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Review #1, by VellagirlDark Days Pass But Are Never Forgotten: Lifelong Regrets

7th June 2005:
Great! I liked the talk between december and Noel! Dean hitting on hermione's sister was funny. Keep up the great work, i'm glad to hear that you will be updating more!!!

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Review #2, by VellagirlTwo Rows Don't Make a Right: Hermione's Heart

24th March 2005:
Very nice chapter, you wrote the emotion great! I really enjoyed all of the Hermione/Ginny interaction. I really think they are close friends, but we don't get to see a whole lot of it in the book... update soon please:)

Author's Response: Wow thank-you for the huge compliment! I now have a huge smile on my face! I really tried a little harder on the emotion becasue H & R don't have the kind of emotion that the girls do (well, I suppose Harry does, but in a different way) and two, I am a girl so I thought that this chapter might be a little easier to write with emotion. Thank-you so much for the review. I started chapter eight last night, so it shouldn't be too long. Usually once I actually start writing a chapter, it takes me about two or three days to finish it. :)

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Review #3, by VellagirlTwo Rows Don't Make a Right: Detention Served

27th February 2005:
Great chapter. Please update soon, I want to see if everything works out for them.

Author's Response: Well, actually, I have the next chapter written and my Beta has already gone over it and sent it back to me, so it's all ready to be submitted. I just didn't want to submit chpt. four until three was posted. So....guess I gotta go update again! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #4, by VellagirlSorrows and Sacrifices: The Letter and The Tensions

15th February 2005:
Good story! I can't wit to read more!

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Review #5, by Vellagirl12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial: 12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial

9th February 2005:
THis is adorable!!!! very cute! Great job! Keep it up

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Review #6, by VellagirlHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: The New Boy

29th January 2005:
Awesome!!!Tonks is so funny as well as the scenes with Her/He and Harry!!! please update quickly

Author's Response: Thank you! I update once a week.

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Review #7, by VellagirlHide and Seek: admissions

9th January 2005:
Very cute! I love it, update more

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm still working on it.. new updates will be coming soon.

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Review #8, by VellagirlHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Fame's Fickle Friend

6th January 2005:
Absolutely love it!!!! i haven't read the rest yet, but I really hope you have some Hermione/Ron romance in it!!!

Author's Response: =D I'll never tell! You'll just have to decide for yourself!

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Review #9, by VellagirlHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Last Will and Testament

6th January 2005:
AMAZING! I am falling in love with this story

Author's Response: I'm so glad! Keep reading! It only gets better. If I do say so myself. =)

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Review #10, by VellagirlHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: The Last Straw

6th January 2005:
WOW!!! AMAZING WRITTING. I am extreamly inmpressed so far. now i'm off to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate it.

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Review #11, by VellagirlSummer of Love: Of Letters and Rooms

2nd January 2005:
please keep going, i have enjoyed it so far. it's well written:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #12, by VellagirlThe Girl of His Dreams: Thoughts and An Old Rival

22nd September 2004:
I reviewed before but I think it got erased when the system crashed or whatever happened so i'll review again. The story is great!!!! I loved it!!!! Excellent plot and portrayal of characters:)

Author's Response: awww thank you!! That's very nice of you to say!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!! Thanks a million!

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