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Review #1, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Anniversary

13th August 2010:
Very well written sad chapter. It's an excellent way to bring in the final battle and bridge the gap from JKR's stories. Are you going to continue forth on the Dramione...different stories or other?

Slow updates...been there doing that myself. RL just gets in the way. Good explanation on the no Ron/Hermione, why it just doesn't work. I see you brought in some of the tactile senses into your writing. Great job!

Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'll continue to write Dramione, yes. I have a short-story in mind atm, and I thought I'd get to working on that one when this one is finished. But I'll also work more on my Rose/Scorpius story, Hiding Behind Books. So we'll see how many stories I'll have time for ^_^ But I'll write lots of Dramione, you can expect many more one-shots, at least :) or short stories, like 3-5 chapters.

Yeah, I'm trying to update faster this time, and the next chapter is finished soon, I think :)

Thanks again,
- Cathy

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Review #2, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Late

30th October 2009:
Great chapter...I do like how you are paying attention to the particulars of formatting on HPFF. It makes for a much easier read. I have found that pasting from Times New Roman font works the best.

Very much growth from Draco to go from the save yourself attitude (so Slytherin) to the Gryffindor bravery in saving Hermione - too bad she put her foot in her mouth royally. I know you have more to go for the story, Draco's growth and the Dramione love. However, just as a caution I know every fan girl's dream is a cuddly Draco but don't forget for seventeen years he was taught to be power hungry and sneaky which was proven when he got the Death Eaters into Hogwarts - yes a bad deed but one that required intelligence and cunning. So I guess what I'm trying to say but maybe I shouldn't because I really don't know what you have planned for the future is that Draco can keep those qualities and still be a good guy. Plus if dad is teaching him how to run the family business, deviousness is required even in the most honest business person.

In the chapters prior, you showed him to have tenderness towards Hermione and love of his family which has been well established by JKR but at the same time his bit of nastiness with beating Raven. - SPOT ON BRILLIANT CHARACTERIZATION for that. And with Lucius stopping him was more "Don't go to Azkaban over this" but if there were no witnesses I got the impression he wouldn't have stopped him and maybe Draco wouldn't have stopped.

All interactions are spot on in character. Peeves - cool. Looking forward to the next chapter - keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you, dear! :)

Ah, formatting is important, I'm glad you think I've got it right! :D Oh, really? I paste from Verdana. Though, I have to do a lot of editing when posting the chapter, I might try it with Times New next time!

A lot of growth, yes, I think it shows just how much he loves her. To be able to go a bit Gryff and be brave enough to do something like that.
I completely agree with you, I'm not going to turn Draco in to some fluffy little person, he's still Draco. I THINK we'll see that when it comes to Laura, actually. He's a good guy, but he's still been a Death Eater, and he's been brought up by a Death Eater, he's bound to have some darkness in him, whether he's in love with Hermione or not.

That's completely true, Draco would probably not have stopped had there been no witnesses, not would Lucius have stopped him. Wow, I love your reviews, I've said this before, I know, but you just really get to know my characters and your reviews always gets me thinking and they're inspiring! :)

Thank you so much! :D

- Cathy

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Review #3, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Regret

16th October 2009:
Well done... Honestly, with Draco's upbringing and pride, that behavior from him is expected and in a way deserved. And, Draco has always been someone to mask away his hurt per JKR's writing...only expressing it to Moaning Myrtle. Also, they are new to the relationship and are still learning fighting etiquette as weird as that sounds. Big contrast to Hermione and Ron's constant bickering.

Poor Hermione so teddy, garter and thigh highs = a man's forgiveness for most anything.

Clever girl that Laura but Blaise needs to confess.

For the one shots, honestly I think it would be less confusing and add more depth to this story (its has depth already so this isn't an insult) if you incorporated them as chapters into this story. You can always re-chapterize this (insert where chronologically needed). The foremost novel that I love that does this is Frank Herbert's Dune. I know there are many more but that is the one that comes to mind.

My vote - Draco or Lucius' POVs with the famous Malfoy sense of humor. That will insert some humor overall to make a Dramady which is my all time favorite format.

All in all, its your choice and you should do what you feel will work best.

Author's Response: Oh, your reviews always make me smile!

