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Review #1, by Princess_Leianna_LilyLight's Hope, Death's Hunters: Marauder Security & Technology

27th May 2009:
What can i say amazing absolutely amazing i have been waiting for this story to end. And im very happy with its ending very very very good job. I insist that you write a sequel and i unsure i will comment every chapter. Thank you very much for taking the time in writing this story.

Yours lianna xox

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Review #2, by Princess_Leianna_LilyHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 32: Dueling Class.

16th December 2008:
this was a good chapter as well. Poor Hermione... I also noticed that you have some spelling mistakes in a few of the chapter i've read. Might want to fix them..

Great job

xxx Lily

Author's Response: Yes, I will get to the spelling mistakes as soon as I can, but am without internet at home right now. Yea, duling class under Snape can be very scarry. Thanks for the reveiw. Please keep reading, and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by Princess_Leianna_LilyHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 31: Ambush!

16th December 2008:
hey this was really good. So whats up with the back in time parts. Little bit confused bout that. But al in all it was good well done.

Keep writing

xxx lily

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

Well, I think you mean about Harry Remembering the events commited by the shapeshifter in Harry's dreams. Whatever the shapeshifter does as Harry, Harry will see very clearly in his dreams a few nights later, but if the shapeshifter is careful Harry will not know what is going on, and still be confused. It happens to everyone, Seamus too, he knows much of whats going on, but for obvious reasons cannot tell anyone. Thanks again soo much for the review, you rock!!

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Review #4, by Princess_Leianna_LilyForbidden Love: Future Plans

26th November 2008:
I really liked this chapter, it was very well written. I can't wait to read the next chapter and find out how harry handles Ginny haha.

Until next time

Leianna xo

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Review #5, by Princess_Leianna_LilyHarry's New Scar: New powers and surprises

21st November 2008:
hey this was good chapter. but it seems to me that this story is more about logan than it is harry, and there isnt much harry/hermione . but all in alll good writing and good chapter.
looking forward to the next.

leianna xo

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

I don't even know my own story anymore. >_<

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