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Review #1, by Astrid ElisabethStars Shine Black: Stars Shine Black

7th December 2009:
You are such a master at balancing darkness and romance, which combined turn addictive. I see your fascination with our beloved Mr. Black: he has an explosive mix of darkness, passion, loyalty and danger in him that seduces us all... And you communicate it wonderfully! You dig deep in the souls of your characters, show their struggles and their dreams, and that is truly your strenght.
Might I also say that one phrase did not make sense to me: "That he'd never consider that she wanted him however she could get him had probably never entered his mind." A bit of clearing up would be appreciated?

Keep up the good work.

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Review #2, by Astrid ElisabethHeart's Desire, Part Two: Are You Serious?

15th June 2006:
Jeg likte slutten med Dumbledore, nice! Flott skrevet dette også, men det var kanskje litt unødvendig å gjenta alt som skjedde i del en. Det var liksom ikke så mye nytt, annet enn hva som skjedde etter at Lily kom tilbake etter å ha titta i speilet :) Fortsett å skrive, for all del, jeg liker det du skriver!

Author's Response: Og igjen, tusen takk =)

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Review #3, by Astrid ElisabethThe Truth Comes Out: The Truth Comes Out

11th June 2006:
Just wanted you to know I've received and read your review on My Reflection, thank you very much! Like your writing as well, keep it up! :)

Author's Response: thanks so much, im really glad you liked it. do u think i should continue writing? an i really loved your story! xXx

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Review #4, by Astrid ElisabethMy Reflection: Graduation

11th June 2006:
Hi everybody, I decided to take a look and see what's happened around here since last time. (Way too long, you don't want to know!) I'm really stunned by all the reviews that's rolled in, thanks so much for your support everybody! I'm amazed by people recommending "My Reflection" to friends and sharing it with them! I really can't express my gratitude enough, it means a lot to me that you approve so much of my stories and give me feedback.

When it comes to me, I must say I'm not very good at keeping my writing up these days. At least not my English. Actually, my English-course at school has been really lousy this year, I totally despise my teacher. You would shiver if you ever met her - She reminds me a lot like Trelawney! But she hasn't got that Trelawney-frailty, she's more attacking and evil. Anyway. I've written about a houndred poems this past year, after I gave up fanfictioning. I really miss writing short-stories in English, though! Especially about Lily and James! When I quickly read over my stories now, I catch myself thinking: "What? Have I written this? Is this really my vocabulary?" It absolutely scares me! I need to pick up some of my writing before I really lose it... Gah.

I'm happy to tell my dancing is doing great. If my writing has been put aside, my dancing certainly hasn't. I've attended more lessons than before, doing Tap, Modern, Jazz and Ballet at the moment. I did three exams this spring, (it was awful!) and I think they all went well. I'm most anxious about getting my ballet-exam back, as I don't really know how it went. So I'm enjoying dancing more than ever! I think I have to play around a bit with that sequel just for fun, I'll never publish it. *sorry*...
I had planned this really great chapter where Lily had to stay with Remus at full-moon at his place, where he was locked up in the basement because he obviously doesn't have the Shrieking Shack anymore. I don't really remember what happened... but it sure was exciting!

That was my check-up, thanks again for the great and encouraging reviews and all! Love, Astrid Elisabeth

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Review #5, by Astrid ElisabethMy Reflection: Prologue: Unable to Smile

22nd July 2005:
Hello all my readers and reviewers! This is Astrid Elisabeth, and I have some announcements to make. Firt of all, I've decided about wheter to go through with the sequel or not.

There will be no sequel.

The reason for this is following: It would be a huge amount of work, and I don't think I have the time this year. I'm getting more dancing lessons, as well as pressure from school and my Congregation, where I lead a dancegroup. Also, I'm afraid of repeating myself, especially with the dancing-parts, and I just feel it's right to end it here. The plot I'd sketched up was very advanced and deep, and it would take a lot of energy to get it right, to give it the glory I wanted it to have.