That kind of behaviour is rather expected from him, isn't it? I thought so. I totally agree, it's very different from Ron and Hermione's bickering, which I always found extremely annoying.

Hahaha! xD that cracked me up. Oh yes, Hermione is sooo inexperienced! haha.

I see what you mean, but I really do want to keep this story in Hermione's POV all the way. So, I would most likely to a short-story-collection or whatever with chapters from others POV.

I think that a lot of people would like to see things from the Malfoy's POV! :D I've got some scenes planned, actually :)

thank you so much for the lovely review. I loved it!
- Cathy

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Review #4, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Valentine's Day

10th October 2009:
Great chapter...I'm blushing now. Glad to help. A pleasant read over breakfast.

The explanation of Draco's scar makes Lucius not seem so bad, not that it is justified or anything. That could be a bit of drama if she ever confronted Lucy about it (love the nickname) If she's linked to the Malfoy name, kidnapping is something she would worry about as well...maybe.

The fight between Blaise and Amber - Love to hear the explanation on that. The song "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy popped into my head:)

Very cute Valentine's Day present. Frankly, I totally side with Draco because for a straight guy to do something that romantic is a feat and for his girlfriend to run out on him is like a triple slap in the face. Sometimes you just gotta let your friends battle their own drama.

Totally in character for Draco to make fun of the Unicorns to their faces. While he might be reformed, his snide sense of humor IMHO would always remain.

Looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Aw :) You really are great, I'm so glad that you helped me out!

I believe that it might come up sometime, a sort of confrontation between Lucius and Hermione, though I don't know. Depends on how it'll will all work out in the future chapters :)

Oh, I'm not sure if I've hear that song, but I'll be sure to check it out, haha :)

I definitely side with Draco as well - he put a lot of effort in to that date, not only did he want to do something for Valentine's Day, he also bought her an expensive piece of jewlery - and she just ran out on him. It must have hurt. I completely agree with you - Amber and Blaise should have sorted it out themselves, I'm sure they would have managed without Hermione. But she just Had to help, didn't she?

Ah, don't we all love Draco's homour? :)

Thank you for reviewing!
- Cathy

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Review #5, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Scuffle

1st October 2009:
During the fight, I was glad that Draco apologized but he didn't cower to her. That was very DM. Also, I love how you have Blaise always listening at the door quite funny. That simple act that Draco knows this about his friend always doing that shows their closeness.

Great contrasting Blaise and Draco on their love life. With Blaise having not experienced the harshness of the war, he is trifle with his girlfriend. While Draco has gone through so much which forced him to grow up, so he is more emotionally mature and grateful to have Hermione. Draco truly found out what a true friend was.

Poetic - "it wasn't that I was afraid of the dark, I was more afraid of what could be lurking in the dark." Then Lucius scares them. The scene reminded me of a Scooby Doo moment and I love Scooby Doo. Did a tribute scene myself.

Idea if you want - the Draco POV, you have journeyed him (and others)which is so truly rare among Draco stories (kudos) - another leg of his journey is the relationship with his father which standing up to him was truly momentus! Many writers opt out by simply killing Lucius or sweetening him up inexplicably (lame). Having them mend their relationship is the next step if you want to go that route.

I can't contact you through the forums but if you go to fanfiction dot net and look up Blond Gamer Girl - that's me. Look forward to it.

Author's Response: FINALLY I've taken the time to answer reviews :) So, hello! :D

I'm glad that you were glad(that was a weird way of putting it...) that Draco apologized. I tried to keep him him but still being sweet and such. I try to keep him as much in character as I can given the situation I've put him in.
Ah, Blaise and Draco's friendship is so deep - they really are best friends.

I'm glad you liked that line, and Scooby Doo is cool! I haven't watched Scooby Doo in a LONG time. :D

Yeah, definitely! Draco's POV is really going to be interesting to write and I can't wait. Any more suggestions to what I could rewrite in his POV is great.
Gah, I couldn't change Lucius completely, gah. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I made him in to a complete sweetheart. And I coulnd't live with myself if I killed him off either! Aw. Dear Lucy! :)

I've sent you a PM on ff dot net. And thanks for the help! :)

- Cathy

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Review #6, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Faith

1st October 2009:
Love the ominous feel with Laura and her croanies. Before something rotten happens, you can go ominous to build drama or normal feeling and BAM for shock value.

