccableuLove Online: PART 24: Maybe Just A Little Crush

28th October 2008:
I love the story! I especially like the way you haven't rushed into letting Paige know the identity of "Bob". Its a way to really keep the reader wanting more, just like I do! Keep writing, please!

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