If it is any comfort, I've had Iced_Cherriez make me illustrations for the chapters, which I will upload for the chapters after reading through them and improving them even more. I've also found a brilliant page on the net with marvellous dancing-quotes, which will add a nice touch to the story, I think. I hope you'll enjoy 'My Reflection' as it stands, and keep backing me up like you've done so faithfully as the story developed. I am looking forward to editing this fic, and adding things that became relevant after reading Half Blood Prince ... Like now Horace Slughorn is Lily's potions-teacher. (I liked that so much!)

I'm very sorry I had to disappoint you about the sequel, but I feel it hard to keep all you readers in suspense, and I don't want to make 'My Reflection' stretched by making a sequel. Thank you all, for everything.

Your truly, Astrid Elisabeth.

Author's Response: Yeah, Yours Truly, obviously! Thank you for reading my note! Hope it added some light in all this confusion about that sequel.

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Review #6, by Astrid ElisabethKissing Me: Kissing Me

30th June 2005:
I meant Evelyn, of course love :) There are so many Emily's around these times I get thoroughly confused... Sorry about that :)

Author's Response: Yeah :)

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Review #7, by Astrid ElisabethReckless: Tragedy for the Marauders

27th June 2005:
I've just read a chapter which is over 6000 words. Do I ever bother that? No. Have I ever read anything Sirius-related that's deeper, more marvellous, more brilliant? No. Thank you.

Author's Response: Wow. What an amazing review! Astrid, this just had me smiling for days. I know it was long (especially for me!) but Sirius just wouldn't be quiet! He kept going and going. Thanks for staying with me and for the wonderfully kind words.

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Review #8, by Astrid ElisabethReckless: Consolation

11th June 2005:
Nicely done. It's a great characterization of Voldemort here, I think. You show that he can adjust to situations, be crafty and clever at the same time as being determined on what he wants. Sirius's reaction as he sees C...?? is also really good. The suspence and wondering about who she might be and what kind of relationship they had is very well written. And also, the scene with his mother... heart-ripping! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you. I tried really hard not to have her interfere with the flow of this story but it did cause some questions from readers so I've managed to add a bit more into the story for her. I'm glad the mother scene came out all right...for chapters now everyone has been telling me that I have mischaracterized her. I kept saying "I have a plan!" but I don't think anyone actually believed me. ;) Thanks for the kind words!

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Review #9, by Astrid ElisabethSomeone You Love...: Blood Traitor

9th June 2005:
I have to go take a shower now... My hair is so dirty I don't even dare to touch it. I've been so wrapped up in school and everything else I haven't had the energy to shower in the evening or in the morning before I go to school.... Gah! Anyway, continuing to read your amazing story soon.. and just so you know, I added you to my "Favourite Authors" page. You deserve it! :D

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Review #10, by Astrid ElisabethSomeone You Love...: In Danger

9th June 2005:
Oooh... a lot of well-worded and catchy expressions here! It's really amazing, how you can write such a long chapter about something that happens over such a short time, and still make it catch the readers attention without making it boring. I would assume it happens over maximum five minutes, and you use such a long time describing all the emotions, all the expressions and everything that happens. Well done!

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Review #11, by Astrid ElisabethSomeone You Love...: At Prongs's Place

9th June 2005:
Oh, this is even better than I thought! You balance the dialogue and the descriptions very very nicely... It doesn't get too much dialogue. (Like my stories.. I don't even know where to start.) It's just beautifully written.

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Review #12, by Astrid ElisabethSomeone You Love...: Blood Traitor

9th June 2005:
Hi K =) Just want to slip in a comment telling you this is marvelous! I like the way you describe Regulus... and Mrs. Black changing her behaviour the minute Sirius shows up. I can't wait to read the rest ;D

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Review #13, by Astrid ElisabethDear Lily: Dear Lily

5th June 2005:
The way you've worded this is just brilliant. I like the way you've compared love to hate, that Sirius hates that he loves Lily because of James and his undying bonds with his best friend. That he didn't know if he should strangle Lily or kiss her breathless. It was very in character, and you can really tell that it's tearing Sirius apart, that he can't let go of her. What I maybe found a little bit strange, but very natural, was that he kept saying James didn't love her like he does. Sirius is so reckless, and he struggles with not being selfish, but at the same time, he's one of the most loyal ones. He has put James and Lily over himself, even though it fights against all of his nature. God, I'm babbling. Well done! :D

Author's Response: Hey, babbling is awesome! (Trust me, I do it lots and lots in my author's notes) Sirius is the hardest person for me to write, because I love him to death, but he's got so many faults, recklessness being one of them.