Before I commented on more sensuousness to the sex scene and you delivered. We can't have Draco be a bad lay. Of course, once the genie is out of the lamp.

On a side note for the above, I love how when she goes off on Blaise, it turns Draco on. I can really see that he would like something like that. Overall, from the dynamics that JKR has written is that Draco is an alpha and Hermione is an extremely strong Beta who slips into an alpha easily if warranted. Well-written dynamics on that.

Septumsempress scars - I like having ties to JKR unless you purposefully go AU. Little touches like that give the series cohesiveness.

Grandma Jean...hmmm ...well I'm going through something similar so I don't think I can comment.

Glad you have the letter from Narcissa discussing Andromeda. Would be interesting to see some of Draco's reactions and possibly his POV.

I see you're building up to Easter break which would be also an excellent opportunity for pure-blood or Malfoy traditions or some nefarious deeds.

Of course, I'm still curious to see what Draco did to get a royal beating. It had to have been something really bad which I'm sure Draco was capable of delivering. Leaves a reader to wonder if Hermione will confront Lucius about it since she has in the past. I liked seeing that.

Keep up the wonderful writing and frequent updates. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Oh, darn it. I had written a freaky long response and then my laptop decided to take a vacation. Oh, here we go again:

I'm very happy to see your review, it was so wonderful and gave me heaps of inspiration.

Yeah, I'm kind of curious on where I can take Laura's character and what I can have her do, I'm not entirely sure of what's going to happen myself :) But I'm sure that I'll find out very soon.

Hahaha, no we definitely can't have him be a bad lay! That would be horrible! ;D I think that this little steamier scene was needed to push the story along, or some readers would have thrown tomatoes on me. Draco and Hermione hasn't been having some one on one time in a while! But I'm trying to change that, as you can see =) They are a couple after all, and it would be weird if I kept writing chapter after chapter with just chaste kisses and some sweet words. It would be as if the fire between them had died, and that would be baad!

I really liked the fact that Draco got a bit turned on by Hermione's actions towards Blaise. If you recall, I've made Draco say something in a previous chapter(16, I think) that he thought that she looked hot when she was furious. :) It was a fun scene to write. :D

Yeah, I think that I had to write about the scars if not to tie the story more to the books, then because I need to show that Draco isn't flawless. Yes, Hermione constantly thinks that he's so beautiful and perfect - but nobody is flawless, not ever Draco Malfoy.

Oh, gosh! *Hugs* I really hope that your Grandma, or whoever it is that is ill, gets better! Oh... *Hugs again!!*

I'll definitely add that to list of Draco's POV - scenes to write :) It's going to be fun to write from his POV.

Yes! Easter should be so much fun, some time spent at the Grangers, and then dinner at the Malfoys and then we're going back to Greece. THAT should be fun. I have some things planned out until then, so I'm really looking forward to it!

Ah.. What did he do to get the royal beating? Honestly? I have NO idea yet. I'll think about that one for tonight and maybe I'll include it in my next chapter, or whenever? Any suggestions on what he could have done? Feel free to PM me at the forums. I would love to get some suggestions from you! :)
I do believe that she would confront him, yeah. It seems like something she could do. :D

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, totally made my day! =)

- Cathy

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Review #7, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Diagon Alley

24th September 2009:
Glad you have George being easy going about DM/HG and Ginny back to her old self, sort of. Liked that you have Ron/Lav together. I always thought they made a better couple since she likes to smoother and Ron likes that sort of attention, not to mention similar IQ's.

Great addition of the Quidditch tradition of Draco's parents.

Lovely Narcissa and Andromeda making up.

Glad you recognize that a great stylist can do wonders for hair. A day at the spa ups one's appearance by two points at least so when Hermione's whoa for the party, its believable.

Author's Response: I always thought that George would be kindof alright with them as a couple. He seems open to new stuff, you know?

I don't know if it's obvious, but I don't like Ginny. I don't know why, but I just can't stand her.
Same here - Lavender and Ron are a good couple, and the way she loves him could really only help him these days. He really just needs help - and love. I think. Maybe he needs something more, uhm, like therapy ^^.

