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Review #1, by melpomeneSnow Red: Camlann

25th September 2009:
It read like poetry. I'm so amazed by this piece, so filled with wonder that I found myself just staring at the screen for at least five minutes after having read the last line. The passages on Astoria are breath-takingly beautiful. They reminded me so much of several transalations of Welsh/Authurian myths I read months ago--from the vivid discriptive language that you used to the flow of it. This line in particular '...How ironic it was, then, that in the dim light, his pure blood looked like mud.' was my favourite. It stuck such a core with me. I am, quite literally in all out awe of you.

The lady of shallot is a wonderful story and you certainly did it justice in my mind. By any chance have you read Gwen Rowley's 'Lancelot'? this a little bit off topic, but when I was reading Astoria's 'I'm not mad' scene, I almost squeed. Though Rowley doesn't delve into the tower scene much, the scene you wrote was almost the exact one I had imagined happening to Elaine(the one in 'Lancelot'). Did that even make any sense? lols. in anycase, this you story is getting a special place in my list just for that.

only one question though: how is Astoria surviving without food and water? if nothing can get in, and nothing can get out.or is there an exception for house elves? haha, it was just one of those things I was wondering about.

I can't wait for the next chapter,

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Review #2, by melpomenePurple Sunrises: Chapter One

25th September 2009:
Let me start of by saying wow. For a moment there I thought it was a one-shot and wanted to cry. I had half the mind to beg you to continue because I quite adored how you portrayed Charlie and it would have been a waste if you didn't. Then I scrolled up and saw that it was labeled 'chapter one'. My bad. :(

For a first chapter it has all the makings of a briliant story; a gripping openning, fast-paced danger and action (just what you want in a story that has dragons. come to think of it, every story should have dragons.), and characters you want to know more about.

The only problem I had with it really was trying to keep track of everyone by hair-colour. Not that it is a bad thing, but repeated reference to the characters by their hair confused me at points. I'm sure there are more other appositions that would be more apt? This is just a sugestion of course. It is really just a minor thing and I might be the only one who noticed. I'm a bit weird like that.

anyways, great story! I enjoyed reading this and am anxiously awaiting the next chapter.


Author's Response: You make an incredible point! I can see how hair color would make it confusing!! Thank you for pointing that out, I'll be sure to edit that up and fix it :D Otherwise, thank you so much for the kind review and I'm happy you like the pace, and characters!! You leave wonderful reviews and no this isn't a one shot :P it is a short short story though XD Stay tuned :P Updates on everything soon!


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Review #3, by melpomeneA Whisper in the Night: Chapter 10

10th August 2009:
This is my favourite chapter, by far. The tension vibrating between Draco and Astoria is amazingly well done. I'm glad that you didn't rush it. Their relationship translates effortlessly, even with the lack of dialogue between the two of them. And I think that's the beauty of it. You are not forcing them to have a long winding out of character conversation about nothing. And now we get to see Narcissa and Lucius! It's refreshing to see them written in a new light and still retain bits of thier personality.

The only thing that bugs me, and really its only a minor thing, is that you haven't updated this gem of a story! XD

here's to wishing you do,

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Review #4, by melpomeneBittersweet: Bittersweet

8th August 2009:

Just oh. It was a beautiful story to read, emotionally tugging, but right. It flows smoothly and it doesn't seem forced, and I love how you protrayed him. The voice of a child does carry through. I feel sorry for him, and I just want to hug him really.

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