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Review #26, by Gryffin_DuckHindsight: Who Said Hindsight Was 20/20?

28th December 2012:
Merry Christmas, Ty! This is the first of many reviews that I'll be leaving for your Secret Santa present!

What I enjoyed the most about this chapter was the fact that it jumped right into the action, without explaining what exactly was happening. It's a great way to capture the reader's attention! I immediately wanted to read on to figure out why Al & co were trying to break into the castle. The fact that you still hadn't revealed what was going on by the end of the chapter just made it all the more intriguing!

I can't wait to read on and delve deeper into the characterizations, especially Al & Scorpius.

This line- “You’ve never heard: windows of opportunity occasionally require a rock," is my favorite! So funny! Great first chapter! :)

Author's Response: Scorpius is funny, so he totally deserved the the best line, even though he's a total brat.

The action does take off. I actually had a previous chapter -way ahead of the lockout- to set the stage, but kicked it because this scene was a stronger beginning without it. I'm glad you were intrigued. :)


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Review #27, by Gryffin_DuckA Cartography of Grief: You Are The Only Map I Know

23rd September 2012:
Hi! Duckie here with your requested review. :)

Bit of a disclaimer first. This was the first Remus/Sirius I've ever read. I'm very much a canon person in terms of ships (and everything, really), but I'm not opposed to all non-canon ships. I'll be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of Remus/Sirius, but you made it seem believable to me!

I was hooked from the second section, where Remus comes home from Order business and Sirius is aloof. It seemed so real and haunting, especially coming from the section before. You captured both Remus and Sirius's personalities extremely well, but fit their canon personalities into a non-canon ship. I rarely see that done well, so great job! I felt really bad for both of them in that section.

I found a few tense issues in the sections after Sirius's death. The first few sentences of the whole chapter were in past tense, but then you moved on to present tense, and the subsequent sections were all in present tense. I do wonder how it would read if you did all the sections where Sirius was alive in past tense and the other sections in present tense. I think it might get rid of any time period confusion.

I was a bit confused with the time period changes. I understood that a time period had taken place, but I was unsure exactly what time period it was. All the sections with Sirius alive made sense, but the others took me a while to figure out. Again, I wonder if playing with the tense would fix that.

It definitely seemed complete! The emotions were great and I was really able to get a sense as to how Remus felt during the entire story. My heart ached for him the whole time. He's my absolute favorite character and I think you captured his personality wonderfully. If you do happen to play with the tenses, I'd love to read it again. Just PM me on the forums if you do. Great story! :)

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Review #28, by Gryffin_DuckAfter We Fall: Chapter One: Prologue

23rd September 2012:
Hi A_w! Finally getting to your review. :)

First I have to comment on the plot, because this prologue is very intriguing! Your description was great. Despite the fact that Lorcan was ten in this, the way you described him and what he was doing in the beginning made it seem like he was much older. I really liked that!

I enjoyed the air of mystery you had in much of this. Your story summary just mentions Lily, Scorpius, and Snape, so I was hooked by the fact that the prologue was about Lorcan. I wanted to keep reading in order to figure out how he fit into the plot. The fact that you didn't tie it all up until the very end worked well.

Now onto your writing style. As I mentioned before, your description was really well done. There wasn't too much of it, but I was able to imagine everything happening. I got a really good sense as to the environment as well as Lorcan himself.

A few of your sentences were very long, with many sections tied together by commas. They distracted me a bit, and they'd probably do better if separated. There weren't many, but a few in the very beginning of the chapter were written that way.

There wasn't much dialogue in this chapter, of course, but the dialogue that was there worked well. Lorcan's fear came across well in his dialogue, as did Snape's anger.

The part where it transitioned between when Lorcan was ten and the present time was slightly jarring. I had to go back and reread to figure out that a time jump had occurred. I'm not sure exactly how to remedy that. Perhaps a page break? It's something you might want to play with.

I really enjoyed this chapter! Great description, especially. I always admire people who write good description. Feel free to re-request for another chapter! :)

Author's Response: I'm so bad, stealing review spots away from members. But I can't help myself. At least other staff know we won't ban your account if you something negative about our stories :P

Seriously, though, thank you for the review. I'm glad you liked the chapter. I'm always unsure about the amount of description to use, though I guess that's a pretty common concern. You can tell when a story has way too much or way too little, but everything in the middle can get a bit murky. I'm glad it seemed to work here okay.