I just love the idea of Narcissa being a Quidditch Player, I can really see that.

Oh, yes. Hair stylists are life savers! :D

Thank you so much,
- Cathy

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Review #8, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Greece

24th September 2009:
Most profound quote "You're good for him and your relationship is good for the wizarding world, it shows the other Purebloods that a change is allowed" - and good for the Malfoy family. That was good to touch upon that because many times the love/hate and bad boy/good girl aspects of Dramione are explored but never the ramifications of the relationship itself. In other words, they are a famous inter-racial couple within the wizard world. That was very broad spectrum of you.

THANK YOU! "He wasn't a dad, he was a father in my eyes." I was beginning to think that I was the only author out there who sees the Malfoys as having a formal very upper crust feel in their home. I even picture the children having etiquette lessons at a young age, reflected in their speech and mannerisms.

You have very well thought out snogging scenes that describe their actions and their feelings. I didn't realize they had sex until I read your end notes. You should really draw that scene out with their intense feelings which doesn't have to be done with porn descriptions but reactions and descriptions of their feelings. Obviously, actions are out of the question because it wouldn't get validated.

Now the beach setting was lovely all around and perfect for him to reveal his feelings and it makes sense that it took time for him because of his upbringing. As a native Floridian, on a side-bar mention, have a note that the blanket repells sand. It gets everywhere and when your intimate, it ain't called sandpaper for nothing. The movies always crack me up on the beach scenes.

Overall, great chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, exactly. Most fics are just head boy and head girl get together and everything is lovey dovey - inside the castle. I've made it more open, so to speak, and let the whole wizarding world know about them. Needless to say that it would have shocked many families to hear that a Malfoy dated a Mudblood, but it would probably make than go, "Hmm... If a Malfoy can do it...?"

Oh, yeah! No, you're not the only one. I do think that Draco took etiquette lessons as a child, because his family is a very famous family and he would really need to know how to behave himself in public situations - in a way appropriete for a Malfoy.

I'm thrilled to hear that you think I'm 'skilled' at the make out scenes, that's great!
Oh, yes... I thought it was really awkward writing that scene and I wasn't sure just how far I could take it before it got too explicit, so I downplayed it instead.

Hahha, oh, my. That cracked me up. Well, let's just pretend that there was some spell on the blanket which took away the sandpaper effect!

Thank you so much :)
- Cathy

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Review #9, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Malfoy Manor

23rd September 2009:
Best scene - the meeting of the parents. Best characterization - Lucius. Throughout, you excellently intermixed action with dialog. "Lucius sat on the edge on his seat as if he were afraid that he would get dirty" and "Draco, do I look like I care?"

Very sweet with Narcissa and the dresses. More foretelling with Pansy's cousin.

Great job.

Author's Response: Yay. I'm so, so, so glad you think I did a good job with the characterization of Lucius. I've been scared to death to write him. But he's an amazing character. He really is. I enjoy writing him.

I also enjoy writing Narcissa, she's lovely. Since we don't know all that much about her in the books, it's easier to write her.

Thank you so much :)
- Cathy

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Review #10, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Christmas

23rd September 2009:
Excellent Christmas imagery. You have improved your description. Love that Blaise believes in Santa. The gifts were very thoughtful. Was the guitar idea inspired by Tom Felton's playing?

The letter from Pansy was an great way to add drama and foretelling as well. Their fight is very allegorical since it was about Pansy and she'll try to come between them.

I can tell that you put a lot of thought into this chapter. Keep up the description.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad you think so! haha, aw, isn't that just SO Blaisey?

The guitar was partly inspired by that, yes! and I've always had a thing for guitars, I've played a bit now and then and such. But yeah, partly inspired by the wonderful Tom.
He's so good with a guitar! :)

I don't think I should love the "fighting" scene, but I do. It seemed rather realistic to have Hermione get upset about the letter and Draco upset that she had read it. But who wouldn't have read it?

I did, I'm glad you could tell! I'll try!
Thank you so much,
- Cathy

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Review #11, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Visitor

23rd September 2009:
I'm glad she confronted Ron on her own until the very end. The prejudice parts of Ron and his temper are very IC per JKR's own writing.

