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Review #1, by madscientistLEGACIES: The Grim: Lead Us Not Astray...

27th September 2005:
Now I would be the last one to accuse anyone of treating them unfairly....

Author's Response: Yo, this dude just jumps out of nowhere every few chapters and really puts a smile on my face everytime he reviews. This writer, my fellow fanfiction fans, has my utmost respect. We authors gotta stick together and hold it down for Harry and Hermione (i'm somehow still hoping heheheheehe), yet put forth a story that takes it more than just a 'fic'. Congrats man, it seems so long ago since we talked about you putting up your own fic. Now you got it under lock. I should be asking you for tips now lol!Respect man. Later.

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Review #2, by madscientistLEGACIES: The Grim: The Dark Sons of Magic

27th June 2005:
It's good to see you back man...and a new chapter to boot. Ron as a catalyst...interesting.

Author's Response: madscientist! What up! heh- it's been a while man, but i'm glad your fics are doing so well! I think now i have to come to you for pointers..hehehe

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Review #3, by madscientistHarry Potter and the Lions Of Gryffindor: On the Cusp

11th May 2005:
Hey everyone, its me. Sorry its been a bit, but I had to take a quick trip and on top of that I've been down for the last 3 days with a case of food poisoning. I am endevoring to post 48 tonight

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Review #4, by madscientistHarry Potter and the Lions Of Gryffindor: Justice Delayed.

12th April 2005:
Hey, its me guys, I just am sticking this in to let you know I appreciate all the reviews. I have tried to read them all, and it really motivates me. Thanks

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Review #5, by madscientistUnaffected: Unaffected

14th January 2005:
Good, one. enjoyed it, keep it up.

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