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Review #1, by minniemcmouseHarry Potter and The Link: Of Talks and Disturbing Visions

28th September 2005:
It's a great chapter and keep me posted when you add new things here and there else I'll never know! It was good, intriguing as wel and I'll be interested in seeing just what happens to Harry... The vision is interesting, very interesting. (Oh and I typed out what was wrong with your IE and then I saw the edit and had to delete it and lost half the review in the process because I'm dumb... sigh. You really ought to do something with the Link itself since that's drifting off elsewhere now. Just have them all bombed and end it! Easy! No...? Cheerio! :o)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! Glad you liked this one :) Yeah, I kind of forgot to send out the email to tell everyone I had updated - not good really, lol. Yeah, I see your poin t about the link plot... it will have it's place though, don't worry, I just need to set a few things up with this vision and Gabey etc so that I can start heading towards the showdown! :D lmao, have them all bombed!?!?, well, ikt would be easier... and pretty gory, lol. Maybe I should write a parodsy of the link with that ending once I'm finished with this story? lol ^^ Anyway, thanks again, I'll update asap, (or at least try to!) -Sam

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Review #2, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Dinner, Dancing and Confessions

22nd August 2005:
Of course, I just remembered that she'd been wearing ballet shoes and assumed that she was doing ballet. That was quite foolish of me especially since I don't doubt it said so in there that she wasn't doing ballet. I'm just blind sometimes! Those A/Ns will be the death of you (from me when I hunt you down, ahahahaaaa!). And as for Angst stories... Search for teh Soul which is my HBP sequel is likely to be pretty angsty (should have put it in that category really) although I stuck it in the action one instead... there was originally a reason behind it but I can't actually remember it now. Never mind. :oP

Author's Response: OH you will be happy! Right after I saw your last reviews, I went and deleted all of my A/Ns! If I ever do it in a later chapter, let me know! I will check out your story! I can't wait to read all about the Horcruxes! Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Sweets and Confessions

22nd August 2005:
You also answered my second review twice! Oh well... and I'll be intrigued to see why Malfoy was bleeding and not dying. I really will. If that was the case then Hermione should have left him and gone on her merry way. I forgot that all your titles ended with 'and confessions' in which case all my titles would hve begun with 'c' just to annoy the hell out of everyone until they were getting to the point of 'corpses and confessions' or 'custard and confessions'. Needless to say I'm not that imaginative when it comes to chapter titles so I ought to leave the titles for everyone else! Glad to see you used it though :o)

Author's Response: Yeah i'm sorry about answerign your review twice. For some reason this site was going really slow, and when I refreshed tha page my review was entered again. Haha 'Custard and Confessions'? lol That would be hilarious. Chapter 7- Canoes and Confessions, lmao. I'm horrible at making up names! Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by minniemcmouseFinal Farewell: Chapter One

21st August 2005:
I love that thing with the Ministry, where you say what you're doing and you get a badge. Sorry, I make comments as I go along in notepad usually and then paste them into the box so you'l get irritatingly long reviews usually :o) That's so depressing and so very sweet at the end as well with him promising to return to the veil after he's defeated Voldemort. I don't think he'd do that in the books because it's not really the way to end a children's story if you know what I mean but I think it wouldn't be unbelievable for him to do so once all was finished with. This was very enjoyable and I think you wrote a believable goodbye from Harry to Sirius who deserved one and never got it! Damn you JKR... :o)

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ You reviewing made my whole day, and I don't mind a long review, its just more review to love. xD

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Review #5, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Sweets and Confessions

20th August 2005:
I'd probably have gone for the obvious alliteration and called your last chapter 'Dinner and Dancing' I think. But then I never can resist an alliterative chapter title when it stares me in the face. HAHA! The mental image of Lucius Malfoy's hair sticking up on end! It's so long he'd have these giant blond spikes and I know that's probably not how you meant it to seem but I've got a very bizarre imagination at times and i couldn't help myself from thinking that. Why would Draco only have come back to reality when Hermione said his first name instead of referring to him as 'Malfoy'? Why was Hermione shocked by his request for help? Proud or not he was bleeding to death!! Okay, why was he bleeding so profusely but in no apparent danger? Even if the wounds healed up by themselves then surely the amount of blood he had lost could do substantial damage to him without more blood being put back into him!