Nice added touch with the mirror and the explanation of it. Quaint scene at the bookstore. Draco's comments about the movie violence were quite profound and appropriate. Funny scene at the end with the cell phone.

Author's Response: I am too, I think I needed to show everyone that she IS a fighter and that she IS strong and not just some damsel in distress. I'm glad you find Ron IC :)

I'm glad you liked the thing with the mirror, I have a feeling that when a witch, or wizards emotions get the best of them, then something like that could happen. I might be terribly wrong, but let's pretend I'm right.

I think they were too, Draco's comments I mean. I imagine it to be like that for anyone who has been in war. In this fic or even in real life. They must wonder why people would want to see something like that. You know? Heck, even I wonder that - and still I watch it, just like everyone else.

Haha, Draco and the cell phone.. poor dude!

Thank you,
- Cathy

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Review #12, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Trouble

23rd September 2009:
Well, I saw you updated so I skipped ahead and will come back to the missed chapters. Yup I suspected love potion but I'm a HUGE mystery buff so I can see clues easily.

Brilliantly played scene between, HG, DM and BZ. Blaise is a true friend. Glad you played it that Draco still felt hurt even though he knew it was a potion, playing back to fears of losing her which he expressed earlier. This presents an opportunity play up some drama if those feelings crop up again. Though Draco's rational mind knows it was a potion his emotional mind is a different story. Don't forget bruising her especially with what he thought of Ron slapping her.

Great on the HG/Laura thing. New professor - good to see some OC's and classes. Lookigng forward to more.

Author's Response: Oh, that's nice :) I'm glad you figured out that it was a Love Potion (:

Thank you. Yeah, I think that Draco would be very hurt because it's not the first time he would have been cheated on. Pansy did it to him in sixth year, remember? He just Had to hurt - even though it was a love potion. Exactly! His rational mind and emotíonal mind just aren't on the same page right then.

Thanks :D I'm glad you like the chapter and as always - I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS! :D
- Cathy

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Review #13, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Talking

22nd September 2009:
Best HG inner monologue yet "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend once was a Deatheater. Pass the milk, would you?"

Wonderful that you show Draco shmoozing with the parents. While he is snarky with his classmates as a child, being a society wizard who I'm sure had to behave himself with his father around, he would know how to behave and would be eloquent as well when the situation warrants it.

His speech to her parents was thoughtful, tender and eloquent with a very sympathetic explanation at the end. Not only did you cover a major plot point with the why he gave her flying lessons and got close to her but you showed Draco's character's growth by ending some of his cowardice with HIM telling her parents the truth. Well and cozying up to the muggles as well.tremendous growth there. The next sentence shows it as well along with his Alpha'ness "I understand if you can't accept me now that you know my past, but I do want you to know that I intend on keeping my promise."

Very funny TV scene. That's how its done.

Bravo Draco standing up to Kristy and showing his pure-blood pride.

Author's Response: I love that inner monologue, I had a blast writing it, so I'm glad you liked it! =D

Definitely. He was brought up to have manners and class, and while this isn't something he would show to his classmates. I think that he would definitely use it to his advantage in situations like those in the chapter. I think he became less nervous as well, as he noticed that her parents approved of his behaviour.

I'm happy to hear that you liked the speech. It was something that he needed to say, and it did - as you said - cover a major plot point. Haha, yes! Tremendous growth there.
I kinda love that sentence (: hehe.

I'm glad you liked the TV scene.

I think it sounded like something Draco would do, showing his pride. So, yay, you liked that.

Thank you for another amazing review!

- Cathy

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Review #14, by Blond Goth girlLa Volont: Une Maison En France

22nd September 2009:
Excellent job.

You have achieved something that many writers including myself struggle with: description. You do a fan freakin tastic job of it, especially mixing subtle action with it. Also, you make use of many of senses other than sight. I think you have engaged all senses actually so BRAVO!

Your pacing is excellent as well. The slower pacing of the writing gives the reader an appreciation for the leisure and romance of the countryside.

You marked this as AU which is all fine for me. I don't know if you have already planned to reference JKR's story in this for later chapters or not. Depending on if there was a war or if Draco was just a childhood bully would make a difference in some of the emotions. You may want to so your readers know where you are coming from.

