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Review #1, by princess selineHarry Potter To Live With a Lord: The Honorary

13th June 2008:
Wow...I wrote a similiar story like this...same consept..But they are pretty differend. Never thought 2 do it this way. But you truly nailed it:P

Liked to read more so a new chapter would be nice +)

Author's Response: k thanks a new one will be up in a few days

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Review #2, by princess selineProngslet: No One Said Life Was Fair

12th June 2008:
This ^ was alot happier! but still sad...Happy though that you are getting some where with Sirius and Alex ^^

About you question..I am happy i read this storry or i woul have never found out about that Prequel thingie..I dont read that much mugglenet news etc..I am just Adddicted to Hpfanfiction :P nothing more...

So Thx it was fun to read but i do agree with the other readers...I doesnt say much..It was funny but thats all...Just funny

Well I assume you completly loved it? hehe Well dont get to hang up on it and start writting the nxt chapter!! (Plz..)

Author's Response: Mmhmm, yes it was! But...still sad. -Sighs.-

-Smiles.- Yeah, at least I was able to move Sirius and Alex in the right direction. Nothing better than times of distress for two people to get closer, I must say.

You're welcome, at least you can now say you've read it! Sure, it didn't say much...but it was funny, and I think that was the point. Yes, I completely and thoroughly loved it. xDD

No worries, I've already started on the next chapter! =)

Thanks for reviewing!!


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Review #3, by princess selineHarry Potter and the Other Path: Harry Potter and the Spirit of Njordr : Chapter 4: Girl Trouble

10th June 2008:
loved it..last chapter 2 =) have you been watching the euro vision? That part was pretty funny!!

I do have a question and i know you said it before but cabt find it anymore..Where are Sirius en Remus? there was something abou them but I forgot...What is Remus doing now?

hope you will answer my qeution and post soon!;)

Author's Response: I actually wrote that chapter before the most recent Eurovision. I was just talking about the unfairness in general rather that this result in particular. The UK wouldn't have won anyway (we sucked!).

Sirius: dead, killed by Petigrew in a fight that also killed Petigrew.
Remus: Quit, had all those issues with Harry....

Next chapter's already in the queue.

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Review #4, by princess selineProngslet: The Past Always Comes Back

9th June 2008:
this chapter...hell I am to pissed to review about it. How can you do that to poor Harry!!!

For the filler occlumency (dunno if its correct english)..I want to become a Schrink..psycholoog..so that would be off great help and would be handy in normal live 2 :P Its a litle wrong 2 but o Hell i dont care about that!

Author's Response: It wasn't me...it was Xantos! @-@ Well...I guess it was kind of me, through Xantos, but...that's besides the point. x3 I've had it in my plot outline for forever now, so I couldn't just drop it away... Feel as much as you do for Harry, trust me. -Nod, nod.-

Isn't Occlumency the magic to 'guard' your own mind? Legillimens is the one that lets you read people, which would come in handy for Psychology. =)

Anyway, for me, I'd have to pick the summoning charm, 'Accio'. ...For obvious reasons...accio remote control, accio book, accio drink... That'd be the life. xDD Man am I lazy...

Thanks for reviewing!!


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Review #5, by princess selineReturning from the Shadows: Chapter I: A Surprising Offer

26th May 2008:
I liked it but I was a little put off when i read it and found out that the prologue wasnt going to becontinued just yet

Author's Response: Well, thanks for the review, princess seline. I'm glad you liked it. And yeah, I'm sorry, but the story's going to go back in time, leading up to the time of the prologue, before continuing after it.


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Review #6, by princess selineProngslet: Christmas

24th May 2008:
So I dunno if I reviewed before but i just had to review now! I liked it So So Much that harry and draco got together..And I aint even a Draco fan..The opposit realy. But it was so funny that part where he decides to call harry, harry in his mind and out loud potter..Would be fun during class where they can prank teachers with there powers and still yell and scream at eath ohter.

The whole call me reggie I didnt like that much..But reggie suonds so stupid :P but its you story and your doing Great!

About your question I would say Gryffindor cause I dont think Albus would want to disapoint his Father and the rest of the family. I think that he also would preffer Gryffindor because he belongs there. Harry would probably have been automatically been a Gryffindor had he not have part voldemort in his head :P

hehe what a review it has become! well cant wait for next chapter so keep up the good work =D

Author's Response: Awe, yay for your first review! You've definitely made my morning with this! =D

I'm really happy you liked this chapter, and Harry & Draco becoming secret friends...despite your not really being a Draco fan. xD But, yes, school will definitely be fun once Harry and Draco get there. xDD

As for Al Potter, though, I dunno, I've always seen him a Slytherin for some reason...like I can only see him 'fitting in' properly in that house and being friends with Scorpius. I dunno. xDD Maybe it's because his initials are 'ASP', which is a kind of snake, and he was asking his father about the whole thing to make sure his dad would not be mad at him 'if' he went to Slytherin. But, eh, I dunno... I wish J.K. would'a told us...

Thanks for reviewing, I really appreciate it!!


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Review #7, by princess selineWork it Out: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

7th May 2008:
Well here I am again! I am happy to find to chappies because that is just so much more then 1 :P

First I liked Hermione a lot...Just how every thing went and hows she feels about ron is just all sweet

second I dont like the story about Ron that much..Sorry but some how I just dont. Its wel writen and I can understand it but still something doesnt click..I am missing something but I am not sure what..Srry if I am confussing =)

Though You did a great job again and like I said its beautifully written!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like Ron's chapter, but I'm glad you enjoyed Hermione's.

Like I said, the Ron chapter was a little tough. it's very easy to make him into this deep, emotional, tactful creature. Don't get me wrong, Won-Won may be these things, but they are not exactly the side of him we all see.

So it's tough...

Thanks again for the review!

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