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Review #1, by looneyleeleelovegood:

21st November 2010:
Awesome once again!

Can't wait for the next installment!

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Review #2, by looneyleeleelovegood:

21st November 2010:
This is AMAZING! Aw I love Repo!!! Its one of my favourite musicals and this was just great, I love how you describe the grave robber!!

Well done, I'm favouriting this!

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Review #3, by looneyleeleelovegoodNo Air: How am I supposed to breathe with no air?

24th May 2010:
Aww love Glee, and love Harry Potter! Well done with this one!

Author's Response: looneyleeleelovegood,
thank you so much for your review, I love glee and harry potter too (well I guess this one is obvious)!

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Review #4, by looneyleeleelovegoodWolf Guts: Chrysalis

2nd May 2010:
Wow! Very Plath! I like it!

Author's Response: did you really just compare me to sylvia? that's the biggest compliment i've ever gotten and i'm pretty much squealing with delight right now. thank you tons!

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Review #5, by looneyleeleelovegoodFlowers: Lily

22nd October 2009:
This, is possibly, one of the best internal monologues I have ever read. It is totally believable, and understandable. The issue with 'flowers' is very sweet and symbolic, and that ending. To end this one-shot with that moment in the Deathly Hallows really was brilliant! This is a believable train of thought for Petunia during those brief seconds that she is looking at Harry in the book.

Really well done! And well written!

Author's Response: Oh wow :] Thanks so much! I'm glad you thought this was one of the best internal monologues you ever read. Wow. I'm just, I'm speechless with your kindness. Thanks lots!

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Review #6, by looneyleeleelovegoodWhat did uncle Fred look like?: The stuffed Lion

30th September 2009:
Very Sweet! I like the last line you've got here, simple... but ever so powerful!

Author's Response: AW!!! thx so much!!! I am so happy you like it!!!

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Review #7, by looneyleeleelovegoodBaby, like me: Baby, like me

18th August 2009:
This was lovely, a perfect echoing story! Well Done!

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Review #8, by looneyleeleelovegoodThe Only Glory: Something Sacred

18th August 2009:
Yay, new chapter :D

And a very good one too, I love how you have created such tension now for Valora, and that woman in the baby shop was such a hypocrit... i wanted to reach into the screen and give her a good shake haha. Well Done!

Author's Response: When I wrote that woman I sat there typing with this horrified look on my face. I had forgotten just how bitter some people are towards Valora. She lived a life of relative anonymity and now has become infamous for all the wrong reasons. Just as she feared, her personal life with Snape blew up in her face. Keep up the R&R!

Evelyn Grey

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Review #9, by looneyleeleelovegoodThe Price: Continued

17th August 2009:
I thought this was marvelous! I simply love Severus and Hermione pairings, and I think that that particular ship has such a dark, gothic quality to it that the aspect of tragedy fits it so perfectly.

Well done, this was beautifully written with such brilliant detain and tension. I think an epilogue would end this little anecdote nicely, but if your idea never really does take form, then this second chapter concludes their story just as well.

Thanks for the post, this really is a beauty! 10/10

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Review #10, by looneyleeleelovegoodThe Price: The Price

17th August 2009:
Oooh this is brilliant!

Just to let you know, snapeluvr recommended this story to me with high praises for you, and have to agree that this truly looks like a gem!

Well done! I'm utterly intrigued. 10/10

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Review #11, by looneyleeleelovegoodDaddy Don't Cry: Daddy Don't Cry

16th August 2009:
Okay... you wouldn't happen to have a kleenex or something would you? I'm a bit sniffly.

This was a lovely story, such a symbolic, and perfectly fitting song and it was written beautifully. Well Done!

Author's Response: I always keep a tissue around for all ocasions, so here you go (I swear it's unused). Like always I'm ecstatic to hear that someone likes my story. I'll tell you my sister (my rather cynical beta) thought the song was cliche but I had to use it.

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Review #12, by looneyleeleelovegoodWhen No One Else Was Looking: Chapter 26

16th August 2009:
I thought this was a very good chapter. We see here the sort of barbaric behaviour that has only been kind of vieled before now... Lucius is nasty, and i'm sure the actions of his father will only push Draco further on his redemptive path :D Well Done!

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, that is sort of the idea. Next chapter is up and just awaiting validation.

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Review #13, by looneyleeleelovegoodDefine Shagging: Define Shagging

13th August 2009:
HAHAHAHAHAHA, that was so funny, the shag hair bit made me laugh so much! Well done!

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Review #14, by looneyleeleelovegoodWhen No One Else Was Looking: Chapter 25

10th August 2009:
Urgh, that was so fluffy haha.

A very good chapter though, I was sure Madam Pomfrey was going to burst in when they were having bit of a heated session haha, very good though, well done.

Author's Response: Lol! I thought of that, actually, but I was really in the mood for some pure fluff and didn't have the heart to interrupt them. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by looneyleeleelovegoodVenomous Candy: The Derby

3rd August 2009:
Ooooh you may well have another gem in the making here, I was so pleased to see a new story on your page, I do love your little tales!

This is wonderful so far, the way you make the sentences flow is great, and you can truly capture that cold haughtiness essencial to a Malfoy story. Well done, keep up the awesome woke, and I am waiting in haste for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi there! It's nice to see my favourite reviewers here again!

