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Review #1, by HogwartsFanaticLies: Chapter 15

1st December 2008:
-Whoa... angry Draco is scary Draco! Honestly, he frightened me; but there was something very... fulfilling about watching him lose all control.
-Kinda' makes it sound like Draco really is a bad guy... although forced, but nevertheless, that makes me sad.
-I didn't like how Hermione's traumas seemed to be ignored. I know that she didn't have any major injuries, but I thought Narcissa at least would provide a shoulder for her. On the other hand... her seeming quick recovery showed her strength and the touch of Auror in her.

I continue to enjoy your story,
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Yeah right now, we (you rather, the readers) don't really know how good or bad Draco is. Is he a true blue bad boy? Is he mislead and lost? Is he confused and just needs a little love? ;)

Yeah I apologize about moving on a little quickly. If it were a realy novel, my editor would have caught it and had me revise it. As it is, I was thinking about the action ahead and kinda skipped over the proper reaction. So sorry about that. :-/

But on the plus side, you did see the good in it ;)

Thanks for review HF! Updating soon so check back in a week or so.

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Review #2, by HogwartsFanaticLies: Chapter 14

30th November 2008:
Hey there! HogwartsFanatic here. Remember me? I reviewed a whole bunch (before the great review erasing) and then vanished? I'm back and getting in my review and writing stride once again... maybe... I'll have to see how long it lasts. Anyway, onto the review made especially for you! =0]

-Okay... this is the first fanfic I've ever read that made me love Lucius! Your characterization of him is brilliant, and I look forward to his appearance in each of your chapters! Great job with him!
-This has been my favorite chapter so far. I loved all the interactions throughout the chap.
-Loved Hermione's reaction when Draco said she looked 'nice'. I thought it was a perfect time for her to let loose some of her frustrations!

-Did you mean to make her name 'Asteria' instead of the canon 'Astoria'? You seem to have all the other names as canon so it seems like hers should be, too.
-Also, you refer to her as both 'Asteria Greengrass' and 'Asteria Zabini'. It may have been on purpose for formal introduction purposes, but I thought I would mention incase it was accidental.
-And I was a bit angry at Draco for letting her go on insulting Hermione for as long as she did. He kind of made up for it by banishing them from the Manor though.

And I don't care how rich they are or how good of friends they were, insulting Draco, as well as the entire Malfoy family like that, in his own home, then punching him, can not go unpunished! (... and that was my little rant!)

So... I'm glad I got back to your story again! You'll hear from me again soon,
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Hi HF. Yes I remember you :D I couldn't forget you.

Thank you, I'm glad you like him. He's one of my fav. chars and I hate seeing him portrayed as pure evil... people are so much deeper than that.

I researched all the names JKR used in the books. I've tried to keep the naming schemes canon with hers. Which have followed specific guidelines from what I've seen. They have either been stellar names (Constellations, stars, asteroids, etc.); Latin/Roman/Greek/Mythological names; flower names; or very classic, almost medieval names (Ronald, George, Percivil, Neville, etc.). That being said, I have found only 2 mentions of where JKR discusses/has written about Asteria. In one occasion she spelled the name one way Asteria/Astoria, and on the second, in an interview, she pronounced it another way. Thus, we have 2 different names that could possibly be the real one without confirmation of which is accurate from JKR. That in mind, I went with Asteria, because it is both a Greek/Mythological name and it's the name of an asteroid. Astoria. wasn't found anywhere at all in my searches. While I like the sound of Astoria, the way it rolls of your tongue, I really think Asteria is the one JKR would have used since it fits her naming scheme. (And I think in Latin or Greek Aster means star as well if I remember correctly). So I hope that clears up why I chose Asteria. And if you have a source where JKR confirmed which spelling is the accurate one, by all means, leave me a review and let me know. :)

And yes, I intentionally mentioned both names so that everyone knew who I was speaking about (Greengrass) and then who she was now/ had married (Zabini).

Yes He could have been more forceful but he was trying to reign her in in a more... polite manner? She's just a bit crazy and can't take a hint. :)

Thank you for the long review, I love hearing from you. Hope to see you again soon!