You're right about a few sentences in the beginning being too long. I know I have a habit of abusing the comma (and the dash) on occasion, especially in the narration. I'll definitely have a look at chopping a few of those up.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean about the change in time. Other than when a few hours pass with Lorcan in the bushes, from the time he's pulled into the house until the last line is all one big chunk of time/the span of about 10 minutes. Hmmm... I'll look at it again and make sure I've made that clear.

Thank again for the review. I hope your review thread has been treating your well :D

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Review #29, by Gryffin_DuckWhy Not?: An Explosion of Sorts

16th September 2012:
Aw, poor Molly! So much for Finn maturing. Their relationship reminds me a lot of James and Lily, before they started dating. What Finn did to the potion was truly mean, though. And now they're both punished for it, despite the fact that it wasn't Molly's fault. I'm sure that detention will be interesting.

I'm even more intrigued by Percy now! I always thought he'd be a strict father, but getting angry over one detention? That seems a bit much, although it doesn't surprise me that Percy would. I hope he doesn't find out! Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yes, I can see how Finn and Molly's relationship could model James and Lily's own relationship. Finn eventually comes around to accepting his feelings for Molly, and Molly in turn falls for Finn. Sit back and enjoy the ride because Molly & Finn's relationship is one heck of a roller coaster ride. :D

Yeah, Percy is strict and he puts more pressure on Molly because he sees himself in her and knows how intelligent she is, as well as how far she can succeed and thus pushes her to do her utmost best. Molly's whole character revolves around how her father pushes her and throughout her final year she's trying to find herself by finding what it is she wants to do instead of what her father wants her to do after Hogwarts. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #30, by Gryffin_DuckWhy Not?: Change Of Heart or Not

16th September 2012:
Yay, more Finn! I have a really hard time disliking him, despite the fact that Molly dislikes him at this point. I guess that's what happens when I know the plot before I read the story. Oh, well! I'm really glad that he and Molly had a civil conversation.

I also can't wait to read more about Erin and Mathis. They strike me as very similar to Ron and Hermione, the way they argue, so perhaps something is happening there? Maybe? Another great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yes, knowing the plot definitely can influence how you feel about Finn :P But I'm happy you like him and think Molly is already a well-rounded character :D I love writing both of them so much and Molly is definitely my favorite next generation female to write (James II being my favorite over all).

Yes, Erin and Mathis do have a Hermione and Ron thing going on, however they don't ever go out (though I'm thinking of having them finally start dating in BILY... or maybe I already wrote that they were going out... can't remember, they're at least still best friends in BILY, I can tell you that much, and single). Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #31, by Gryffin_DuckWhy Not?: Intro

16th September 2012:
Hi Leslie! I am finally reading this! I love the way you've characterized Molly, especially by having her be the only Weasley in Ravenclaw. I can't wait to read more about how that affects her.

Aww, Al's best friends with Scorpius. Such a contrast with how I've characterized both of them. I wonder if they'll be playing a big roll in this story. I'm thinking not, since they're quite a bit younger than Molly.

I'm very intrigued by how you've characterized Neville! I've never seen him written as a stern professor, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Great first chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks, I'm glad you like how I've characterized Molly. I love playing around with the dynamic of her character in each scene I write her in because I think she's such a flexible character.

Yes, I went the Albus is a Slytherin route and is therefore best mates with Scorpius. And you'll occasionally see him when I write from Finn's POV, but for the most part he's just scenery in the story as Molly and Finn are at the forefront (and Molly has her own life apart from her family).

Well, I wouldn't say I've characterized Neville as stern per se, but he definitely isn't a professor to be walked over (that's why I end up giving him a promotion to Headmaster in BILY) ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by Gryffin_DuckThe Art of Victoire: Veela Eyes

14th September 2012:
Hi! Duckie here with your requested review. :)

I really enjoyed the way you began this, with Victoire's thoughts on friendship. It was a good characterization tactic. Going back to the theme of friendship throughout the rest of the story, despite its obvious turn toward romance, was a good choice. It knit the story together, in my opinion.

However, I felt that there needed to be more characterization and more details on Victoire and Teddy's relationship. Teddy obviously betrayed Victoire's trust and friendship, but I feel that specifics would have given an even better insight into their relationship, and their individual characters.

