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Review #1, by samitacloverThe Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side: Saying Goodbye

27th December 2014:
I'm very intrigued by this story, please update soon!

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Review #2, by samitacloverPrior Engagement: The Final Clue

25th July 2014:
I love the story and the concept behind it! I really want to hate Ashleigh but I like that you are making her like-able and normal (and not someone who is with James just for fame and money). Can't wait to get to know Noah!


Author's Response: YAYYY! Thank you and that's what i'm trying to do, i want to show that being with her isn't the worse case scenario that it could work... but then Noah mwhahahaah
and Noah will be here next chapter and that's when the plot begins to move along a bit more... THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING IT MEANS A LOT!!! :)

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Review #3, by samitacloverThe Girl from Slytherin : The Carrows

5th July 2014:
I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for an Astoria fanfiction on this website that dares to explain her Hogwarts life and beyond. You are an absolutely brilliant writer! I'm so glad you are pursuing Astoria's story, and have done such an awesome job so far. Also, I really like the celebrities you picked out to represent the characters. Have you planned out the rest of the series (I assume you are writing two more after you finish this one)? I can't wait to see how you tie Tor in with Draco later, I already like the few interactions they have had. Of course I want her and Terry to end up together, but I know that's not the case.

Patiently waiting for new chapters! :)

Author's Response: Hello!!

Wow, thank you so much! Your kind words mean so much and I'm so glad you like Tor and all her struggles. This story will always be so close to my heart since it was my first fanfic.

Haha, I'm pleased you like the celebrities - it's funny to watch movies and shows with the face claims because I just associate them with the GfS characters now. :P

I have planned out the two sequels and even started writing bits and pieces of the second one since this is nearly finished. Tor's future with Draco is a long road, and there might be some twists and surprises along the way. I'm glad you like their interactions so far, the long term relationship is so fun to develop, but her and Terry's future is very interesting as well.

Haha, I sound so cryptic, even to myself.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Samita!! It really made my day, and the next chapter is in the queue and the one after that nearly fiinished!! :D You are awesome!! ♥

(Also, in case you haven't discovered it already, the story Traitorous Hearts by Penelope Inkwell is an amazing story about Astoria!).

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Review #4, by samitacloverYou Hate Me: Epilogue

21st September 2013:
Thank you so much for finishing! I started reading this story when I was in middle school and I'm so glad I got to finally read Piper and Sirius' happy ending (well until Sirius is taken to Azkaban but we won't talk about that). I'm not going to ask you for a sequel because I think the way you wrote this story is a standalone. The only thing i am wondering about is Piper's dad's reaction to her breaking away.
I hope you keep on writing! Looking forward to future stories :)

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Review #5, by samitacloverYou Hate Me: The Ring

24th July 2013:
AH! So excited you updated! I remember when you first started You Hate Me and it was (still is) one of my favorite stories. Really super mega excited you updated! I hope you continue with the updates and finish this story because I always wondered what would happen with Piper. I'm glad that Piper and Sirius came to their senses at the end of this chapter (well at least I hope they did)!


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Review #6, by samitacloverVanishing Act: Chapter 28: Epilogue

22nd June 2013:
Sorry this review if very very late. I finally reread the whole story, and I really liked your plot line and flow! Mostly I like how Lucy and Lily were foils to Rose, because I think that really established each character's personalities, weaknesses, and strengths! And its so amazing how you developed the darkness in Rose and what happened to her when Hugo died! The only thing I found a little confusing was all the children's names, but besides Callie (and to an extent Teddy and Tori's children) the other names were not crucial to remember. I'm really glad you finished and I definitely liked the ending! Can't wait to read your new and upcoming stories!

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Review #7, by samitacloverHypnotic Avocation: Sorrel's Victory

15th April 2013:
i love this story, please update more! all your twists were fantastic! i really want to hear kasia's explanation and this hypnotic (no pun intended) aura sorrel has!

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Review #8, by samitacloverDuck and Cover: Epilogue

25th July 2011:
only two words come to mind when i finished reading this story...absolutely amazing! i have always been a huge fan of your stories (especially hippogriff fever!)

i can't wait to read thin ice!


Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like my work! Thin Ice should be out today!


