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Review #1, by Dobby Rox SoxEncounters with My Better Half: Up Close and Personal

29th March 2008:
I like it. It's very good.

Author's Response: Why thank you, hope you keep reading! Chapter 3 is done, just waiting for submission..

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Review #2, by Dobby Rox SoxWit Beyond Measure: Wit Beyond Measure

29th March 2008:
Hehehe. good. Me likeys.

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Review #3, by Dobby Rox SoxIf We Were A Movie: If We Were A Movie

22nd March 2008:
Hmmm... interesting...good choice of song. And good story, too. I'm just not sure how I feel about that song being stuck in my head now when I totally hate Hannah MOntana and everything to do with her--except the show. I like the show. Oh, well. You're stories really good, and I know how Hermione feels. Except that I don't think my guy is gonna break up anytime soon.

Author's Response: Thanks.
Hmmmm...i know how you feel, its because my sis listens to Hannah Montana all the time that this inspiration came...looking forward to reading your stories...good luck with your guy and if it helps, mine isnt thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend anytime soon either :(...
well, i'll survive :)

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Review #4, by Dobby Rox SoxHey Italy: Epilogue

22nd March 2008:
I really liked it. But wait, what happened in the end? Did Maddie and Hestia die? I'm so confused. Ahh!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! Yeah, they did. Sorry, it's confusing.

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Review #5, by Dobby Rox SoxIf We Were A Movie: If We Were a Movie

21st March 2008:
I don't blame u for listening to Hannah Montana; I blame you for thinking she can actually sing. I only listen to her to appreciate the fact that, sung by almost anybody else, her songs would be good.
Anywhos...great story!!! Me likeys!!

Author's Response: Mhmm, I actually don't think she can sing well. But I like her songs, so whatever.


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