Argh, Dumbledore! You and you're crypticness! I want to know what Lucius was so annoyed about and I'm being really sucked into this story so I hope you update soon because I'm beginning to love this. I'll be back when you have a new chapter up then! ~Rosie

Author's Response: 'Okay, why was he bleeding so profusely but in no apparent danger?' Ah, that is part of the plot behind the story. You will find out soon enough, I promise you that. And thank you for that chapter name suggestion! You are the first person to actually reply to my author's note! I really like that name but I kind of wanted to have everything end in 'Confessions.' You think Dumbledore is good? I'm so happy about that! I try to keep him as characteristic as possible. So i'm basically making up some witty sayings and being cryptic. haha Thanks!

Author's Response: 'Okay, why was he bleeding so profusely but in no apparent danger?' Ah, that is part of the plot behind the story. You will find out soon enough, I promise you that. And thank you for that chapter name suggestion! You are the first person to actually reply to my author's note! I really like that name but I kind of wanted to have everything end in 'Confessions.' You think Dumbledore is good? I'm so happy about that! I try to keep him as characteristic as possible. So i'm basically making up some witty sayings and being cryptic. haha Thanks!

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Review #6, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Dinner, Dancing and Confessions

20th August 2005:
This chapter seems oddly spaced, it's as if your paragraphs just aren't long enough but that might be me. I'll have to run back and see whether the other ones are like this as well. It's been a while but I returned and found this chapter to read and review. It annoys me when people say 'chocolate brown eyes' and I don't know why... I mean I'm sure you could have used something far more vulgar and brown to describe the colour of her irises (and I would have laughed for a very long time if you had!) but I suppose chocolate is okay... Just a little overdone I reckon. Can you see things in other people's eyes, like emotions and whatnot? I sure as hell can't! Everyone else seems to though in their work, and I know I've written about people seeing hurt in someone else's eyes in my stuff as well... I just don't get it because I don't think I've ever seen anyone's eyes hurt or anything.

Backstreet boys! Sorry.. I used to have their album and be such the most bizarre little fan... Haha. Still wouldn't have been my choice for ballet music but whatever. :o) *screams* stop with the A/Ns in the middle of things!!!! Sorry, I'm beginning to obsess over this, aren't I? Ooo, great end to the chapter with Malfoy bleeding and alone and in pain for reasons unknown! I'm gonna have to read the next chapter right now to see what happens in it! :o)

Author's Response: Your so sweet! haha Well I know in my eyes you can read absolutly everything i'm feeling at the time. And my face is an even better indicator. As for the song bit, she wasn't doing ballet, but a sort of freestyle/salsa-without-a-partner-dance. I should clear that up. I'm so sorry about A/N! I'll fix them right now! I've been very busy so I haven't had much time! Anyway do you have any new angst stories coming out? Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Secrets and Confessions

29th July 2005:
I'm back in all my reviewing glory... which isn't much really. Would have come back reviewing sooner but I forgot to be quite honest! Okay, so how did Draco Apparate into Hogwarts? It can't be done, remember? God knows how many times Hermione's said it over the years. How could Hermione open the Head Boy's room? Didn't he just put a password on it? No no no no no! No A/Ns in the middle of chapters... It takes away from the entire scene. Anyway, I'm very glad that they're not best friends and chatting along together like old friends all of a sudden, because then I'd have to run off tearing out my hair and I quite like my hair you see... If Draco repaired the mirror after he bandaged his hand then surely pieces of glass would fly out of his hand, through the bandages and back to the mirror so surely he should have repaired it first? How come he can do magic anyway?! It's good though. Enjoyable and there's interesting tension between the two characters. I'll be back reviewing again in a couple of weeks, just as soon as I've gone to get ever so slightly browner in France. Have a nice couple of weeks... :o) Rosie