Thank you so much! You know that your opinion is of great importance to me!
Yes, that cold haughtiness is exactly what I like so much in the Malfoy family. And I think it goes well with Hermione, too. lol
Thanks a LOT! wings

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Review #16, by looneyleeleelovegoodLies.: Lies.

2nd August 2009:
Aww this was really sweet... and yet with that last bold statement the dramatic irony of the situation sets in... and we know as readers, that 'forever' for Lily and James only has a few years left.

Well done!

Author's Response: That is right. What a good way to put it! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #17, by looneyleeleelovegoodWhen No One Else Was Looking: Chapter 24

29th July 2009:
This was the sweetest chapter so far, I know it was just a small detail. But when you said that Draco's hands tremmbled as he took the sleeping potion from Madam Pomphrey that really warmed the cockles of my heart... it was lovely.

Well done, keep up the great work on this lovely story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy when something I write has an affect on someone, no matter how small! I'm glad you liked it! Next chapter is just waiting for validation.

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Review #18, by looneyleeleelovegoodNaughty Girl: The End of the Affair

22nd July 2009:
Haha, and it fits so perfectly back into canon!

Well done I really enjoyed reading this story, and reading a different side of Lily that I have not quite seen before. 10/10.

Author's Response: I love staying on canon. I think that here it was very important to show that Naughty Lily could also fit books. I got a headache trying to fit everything that JKR had said in a story that I am going to post soon; however, in this story it was easy. :)
I'm very happy that you liked the story. I have got very mixed reviews from people who could not accept it and it's natural. However, I wanted to show that it is possible to perceive people differently.
I simply believe that if she was as nice as usually described she would have given Severus another chance.
Thank you for reviews!

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Review #19, by looneyleeleelovegoodNaughty Girl: Some Little Mishaps

22nd July 2009:
Thats got to be a sore spot on James's heart :( aww.

This characterised Lily is still kinda wigging me out a little bit, but its very amusing. Well done!

Author's Response: Yes, James is not happy with her behavior, moreover he does not know the worst of her. I think that James did not believe that she was really as bitchy as she appeared.
P.S. I reread parts of the chapter to remember how much James knew and I have to say that Lily wigged me out as well. :D

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Review #20, by looneyleeleelovegoodNaughty Girl: Seduction

22nd July 2009:
What a biatch haha! I've never read a story quite like this... Lily seems to be generally written like an avid bookworm thats totally ignorant to her beauty but this Lily... wow, she's nasty haha!

Author's Response: Hi!
Thanks for looking at my stories.
I got a bit tired from the same characterization of Lily in all stories so I decided to try something new.

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Review #21, by looneyleeleelovegoodTainted: Epilogue

20th July 2009:
A lovely ending! I'm glad you left it on a happy note as there was so much misery and pain in this story to begin with that any more might have cast me into a horrendous perfidious sea of depression haha!

Well done! I have enjouyed reading this story so much, it truly is a gem!

Author's Response: Thank you dear looneyleeleelovegood! I'd hate to thrust you into a 'horrendous perfidious sea of depression'. lol! (I love that! I'll have to memorize it!) You made me feel so good! 'Gem' - OMG, that sound ssso god! Thanks!

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Review #22, by looneyleeleelovegoodThe Only Glory: Potential Threat

19th July 2009:
Awww, sweet :) But you made a point to emphasise Andromeda's cough... so i'd wager it was something a tad worse than just an innocent clearing of the throat. Well done!

Author's Response: I'm glad you picked up on that and yes, Andy's cough does gain significance a bit later. I'm glad you liked it =)

Evelyn Grey

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Review #23, by looneyleeleelovegoodWhen No One Else Was Looking: Chapter 23

19th July 2009:
OH MY GOSH! Thats the worst cliff-hanger! Urgh, nooo! Oh i can't wait for the next one now! Well Done!

Author's Response: Lol! I will try not to keep you in suspense for too long! I've got a busy day planned today, but I'll try to post tonight if I can. Thank you!

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Review #24, by looneyleeleelovegoodLove is a Duel: Chapter One: Prologue

14th July 2009:
Why on earth was the chapter rejected for the use of 'merde'? Its got a mature rating, and its a pretty lame swear word really... in another language too which I'm guessing half the readers won't understand anyway!

Any hoo, interesting first chapter!

Author's Response: THANK you! Haha, I was a bit confused myself on it's rejection. I dunno, I feel like any curse word that means "wow" or "oops!" shouldn't be bad, especially if there's a warning. But that's just my opinion. Thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by looneyleeleelovegoodThe Only Glory: Echoes Of Our Souls

14th July 2009:
HAHA! Wow! This was excellent!! I loved the bit where Dumbledore said about haveing tea with Arianna, that was so sweet :D

Well done! Great chapter, and a massive amount of questions that have only been partly unvieled with answers!! Can't wait for the next upload!

Author's Response: Thanks! Couldn\\\'t resist the opportunity for an Ariana reference. I have given you a lot of questions and this book won\\\'t even answer all of them. Things won\\\'t be completely revealed until book 4 (muah ha ha) but you\\\'ll get most of them answered in 3, so don\\\'t worry. :)

Evelyn Grey

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