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Review #14, by Astrid ElisabethImpassioned Magic: Impassioned Magic

1st June 2005:
I never even consider reading Sirius/Hermione fics, but I made an exception, because it was one-shot and you're the writer. Just thinking about the age difference between Hermione and Sirius makes me shiver... but apart from that this one-shot was definitely worth the minutes it took to read. The way Hermione loves Harry and Sirius loves Lily was a nice touch. The plot, the waiting for people to wake up, and the last two lines were very captivating. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, Astrid. They are an off beat pairing but they play so well against each other that I couldn't help but to write this. I tried to make it as realistic as possible and let people get caught in the emotions of the story rather than the age difference. Hope it worked out that way for you. Thanks again.

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Review #15, by Astrid ElisabethDiscovering Love: Discovering Love

1st June 2005:
After re-reading this, I find it quite confusing. Suddenly Sirius and Lily were in the forest, when they only moments ago where in the common room. Also I never got when Lily changed her mind about James. Maybe you should re-write it? If you fixed it up and made it a bit more descriptive, it would be better :)

Author's Response: LOL! I know it's confusing and silly and doesn't make any sense whatsoever. But, I'm okay with that. I'm not a big Lily/James fan and couldn't stomach re-writing was bad enough the first time around. But you are right in all of your comments and they are much appreciated. Thank you!

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Review #16, by Astrid ElisabethThe Edge of Light: Prologue

1st June 2005:
Really nice, but short. Definitely going under the skin of Sirius here!

Author's Response: Thanks, Astrid. It is a bit short, even for a prologue. I apologize for that and I promise (and hold me to this) to not write another chaper less than 1200 words for the entire duration of this story!

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Review #17, by Astrid ElisabethReckless: A Rift Begins

30th May 2005:
Really, really great chapter. Just one thing I didn't really catch... what was that all about " did you tell her ‘everything else was just an illusion’?” *confused* The fact that you added a lot of dialogue to this was nice, it made it complete together with the last chapter. I also liked that you slipped in the question from Sirius about how long James had been in love with Lily.. =) I loved the update! I hope it won't be long until the next one comes =)

Author's Response: That actually comes from the previous chapter...Sirius said this to Lily off handedly. It's sort of a phrase he uses to seduce women. He never intended to use it on Lily but it slipped out. James, of course, knows Sirius and how he acts towards women and was angry that Sirius would treat Lily just like any other girl. I'm glad you noticed the little slip in there about James loving Lily. It was a surprise to Sirius and one that is going to cause future problems with Remus (yes, even in these last few chapters I promise to get that in!) Thanks so much!

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Review #18, by Astrid ElisabethPhotos: The Deal

29th May 2005:
Ok, it was really nice to read this chapter again. Just one question: what does "No PDA whatsoever" mean? The suspence on this chapter was brilliant :)

Author's Response: Haha, like I said before... I really wanted to change a lot of things in this story when I reread it, and that's definitely one of them because it's REALLY TACKY. "PDA" means public displays of affection (meaning that Lily didn't want James to ever touch her, lol), but that's so tacky and... urgh, nasty! I'm off to change it right now!

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Review #19, by Astrid ElisabethPhotos: Halloween

29th May 2005:
Really, really nice! The way she is all confused really fits into the situation. Only thing is... Is Hagrid supposed to sit at the teacher's table? I mean, Filch doesn't sit there.. Didn't Hagrid start to sit there in third year? When he became teacher in "Care of Magical Creatures?" :D

Author's Response: Yeah... not quite sure, to be honest. I just assumed that, if Dumbledore had given Hagrid a position after he got expelled, he would have the privelege of sitting at the High Table... I could be totally wrong, haha. But yeah, it's just my take on it! Thanks for the heads up in any case! ~K

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Review #20, by Astrid ElisabethPhotos: Abyss

29th May 2005:
I'm reading your story over again :) I remembered that I liked it so much, so I just wanted to. This first chapter is brilliant, the way you describe Lily's mood and include the scene from the pensive in Phoenix. Brilliant :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! You have no idea how much that means to me! I recently reread this story myself and wanted to change a lot of things, haha. Thanks for the vote of confidence though... makes me want to write more!!