Author's Response: God darn my luck. I turned into Ron! I completely forgot that you can't Apparate inside of Hogwarts. Dear me! I obviously have to do a lot of fixing up in this story...hmmm. But I am contemplating about deleting it! Too many things changed in HBP! Draco's character would be much more interesting to write about but I don't know how I would get Draco into the presence of Hermione after who Draco ran away with in the end. Well, I will figure this all out later! By the way, have fun in France! Don't get burnt! Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #8, by minniemcmouseDiary of a Marauder: Lily

28th July 2005:
*laughs* oh you must be so insulted after my last review. I noticed in one of your previous reviews that you told a writer you used your name and middle name for the two girls so one of your names is Sydney. Sorry! I also doubted your gender so I'm just awful today! Forgiveness wanted... please? Don't kill me! :o)

Author's Response: *cracks up* i wasn't offended by it don't worry! After living my fourteen years being blessed with the name 'Sydney' I've had my fair share of gender confused people when they hear my name. haha, i'm still laughing. don't worry about it! i won't kill you either; you give the best reviews! just kidding but don't worry.

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Review #9, by minniemcmouseDiary of a Marauder: Lily

28th July 2005:
Okay. What kind of a name is Syd?! Short for Sydney? Never met anyone called that in my life and only heard of it from American tv shows but fine, why not? I like Lily already and I'm only a paragraph in... I also like the way you stuck Slughorn in there. So you've read HBP then? What did you think? I've been on an anti- H/G rant for a fortnight now... She can't cook or clean for Petunia because she can't use magic outside of school. I also refuse to believe that Head Boy and Girl would share a dorm but fine... carry on! I also love the interchange between the two friends when they stole the diary from Lily and started writing in it themselves.

Lol, love the ending - TO THE HEADS COMMON ROOM! Should be heads' by the way... sorry, I'm in beta mode at the moment. I really wish that she'd say TO THE BATMOBILE! But one can dream I suppose. I need to work the batmobile into one of my stories in the future... I really do. You're a girl?! I never knew that... I really didn't. I always thought you were one of the few rare guys on here, I really did. God knows why! Maybe it's your name or something like that (WiCkEd or whatever it is... I can't get the caps right I don't think but never mind - I dunno, it just doesn't seem... right, I'm shutting up now). Anyway, I think this was the most skillfully written of your chapters so far and I really enjoyed it. Who's coming next then? Dumbledore?! OOOO, let it be Dumbledore or someone random like Slughorn or third year Ravenclaw #3. I'm going away now. I'm over excited and just plain strange. Keep on writing and I'll keep reading (so long as there's no Ginny in it but after HBP that' s becoming hard to avoid... damn you JKR! Damn you!! *shakes fist at the skies*). Toodle Pip!

The ever sanity lacking Rosie

Author's Response: lol yes actually it is short for Sydney, being American I guess it doesn't seem so odd to me so yup! I did read HBP and I did like it very much, interesting information in there. haha I know your dear hatred for H/G, I think its sort of funny. I guess it is odd that Head Boy and Girl would share a dorm since their seventeen and a bit hormonal but hey, we all can dream can't we? I loved, LOVED the part where I had in her friends. I had so much fun with that... lol. A little to much fun. Anyway, I'll make that edit! Thanks! And beta mode is good! I like this because constructive critism just makes my stories better. Anyway, ohhhh, I want to say that so bad now. YOU HAVE SUCH GOOD IDEAS! lol yes, I'm a girl. My name actually didn't come from Harry Potter, I should probably clarify that. I got it from the musical "Wicked" based off of the Wizard of Oz. On to the story!! I'm so happy you liked this one! It was my favorite by far and I'm happy you agree. Sadly no, this story will being staying within the same people, James, SIrius, Remus, Peter, and Lily being that it's name is "Diary of a Marauder" minus Lily. Now that you say it, maybe I'll do a story about just random people... lol. Interesting idea and thanks for it! lol I'm sorry your over excited but if my story did that, then YAY. Anyway, no Ginny will be in this story, don't worry. Thanks so much for you lengthy review! It means a lot! Look for an update to be sent in soon.