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Review #9, by samitacloverVanishing Act: Chapter 22

21st June 2011:
i have to say i was so surprised to see my name on the list, i am truly honored! in case i haven't told you before, i love your story. and i espeically admire the change of POVs. usually when i read a story that changes points of view with out labeling who's pov it is at the beginning of each chapter, i get confused. however, with your story i follow along each time and understand which character it is immediately. this is probably cuz i feel as though you have definitely developed your characters well.

update soon! (which you are very good at doing)

Author's Response: samitaclover,

No problem, love. You deserve to be on that list! :D And thank you so much, it really means a lot when people say that. I'm glad you think I've developed the characters enough to switch POVs without telling their names, that is a really huge compliment.

I will!

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Review #10, by samitaclover13 Reasons Why: Thirteen Reasons

13th April 2011:
oh my gosh! that was the funniest piece of literary work i have ever read!...i fell off my chair laughing especially whenever Sirius talked.

Great Job! Just to let you know that I also love all of your other stories as well. Your a fantastic writer, and you never disappoint me!

Thanks for adding humor to my life today!

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Review #11, by samitacloverVanishing Act: Chapter 11

9th March 2011:
REALLY REALLY well written!

Update soon! can't wait for more

Author's Response: samitaclover,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Heh heh. I will(:

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Review #12, by samitacloverVanishing Act: Chapter 9

9th February 2011:
this chapter was really good because there was more dialogue between rose and Scorpius...you make the reader really feel connected with rose which I like even though I have never been in her position

keep up the great writing!

and i LOVE the quick updates!

Author's Response: samitaclover,

Really good constructive review, so thanks for that(: I'm glad that you like the dialogue and I'm really glad that you can feel connected with her:D

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Review #13, by samitacloverThe Art of Breathing.: Endings.

7th February 2011:
1st review for the final chapter! yay! but i am so sad at the same time for your story ending...you are an amazing, fantabulous writer!

your writing is full of vivid imagery, descriptions, and literary tools which you use perfectly to convey your story...and needless to say that many writers cannot write the way you write, which is sad because many of them get published...unlike you who definitley deserves to be known for your wonderful writing techniques...basically i'm trying to say that your writing DEFINITELY stands out (in a good way!)

my favorite character(s) were remus and james...of course i loved mary, sirius, and lily but I think you gave a dimension to the other characters to make them stand out!

and i am so excited for the sequel, because it will give a more indepth look on lily/james and the hopefully the after effect of mary's death on the long term.

again, i am so happy that you have finished this novel, but am sad at the same time to see it finished...i wish you the best of luck as you (hopefully) keep on writing...and i definitely hope you get published one day...making you famous...and rich!

hopefully i'm still the first review even though i wrote so much!


Author's Response: Waahheyy for you and your 1st review :D
I expected to feel sadder about this comming to an end. I expected to have a longer wait for the last chapter to be validated - but this literally went through the queue within an hour. It was madness!

Thank you soo much! My writings improved so much since the beginning, and I guess I'm so much... well, I'm way better now, but all these compliments and stuff still shock me a little bit :)

Ahha I went ott with my characters I feel, they're all so. way developed, but hey! These things happen :)

I'm pretty excited about the sequel, I have four/five chapters written already - which I think is pretty good!

I am really happy that I've finished it, because ever so often when I'm like "Oh I want to be a writer so much, buut... I'VE NEVERE FINISHED A STORY!!!" *wails* but. I have now! No more excuses, I guess... :D

(Getting published... woah, that would be absolutely AMAZING, I wouldn't be so bothered about being famous and rich though, but stil. :D )

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #14, by samitacloverContours: Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th January 2011:
I AM SO HAPPY! not only because i get to write the first review for the final chapter but also because this chapter was PERFECT! and i loved the way you ended it. you are just a GREAT writer, i'm really sad that the story ended up at the same time I thought it was funny, happy, dramatic, and romantic at the same time.

the funniest part was definitley when pansy and blaise were electrocuting themselves (hahaha)...and my god i am in love with your blaise because he has kept me laughing throughout your whole story!...but of course i loved the part when draco ran to his mommy for help (lol)...i would definitley do the same if i was in his situation :)

anyway...i'm rambling now and I hope someone didn't beat me in sending the first review. but again i love your writing...and i think i will go as far to say that i love you (jklol).

keep on writing!

