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Review #1, by On a Stick:

20th May 2008:
Runa? *shakes head*
Thought it was hilarious, though. Harry has a mutant alien baby? I don't remember that...

Author's Response: Runa is doss and you know it! And anyway, Harmony is next. HA!
And no, Albus isn't a mutant. Although when Ron is playing with his Barbie dolls he likes to believe that.
Thanks for reviewing Gayle!

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Review #2, by On a Stick100 Ways To Kill James Potter: The Diary! *den den dern*

15th May 2008:
Lol! That was hilarious, I especially liked 63. Feed him to Remus. What is a coitophabiac? Because, I thought it was someone afraid of sexual intercourse. I not, my mistake.

Author's Response: lol. thanks for your lovely review. oh and btw, i dont know what that big long word you used only in year 10! dont shoot me. lol. thankyou!

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Review #3, by On a Stick:

3rd May 2008:
Hey, I finished the banner you asked me to make. Took me forever though, frickin computer kept deleting stuff. I'll send it to you over MSN so go on now.

"Make this quick, Nancy Drew!

Your quite the mean, you know that?

Of course, I know that! What do you think I've been working towards all this time, anti-evil? "

That was hilarious!

Author's Response: Cool, we'll have to put it on.

Nancy Drew was Er's idea, rest was mine. Erin's taking forever with the next chapter though!

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