The grammar was good, for the most part. I found a few sentences that needed commas. A good way to find out where you need a comma is to read your story out loud to see where the natural pauses would be. There was also one sentence that seemed awkward and a bit of a run-on. "You see so many 'popular' people who are adored by many and are constantly surrounded by friends who, but when it comes to some sort of bad drama they're out of there like there's a sale on at Gladrags, but you never expect your friends to be like that." I think it would work better if you split it up into two sentences.

The only other issue I had with it was that it was difficult to tell how old Victoire was in this. I knew she was out of Hogwarts because her thoughts on friendship seemed too mature for a teenager, but other than that, I wasn't sure. I also did not realize that she'd actually been married to Teddy until I read the extra information in your review request. I think it would be good to make that a bit more clear. I thought he was her boyfriend.

I really enjoyed the lack of dialogue! As someone who writes too much dialogue, your inner monologue style and description were refreshing! I definitely got the feel that Victoire is a strong woman and her situation with Teddy only made her stronger. Great one-shot! :) Feel free to re-request for another story!

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Review #33, by Gryffin_DuckA Stone Memorial: Pennies in a fountain.

10th September 2012:
Hi! Duckie here with your requested review. :)

First, I adore this plot. Penelope is such an interesting character and I always wondered what happened to her after graduation and whether she was at the Battle. I never even thought about her dying, since JKR didn't specify her fate, but it makes sense.

The very beginning was my favorite part. Penelope's musings about pennies in a fountain gave great insight to her character. I thought that was a very good way of characterizing her. I do think it would've been nice to know that she was a photographer prior to the battle scene, though. It felt a little abrupt, coming out right before she died.

I spotted a few recurring grammatical errors. You have a few extraneous commas throughout the story. I won't point them all out because that would take a lot of space, but I highly suggest reading your story aloud to yourself and see where the natural pauses are.

Another is that you need a few semicolons. If two thoughts you want to connect with a comma could stand alone as two sentences, you need to use a semicolon rather than a comma to separate them. Here's an example- "I would never show it to Percy, it would probably break his heart, but it was beautiful." The semicolon should be placed where the first comma is, as the first bit could be its own sentence, as could the part following "Percy."

There were a few tense issues in the beginning. Make sure your verbs all match in terms of tense. Example- "I watched my sister as she took a penny from her purse, and drop it into the fountain at Trafalgar Square." "Drop" should be "dropped."

I adored your voice in this! It flowed very nicely and it almost had a ghostly feel to it. It almost felt as if Penny was a ghost, looking on, even before she died. I'm not sure whether that was intentional, but it worked very well! Perfect for a photographer observing.

Overall, very good story! I loved the plot! :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, this is a brilliant review! The grammar help is lovely, because i'm pretty rubbish in that area *dies* This was so, so helpful, and It's lovely to know that you liked my story :D Thanks thanks thanks xx

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Review #34, by Gryffin_DuckNext Midnight: Weasley-Malfoy

17th July 2012:
Oh, you're evil! :P Haha, now I'm going to have to go directly into reading Midnight Over Broadway. I need to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

This was so funny and so adorable. Didn't take me long to read since you had me hooked from the start. I almost wish it had been longer since pregnant Rose is hilarious. I especially enjoyed how Scorpius fainted during the delivery. Somehow I'm not surprised.

I loved the Weasleys' and Malfoys' reactions to the pregnancy. They were so perfect. I hope they'll all be in the next one since they add so much humor to the series.

Scorpius is going to make such a great dad. And Rose as a mum is going to be so funny. Great story! I shall move on to the next now! :)

Author's Response: Ha! It's fun to be tricky. Yes, you'll see in chapter 1 of M.O.B. ;)

This one is a short read. I thought about making it longer but I think it would have overstayed its welcome, so to speak. Pregnant Rose was fun though. And poor Scorpius, he would faint, wouldn't he?

I'm glad the reactions from the two families fit the groups as I write them - it's such different reactions from the two that it makes for good contrast. But then, the Weasleys and Malfoys always make a strong contrast.

Scorpius will be a great dad - Rose will probably be a better mum than she thinks, but mostly because she can take her cues from Scorpius. haha. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #35, by Gryffin_DuckSparks: Bring Me Giants!

17th July 2012:
It's taken me far too long to finish reading this. I read the first eight chapters in about a week and then got busy and forgot. But I just read the last two and now I'm all happy at the fluffy, romantic ending. So adorable!