Peppering in the French throughout and in the chapter titles creates a wonderful ambiance. Kudos to you for doing that and keep up the great writing. If anyone wants to see the best way to write description, they should see your writing as the best way to do it.

I hope you update soon. You have the makings of a classic romance here.

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Review #15, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Home

22nd September 2009:
Very seductive make up scene. You have a gift in that you don't use porn descriptions which is fantastic and rare among writers. You achieve steamy without the filthy. In my opinion, its your strongest attribute as a writer so be proud. Or you can say it is that you've held a very FUSSY reader's attention. JK

Now its time to focus on Draco's PTSD which makes sense. Hermione being open goes first in your story and Draco with his stoicism and trust issues wouldn't open up with her until later. For the things that he had to do, his PTSD would be worse.

BTW - Forgot to mention earlier when you had everyone else pretending nothing happened - Great psych job. That is a common form of PTSD.

Then there is the comedy of Draco being scared in the car ride and his comment after was fantastic and so Draco. The car ride could be an opportunity for more comedy if you stretched the scene with some comedic happenings. Take an every day drive, note it then look at it from a wizard or almost alien prospective (hope that makes sense).


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love writing the kiss scenes and such, and I try to focus on the love in the relationship rather than the lust. I think it's one of the reasons why it becomes less... Filthy.
Haha, I'm proud of both things, ;)

Definitely, yes. His PTSD would be worse, he's been forced to so so many things against his will and he's so young so it would be so hard for him to find a way to deal with it. I think he really trust Hermione now and is ready to let her know - yet he's frightened that she would judge him.

Thank you, :) I've been trying to explain that to some reviewers who are like "great story, but I don't think Harry would ignore the war", but I think that he would be hurting so much from the pain of losing those he loves that he would do anything to just forget about it. And for some people, ignoring it actually works - for a while.

Haha, ah, the car! I could indeed have stretched the scene, but who knows - I might to that on the Easter Holidays ;) haha. Yes, it definitely makes sense!=)

Thank you!
- Cathy

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Review #16, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: December

22nd September 2009:
Great inner monologues and fight. In any relationship or romance, a fight every now and then makes the relationship more believable. As an FYI - Bickering constantly is a very unhealthy relationship while a fight once in a while even if it involves yelling is a sign of a healthy relationship. Plus it adds drama in your writing. Kudos on that. Very IC and touching having Scrappy talk to her.

Excellent having Draco not be able to say the three little words. From JKR's work, I see Draco taking after his father (except for the good in him which is attributed to Narcissa) and that is a Lucius thing entirely.

Walking in on the snog - funny. They need a system.

Excellent cliffy.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) You're absolutely right, it's better to have big fight now and then instead of small ones on a regular basis.They can't always be friends but they can't be constantly bickering either. I think I've found a rather good balance. Thanks.

Scrappy and Hermione's talk is so sweet, I'm glad you thought it was IC! :)

Oh, yes. Draco and his three words - they just wont come out! You're very much right on that part, in this story you'll notice that when Narcissa and Hermione talk about it, Narcissa completely understands what Hermione is going through.

hahaha, they do need a system! :) hahah, oh, that made my night! x)

Thank you so much for the lovely review. They make me so happy.

- Cathy

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Review #17, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Surprise

20th September 2009:
Excellent bringing Blaise back. Hearing his best friend nearly died would definitely make him appreciate his last year more. Also kudos to make a light-hearted chapter after two dramatic ones to give your readers a break so to speak in the drama. That's the way to pepper it in. I prefer dramadies myself.

Bravo to HG standing up for herself more verbally.

Good deal on the common room. The charming Blaise. From his comments, does he think Narcissa is a MILF? That could be a comedy.

Pansy/Draco - Very realistic reason for the break-up and why he wasn't heart broken.

Very sweet with Luna and Neville in the dining hall.

Tres romantic with the dancing and snow on the lake.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you like Blaise - I love him. Yes, definitely! I think Blaise never really wanted to leave, and this was just a really good excuse to come back.
After a few dramatic ones I felt that it was time to just get a chapter you could relax while reading, and this chapter I tried to make cute, romantic, light-hearted and such.