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Review #21, by Astrid Elisabeth:

23rd May 2005:
Your language is very good :) There is still some words you've typed wrong and words don't belonging here and there, but that's mistakes anyone could do. I think Hermione's outbursts of tears were maybe a bit overdid.. just breaking down at the sight of animal bones. After all, Hermione was never really that close to Sirius. He was a friend, but not extremely dear to her? That's the way I understand it, anway. For describing the situation you did it really well... :) Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I suppose. But Hermione was just very weak and needing to it wasn't just Sirius she was crying over. I should add that in there though...I really need to read over my stuff...Thanks though!

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Review #22, by Astrid ElisabethReckless: Lily's Blackmail

16th May 2005:
Something I don't understand... did James, Remus and Lucius come into his bedroom and saw what they were doing? Did James stand there all the time when Lily and Sirius spoke? Hmm... Brilliant writing as usual. Captivating! Just wondering, where are you from, and how old are you? Update soon!

Author's Response: They all three entered the bedroom and saw them together..but nothing more. Everything was left to their imagination, so to speak. James did not stay, he left when Lily asked him to so, no, he didn't hear their conversation. I'm in the southern US and am between 25-35. Thanks for the review, I am so glad to see you enjoying this story so much. Hope you stick around for the next chapters as well!

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Review #23, by Astrid ElisabethReckless: Reckless

15th May 2005:
Update! :D *screams with joy* It's almost two a.m. here in norway, so I'll have to read this tomorrow, or I'll faint or fall asleep at the keyboard! *smiles* Now I have something to look forward to =)

Author's Response: lol..I got so confused when I suddenly got a review on Chapter 1. :) Glad you are looking forward to the update and I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #24, by Astrid Elisabeth:

15th May 2005:
"She was hadn't a clue how the artist saw these" - this part was odd. Rephrase, maybe? "It only reminded her that she doesn't have parents" - shouldn't it be "didn't" instead of "doesn't" in there? The story is after all written in past tense. "She had felt something when he's hugged her" - he'd instead of he's? Apart from those small typing-mistakes, the chapter was throughout very entrancing. The fact that Hermione has started thinking over that it could actually be Ron who drew her is cool. But the bold comment at the beginning.. WHAT was that all about? It drives me crazy.. it was very disturbing. Unless it has some very important meaning I would suggest you to remove it.. because it kind of destroys the reading experience :) Nice chapter :) And I saw you included more on the war! :D

Author's Response: Definetly need to read over my stuff...bleh....I hate when I do that. Just ignore the comment, it was complete randomness of mine...I think...I don't remember what I said...

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Review #25, by Astrid Elisabeth:

15th May 2005:
"Why are you at Hogsmeade Ron?” Isn't there supposed to be a "not" in there? :) This chapter really fits with the first one. I think you made Ron much more real here, and Hermione's reaction was very real as she found the drawing... But I think you should leave out the lesbian-part. That just feels a bit overdid. Maybe Hermione would cross the thought, but I don't think she'd spell it out loud. Language is still brilliant, and it keeps getting better ;) Maybe I'd like some more descriptions on Ron and Hermione's walk, like more about how she reacted and what she felt when he said that. Everything about the war... that you just slipped into a chosen paragraph was a little bit rushed? If they've all seen death together, and the war began and ended so soon... wouldn't that leave a bigger impact on them? Wouldn't they be even closer and more bonded? I think you should include the war much more if you still want it there. . . Because that's not just some random happening. All in all; really really good chapter!

-Astrid Elisabeth-

Author's Response: Thanks once again. I never really thought of it that way...though it would make perfect sense. The truth is, I didn't want to put a war in there at all. I suck at those kinds of things, I just wanted to get it over with. I'm definetly all action...

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