I really loved this story. It was awesome getting to read a bit more about Lucy and Roxanne, after seeing their cameos in your other stories. I especially loved the fact that Victoire and Johnny Lupin were in it because I think they may be my two favorites from your stories.

I knew Lucy was going to wind up with Hilarion and Roxanne would wind up with Perry from the beginning but I loved reading how they got to that point. Hilarion was so adorable and I love that he isn't really into Quidditch, but just plays because he's good at it. Such a nice change from the usual Quidditch players I've seen in stories.

Perry is awesome and so perfect for Roxanne. She fits in so well with his group of friends. Cornish Dan was very funny and I love the fact that all the Dans have to be referred to in some other way.

Anyway, this was an adorable story and it fit in so well with all the Rose stories. Loved it and I shall be starting Next Midnight soon! :)

Author's Response: You forgot about me? I'm so distraught. :p It's okay homie, I appreciate reviews whenever they come, and I'm really glad you liked the story!

Telling Roxanne's and Lucy's stories was a lot of fun. And cameos from the Lupins always makes my day.

Ah romance, predictable yet satisfying. I'm glad you liked the pairings; I think they're well suited to each other, both sets of them. Hilarion's a different sort of a jock, isn't he? I like that he's not into it but is good at it nonetheless. Natural talent, but he wouldn't even watch the game if he didn't have to. I find that interesting, I suppose. Perry I had a lot of fun with his character, he's definitely perfect for Roxanne. Ah Cornish Dan! I've had a lot of friends where you have to distinguish who you mean ("Which Rachel? Inappropriate Stage Makeup Rachel or Our Rachel?").

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #36, by Gryffin_DuckSausages and Cookies: Figuring it Out

5th June 2012:
This was adorable! And soo funny! I absolutely loved Teddy's apprehension about everything in the kitchen, especially his attempt at making cookies. And Remus and Johnny's commentary throughout the whole thing was just hilarious. It sort of reminded me of the times my dad would cook dinner for my siblings and I when my mom was busy or sick. He has two or three things he'll make and that's pretty much it. Although he can make them pretty well.

Poor Victoire! She's really got her hands full with three kids, another on the way, and a husband who can't even fry up sausages correctly. I loved how snappy she was with Teddy.

Ahh, pizza! Hugo saves the day. I bet Teddy will always order pizza whenever he has to cook now. That totally reminded me of how in one of my stories after Victoire's just given birth to twins and her best friend comes over to feed everyone and help take care of the twins while Teddy is at work, she brings pizza. She's like your Teddy, only cooking things from a box.

Very cute story! Loved it! :)

Author's Response: Teddy should have just swallowed his pride and ordered some take-away food, but he just had to try and show he could do what Victoire could do. Clearly, he cannot ;) The boys' commentary was fun to write. They really have no idea what they're talking about, but will totally lecture their dad about how Mom does it anyway.

My husband generally gets fast food when left to his own devices, though he can cook (not a lot of things, but some things). I think it's a guy thing. A dad thing maybe. Sad really. :p

Poor Victoire. Trying to cook with morning sickness is no bueno. Definitely the time to be snippy at one's husband for his incompetence haha.

Hugo is definitely in the responsible contingency of Weasley next gens. He thinks ahead. Friends bringing food when one has newborn twins is a huge help. A few people brought me food when my twins were born. Someone brought pizza and blueberry cheesecake one night. I ate it for three days straight, it was so good. Still remember that fondly haha.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by Gryffin_DuckA Weirder Shade of Midnight: Leaping Lethifolds

27th May 2012:
Didn't take me long to read this one! Three days, I think? Your stories are addicting. I think I liked this one even more than JAMR.

I LOVED the Lenny plot line. He was so funny and I like to think he and Scorpius had a sort of bromance going on with all the time they spent hanging out in Rose's flat while she was off getting kidnapped.

I also really liked learning more about Harry, Ron, and Hermione's lives at the Ministry. Your take on it is very realistic. Again, their personalities are spot on and you write them as adults very well. The funny bits were great. I love that the whole "Weasleys never turn down free food" came back.

