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Review #1, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Chapter 8 - Lost and Found

6th December 2008:
oh no thats so unfair thats a cliffhanger man, ahhh whens the next chapter coming out? send me a reply.

Author's Response: Friday!!! All my stories update on Fridays :D

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Review #2, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Lesson Six: Lessons Learned

28th November 2008:
ahh man i am on the edge with suspense please let them get together your story not telling you what to do but please i wait around for your stories because there so good. your my fav writer please reply to this i want to discuss some ideas with you if thats okay. ruby taylor x

Author's Response: I ship and write ONLY Harry Hermione and in my stoires, there may be other parings but Harry ALWAYS gets the girl ^.~

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Review #3, by goldenvHarry Potter and the Greatest Truth: Epilogue - My Small Universe

24th November 2008:
don't let it end there contiune it and let me know when u make it. it was really good thank you.

goldenv xx

Author's Response: hehe thank you for the wonderful words and review, you can find "The Real Potters" the series already posted in this site, it's a series of shots based on this story :)

thanks again


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Review #4, by goldenvI Love You Completely: I Love You Completely

24th November 2008:
this is fucking brilliant, you dhould do a story of them secrectley dating for the year during the war. i think that would be fantastic. anyway brilliant story.

Author's Response: I have an idea that's like that, but it might take me a while to pull together an outline. Right now I only have the basic storyline floating in my head :]Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Lesson Five: Something I Said?

21st November 2008:

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Review #6, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Lesson Three: Go Zones and No Zones

9th November 2008:
FUCKING BRILLIANT. please respond

Author's Response: F'in Awesome :P

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Review #7, by goldenvThe Mystery Of Love : Surprises

5th November 2008:
o your a bitch ruby thats so unfair give them some more.

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Review #8, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Lesson Two: Parlez-vous français?

31st October 2008:
ah please write more ur killing me with suspense. i love it

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Review #9, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Lesson One: Snogging for Dummies

29th October 2008:
Hello My name is Ruby Taylor and my pename is goldenv I am currently writing a story called The Mystery Of Love I need a favour I want to use your idea possibly about the snogging teaching thing review my story and let me know if you would mind. i lobe ur work by the way u inspired me.

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Review #10, by goldenvWhy Us?: Of Books and Cleverness

25th October 2008:
the sex scene was good but could be improved with a little more intimacy. like u don't just have sex like that you should add some before delight like hermione could go down on harry or vice versa. but it was good i enjoyed the first 13 chapters. keep up the good work.

Author's Response: yeah, i'm not the best at writing those types of scenes. not to mention that i was real nervous since it was my first fic :/ they'll get better, i promise ;)

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Review #11, by goldenvThe Snogging Chronicles: Chapter 1 – Bright Ideas

24th October 2008:
for christs sakes finish it's really good.

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Review #12, by goldenvBaby Of Mine: The Wedding

18th October 2008:
yeah this is really cool please finish it make some sort of pot hogwarts job its really good.

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Review #13, by goldenvSleepovers- Gotta Love Them: Sleepovers- Gotta Love Them

18th October 2008:
fucking fantastic add to it pleaasee e!

Author's Response: Unfortunately I no longer write HPFF due to the fact I no longer get the inspiration for it. Thanks for the review, L xxx

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Review #14, by goldenvIt's Gonna Be Love: Chapter 9: The Woman In Black

17th October 2008:
I like your writing style,but the scenes between Harry and Hermione are underdescribed. They seem to have a very childish passion between them. You insuiate they are having sex but no highlight on their first time. It seems all very succint. But I do like your writing keep up the good work.

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Review #15, by goldenvJust revenge or perhaps something more?: Chapter 1

28th March 2008:
You are the best writer i have come across. You have such a eye for deatil. Well done and i will look out for ur work in the future

Author's Response: awww... thanks so much! extremely happy you liked it, love you for reviewing,


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