HG is a very strong person, so I thought that I'd show that by letting her stand up to some people. She wouldn't just let people walk all over her like that.

I'm happy to hear that you liked the common room. Oh, yes x) He most definitely thinks that Narcissa is a MILF.

That's great, I love that you think it's realistic! That's the ultimate complimant for me, you know? Uh huh, I don't think Draco is the kind of person who gets heart broken easily - though, would he find Hermione doing the same thing that Pansy did, then I think he would definitely be. His heart would probably shatter in to a thousand pieces, which just explains that his relationship with Hermione just isn't the same as the one he had with Pansy.

Yeah, I'm trying to bring more characters in to the fic so it doesn't get boring :) I'm super glad that you find it romantic! :D

Thank you! It's a joy answering and reading your reviews, they make my days.
- Cathy

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Review #18, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Truth

20th September 2009:
Too funny - "Whenever you two are done trying to swallow one another"

Great verbals on the interrogation. When they walk in, you may want to describe more of the facial expressions of the folks already there - rolling eyes = bored etc. Maybe add facial expressions of the Malfoys at the time they see Draco go down with a thud to add drama.

How embarrassing for Hermione with the closet scene! Poor kid.

Bravo and very IC when Draco beat the crap out of Raven and tried to continue when he was down. Great contrast between Harry who wouldn't get even but even a reformed Draco would want vengeance. You have successfully navigated the waters of not letting Draco get too nice. Keep it up.

For some reason, I could see Lucius smacking Raven with his cane when no one was looking.

As to Raven's expulsion and Azkaban, I can see a certain papa bear making sure the key to the cell door was lost for much longer than that.

I'm so glad you like my reviews. Sometimes I feel guilty about cc's. My other fave on another site is expanding her story and cataloged them to add scenes for. I blushed.

Author's Response: Haha, that line is actually taken from a real life experience - slightly embarrassing in real life but it's hilarious when written.

Definitely! I really should add those things, that's great advice. I can defintely see a lot of the people there being bored and some of them being very, uhm, not-bored(in lack of a much better word).

Thank you, :) I thought that people would think that Draco was a bit too violent, but I'm glad to hear that you like that and that you think that it's IC. Woho! =D

My god, I really should add that Lucius clocked him over the head with his cane. That's a brilliant! I might just do that :D

Uh huh, *nods* in future chapters, I think that Lucius has something to do with a certain Raven's trial. Though, he would never admit it.

Gosh, don't feel guilty about cc's, when a review is given - both the positive and the negative needs to be told :) Aw :D

Thanks for reviewing :)
- Cathy

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Review #19, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Brainwashed

20th September 2009:
When Hermione lost it and Lucius stuck up for her, grabbing her arm was a profound moment. A very papa bear - "I can smack my kid but your can't" move. Well played.

Neville stopping in - well done and very IC.

Awe - the last scene .awe.nuff said

Author's Response: haha, exactly! It was a rather sweet moment, I think :)

Thank you, I think I'm kinda good with keeping Neville IC, if I say so myself. He's very easy to write.

Aww :D Thank you
- Cathy

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Review #20, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Agony

20th September 2009:
This is perfect - "16 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds later" showing she's watching the clock without stating it so obviously.

The descriptions of Lucius and Narcissa looking a bit messy was a wonderful way of conveying their concern without directly saying - Bravo

To your comments, since Hermione saved Draco's life, Lucius would have to give her a chance, if only out of a sense of honor.

Brilliant - "Lucius stood up and pressed his lips against her forehead just like Draco used to do to me when he wanted to calm me down." Showing the influence upon Draco since most of us are products of nurture not nature, small but significant. Bravo - many forget to include those little things like mannerisms, speech etc but only show looks being inherited from Draco's parents.

When Hermione and Narcissa hug, the emotions, memories and such were perfect, esp the apology for what Bellatrix had done.

Hermione kicking Matthew in the balls one word - PRICELESS

Witch, not Mudblood. - one word HUGE step

Incredible roller coaster ride on the illness

Author's Response: Do you have any idea how much I love your reviews? They are so genuine and they show that you've read the chapter thouroughly. You've noticed the little things, and I love that!

That's great, I'm glad you liked the describtions of Lucius and Narcissa and I'm glad you liked the fact that I compared Draco and Lucius in the way they act.

