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Review #1, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 6

3rd October 2008:
Poor poor poor David!! i cant tell you how sorry i feel for him right now. James's reaction surprised me though i was half expecting such a reaction from him.

I'm loving your story!! great writting!

Author's Response: im rather cruel to my poor character who i oddly relate to in far too many ways. im glad you're enjoying it so far. hopefully you feel the same way when you get to the end.

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Review #2, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 5

3rd October 2008:
coool.. imagine two completly diffrent brothers falling for the same girl!! haha!

anyhow, this was yet again another amazing chapter that has made me want to read more and more.

Author's Response: that was actually how i came up with the idea for this story. ive seen a lot of stories on this site with james having a sister who falls for sirius, but none with james having a brother who falls for lily. plus it adds a nice element of drama, angst, and tension that i got to elaborate on for the rest of the story. =)

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Review #3, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 4

3rd October 2008:
okay, i loved the punishment David got; its going to make the story much more interesting!! i do feel sorry for him, but oh well =P besides that, i loved your characterization! (you might have noticed in my reviews that i'm horrid at spelling, so my apologies for the millions of sp mistakes i make)

Author's Response: im not a spelling/grammar psycho. i have to proofread everything i write at least 5 times in order to be mostly right. even then i know i probably make glaring errors. thanks for keeping up the reviews. you have no idea how much i appreciate it.

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Review #4, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 3

3rd October 2008:
you know what? if i would have been in Davids place, i would seriously not have known what decition to choose. And i think David made the right decition--although part of me still thinks that he is going to become a death eather..

Another great chapter! i really like ur descriptions :)

Author's Response: im actually thinking of writing a sequel to this story and if i do end up doing writing one that issue would finally be resolved. it was one of the main aspects of the story i sort of left unresolved and it's been bothering me slightly.

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Review #5, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 2

3rd October 2008:
omg, he came here to meet Voldemort?! of all the things i had imagined, i never had that in mind! wow, i like where this story is going!

have a nice day :)

Author's Response: i had a lot of fun writing that chapter. actually i had a lot of fun writing the entire story but whenever voldemort got into the mix i got to indulge in my weird imagination.

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Review #6, by SparklingStarsTainted Love: Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
your summary caught my eye and i decided to give this story a try, although when i clicked it, i never expected it to be about a slytheirn boy! Great starting so far, i'm enjoying the story :)

And, i'm sorry you lost so many reviews :( i'll try reviewing every chapter, but i'm not the best when it comes to reviewing ;)

Author's Response: thanks so much for leaving a review. it was very depressing losing all of those reviews but i am keeping a running total of how many this story has total and i know everyone who did. but this has officially made my day even better.

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