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Review #10, by minniemcmouseDiary of a Marauder: Peter

28th July 2005:
Ooo, Oooo, Ooooo! Updates! I don't know when these latest two appeared but you should have told me when they did! I like Peter's opening. "All my life I've been the chubby one." Not the way I'd open a diary but hey! why not?! And you've given him Percy's middle name. Not trying to suggest any connections here, are you? It seems odd to me that he'd be so determined to get one over on his friends whilst he was still in school but I guess the feelings would be building up against them as time went by until he was just driven to join the dark side. (That was very starwars-esque, wasn't it? Peter... I'm not your father... Sorry, no more star wars quotes from me, or misquotes as the case may be. Yes, I'm a nutcase.) Stop saying Slytherin's. Unless something belongs to Slytherin himself then you can't stick an apostraphe there! Nice ending with the 'uncertain servant of the Dark Lord' thing at the end (Strongly resisting more star wars quotes...). Very good. Interesting portrayal of his uncertainty as he wavers between and I wonder what it will be that pushes him over the edge.

Author's Response: lol yeah, you see, it's really hard to write a diary I guess because you want to get the necessary details in it but you don't want it to sound like its a fanfiction story. lol I wasn't actually trying to suggest anything with the middle name thing; It just sort of came to mind first and sort of sounded right to me. Thanks for the tip about the Slytherin thing; now that I think of it, it sounds weird, I should probably use some names. THANKS!! I'm happy you liked the ending, he's a very confusing person and I think that his betrayl all began in school because he was around a lot of people who could have easily told him that they could make him powerful and everything. anyway, thansk for your reviews. they always help me out and interest me! thanks a lot and check out the next chapter.

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Review #11, by minniemcmouseHarry Potter and the Exanimagi: Chapter 6 - Into Darkness

28th July 2005:
"Nope, it's me, Voldemort. I've come to steal your bike and make it into solid gold! Moo haa haa haaaaaa!" That's not what's coming next, is it? Hurrah for Remus finding him! Who else is with him? Hope you update soon, hope you get in touch soon actually... it's been a while (I could burst into song here but I won't). Yay, Remus and Harry are together again, unless Harry runs Remus down in his bike in which case they're not. I'm going to shut up right now. Cheerio! ~ Rosie

Author's Response: no.. dont shut up!! i havent talked to you for ages.. :( and everyone on here is getting angry at me for not updating... :( x2.... anyways i miss you!! lol.. well i have been soooooo busy at school.. and homework.. and arg.. well anyways!!! hows life!! you need to send me an email of something!! ta ta lotsa love Evvy xox

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Review #12, by minniemcmousePower of Hogwarts: Past Reminders

27th July 2005:
Aw I hope Harry sees Dr Roland again. He was very nice and I liked that you had Harry working in a hospital. I think he'd make a good Healer and I hope he ends up being one in the end, although with no NEWTs that might be difficult. Loving your first two chapters so far and I cannot wait for you to update, as always :o) Hope to see something from Sirius and Remus soon to see how they are and whatnot.

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Review #13, by minniemcmouseMy Name is Invisible: Yesterday

27th July 2005:
Some disturbing imagery but nothing less than I would have expected from an unknown Death Eater attack against an entire school of students. I like the idea of Colin being invisible: seeing everything and taking pictures so that people could see the events in the future but not being a part of it himself. It seems that he was detached even from the school itself and yet he lived with barely a scratch on him. One little thing was that you said none of the D.A. knew the whereabouts of McGoangall's office when I'm sure Harry has been there on more than one occasion. In the OotP he went to her office for the careers interview I think so surely he could have gone to get her. Anyway, it was truly excellent, a gory but possible idea of the last battle. Thank you for the amazing read! :o)

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing out that Harry probably knows where McGonagll's office is, that slipped past my attention. I'll have to figure out some way to rework that. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #14, by minniemcmouseMy Name is Invisible: Photographs

27th July 2005:
I'm so jealous... you write so amazingly and your description is excellent. I love the way in which he looks at the photo album and the descriptions of it before he goes to get dinner. It's an excellent way of showing how life goes on as normal even after the massacre. All from the eyes of Colin as well! His jealousy of his brother and his general acceptance of him showing who he really is and the way that you make the reader feel pity for him in the very first sentence. And onto my favourites you go!