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Review #3, by HogwartsFanaticA Mission's Irony: Bathing in Distractions

24th November 2008:
-I enjoyed this first chapter. You've set up the story nicely.
-It sounds like it could have the makings of a novella, so I'm interested in reading on to see how you push it forward into the short story you plan for it to be.

Thanks for writing and sharing,

Author's Response: Great! It really could be a novella but I don't have the patience to make it longer. I get distracted too easily to stick with it that way and I already have one huge story on the go. Too many ideas in my head to concentrate. Oh well.

Thank you for reviewing this story, I really appreciate it!


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Review #4, by HogwartsFanaticTorn Between Ice and Emeralds: No Longer the Enemy

13th June 2008:
Don't really have anything to critque, just sending a little note to say I've enjoyed your story so far.

Thanks for writing and sharing,
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :-)

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Review #5, by HogwartsFanaticTwenty Ways To Know You're A Weasley.: Twenty Ways.

11th June 2008:
This was cute one-shot.

"Eighteen: At times your grandmum has nothing on Old Voldy." Should the wording on this be reversed? Voldy has nothing on grandmum?

Thanks for writing and sharing,
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It has been fixed! :) Also, thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by HogwartsFanaticShadow Land: Into the Depths

10th June 2008:
-Like the action sequences of the last two chapter.
-One mistake I spotted: "Good boy," Snape said, referring to Harry. "He plans on leading Voldemort away, but I intend to keep him here." : don't think Snape said that.
-I was wondering how the Shadow Lands were going to be worked back into this story! Nice!

-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Heh, I'll have to go back and fix that. Thanks!


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Review #7, by HogwartsFanaticShadow Land: Snake and Dragon

10th June 2008:
-I like the snippets you've written with Ron and Hermione throughout the story. It's hard for me to picture the two all lovey-dovey. I like the approach you've taken with them.
-So that's Draco's problem! Thinking back, you foreshadowed it well.
-Hmmm... are you by-any-chance a fan of "The Secret Garden"? The description you gave reminds me so much of the garden from the 1987 movie version.

Looking forward to what the next chapter will bring!
-H.F. =0]

PS... In case you aren't aware, Photobucket removed the chapter pictures for Chapters 14 & 15... I don't know about the others.

Author's Response: I wasn't aware of the picture being removed. I'm not sure I've every seen that movie.

I'm glad I was able to foreshadow Draco's issues well and portray Ron and Hermione's relationship well.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #8, by HogwartsFanaticStargazing: Of Ex-Boyfriends and Heart-Wrenching Emotions

9th June 2008:
-So she helped save him and then sat by his bedside. That's good. Would have been dissappointed and, quite frankly, angry at her if she hadn't.
- "lost in the suburbs", "rubber duck occurrence"? Tease.
-The angry words from him when Lily pulled him into the woods was unexpected. Don't get where that came from.
-Back in chapter two Lily mentioned that she was in love. Since we haven't heard anything more about who that could be, I can only conclude Jacob is the guy.
-Only two chapters and an epilogue left? This is going back quick. Sad.
-I really love this charater that you've created! Any chance of you making more stories around him?

Thanks for writing and sharing,
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: I would have been very angry if she hadn't too.

Sorry about the tease - maybe one-shots forming there (those were inspired by actual occurences).

Jacob was upset and said things he didn't mean. He can get nasty when upset. Trust me, I know him well. Wow, that was creepy.

Yay for predictions!

Sorry, but it's a rather short story. Jacob has a mission and is determined to complete it. :)

Also, see mention of one-shot potential. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by HogwartsFanaticShadow Land: Whispers in the Dark

9th June 2008:
"something must be either horribly wrong with the world, and you are now considering me worthy to talk to, or, something is still horribly wrong with the world, and you now consider me the only option. Which is it?" - - - - This made me laugh!

I find it very odd that Harry is already feeling calmed by Snape's presence. To me is seems it would take longer to develope that almost comfort ... but, alas, I cannot think of a better way to make it happen and move the plot along... so I must ignore the oddness.