It was really interesting to read more about Dominique in this one since there was a bit about Victoire and Louis in JAMR. The contrast between the two sisters was so big, but I loved that. One of my sisters and I are vastly different, so it's great to read about sisters like that. But they still care about each other, which is great. I felt so bad for Dom during the dinner party scene. But I love that she went through with the divorce even after Andrew's memory got erased.

I think one of my favorite parts of this was the fact that the bad guys were girls. That's so rare, so it's great to see. The duel between the two was awesome, especially Sergei's commentary. The ending was awesome, especially the bit where Scorpius got paid 2K for that painting. Although I somehow doubt it'll last long, with him and Rose's luck.

Definitely going to read all the various one-shots now! And Next Midnight, I think that comes next, right? Great story!!! :)

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you liked it! I totally think Scorpius and Lenny had a grand old time sitting around singing and playing guitar together. I had a lot of fun writing Lenny, so I'm glad you liked him. :)

Funny bits are my favorite XD I really enjoy writing Harry, Ron, and Hermione as adults, and having them still be very close. I totally picture Harry and Ron having lunch every day and popping into each other's office just to hang out when they're supposed to be doing paperwork. And of course, Hermione coming to see Ron and locking his office door and thinking no one knows it's cause they're making out in there haha.

Dominique and Victoire are definitely very different. I do think they have their similarities though, and they do still love each other of course. Victoire's very much the matriarch of the group of cousins, and Dominique being the only other one to have children at this point gives them something else in common. Poor Dommie, she thought Andrew was her happily-ever-after. The big jerk. I think it's best she held strong after his memory was erased and he wanted her back. There's more of Dominique in "Sparks" ;)

Bad guys who are girls ftw! haha. You don't see a lot of that, but it does happen so why not? And Scorpius's 2k Galleons is going to be spent quickly of course - those two don't have a ton of forward-planning happening.

I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you so much for reviewing! The next sequentially is "Sausages and Cookies" (a Teddy/Victoire one-shot) and then "Sparks" and then is "Next Midnight" :)

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Review #38, by Gryffin_DuckJust Another Midnight Run: Chuck Finley?

23rd May 2012:
Hi, WTM! I figured I'd leave one long review instead of small ones on each chapter. Especially since I read it pretty fast once I got it on my Nook...

I adore the way you characterized Rose and Scorpius. They're so different from any other way I've seen them written that I was able to get past my dislike of Scorose. Rose is just so funny and so unlike Hermione. It's wonderful. And Scorpius as an artist, there's one I never thought of before. But it totally fits.

The whole Weasley family was great. Each one had a distinct personality and their interactions were awesome. I especially loved Molly the Quidditch player and Louis with his many girlfriends. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were awesome as well, and you wrote them in a very believable way. And I definitely loved the whole "Weasleys never turn down free food" thing.

The plot itself was really good. I had a feeling Knapper was involved with Venatici, but had no idea Worthing would be involved. Definitely a shock there. The kidnapping scene was great. I love reading/writing inept criminals. The arguing between Pulford and Worthing about what to do with Rose and Johnny was hilarious. And Johnny with his manticore thing. That was great.

Such a great story! I'm going to move on to the sequel now. Can't wait to read more about Rose and Scorpius and see what they get up to next! :)

Author's Response: Hey Duckie! Thanks for reviewing, sweetie :D

I'm glad the ScoRose haters (which I totally understand, I actually don't usually like the ship either) can still enjoy this story. Rose the way I write her is not very Hermione-ish. She's much more Ron-ish, if anything. I like Scorpius as an artsy type, with music and painting and wearing his hair in a ponytail XD

Writing the Weasleys is probably my favorite part of the Next Gen thing (or any story really). Molly the Mohawked pro athlete and former Head Girl, Louis and his bevy of inappropriate women, Fred the dorky but sweet puppy dog guy. They're so much fun. You'll get to see a few more of them in the sequel. Writing the trio, I really haven't written them much in their teen years, but I really love writing them as grown-ups and parents.

They are definitely almost as inept as Rose, that's for sure. haha. It would have gone better if they were able to improvise better, or just killed everyone on sight. Oh Johnny Lupin, he is unimaginably fun to write. XD

I'm so glad you liked it! Definitely let me know how you like the sequel! There are three one-shots that fit in my Next Gen universe, you read one of them so far, and then Sparks, I think you'll like that one too. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #39, by Gryffin_Duck"Inspired By" Collection: Safe And Sound

18th April 2012:
This was so sweet! The emotions came across really well. I especially like how you started it when Ron left because I can only imagine how Hermione felt at that point. Then the jump to the final battle was really fitting because that's when they finally admitted their feelings for each other. And the end was so adorable. I love Ron and Hermione. Great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! I'm not usually a R/Hr shipper, but lately they've invaded my plot bunnies lol

thanks again Ducky!