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Review #15, by minniemcmouseWaiting for the Rain: Waiting for the Rain

27th July 2005:
Wow... this was absolutely beautiful. Amazingly written and your skill with words astounds me. You wrote a beautiful scene mentioning her name only once but it was clear who you were talking about for much of the story. An interesting scene in which she does a grand total of nothing, the description very vivid and the scene well built up.An interesting idea that she had been robbed of her life and I adore this... You write more and I'll read it :o)

Author's Response: I guess I'll have to get working then. I do have a couple stories in the making, but none are anywhere near to my liking in quality. So it might be awhile. Thank you for the wonderful review, I like to hear that my writing is appreciated.

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Review #16, by minniemcmouseTragic Kingdom: For Lack of a Better Word

22nd July 2005:
I love this so far - your skill with words and conveying the emotions of the characters is excellent and I hope that you update this soon. Well, I hope you update this at all, soon or otherwise! :o)

Author's Response: I will very soon I promise, don't lose faith in me guys!

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Review #17, by minniemcmouseChanges: a vampire?

22nd July 2005:
Hey! I thought your banner was a little small but I still think this first chapter is good. I also think that your summary could use a little work so you might want to either go into the forums and ask for some help with it in there or I can have a go for you if you want (bearing in mind that summaries aren't my forte). Cheerio! ~ Rosie

Author's Response: yes i know i stink at summarys its just i'm handicaped with that i think i might go to the forums right now i am a bit busy cause i migh tbe moving to Reno Nevada so going up there for a few days to see the area but the next chapter will be soon!

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Review #18, by minniemcmouseHarry Potter and The Plane of Shadows: In Bed, A Stranger

19th July 2005:
Good morning m'dear! I still love the last bit with them doing a little dance and 'this was sooooo exciting!' it's very good! Anyway, I just keep wandering back to see how your story's doing and to see if it's being reviewed and whatnot (because that's what I do for unknown reasons)... Anyway, I'm just babbling now so I'm going elsewhere. Cheerio!


Author's Response: Thanks minnie, I've been so obsessed with anything HPB that I've forgotten to add another post, LoL.

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Review #19, by minniemcmouseHarry Potter and The Link: The Company We Keep

15th July 2005:
oh my god, were you actually insane when you wrote this chapter!? It ought to be half this length you nutcase! Anyway, I'm not complaining because it's more for me to read but still... 10,000 words! I couldn't help but think of Mr Burns with that description of Dumbledore at the beginning of this chapter... I'm sure he wasn't what you had in mind though. Yep, way to go Dumbledore - now the Slytherins are really out to get him. Sigh, but you'd have thought that the Slytherins would see that if they're going to get punished for this then they'll get even worse punishments if they get him.

And in case you haven't realised before, this is my running commentary as I read. I'm not waiting until the end to comment because I'll forget, which is why I'm typing in notepad and sticking it all in one monstrously long review at the end. How can Fudge deny Voldemort's return when he saw him in the Ministry Atrium himself along with at least twenty other eye witnesses, non of whom were in the Order? Sorry, just a difficult question posed to myself in a previous review. Ah, okay you just wrote that question from Ron. OOOO, Hermione can blackmail Skeeter into writing the truth!

Angelina Johnson left the year before, it was Katie Bell who stayed on because she was younger than her and Alicia. Hey, what did Remus say about Harry being attacked by the Slytherins and where was he at that time? And why didn't he go to see him or Snape or... I don't know but he just failed to be there entirely. Just how much time has passed in this chapter anyway? If the Daily Prophet ever got hold of the fact that Fred and George had been allowed to advertise within the school then they'd have Dumbldore out like that *clicks fingers*. Surely that's illegal! It would be like coca-cola coming into your school and giving you free bottles to try!

Oh crikey, I forgot that Ginny and Harry were going out. That's what annoyed me about this story! So, is there any chance of a good and gory death for Ginny coming up? I hope so, I really do... Urgh the prospect of them all becoming one big happy family! It's just too happy, it's almost sickening... Harry's all nervous around Snape, they're falling in love! Haha, no maybe not but I would laugh for a long time if you made this into a Snarry fic, laugh and stop reading. As I'm sure many others would do also.