And that bit with Cho... how fiendish of her! Was that really her only motive?

On to the next chapter I am!
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Unfortunately that was Cho's only motive.

I'm sorry that the new connection between Harry and Snape felt odd to you. I kind of meant it to feel odd for Harry and Snape, but because of circumstances with Harry and others around him, I wanted to show that Snape is the only one he feels understands him and his predicament, even if he doesn't like it. Also the fact that Snape has inside information on him about his life with the Dursleys and hasn't chosen to use it against him tends to put Harry at rest for some reason.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #10, by HogwartsFanaticShadow Land: Dark Detention

8th June 2008:
I would say this has been my favorite chapter of the story so far. Snape and Harry are, for lack of a better word, bonding... albeit without intending to. They each stumble across a side of the other that neither had expected. I liked the interaction. Flowed smoothly.

Nicely done.
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, that was exactly what I was going for... there will be more "bonding" later on, even if neither one of them understands it.

Thanks for the reviews!


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Review #11, by HogwartsFanaticShadow Land: Detention's Escape

8th June 2008:
I just stumbled upon "Shadow Land". This first chapter is very enticing! So far, it appears you are keeping the Canon characters true-to-form. I'm eager to continue reading and see what the story is all about.

Nothing to critique at this point!
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it so far!


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Review #12, by HogwartsFanaticThe Sickness and the Cure: Chapter 15 : Come Undone

7th June 2008:
Wow! What a whirwind this story is!

"You can't even imagine how good it felt to write that last part." - You should be proud! You're quite skilled with the keyboard!

I see that it's been over a year since you've added to it. Sad to see that. Where is that wedding you teased us about? Have you abandoned this? You've left us with lots of questions, and we, the greedy readers, are looking to you for more!

You're writing is beautiful.
Thanks for writing and sharing. I'm certainly hoping for Ginny and Draco's story to continue!
-H.F. =0]

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Review #13, by HogwartsFanaticWhat shouldn't have been...: The Prophecy

7th June 2008:
This chapter left me in some confusion. Are the events of Rowlings first two books suppose to have never happened?

I found it odd when Harry asked who Ron was. Since they are in the same year, and thus would have classes together, why would Harry not know Ron?

"they together will be able to bend back time"... hmmm, does that mean going back in time perhaps... I guess I must wait and see.

Look forward to seeing in which direction you take this.
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Nope, Harry never found the stone and the Chamber of Secrets was opened. If that's what you mean. And these events will come back in future chapters.

Harry doesn't associate with Ron, in this basically alternate world Ron is more socially akward since his only friend is Hermione. Hermione is more outspoken though. Harry doesn't know Ron because he doesn't interact with him and has never really paid that much attention to the fact that he was in his classes. I know that it seems weird but bear with me on it. haha.

I don't know, I guess that we will see.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by HogwartsFanaticWhat shouldn't have been...: The Dream.

7th June 2008:
Hmmm... I am intrigued. So many possibilities as to how this story could go.

Chapter was very well written!
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: YAY. Thank you. I'm so glad that you like it.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #15, by HogwartsFanaticCrossing into Chaos: Stepping across the line

6th June 2008:
I thought your use of the letter from Ginny's Mom, talking about the braveness Gryffindor students are known for, was a wonderful way to set up the run-in with Draco. You've also shown how much the last 5 years have weighed on her, when something as seemingly small as a gift of a cup of hot-chocolate is enough to push her to make a stand.

One thing that confused me was regarding Charlie's job. I couldn't tell if it meant he was working as a caretaker for the dragons incase Voldemort ever requested one (assuming he would carry out his threats), or if his job was somehow going against Voldemort (like a secret stash of dragons Voldie knew nothing of).

Life altering chapter for Ginny. You wrote it beautifully.
-H.F. =0]

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Review #16, by HogwartsFanaticLies: Chapter 5

3rd June 2008:
And so it begins...

