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Review #1, by peacelovechelseaxxBreaking the Quidditch Code: Best Friends

27th June 2012:
So I basically just read all 50 chapters today at work. I pretty much have the most exciting job ever... Anyway, I'm not usually one for next gen fics, but this story is fantastic! I love the humor and the plot is awesomesauce! I can't wait for the last four chapters!

There's no possible way I could pick one favorite quite either, because there are too many!

Now I feel compelled to read your other stories. So I'll probably be up a while longer. I guess you can sleep when you're dead, eh? :D

Author's Response: Wow. Wow! Im really glad you decided to give it a shot. Trust me, before I started this I wasn't into next gen at all. Then suddenly James came to life and now it's all I write. There's so much unanticipated freedom.

I really hope you do give my other stories a shot. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for the review and I look forward to what you think of the rest of Breaking the Quidditch Code!

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Review #2, by peacelovechelseaxxThe Truth Behind Won-Won and Lav-Lav: Reasons

9th February 2009:
This was a very interesting story.
I liked the take on the three girls friendship.
It's different and really good. =]

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Review #3, by peacelovechelseaxxContours: Chapter Four

3rd February 2009:
ahhh i'm so excited for the next chapter.
this is such a great story.

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Review #4, by peacelovechelseaxxContours: Chapter Three

30th January 2009:
this is a really great story. =]
one of my favorites. 10/10

and i have a question.
i was wondering if you could make a banner for my story.
i don't really know of anyone that could make me one.
or could you like refer me to someone?
please and thank you. =]

Author's Response: just send me an email at :
infatuation(at)frozen-over(dot)net (:

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Review #5, by peacelovechelseaxxLies: Chapter 21

28th January 2009:
This chapter was bloody brilliant.
I love this story so much. =]

Author's Response: WoW!! Thank you so much!! I'm really happy you like it that much!

I'll update again soon, so check back soon.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

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