Ahaha, take that Gabey! Sorry, I shouldn't just hate characters, although I do. Anyway, you could just intertwine some of the HBP plot into your own story if it comes to it, or you could ignore it entirely. I might have to for some of my stories. It won't bother me anyway. Oh, and you ran out of word space at the end of your Author's note. You actually ran out! Good lord above, how much did you write girlie? Anyway, speaking of 'how much did you write?' I apologise now for the length of this review and look forward to your response to it :o) (I'd laugh if you just wrote 'shut up and go away' although that would make my reviews even longer I think). Anyway, it was a very good chapter and I've enjoyed spending about half an hour reading this! Keep up the good work and update soon. Rosie :o)

Author's Response: Shut up and Go away! LMAO, Only joking! ; ) Um, my Author's note was actually 400 odd words and the chapter was about 10,000, lol. So not that much got cut off, oh well. I can't believe I ran out of word space, haha.
I think I was insane when i wrote this, I wrote all of it yesterday, started at 2pm or something and finished at 1.45am, only stopping for a half-hour for dinner, lol. Not bad really considering on how long it is ^^
haha Mr Burns, I see what you mean, but yeah, not really what i had intended but oh well. : )
Fudge is just being a Git, it's all part of my plan on getting him ousted from the postion of MoM, I'll probably have Bones as the new Minister (as everyone does) *rolls eyes*
I know, I sent you an email about my confusion over Angelina and Katie, oh well, unless I can be bothered to correct it, you'll just have to be nice and over look it, lol.
Um, yeah, I kind of realised toward the end of this chappie when i was writing it that i was leaving Remus a bit out of the loop, and quickly wrote him in again towards the end, lol. Bad of me I know, and my excuse for him not visiting Harry in the hospital wing is a number, here you go: A) Harry didn't go to the Hospital Wing, he stayed at Snape's. B) Remus doesn't know what happened, and Harry still hasn't told him, but he probably will find out at some point when i remember to add it in C) Remus was in the Infirmary at the time, still recovering from the Full Moon, so he wasn't fit to be up and about anyway...
As to how much time passed, um... it started directly after Ch23, which left us in Mid. September and now we are in the beginning of November! lol. I know, a lot fo time to pass and so quickly, but I have to get to Xmas sometime this century as that's when all the *fun* begins ^^
Yeah it would be illegal for the promotion of Fred and George's products to be flouted around Hogwarts, but youo know D, he's obsessed with their tricks and sweets and things, and after the article that Skeeter just wrote about him and what Fudge had to say too, wouldn't you be up for breaking the rules, just a bit too?? lol ^^
Hmm, Gory death for Ginny? I'll have to think about that, but maybe!! lol :D I'm not one for romance, as you know anyway, so that could well be the way it goes for her...
LMAO, a Snarry fic?! No way hosay! lol. Don't worry, although I do enjoy reading some slash fics, I don't think I could EVER write one, *shivers*.
Don't forget it's an Angst fic, Rosie (as I sometimes do : / ) so it won't be all 'happy families' all the way at least, lol.
You are so mean to my OC!! LOL. Not that I really mind, the animosity is fun, I wonder what she'd say in reply tho? lol ;p
Hmm, I think I'm just going to ignore the HBP plot threads and carry on writing this the way that I've got planned. It would mean re-working everything and it might not even work. There won't be a sequel as I think the AN said (if that bit didn't get cut off!) but I will be writing a 7thyr fic that leads on from HBP, and hopefully I'll start that after Link is finished... whenever that is *rolls eyes* lol
Thanks for the awesome review, Rosie ^^ I don't mind one bit about the length as I'm sure this reply is matching if not longer, lol. I just hope I've put these spaces in right otherwise it might come out one big vlock and I'm sorry if it does, eek! I'm glad you think so and that you did enjoy it, :D haha, 1/2 an hour?! Well, it gave you something to do I guess, lol. I'll probably be updating again once the submissions are open after HBP, :D Thanks again! ~Sam

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Review #20, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Passwords and Confessions

