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Review #1, by SariaMaking History: making history

2nd August 2010:
This was a hilarious one-shot =)
i loved the sonnet haha i couldnt stop laughing
also i think that binns would have defiantly thought the kids would be fooling around by telling him he is dead lol
also i know you didnt make the banner, but do you know if the guy all the way to the right is darren criss from a very potter musical??

Author's Response: Yay! thanx!! um yes it is Darren Criss i told the artist that i wanted him as james coz he's perfect and gorgeous lol im a huge fan of AVPM/S so couldnt resist putting him there lol.
lol everyone loves the sonnet i consider it my best work to date lmao thanx so much for the review! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo aussieginny

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Review #2, by SariaVersicolor: I'm Good to go, and I'm Going Nowhere Fast

1st January 2010:
first of all thank you so much for all the work you have put into this series. it is honestly one of my very favorite fan fictions ever. i dont think i could ever write anything as amazing as this. it must be really hard so i thank you so so much. i would love to read any other stories you want to write.
i am sad that this story is going to be short, but i understand where you are coming from. honestly i would have just been happy with just polychromatic. all of this is just an added bonus:)
i was very surprised the time jump but i like it. its hard to go through the younger years and the later years are more interesting anyway.
i freaking LOVE aldan! he is so like his parents and its AMAZING! not to mention he is much like remus when it comes to girls lol. his relationship with harry is so different than what most people write and it is really interesting. normally he is portrayed as perfect and seeing him not be viewed as "the chosen one" is strange but good.
the fact that remus is actually able to get a job and is able to use his knowledge is something you dont see and therefore is awesome. also he gets to help will be less of a drama queen which is an added bonus.
im curious to see what you fit into the last couple of chapters seeing as how there is a lot to cover. you have surprised me soo much so far so i am looking forward to it:)
also starkidpotter is AMAZING!! i love all their shows. darren criss and aj holmes are totally awesome. when i saw you wrote that i freaked out lol
i would love a quicker post but i totally understand if thats not possible. ill be happy to wait if its necessary:)
thanks again:):):)

Author's Response: Let me just tell you that reading this review really made me smile. I love to read nice reviews, but they always seem to touch me a little more when I haven't been having the best time because it sort of reminds me about the theme of this story in the first place.

I wasn't planning the time jump. I really wanted to examine the summer after Aldan's first year, and Will's first year and his whole transformation, but the short ending didn't leave much time for explanations.

Aldan is perhaps one of my favorite people to write. I feel like he embodies both of his parents, Remus a bit too, but with his own special brand of, "Did he really do that?" I would have SO loved to be able to explore his insecurities, which he does have some of as you can probably tell with his problem with Harry.

Aldan's hatred of Harry has sort of stemmed off of my view of Harry. Obviously not to the degree of Aldan, but I've always felt that Harry was a little bit whiny.

Starkidpotter is love . . . They've made me consider theatre and film scriptwriting as a possible life choice, and I needed some direction.

Anyway, I'm so glad that you've enjoyed this story! As heartbroken as I am to stop it - disappointing myself and all of you guys - it makes me feel a bit good that people will actually miss it. :)

Anyways, I hope to be able to update within a month, but there's no way I could say for sure.

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Review #3, by SariaVersicolor: Take a Chance and Make it Big

10th August 2009:
this chapter went really fast... but i liked it:)
i like how Al asked Harry to come to his house so nicely even though he really doesnt like him... how you talk to people you dont like shows a lot and i think it shows that Al is a very nice person.
and Al's internal argument on whether to kiss Lavender or not completely reminds me of all of Anna's internal arguments hehe
i like how you added the fact that Al was jealous... its bad if you make a character all good with no flaws 'cause then they are just TOO perfect.
and Lavender said yes! yay!
lastly... amazing chapter:)

Author's Response: Al, in all honesty, is a good kid. He's a bit of a jerk (which shows more as he gets older) but he's really not a bad person.

And I also hate when characters are perfect . . . I think you can get away with near-perfection in guy characters easier than in girl characters, because - in general - guys seem to have less flaws because they don't try as hard.