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Review #40, by Gryffin_DuckA Hero's Footsteps: Prologue

30th March 2012:
Great introduction! Percy is such an intriguing character which is why I picked this story to read. Even though Percy wasn't in this chapter I still enjoyed it.

The flashbacks were awesome! I found myself worried along with the kids about what happened to their dad. I'm glad he was okay in the end, and it's completely understandable why they moved to Australia.

Australia! Another reason why I love this story so far. I love Australia and have a story that takes place there, too. I'm very interested in the Sydney Harbour School of Magic and will definitely read on to find out what happens next! :)

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Review #41, by Gryffin_DuckNever There: Scenes at a Graveyard

30th March 2012:
This was so sad! But I loved it all the same. Angst is my favorite genre. Your descriptions were beautiful, from the way you described the graveyard to the way you added in little details about Reid. I particularly enjoyed the way you called the people buried in the graveyard "inhabitants".

The emotion in this was very good. I could easily feel what Reid was going through as he talked to Cecilia about all his various wives. Just the fact that he spent so much of his life having wife after wife really demonstrated how unsettled he was with moving on. Well done!

Lastly, I was easily able to figure out what was happening and what had happened despite not reading the previous stories. You did a great job of giving just enough detail to clue the reader into what happened previously without bogging down the current story. Great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: I was going to say I don't write a lot of angst, but when I looked over my page, I actually have several. Apparently I just don't realize that I write angst haha. Well I'm glad you liked it! Even though it's sad.

Yeah Reid is really unable to move on for a very long time - Cecilia dies when he's 18 and she's nearly 18, and he divorces wife #5 (technically) at age 45, so... Sad guy. But then he marries a psychotherapist, which is luck for him haha

I'm really glad this works on its own, since it's part of such a larger whole I really didn't think it would. Definitely a relief, thank you! And thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #42, by Gryffin_DuckFlatline: Flatline.

8th January 2012:
I just validated this for you and wanted to leave a review because it is seriously one of the best, if not the best, story I have ever read in the queue! It didn't even feel like I was reading a 9,000 word chapter because it flowed so well and every part of it was necessary and beautifully written.

I love the way you organized it, with the flashbacks, rather than writing the whole thing in chronological order. It was very interesting, and I love how each flashback was related to what Lily was thinking. I think my favorite was either the Christmas flashback or the one where Victoire got married. It was absolutely heart wrenching to read how Lily couldn't wait for Harry to walk her down the aisle.

You actually did make me cry! That's quite a feat, since the number of published books that have made me cry is less than 5. And even fewer fan fics have made me cry. Lily's anguish was very apparent. Again, this was just so beautifully written! Lovely one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Hi,

So I saw this review when you first posted it but I've been trying to think of how to respond to it properly because this is legit the best review I've ever gotten and I didn't want to reply with just a 'Thanks :) xo'

But honestly, thank you for taking the time to actually leave a review! I wasn't exactly sure if I was happy with this when I posted it, but seeing this review (among others) has made me decide that I actually didn't fail at this one haha.

So once again, thanks for stopping by to tell me what you think!! It made my day.

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Review #43, by Gryffin_DuckIvory: Ivory

2nd October 2011:
This was absolutely beautiful, Marina!!! I've never seen Swan Lake, but I think I need to after reading this. Your writing seemed to mimic ballet movements, if that makes sense. It flowed and was graceful and beautiful. The plot fit very well with the Swan Lake format. I really enjoyed the characterization and the relationship between Astoria and Daphne. They're two very unexplored characters and it was great getting to know them through this story. Great job! :)

Author's Response: Eee thank you Sarah! I'm glad that you enjoyed it despite having never seen Swan Lake - I actually haven't seen the ballet, but I'm familiar with the story and I know the music. I was trying to pull off an almost ballet-like narrative so it's great that you picked up on that :D Thank you so much!

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Review #44, by Gryffin_DuckBreathing Underwater: I

2nd September 2011:
Hey Leslie! This was absolutely beautifully written. I really felt Rose's pain as I read. I'm not big on Rose/Scorpius, so this was a perfect version of the ship for me to read.