14th July 2005:
The Head Girl's quarters sound so nice! But I still don't think I'd like to be staying alone, even if it was with a common room thing with the Head Boy. Okay... shouldn't criticise but Greenday didn't sing Boulevard of majiggery until this year which isn't 1997 (as I'm sure you're aware!) but I'm letting it slide because a) I have no power over your writing.. or do I? and b) it could have been a cover by Greenday for all I know. And I just read the A/N which shouldn't be in the middle of the text!! and sort of disclaims this but still... Anyway, I'm still here and Draco's appeared on the scene. I'm not that keen on Malfoy which makes me wonder just why I'm reading this but I'm glued so far, just quite lacking in time :o) And please please please remove the A/Ns from the chapter. It would be much better for you to have one long one at the end, really! I'll be reading the next chapter when I have the time, but right now I really don't. Sigh. Keep up the good work and I hope that Ginny dies a tragic death at some point in the future :o) ~ Rosie

Author's Response: OMG Rosie I love you! 'and I hope that Ginny dies a tragic death at some point in the future.' I'll see what I can do! Yeah I know about the Greenday thing but i'll figure out another song from long ago at some point. And I am going to take out all of the a/n tomorrow..well today. lol It's 2:30 in the morning so in about 24 hours I will be well into reading HBP!! As for you not liking Draco, I hope you will warm up to him! If you aren't let me know and maybe i'll have him kill of Ginny. ; ) haha Thanks for the review! *Sarah*

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Review #21, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Dreams and Confessions

12th July 2005:
Is Butterbeer served hot? I didn't know it was and I don't understand why you'd serve hot beer but okay... (Sorry, I tend to make notes on things as I read because I'm strange like that). How did Hermione put a silencing charm around the walls of the bathroom during the school holidays - she's not allowed to use magic. OKay, I've never read a Hr/D fic in my life (before this) but even I know that making them both Head Boy and Girl is clichéd! Anyway, I'll stop with my pointless criticisms of every little thing, I really will! It's interesting. I want to see how this plays out and see how it all comes together... You say that Ginny is usually Hermione's best friend in this ship? Oh dear lord! Won't be reading much of this then I don't think... 'Mr Malfoy has changed' hey? This should be interesting! Why's he changed? I suppose I'll find out and I ought not to ask stupid questions. Anyroad, this is enjoyable so far, and your writing is very skillful. You write Dumbledore quite in character, I must say (I personally find him a bugger to write) so well done to ye for this most marvellous chapter! :o)

Author's Response: I realyl love your reviews! Even ask my sister! I was saying your so critical and it's wonderful! Thank you for pointing out the time discrepancy to me (about Hermione using magic). I forgot that her birthday is the 19 of September. I will fix it once I figure out what to do! As for the Butterbeer...i'm not quite sure! I read a lot of fanfiction and everyone has Butterbear as warm but that dosen't make it correct! I know that both of them being HB and HG is way tooo perfect and I wasn't going to have it that way but it will just make the plot progress quicker! I am flattered that you think I write Dumbledore well! He is the hardest for me. It's difficult for me to be his cryptic self and use witty sayings. Thank you for your review! I hope you contiue reading as I will for your stories! *Sarah*

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Review #22, by minniemcmouseConfessions: Orchids and Confessions

12th July 2005:
Hmmm... interesting first chapter. Okay, first things first, do NOT stick A/Ns in the middle of chapters - it will annoy me and probably many other people to no end. Your writing is very good and I've never read Hermione/Draco before so this should be interesting. Okay, so if people are always watching over Hermione then they should have known her parents were hurt. There's blood but I don't understand why - how did they die? A wizard should have just Avada Kedavra'ed one of them, surely? Not made them bloody for unknown reasons. Surely one of them would have screamed or yelled and Hermione would have heard... Sorry, I'll stop criticising now. I liked it though and I'll make sure that I read some more later on if only to see what this ship is like - I'm reading lots of different things at the moment just to try and steer clear of Harry/Ginny though... I dislike Ginny with a passion (and the next chapter's going to be entirely Ginny centred - I just know it!) ANYWAY... after babbling for some time, I like your first chapter. I'll read more later. Interested in seeing where this goes. I won't babble on like this again! ~Rosie

