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Review #1, by Katie616They Did It Better: They Did It Better

10th April 2010:
Oh, my God. This is beautiful. The brokenness made me cry. You are an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to me that you liked it :)

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Review #2, by Katie616:

6th April 2010:
Reading this was like watching a train wreck happen right in front of me.

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Review #3, by Katie616Delicate: Call Me Mum

2nd August 2009:
This is absolutely the best story I have ever read about someone getting pregnant. This is exactly how I will no doubt be when I'm pregnant! I'll probably kill someone while I'm giving birth, too...
actually, it'll be a welcome relief. I'm usually pretty nice to people, but having pregnancy as an excuse to be a bitch would be kinda awesome...
Anyway, I absolutely LOVED Rose and everyone else! I've totally fallen in love with your characters and now I'm off to read the sequel!
Pip pip,

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Review #4, by Katie616Quiet Connor: Game Over.

14th February 2009:
THAT WAS THE BEST DARN STORY I'VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE! I mean, it had everything!! Humor, fluff, a band of bitchy witches, love, the Marauders *swoon*, craziness, pretty dresses. It was absatively perfect in every way!!
At the end of the chapters I was always insanely excited to keep reading! I was always going 'Oh my gosh I can't wait to see what happens next!!'
And even though it's over I don't feel like I got left loose ends that I have to worry about. Everything is nicely... closed, and the end was PERFECT.
I'm afraid I can't give you any constructive criticism whatsoever, because as far as I'm concerned you're GOD.
So... LOVED IT!! I'm definitely going to check out your other stories first thing in the morning! (It's 11:36 my time and my mom is really pissed at me for still being up.)

Author's Response: Wowwie! Well, thanks! I'm glad you like it. =] Thanks so much for reading! I really appriecate your obvious commitment to it. Haha, thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Katie616The Man In The Mask Returns: The Man In The Mask Returns

13th May 2008:
*sobs into her hands while laughing slightly at the same time and sounds vaguely like a moose with a cold*

I just read this story and the first one (The Man in the Mask) and I love them sooo much! You are an awesome writer, the plot is amazing and. . . it's just wonderful. I love it so much. . . *cries into hands*

Thank you so much for letting all us undeserving readers enjoy this beautiful story.

I just wanted to say that Ginny's name is actually spelled 'Ginevra,' not 'Ginerva' like you spelled it in the story. It's pronounced 'Gin-eee-vrah.'
Sorry to nitpick!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for the review, I didnt' realize that I had transposed the 'v' and the 'r' XD My bad, anyway thanks again

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Review #6, by Katie616Harmless?: The Last Step

13th May 2008:
*cries her heart out*

Thank you so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO much for not killing her! It would have killed me (and George, of course. Mustn't forget him) if you had. It really would've.

Anyway, thank you so so so much for writing this amazing story, and letting all us ungrateful readers. . . well, read it.
Thank you again!

Author's Response: You're welcome! Hehe, I think all of you are very grateful. Just reading it is lovely, but you were kind enough to review! I appreciate it!

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Review #7, by Katie616Call Me Jacob...: Call Me Jacob...

2nd May 2008:
Oh. . . oh. . . *sniffle*

I'm guessing that was supposed to be a happy story, but. . . it seemed a little more. . . sad *cries* to me. . .

The way Draco is so. . . loving *wails*
Thank you.

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Review #8, by Katie616Blind Date: Blind Date

2nd May 2008:

That was so beautiful. . . in a wonderfully smirky, Malfoy way. . . *sniffle* It was wonderful. I . . . I really can't think of any elaboration.
Thank you for the amazing story.

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Review #9, by Katie616Ignorance is Bliss, Cherish It: The Ignorance of Mrs. Weasley

1st May 2008:
Squeee! Ginny's pregnant!

I thought it was really funny how Mrs. Weasley couldn't see what was almost literally right under her nose. Especially when she said 'dizzyness and nausea were the first symptoms I had when I was pregnant.'

Hermione and Ron's relationship was totally them. I mean, the way they quarreled but were still in love.

Harry and Ginny, were, however, by far the most perfect. The way Harry is so loving and caring and Ginny is so. . . Ginny. I'm glad she didn't worry too much about being pregnant, and the way Harry was so supportive. . . *sigh* I think that story is the first one that has made me fancy Harry. I don't really fancy anyone in the books. I admire Snape, but I don't really fancy him. . . this story (with a few others' help) has converted me to Harry. I mean, in the books he was young and rather immature at times, but fanfiction really opens up a world of possibilities.