-I'm happy with how Harry and Hermione parted. No anger... thank-you.
-I found Hermione's reaction when she walked into Kingsley's office a bit odd. The smiling, forced or not, would've clearly been fake to everyone in the room. Why did she feel it was necessary?
-I like how you kept Draco silent (except for the occational snorts) after Hermione's arrival at the Manor. Silence can be more powerful than malicious words - and I've got a feeling there will be plenty of oppertunities for those later.
-And Narcissa is either very conniving or very lonely. I'm hoping for lonely; would be nice for Hermione to have someone in the house that she can stand to be around!
-Ahhh, Lucius likes roses. Who'ld have thought? *giggle*

Overall, nice chapter.
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Alright,

I imagined she would be overly nice and smiley to try to hide the fact that she is somewhat nervous, unsure, and a little scared. As well, coming in friendly would throw them off and give her the upper hand. She's not giving them the chance to attack her weak spots, I suppose. That's how I imagined it playing out. :)

Yes, there's a lot more time for nastiness, and there will be some. They still don't like each other but they have grown up quite a bit since the end of the war.

I guess you'll have to wait and find out about Narcissa. ;)

Glad you liked it, will update as soon as I can get into the queue.


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Review #17, by HogwartsFanaticCrossing into Chaos: Nearing the edge

2nd June 2008:
I read through this story very quickly last week. It's what caused me to read some of your others. Now I'm going through and re-reading. This time I'll be posting reviews from time-to-time in hopes that the sight of them will encourage you to continue writing this story and not abandon it!

So, on to the review...

You've done a beautiful job setting up the AU in this story. Through you're words, you've made it clear how these characters differ from those of the Canon.

What I love about this, is you've not really changed the characters that us HP fan have come to know. You've changed the world they live in. By changing everything about their world you've adjusted the characters to reflect a logical progression of their actions. In Ginny's case, she is still the same fiery girl that Rowling made her but her actions have had to change in order to survive here. Her spirit is evident when she rushes to the pitch. Draco does seem different though and more difficult to explain. Since he was not challenged by 'good' his evil instincts have blossomed. And in this chapter he really does seem evil, where as in the Canon I just found him mean. Does that make sense?

More reviews to come!

PS: I'm known for long reviews... warning you now!

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Review #18, by HogwartsFanaticThe Balin Connection: A Lesson in Historical Bias

2nd June 2008:
You have a wonderful imagination! That was clear after I read The Visable Invisable. So, when I saw that you had began a sequel, I had to read!

You have the ability to create a mystery that makes readers beg for more!

Of course, now, I'm kicking myself for ever starting to read The Balin Connection! I couldn't help myself; I was drawn in from the first chapter and couldn't stop. And now it appears that this story has been abandoned.

It really is a shame. The note at the end of this chapter promised 'More to come soon.' But the 'more' never came, making me, and I'm sure all of your readers very dissappointed.

I really believed that this was going to be an exeptionally great story! And if you are struck with the desire to write more, I know it will not dissappoint. You are simply too good a writer!

Could you please let all us fans know if you will continue The Balin Connection? I think I can speak for all when I say, I hope you do.

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Review #19, by HogwartsFanaticLies: Chapter 4

21st May 2008:
There's several things I like about this story/chapter.
First, I love how you have set up Hermione's life to be very unhappy; thus providing her with a reason for taking this assignment. If her life were happy, taking this job would have seemed too odd.
Second, I love when characters talk to the potraits in the Headmasters office! That part of the chapter made me smile! And McGonagall has always been my favorite professor, so I'm happy she made an appearance.
Third, I like how you've written Lupin; almost like a fatherly figure to her.
I'm worried about Harry though. I like that he's angry and not simply accepting this; my concern is he and Hermione parting in anger. If it's not necessary to the story, I hope Harry does not force his anger onto Hermione before she has to leave.

Well... that was long!
Will keep my eyes open for the next installment!
Thanks for writing and sharing!
-H.F. =0]

Author's Response: Thanks for the long review! I've enjoyed reading what people have to say and it makes me happy someone out there likes it :D.