Author's Response: Wow! I feel so loved! I don't care if you tell me you hate it at least you took the time to let me know what you think! I will definitely take your advie on the A/N. I see what you mean! All of your questions will be cleared up in later chapters actually. No, don't worry about the Ginny thing with me! I don't hate her but I don't really like her. There is going to be a point in the story when Hermione will actually hate Ginny....i'm not saying anything more though! And just to let you know in a lot of DM/HG fanfics Ginny is actually Hermione's best friend. Oh, is that why you killed Ginny off? lol Anyway must be going; I will be updating today! Thanks soooo much for the review! *Sarah*

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Review #23, by minniemcmouseProngslet: Werewolves

9th July 2005:
I love this so far, I've spent my morning wandering through the chapters. It's a really interesting take on the idea that they could be his guardians from a young age. Until what age of Harry's do you intend to have this go up to? Hope to see more soon, although I find that your chapters are always very short, or at least quite short. I'd like to see some more of Harry's power being used, and perhaps Sirius making an attempt to make Harry understand his situation. Oh, and I'm glad that Remus finally got a bit closer to Harry because it seemed like Sirius was keeping him shoved out of the way. Anyway, great work, hope to see more soon :o)

Author's Response: -Smiles- I'm glad you like my story so far. I've been wanting to write a story where Sirius & Remus raise Harry from a young age for a while now. I'm planning on taking this story all the way to the day Harry gets his Hogwarts Letter. (Skipping a year here and there along the way, of course.) Then I'm thinking about doing a sequel, if you all would like, about his Hogwarts years as an Elemental. I apologize for my chapter lengths, i'm trying to work on them, please bear with me. You'll be seeing a little more of Harry's power soon, don't worry. As for my Remus/Harry scene: First off, I must say, that I absolutely love Remus Lupin. He and Sirius are my two favorite characters in the books. I wanted to give them equal time and special/bonding moments with Harry throught this story, but knew that Sirius, being the Godfather, would need a just 'little' bit more time with his Godson. But I have no intention of leaving Remus out. I am going to make sure that the two guardians get equal time with their charge and not lean towards one or the other. For in Harry's eyes, he likes them both the same, no favorites. They care for him and he is now learning the meaning of the word and caring for them right back. -Smiles- Thanks for reviewing! The next chapter will be out soon! ^^

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Review #24, by minniemcmouseYou Make Me Sick: The Rose of Doom

9th July 2005:
I'm not sure what I dislike about Ginny to be perfectly honest, but then you can hate a multitude of people and never know just what it is about them which makes you want to grieviously injure them. However I'm also not keen on Dumbledore either, he seems a bit... well almost untrustworthy and I can't see Harry trusting in him so easily in future. I also get the feeling that Lupin will live out the rest of the series (if he dies now...) because he's the last of the Marauders left so it would make sense for him to be the last one living after the war instead of them all dying. I reckon Mad Eye's going in this book, that's my bet! Anyway, still loving your story, even though it's possibly one of the strangest I've ever come across, and there are some strange stories about! Keep up the bizarre work and update soon! :o)

Author's Response: I totally agree with everything you just said, but I didn't think about the possibility of Mad-Eye kicking the bucket . . . . that's a good guess; I think you might be right. I know what you mean about Ginny . . . . I mean, sometimes you just can't figure it out! I know, Dumbledore's just so . . . .well, sometimes I think he's a bit of a moron, not telling poor Harry about his destiny, and he really should have. I don't know; we'll see his true colours soon enough!

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Review #25, by minniemcmouseDawn and Dusk: A game of cards...

8th July 2005:
Eenteresting... good chapter and a suitable end to their potential conversation in that Remus had to leave to go after Snape. The difference in maturity between Hermione and Harry, Ron and Ginny is big enough for Remus to have a better cause to be attracted to Hermione, but it's not an unbelievably large difference. In short, it's very well written, and it stays very true to character, I think. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying to make this whole plot plausible, which isn't easy considering the ship... I hope it'll stay true to both Remus and Hermione's personalities. Thanks for reviewing!

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