Okay, rambling is over!
Anyway, I really loved this story! It was very cute and funny!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for rambling, long reviews are great!

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Review #10, by Katie616Hell on Wings: Cupid Crisis

1st May 2008:
That was, I believe, the most hilarious thing I have read in my entire life. No joke. That was mixed up, crazy, utter chaos, and completely, wondrously good.
I love it.

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Review #11, by Katie616Making Things Right: Making Things Right

22nd April 2008:
Oh, my gosh.

That is one of the most powerful, wonderful, sad, happy, touching. . . another word I can't seem to find, story.

I really cannot find any words, but that was just so amazing. It touched me, really deep down. . . that sounded so cheesy, but it's totally true. James changed for the person he loved. . . I wonder if anyone will love me enough - or that I'll love anyone enough to do so for them - to change for me. That is just such a powerful concept.

Thank you.

Author's Response: Ahhh.... I'm so glad that it touched you in such a way. Thank you

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Review #12, by Katie616I Left A Box Of Memories: I Left A Box Of Memories

17th April 2008:
That is so sad.

I have to say. . . no. I can't think of anything to say, except that it was completely beautiful. I. . . it was. . . wonderful. Sad and touching and. . . just amazing.
Thank you so much.

Was the line 'I think back to those days, when the world was younger, and I had everything to lose.' inspired by Switchfoot? I can't remember the title of the song, but that line, or at least 'when the world was younger and I had everything to lose' is in it.
Thanks so much again.

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Review #13, by Katie616Cara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Fall To Pieces;

5th April 2008:
Okay, so I have been slogging my way through the first part of this trilogy and seventeen chapters of this, number two in the series, and that chapter made me cry. So hard. I'm sorry I ignored all your 'review, lovelies' until now, but I just had to keep reading!

Okay, some comments on the story.

You have a really nice style, and I think you came far as you wrote this. Cara has come so far from the immature fifteen year old I met her as two nights ago. I was rather depressed then, too, because I had just read a really sad Hermione/Sirius time travel story, which ended up with Hermione going back to her time and never getting to see Sirius again, but you didn't need to know that.

Anyway, I really love this story, Cara, (fiesty and lovable) Sirius (I have come to love him so much!), James (he didn't seem like too much of an arse, which I REALLY loved), Lily (even though she was a snob at first), Emmeline (ah, the blonde!), Fabian (what a sweetheart) and Ryan (the poor man). I adore them all, and you, and all the songs I have learned about since starting this story. I want to thank you for writing such a great piece of literature. I think it has really changed me, in deep, philosophical ways that I don't feel like talking about because I'm not a great talker and it's kinda already amazing that I've blabbered on this much.

I promise not to murder you.

Author's Response: honestly, i thank you for making my day. its perfectly okay you havent reviewed. im not much of a talker in reviews myself. i end up sounding stupid.

thank you so muchhhhh. seriously, like your too kind. i think i know what time travel story your talking about, it was brillliaaantttt, if were thinking of the same one, and if were not, im sure the one you read was brilliant was well.

once again - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. people like you are the reason ive never stopped writing. your so sweet and im glad you gained so much from reading my story. if ive changed you in philosophical ways then i can die happy. (=

and thank you for not wanting to kill me.

and thank you again for reading & enjoying

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. =DD

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Review #14, by Katie616Complicated Hexagon: Reunion

4th April 2008:
That story. . . was the best story I've ever read. Yet. I have to say 'yet' because. . . well, duh.

That was the saddest, most amazing story I've ever read. Hermione and Sirius didn't get to be together, and. . . I just. . . I can't speak (or type). You made me cry so hard. . . thank you for making me feel like this. I'm completely emotionally exhausted, but in a good way, you know?

Anyway, thank you for everything.

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Review #15, by Katie616Lips of An Angel: Tis The End

4th April 2008:

That story is just so beautiful, especially the end. I have to say that my favorite part of the story is the part when Fred lies to her, because it is so. . . well, so sad. I've always been a sucker for sad stories, and this one coupled sad parts with a lovely, happy ending!

Even the rather cheesy lines were adorable in their phoniness, because I knew that they weren't meant to be fake. They were true words of love between two people, and they were wonderful.

Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thank you! I loved the chapter when he lied to her as well! It was very sad! You should check out my other stories as well! :)

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