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Review #4, by SariaVersicolor: Back In Black

19th July 2009:
yay!! a post!!! great chapter!! im really starting to like Aldan. he is the perfect mix of Anna and Sirius.. Anna's craziness but Sirius's suave and arrogance that we all know and love.
"Two brutish looking blokes behind him glared menacingly at me. Psh, they didnt scare me; I was practically as big as them! Just much better looking . . ."
LOVE that line!! it proves he is Sirius's son. im very interested to see where you take this whole Lavender thing... and Remus giving him tips was a great idea.
i like how Al isnt becoming best friends with Harry because 1)that would be way too cliche and 2) i dont think that Anna or Sirius would immediately be friends with him so why would their offspring??
very good chapter. keep posting!:)

Author's Response: I figured that growing up in that in that kind of environment would make Aldan like that. Good stuff and bad.

I was originally actually going to have Harry grow up in the Black/Xanthis household. But then, as my beta pointed out, he wouldn't have the typical Harry Potter humility. So I figured that Aldan wouldn't really be friends with that type of person, you know?

Thank you! :D

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Review #5, by SariaA New Beginnig : a new beginnig

17th July 2009:
This was very good for your first one. It has a very good concept. There were a couple of grammer mistakes that I might fix real quick. And maybe make them a bit longer, but a very very good start. Keep writing!

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Review #6, by SariaVersicolor: I'll Give a Little Bit of My Life For You (Ye - Wait! What?!)

6th July 2009:
Yay!!! Chapter 2!!! excellent chapter as always. sorry i didn't review on the first chapter my internet has been weird lately and i don't always have it:(
The idea of Remus being a shrink is amazing! he was always helping his friends with their problems so why can't he help others!? Food fights= amazing. it's really funny to think of Sirius tripping over toys all the time.
i love the chapter image by the way. it has eveything that i think about when i think about anna. well except for Sirius but i'm sure he has his own chapter image that is just as good. and even though it will delay some updates i hope you have fun on your vacation! and by the way your freaking amazing!

Author's Response: I wasn\\\'t sure what to make Remus. I mean, I\\\'d love to make him DADA professor permanently, but there\\\'s the curse to think about . . . So I figured the shrink would be perfect.

That was actually the idea of Emilyinlove, the one who made them all. I was thinking just simple ones like the originals, but she came up with the brilliant idea of having things that they liked in the background. They\\\'re all quite fun. :D

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Review #7, by SariaPolychromatic: If I Ever Have To Go Through This War, Then I'll Survive

25th June 2009:
wow... just wow... amazing ending to an amazing story
you made me cry:'( poor anna... poor sirius... i hope that they next story will be cheerful... i would say i hope it will be good but i know that it will be... amazing amazing story
keep writing and dont worry... i feel like i know them too:)

Author's Response: Cheerful? Oh, of course it will.

It couldn't be a part of this series if it wasn't, right? :D

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Review #8, by SariaPolychromatic: This Is Quick But Not Quite Painless

23rd June 2009:

as soon as i saw the words 'time turner' i knew it would be okay! thank the freaking lord! Finally peter got what he deserves!! have i mentioned you are freaking amazing?? because you are! perfect chapter! perfect! and anna being an animagus is genius! i am so excited! and a little hyper... lol i can't wait for thursday!!!

Author's Response: I'm so excited everyone's loving this chapter. I'm a HUGE fan of it myself. :D

I really hope I did this in a convincing way - nothing kills me more than a terrible AU.

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Review #9, by SariaPolychromatic: On This Perfect Day, Nothing Can Go Wrong

19th June 2009:
i was loving the beginning of this chapter hoping that you wouldn't but you did! this sucks! i hate that James and Lily died! i just wish peter wasnt such a jerk... darn you peter! i DID like the beginning though... the whole Truth or Dare game was a lot of fun... and the "Lower! Lower! Lower! Aha! Yes! We were playing Limbo." was hilarious! good chapter even with the inevitable:)

Author's Response: I figured that if they were going to die, the least that they could do was have a fun die before, right?

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Review #10, by SariaPolychromatic: You've Got a Friend In Me

16th June 2009:
Awesome chapter! why is it someone always gets tied to a chair in this story? it seems to be an ongoing thing... by the way AMAZING choice for an actor for sirius! AMAZING! i wash peter didn't go to the dark side... it makes me depressed... but i love how you pulled the tradition of shutting anna out of her house when baking in the story... can't wait till tomorrow:)

Author's Response: Well . . . They always have something they want accomplished, and have no better way than to tie someone to a chair, even at twenty-something years old.