I'm glad you liked this chapter, I was worried there was too much text in the beginning but I really felt like it was important to the story to show her mental and emotional state.

Don't worry about Harry. He isn't angry as much as worried sick. I've written him as a really protective brother and he will be showing up many times throughout the rest of the story.

He doesn't trust the Malfoys and he is worried about her well being so he isn't going to just let her dissapear. :)

Next chapter will be up as soon as the queue is reopened!


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Review #20, by HogwartsFanaticNext Generation- Rise of the Faerie: Interlude

21st May 2008:
Well, you have left me intrigued. This plot (at least as I understand it) has the potential to become an excellent story. I look forward to reading more... but...

I noticed you've not updated in several months. Has this story been abandoned???

Hope to be seeing an update soon.

Author's Response: yes ive grown up quite a bit since i started this story and i feel reading through it that i can develop a better and more original plot. sorry

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Review #21, by HogwartsFanaticPadfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

20th May 2008:
Well, I thought it was a cute idea for a one-shot.

Someone else mentioned the spelling mistakes. Honestly, there were so many I was very distracted by them! The biggest one...

R-E-M-U-S ; not R-E-A-M-U-S

But, I got a laugh... guess that's what matters!

Author's Response: sorry but at leat you got a laugh.

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Review #22, by HogwartsFanaticThe Way We Are Part 4: Chapter 104

19th May 2008:

I discovered this series about two weeks ago and became enthralled! You have done an amazing job in developing these characters.

I think I can speak for most HP fans, when I say I've always wondered what Hogwarts was like in the years the Marauders were there. You took it upon yourself to supply one possible answer to that mystery and have executed it beautifully.

Question... the pact that was made between Sirius and Remus in chapter 100, did Sirius pick someone out for Remus? I feel like I missed something.

It's clear you have devoted a large amount of time to 'The Way We Were/Are', and I feel almost guilty to ask you to spend more... almost.

I desperately hope you get the 'discipline' (as you called it) to 'finish' your story. You have become a favorite author of many, and we will all be back if you continue.

Thanks for writing, and sharing with us!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I don't know why, but I'm always surprised and happy to find out that people are still finding the stories.

In answer to your question, I did leave a few loose ends (ie. the pact between Sirius and Remus) with the intention of tying off those loose ends in Book 3, so no, you didn't miss anything there.

Thank you very much for the encouragement. I will definitely let you know if/when I start posting book three.

Thank you!

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Review #23, by HogwartsFanaticStargazing: And Many Miles to Go Before I Sleep (or Arrive at Hogwarts)

18th May 2008:
'Albus was going to explode.

But first he'd rip off Malfoy's smarmy platinum head and stuff it up his arse.

And lock Rosie in a tower.

With a guard dragon.'

I burst out laughing at those lines! I was picturing it in my mind and the scene was quite amusing!

I love the style you're writing this story in. Thank-you for the first A/N. I did notice something... different about the way the beginning was written compared to the rest of the story. The note explained the reason for that.

I'm not a fan of the Rose/Scorpius relationship stories, but I'm willing to give any story a chance. And as much as I'm enjoying Stargazing, I feel the need to read your other stories!

Thanks for writing and sharing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that, and thanks for sharing it with me. :)

I was worried about the beginning, but thanks for reading the author's notes. They DO have a purpose sometimes . . . odd.

Thanks for your willingness to try a Rose/Scorpius too.


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Review #24, by HogwartsFanaticA Hallows Named Ginny: Part Three

6th May 2008:
At first, I really liked how the story was being told as if from a distance, without much dialogue or detail. I'm not sure I liked it all the way through though. Seemed a little too detached and confusing in spots.

I loved the way you incorperated Ginny's life-debt to Harry in this; very inventive. And I loved the fireworks Fawkes!

Overall, nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. Which bits didn't you like? Which bits did you like? I loved the idea of the firework, too. The life-debt is explained a bit better in my other story. let me know what you think of that one too. I've got up to chapter 14 completed, but its a case of waiting for validation on my earlier ones.

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