Gosh, I really do love the scene where Narcissa and Hermione hug, and I'm so thrilled that you liked it! :)

haha, priceless, indeed ;)

I'm superglad that you like my story and thank you SO much for these wonderful, mindblowing, completely amazing reviews! :D

- Cathy

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Review #21, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Potions

20th September 2009:
The hangover was great. Men are more whiney than women when they're ill.

The scene with Matthew was very ominous, classic thriller.

The little breakfast scene with him talking about his father was good. After all those years of worshipping him and all the trauma and loss, I don't see Draco not caring suddenly.

Very touching kiss, love the wording: "He put all of him in the kiss; the good, the bad, the somewhere in between, he even put his insecurity in it. His vulnerability." Very profound since Draco doesn't let anyone see that side of him except Moaning Myrtle.

Excellent pacing with the incident and keeping her thoughts focused and jumbled at various times like most folks go through during a crisis. To add an even more foreboding feeling to the potion itself, before she even sees what happening an odor could permeate the lab. Reading it, I thought of salicyclic acid smell.

Author's Response: Gosh, men are so much more whiney when they're ill. It's so annoying! haha:)

I'm glad you liked that Matthew scene, it really shows what a douche he is.

Yes, yes. Draco does love his father despite everything that's happened between the two of them. After all, Lucius is his Father. But what has changed is that Draco has grown up and he can now stand up against his father which I think makes Lucius somewhat proud.

I'm very glad you liked the kiss as well! I really felt that I needed to show just how deeply they care for each other and for Draco to show his vulnerability like that; even if it was just in a kiss, is a big step for him. It shows that he trusts her enough to show it.

The 'incident' as you call it was one of my favorite scenes to write thoughout the whole story. It was such a emotional scene. Hermione felt desperation, frustration, anger, helplessness, sadness and just everything at once. It was a bit of a challenge to write it, but it was fun as well.

You did? Hm, I didn't even think of something like that. But it would make sense =)

Thank you for another wonderful review!
- Cathy

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Review #22, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Forgiveness

20th September 2009:
The confrontation was bang on. One can't blame Draco for getting drunk afterwards because it takes a bit to stand up to Lucius. I don't remember if or if you plan to reveal what Draco did at the age of twelve to get smacked so hard with the cane but I hope you reveal it and how Lucius feels about it now.

Great chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, no you really can't. I'm proud of little Draco for standing up against Lucius! :)

I think I will, actually. I've been thinking about that and I think I'll do that in a couple chapters from now. When they're at the MM for Easter Dinner. I think I'll bring that up then.

Thank you so much for reviewing! :)

- Cathy

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Review #23, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Departure

19th September 2009:
Loved the scene with Harry's departure - very tender and IC for him. Yay Hermione is flying. I do love that Draco keeps with the smarmy remarks. It's part of his sense of humor.

Author's Response: It was IC for him, wasn't it? I sometimes find him the hardest person to write IC. I don't know why, haha :)

Haha, it really IS a part of his humor, isn't it? I love his humor, haha (:

Thank you so much for reviewing.
- Cathy

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Review #24, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Letters

19th September 2009:
Excellent Chapter
Draco having his own PTSD is very IC.

During the confrontation, everyone's reactions represented the various psychologies of how normally very good folks do react. I base this on a similar incident with a friend in junior high and I was amazed at how many good people ignored the physical evidence. That's why I don't have any thing to say as to if the trio or such are OOC because you never can tell. Anyhow, great job on the chappy.

Author's Response: Thank you!

See, I've been trying to tell people that for a long time. That the trio and everyone isn't OOC, they're just not the same as before the war. War and such horrible things changes people.

Thank you so much, I really do love how much you look in to the chapters. That makes me so happy :)

- Cathy

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Review #25, by Blond Goth girlAbove the Clouds: Knight

19th September 2009:
The entire thing is very sweet between DM/HG. The fairy tale was completely cute.

After all the things that RW has put HG through during their years, he really does deserve a good punch.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I do have a thing for writing cute scenes and cute chapters, don't I? Oh well :D As long as you like the cuteness, I'll continue!

He really do deserve a punch, yup!

Thank you for reviewing!
- Cathy

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