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Review #1, by tehshalenaToujours et Jamais: Chapter 14: The Places you have come to fear the most

4th May 2009:
thats all i can say

Author's Response: haha thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #2, by tehshalenaHarry Potter is Dead!: Two: His Own Case

4th June 2008:
great chapter susan!!!

hm..a dullness in dumbledores, nah

oh i want more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, Shae! =D

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Review #3, by tehshalenaEleanor Digby: Let It Be

13th April 2008:
Susan! this is billiant!!! its so awesomly written!!!
anyhoo, i found out how i didnt get that cruel joke you mentioned, it was because i didnt really realise there was a 6th chapter and so completely missed the ending!!! *headdesk* anyhoo, i get it now, and i wouldnt haveit another way, i kinda picked up she would end up with peter(just a little, most of me was hopeing that she would win sirius's heart). lol
anyhoo i think this is such a great story! LOVE IT!

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you, Shae. ^_^

aww, you missed the last chapter! That definitely would have made it hard to get the joke. :P The clues were there for her getting together with Peter - but one day I'll write a real Sirius/OC where they actually do get together, haha. Thanks again!

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Review #4, by tehshalenaPaper Roses: Hanging on a Warning

13th April 2008:
this is awesome!!!

Author's Response:
Haha! Thank you! ^_^

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Review #5, by tehshalenaYou Could Be Happy: It's All Not True

25th March 2008:
Carrie!!! this is a stunning storry!!! love how it ended!!! just a little sad, but its the sad stories that are the best!!


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Review #6, by tehshalenaHarry Potter is Dead!: Prologue: The Murder Game

18th March 2008:
susan!!! this is brillio!!! i remember seeing the banner in the squee thread and oh how much i swooned!!! so far the plotline sooo intriguing and so cant wait how this will unfold!!! cant wait to read more!!! please hurry!! :D

Author's Response: Shae! Thanks very much for the review - it's good to know that the story's as good as the banner, haha. :P Hopefully it won't be long before this is updated. ;)

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