The fact that Rose jumped into the river and held her breath for so long was really fitting. The imagery of that while she was sorting through her pain fit really well. I especially liked how she counted the time she was underwater.

I'm so glad that Rose doesn't want to get Scorpius back. She's a strong person in this and I like that. He doesn't deserve her and I got the feeling that she walked away from this ready to face the world and never looked back. Really great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: I'm not much for Rose/Scorpius, either, or Ted/Victoire for that matter. Or really Ted/any Weasley-Potter next gen girl. It's so overdone and cliche'd that I like reading of the couples not working out. And when I write a one-shot of either ship (only have ever written this one and a teddy/vic one-shot) they never end up together. I just see Ted as being with someone more original, non-canon, because he's Harry's godson and would have grew up around the Weasley-Potter kids in an older cousin type relationship. Though, there are a couple authors I'll read for Rose/Scorpius and Ted/Victoire.

Aw, thanks, I'm glad you liked the decisions I made in fleshing out Rose's character based on her decisions and no-nonsense attitude as she continued to look forward after her failed relationship with Scorpius. I love writing females who are independent and fierce in accomplishing their feats. I'm glad you enjoyed, Sarah! Thanks again for the review! (:

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Review #45, by Gryffin_DuckLunar: Luminescence

2nd August 2011:
I adore this! I am always on the look-out for good werewolf stories and I do believe I've found one. I've never read any stories about female werewolves, with the exception of a fan fic my sister once started, and I've always found them intriguing because in Harry Potter we only ever meet male werewolves.

Anyway, onto the specifics of your story! I really love how you started this off right in the thick of things. It really hooked me. I am definitely interested in reading more and finding out how she became a werewolf and what lead her to this point.

OCs are always some of my favorites to read because when they're done right they're amazing. I think you've done a wonderful job of characterizing both Diane and her sister and mother in this story. I'm slightly mad at the both of them although I do see where they're coming from since it is her wedding.

Lovely chapter and I can't wait to read more! :)

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Review #46, by Gryffin_DuckA Weasley Christmas: Weasley Jumpers

25th February 2011:
Aww!!! This was so adorable! I don't normally go for fluffy pieces but this one was just perfect. It had that bit of angst in it that makes fluffy ending pieces so much more satisfying. I love reading about Weasley Christmases. They just seem so much fun. I'd love to go to one.

Your characterization of Scorpius was done very well. He's a manly man but still wants to be accepted by his girlfriend's family and that's just adorable. Receiving a jumper is such a simple thing, yet it meant he was accepted by the Weasleys. I haven't read your other story, but you put enough characterization of Scorpius into this so that it did not matter.

I really liked the part when Fleur was talking to Scorpius, not only because it helped Scorpius, but it also gave a sense as to how Fleur's life with the Weasleys had gone after the war. Her relationship with Molly post-Deathly Hallows has always been something that intrigues me. Really great story! :)

Author's Response: You know, a little bit of angst does spice up some fluff, it's true. ;) Weasley Christmases always make me happy for some reason. I do love the Weasleys.

Scorpius is quite secure in his masculinity (despite his love of showtunes) and he puts up with quite a lot of crazy out of Rose. I'm glad his character came through even without reading the Midnight Run stories.

I really think Fleur is the only one who could understand what it's like to be so unwanted by the Weasleys, while watching others be accepted. They didn't like her, didn't want her around, even while they welcomed Harry and Hermione with open arms. Scorpius and Fleur have a similar experience in being outsiders. So I thought her having a bit of a conversation with him about that would fit.

Yay I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #47, by Gryffin_DuckOne Night Only: One Night Only

22nd December 2010:
MERRY CHRISTMAS LEE! This is the first of many reviews from me, your TGS Secret Santa!

This is the very first Harry/Hermione story that I've ever read, because I really quite dislike the ship. But, I did like this song fic! The idea of Hermione being in love with both Harry and Ron, yet marrying Ron because it's expected of her is just so sad. You made it so clear that she loves both of them in this story, and I think that's what I liked about it. She hasn't fallen out of love with Ron, she just loves them both.

You did a really great job of portraying the fact that even if Hermione did decide that she wanted to leave Ron for Harry, it wouldn't be that simple.

