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Review #1, by LouenEmerald and Silver I: Chapter Five

20th August 2005:
Yeah! This was a great story, please continue with it =D

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Review #2, by LouenThe Marriage Project: Chapter 7

13th August 2005:
Yay! I've been waiting for you to put up another chapter. =D I really liked this one aswell. I hope you come up with chapter 8 soon =D

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Review #3, by LouenSpoiled: Chapter Eleven

8th August 2005:
I Loved it. I'm serious=D Never read any Harry/draco fiction before=D

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Review #4, by LouenLa Figlia Dei Morti: Programma Del Voldemort - Voldemort's Plan

6th August 2005:
I liked this story, you're a good writer

Author's Response: Thank you! Same to you!

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Review #5, by LouenI Can't: I Love You

5th August 2005:
WOW! That's all I can say...WOW

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Review #6, by LouenForbidden: The only one

5th August 2005:
Oh how sweet =D

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Review #7, by Louen: Some Scars Never Heal

5th August 2005:
WOW! I love this story!! You were able to make me cry...I just love it

Author's Response: Oh my God, I made you cry?! I'm sorry!!! I'm glad to hear it was that good, though!! Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by LouenThe Marriage Project: Chapter 4

16th July 2005:
Noo, You really need to continue I'll die if I can'r read the rest. You are the best at writing this thing. I never read any one mor intresting and funny like this one. Kepp up the good work

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Review #9, by LouenAllied With the Enemy: An Obsession

14th July 2005:
I really liked the story it was so emotional. I hope you'll continue with it.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! Of course I'm going to continue!

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