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Review #15, by samitacloverLost at Sea: The Map

30th August 2010:

please please please keep on writing this story!


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Review #16, by samitacloverMesses of Men : How the mighty fall

18th April 2010:
i just want to tell you that you are an AMAZING writer! this is the first time in a while that i found a story that is so good and well written as your's! the character development is fantastic and the plot line is perfect!

please please please UPDATE SOON!
~clover (your new #1 fan...lol)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'll update asap, so stay tuned. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #17, by samitacloverDuck and Cover: Alter the Ending

18th April 2010:
AMAZING!!! i hope you know you are one of my favorite-est writers! i immediately fell in love with this story as soon as i read the summary!


p.s. can you put up the "hippogriff fever" banner? i never got a chance to see what it looked like and the story is on my top 10 list (inside my head...lol).

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much :) And I don't know what happened to the banner, somehow the link was broken and I no longer have the banner :( But thank you for having it on your top 10!!! Head or not, it counts! :P


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Review #18, by samitacloverwildfire at heart: Remembering the dead

29th March 2010:
really good start! i like the idea of your story...but i think that it needs to flow better.

i feel as though you are running and jumping through scenes...also it wouldn't hurt to maybe describe the main character and what she thinks about the other characters


Author's Response: thanks i will try to incorperate your ideas and i think i will completely rewrite chapter 2

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Review #19, by samitacloverNobody Sees Me Wishing: Stay

25th March 2010:


Author's Response: I'M AMAZING? Thank you so much. Sometimes, I tend to forget, haha.

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Review #20, by samitacloverNobody Sees Me Wishing: Valentine's

21st March 2010:
OMG! i am bubbling with happiness right now!


p.s. i love the the idea about the flowers not dying!

Author's Response: There's a joke about how you give someone you like flowers and you're like "now watch these die" so I went around that, haha.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by samitacloverCaught In The Fire: Won't Stop

6th March 2010:

anyway, i am kinda confused about sirius and jules and when they got married, can you tell me the chain of events?


Author's Response: That actually is explained in the next chapter! So you can finally understand. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #22, by samitacloverThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: She Said Sorry

2nd March 2010:
OMG OMG OMG! I have been WAITING for this since chapter uno!


p.s. brownie points for such a quick update!

Author's Response: Yay! I get brownie points!

And I know a lot of people have been waiting for this particular chapter :p

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Review #23, by samitacloverHow to tame a Marauder: London

28th February 2010:

UPDATE SOON! i need to know her reaction!

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review!

Yes, he said it. It took a lot of guts (and self-analysis, which for Sirius doesn't come easily) but he said it. I thought the timing was right, even if he was being selfish and manipulative at the time. Then again, I don't think that was OOC of him so it worked.

As for her reaction, well there's a hint to that in the previous chapter, though how that will play out in this context remains to be seen. *evil grin*

cheers, Mel

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Review #24, by samitacloverNobody Sees Me Wishing: Confusion

25th February 2010:
awww that was so sad at the end!

but i am glad remus asked dorcas, even though i secretly wished ivy would just let go of sirius and ask remus.

and before when remus was saying that slyvia was physically attractive, does that mean ivy isn't pretty? what does she look like? (like the picture on the banner?) and is she considered "pretty"?

UPDATE SOON! another fabulous chapter by the way. like always!

Author's Response: The battle of Ivy, Sirius, and Remus lasts for...a long time. Longer than you think actually...

And it isn't Ivy's not pretty or anything, it's more she has average looks. Her beauty comes from within (corny, I know) and it takes awhile to see it, rather than with Sylvia where it's basically BAM, BOOM, OMG, GORGEOUS. Ivy's not ugly at all, and she's rather pretty, but it's not immediately noticed. It takes awhile. She does kind of look like the banner, but I can't find anyone PERFECT for how I imagine her. I was saying today about how I wished I could draw people so I could make my own characters and people could see how I imagine them, but alas, I cannot.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by samitacloverMy Sister's Fiancé: Chapter Fourteen: Got To Be Kidding

16th February 2010:
GO DOMINIQUE! this chapter was SO good!

and i wish hayes was MY boyfriend!!! wish the whole world was filled with men like hayes...lol

p.s. 10/10

Author's Response: haha ME TOO. hayes is awesome. and hot.

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