The fact that she is reminiscing about her one night with Harry (and the fact that that one night was the night before her wedding) during her wedding is really poignant. Yet she continues with the wedding, with what is expected of her. It definitely makes me wonder what happened next! The song was really fitting, as well.

I caught quite a few grammatical errors, too many to really list in a review. But I'm definitely willing to beta this for you, if you'd like!


Author's Response: AWW! Yay! This is great! thank you so much!!!

Yeah, I am not fond of it myself and only wrote this for a challenge. But I am glad that you liked it! And that is exactly what I was trying to get across, the fact that she still loves them both.

Aww! Thank you!!

I have toyed with the idea of making a sequel to this, showing what happened next, but I have been toying with it for years now so who knows. :P

Yeah, that would be great since this was written years ago back when I was in high school and my writting improved. :P

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Review #48, by Gryffin_DuckWildflowers: Truth Be Told

22nd August 2010:
Wow. Just wow. For all that I imagined the secret would be I never imagined it would be anything like this. Dominic is so sick and twisted and their father is no better, hiding it like that. No wonder Elsa's been having nightmares. I don't blame her for feeling guilty, but who knows what anyone would do in a situation like that. She was too scared and I don't blame her, considering that even her father didn't seem to care about the Muggle girl. You wrote that entire scene so well!

I'm glad Elsa's going to give Damon a chance. He doesn't seem like a bad bloke to me, just Elsa doesn't like him that way. Can't wait to read about their date! I hope Sirius comes around as well. I don't blame him for being freaked out about the secret, but hopefully he'll come to terms with it. Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: I can imagine Pureblood families hiding such indiscretions all the time. I can't imagine they would ever allow their children to go to prison for something like that. Covering it up, as Evander did, seems natural for any pureblood family. I can picture Bellatrix's father, or even the Lestrange family doing the same for their boys.

Elsa, for all she's worth, doesn't believe in Damon. As far as she's concerned he's as bad as any other Slytherin pureblood supremacist. She'll come around!

I do hope you'll continue reading (even if school has now started and you'll not have much time to read). Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #49, by Gryffin_DuckWildflowers: Of Lies and Duels

22nd August 2010:
I feel so bad for Elsa, having to deal with the nightmares. I wish she would just let her friends help, but I see why she didn't want them to get in trouble with her. Plus, taking a walk alone does wonders for clearing one's thoughts. I hope the nightmares end soon, otherwise her year is going to be not fun.

And it's just Elsa's luck to be paired up with Dominic in the dueling. But she stood her ground and even though she lost she still did well! Her characterization is coming along very nicely. The plot is also coming along well and I can't wait to find out how everything turns out. Great job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for another fabulous review, Sarah! I really appreciate it!

I'm really glad that you're enjoying this fic of mine. I feel sorry for Elsa and I created her. She's such a fabulous character to write for. I wish Dominic wasn't so cruel, but he's a nutter, and I created him to be that way.

I'm glad you enjoy the plot and characterizations that are slowly showing up. I hope you continue to read!

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Review #50, by Gryffin_DuckWildflowers: Quidditch Fun

22nd August 2010:
Hi Len! I read this chapter a while ago, but I was reading it on my iPod so I never had the chance to review. So I shall do so now!

This was a really cute fluffy type chapter which I think was needed in this type of story. It deals with a lot of sensitive issues and I like that you put a slightly fluffy type of chapter in. Of course, it wasn't all fluff, which is good, because a completely fluffy chapter would be out of place in a story like this. Now I shall stop using the word fluff.

I kind of agree with Robert and Elsa's friends. She does need more fun in her life, but at the same time if she doesn't want to play Quidditch she doesn't have to. She should find something fun to do on her own. She needs something to take her mind off her insane brother. Her friends seem to have her best interests at heart, though.

Lovely chapter! I'm going to try to catch up on this, which means I'm going to read the next chapter as soon as I post this review! :)

Author's Response: I would never have used "cute" and "fluffy" as descriptors to anything I write, but I'm glad you think so, especially since it is supposed to be a romance fic.

Elsa just doesn't know what she wants yet. She loves Quidditch as much as the next person, but she doesn't like Robert and her brother terrifies her. If those two weren't holding her back, she'd have tried out of the team.

I do hope you'll continue reading, Sarah, hearing what you think about this fic is fantastic! It means a lot to me :D

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