Yeah, well, they did want those baked goods to come out properly, right? :D Even six years later, Anna's cooking has not improved.

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Review #11, by SariaPolychromatic: Goodbye, Old You, When Love Is True

12th June 2009:
i have a feeling a pair of new marauders have been born in Aldan and Oliver lol
awsome chapter... i needed a laugh:) i love that Darren is engaged and is 19 years old yet still thinks Anna is a goddess
Oliver's little outbust is the funniest thing i have seen in a long while... i always know ill get a laugh from this story

sadly i am not old enough to drive but a friend took the test, failed, and still, after almost a year, has not taken it again.

cant wait till next post:)

Author's Response: Actually - this is probably my fault - I've skipped so much that it's confusing. Darren, Stephen, Connie and Anna are all around 21 now. The Marauders and Lily are about 22.

What can I say? I guess you never really forget the girl who un-turned you into a manwhore? lol

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Review #12, by SariaPolychromatic: You Don't Remember Who You're Talking To

9th June 2009:
this covered a lot of time VERY quickly... i loved it!
if i didnt see the first pregnancy then i most definatly did not see the second...
i do like william john MUCH better than aldan though:)
i hate to see themarauders fighting... *tear*... but Darren! yay!

Author's Response: Yeah. This one was even quicker than that last one.

You know, you're the second person in a row to tell me that you liked william john better than Aldan, in almost those exact words, lol.

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Review #13, by SariaPolychromatic: You Might Think She's Bulletproof, But She's Not

7th June 2009:
i know i have only reviewed maybe once on this story, but i love it! it is by far my favorite story on hpff... i love anna and sirius they are just so damn CUTE! you write everything so well... there is never a chapter where i dont laugh at least once... i just wanted to let you know you have one more person who loves your stories:)

Author's Response: Aww, well thank you! And I appreciate every single reader, whether they review one time or seventy-seven times.

That doesn't mean I don't love when I get reviews, lol. Anyways, I'm super glad I could make you laugh lots! :D

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Review #14, by SariaI Want That Life: 47. Too Late

17th March 2009:
i am soo joining that group!
peter is prolly one of my least favorite characters in the eniter Harry Potter world!!
btw great story so far:)

(and yes ik im bipolar)

Author's Response: Oh Saria, you aren't bipolar love.

thank you for the review, i should go through all of my past reviewers and actually make a list for this group of hate lol.

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Review #15, by SariaPolychromatic: All My Walls Come Down

16th March 2009:
I really really love this story!!! ik i have yet to review (save for now) but i have been watching for updates like every day. I really love anna and the marauders!! they are always so happy and anna is always so random!! and the way it is written is amazing too. i have read quite a few stories on this site and this is by far my favorite!!!


Author's Response: Awww, thanks for all the lovely compliments! They go wonderful with the sun that is (finally!) shining outside.

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Review #16, by SariaPolychromatic: Everybody Seems So Happy

10th February 2009:
First of all after i read this chapter i was so dying for chocolate i had to raid my moms secret stash and for some odd reason i have a feeling i might be doing that a lot during this story:)

and second i love it! i am really excited to see what relationships come out of it. on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, my mom's got a secret stash too! Not of chocolate, but of every kind of junk food imaginable. She hides it from my sister, so the rest of us have to suffer - but she told me where it is. :D

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Review #17, by SariaAll It Takes: All It Takes

8th February 2009:
I really llike this. It's a good concept. I'm curious to see what is in Mistake.

Just wondering where did you get the name for James's owl? I like it.

Author's Response: "Siobhan" is an Irish name and I named the owl named after a friend. I thought it was a unique name and I love how it sounds! Thanks for the review.

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Review #18, by Saria:

20th May 2008:
ok this is a response to the response you sent me Jessie:

lol jkjk i would never cause even if i did u would just talk my ear off so i may as well talk back. OH! yeah i went there AND bought a stupid teshirt (and i dont think i spelt that write lol)
so yeah dont say that EVER again thx!

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