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Review #1, by florenin2uhope khol:professional nobody: ringing in the new year right

26th February 2009:
OH, I really wanted James and Hope to get together! When I started reading this chapter I was like 'Oh, they're going to make out and then they're going to start kinda dating and make both stupid Sirius and stupid Lily jealous.' but when I reached the Sirius interrupting part I said there go my dreams! LOL
The thing is that it would have been a good change for both of them to start something more healthy, even if it was a lie... is it still a lie if you believe it and live it as a universally acknowledged truth?
I don't know what's going to happen from now on but I have to say that despite the mean boy front that James has, I think he's still better than Sirius who most of the times doesn't know what he wants and is too careless to get it when he finds it out. And Lily... don't even get me started.
I'm telling you... Sirius will have to do something really good to win me over one more time, because so far it has been one screw up after screw up. Let's hope he'll vindicate himself in time. :)

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Review #2, by florenin2uLove, Lies, and Loss: Alone

3rd February 2009:
Well, the chapter was really good. The only thing I didn't like that much was the phrase Remus wrote on the piece of paper. "I am not going to beg you to come back." It's like he didn't care at all. It's like saying: Ok, I love you but if you leave, good for you. Accompanied by a pat on the back. LOL...
But on the other hand is understandable that he wishes not to force her into returing for the fact thar he's a werewolf. And you know Remus' character... always the martyr who can't fall in love with someone and can't allow someone to love him back. I'm telling you girl, you're stuck in quite a dilemma here. But you're doing really well. So, keep on like this.
I liked this dark part. It was all lovey dovey and some action sounds nice. I've to tell you, at the beginning I thought it was Sirius but when I read Bellatrix, I was all like Uh-oh we're in trouble here. :S
Let's see what comes next.
10/10, obviously. Cheers!

P.S. I would like your opinion on a new story of mine. So if you can find some time and will to give it a read I'd be very grateful. I love your writing style and well... there's not much left to say. xoxo

Author's Response: i'll check out your story and give you my opinion. thanks for yours as well. :)

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Review #3, by florenin2uThat's Not My Name: WHAT IF...

1st February 2009:


Author's Response: I'M SUCH A DORK!

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Review #4, by florenin2uMore Than Fine: Part Two: Ah! The Plot Thickens...

31st January 2009:
Oh-oh! They're in trouble or so it seems. I really enjoyed this chapter. Awesome descriptions. It's nice to see Sirius from Kasey's perspective
Quote: "Compliments were invented for leggy blondes not normal brunettes such as myself." SO TRUE! And the worst part is that, like Sirius said, they don't need it 'cos they already know they're gorgeous and sexy and blah, blah, blah...
I hope you're not blond. Or I'm dead! LOL
Honestly, it was really amazing the whole thing. Loved Sirius' boyfriend-grilfriend proposal. And I think it's charming the fact that he finds it so difficult to express himself around her. It's sweet and gives Sirius' charcater a whole new turn.
I would like to know in future chapters about Kasey's story. What is she blamed for? And why doesn't she keep in touch with her family? Ok, we know why she isn't that close to her brother, the whole deatheater stuff... but her dad? Please, please, please update soon! I can't wait to read what comes next.
Totally adore it. 10/10, duh!
And well... cheers!

Author's Response: Lol! I always enjoy your reviews! I am a dark haired blonde naturally but I'm a rebel so i died it dark brown. A kind of fight-the-hair-color movement if you will! So you're safe! Kasey's story will be revealed very soon. Oh and remember we aren't supposed to know about her brother really. In the summary I give that away but she doesn't know that yet nor does anyone else for that matter. I'm trying to update currently because I want to finish this three day saga soon! Thanks as always for the wonderful review!

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Review #5, by florenin2uA Tale of Two Faces: Old Habits Die Hard

3rd October 2008:
10/10, PER USUAL

Author's Response: lol, thanks so very much! The people shall get more next Thursday!

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Review #6, by florenin2uWhere the wild ones grow: Game On!

26th September 2008:
right now, and just now, i do hate sirius black
sardonic pog! and hope the blond chokes on his saliva
but i guess that won't happen
i'll wait for next one!

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Review #7, by florenin2uLove Hurts: Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
you know? I had lost track of the story, so I had to read like ten chapters in a row. And I finally reach the end of the last chpater! Honestly, I want to know what is all that thing with Regulus, I just... argh... it's so frustrating not to know...
Well, I trust you'll enlighten us soon.
I just love Regulus too much, vote for him.
I like Sirius, but Regulus is so much cooler

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Review #8, by florenin2uThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Stories, Sarah, Gobstones And Me

28th May 2008:
Wow, that's one hell of a chapter, really. I mean, apart from her name which is quite... mmm... what's the word? Yeah, right, very nellie-ish. And this guy, Finn, he seems so sweet.
But the thing that amazed me the most was actually the preview of what next chapter is going to be like. I want to see the moment Nellie walks in front of this guy Lucas... It'll be fun.
You know? I'm one of your bigger funs. Yeap, pretty amasin ah? It's like a fun club. Our motto is, "Sexy Door Frames, Show Us The Way To Fame." We have like this thing they have in hollywood, a catwalk with all you admirers hands printed on the floor, and their names, It's cool. We're also planning on openin a non profitable shop. We'd be selling t-shirts and cups with your face and a "LEAVE SEXY DOOR FRAMES A REVIEW" on it. We also have a motion for wearing bandanas. But well, we do what we can. The thing is, all mighty one, I was wondering whether you could give a look to one of my stories, the more updated one, and give some advice on how to go on, 'cos I'm kind of stuck. And seeing as you're very creative and seem to have a lot of ideas in that little head of yours, well, it would be nice. So, whenever you feel like doing it, IF you feel like doing it, I'd apreciatte it.


P.S. 10/10, as usual

Author's Response: Nellie-ish. I like it. Finn is sweet. I'm bringing him back.
Haha Yes ;D

omgosh, *huggles* you're so sweet and funny. (in a good way)

I like bandanas, they are very cool.

Sure, I'll check it out once College stops stealing all my time.


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Review #9, by florenin2uDeception: Beyond

24th May 2008:
I can't wait to see what our dear Viola has in store for him. I liked him, I hnoestly did, but he's getting quite arrogant, more over and insufferable. You know? I have a Sirius Black at school, I know we all have one. But this one has blue greenish eyes and dark hair, and well... you know the great body that comes along, but honestly... I wouldn't kiss him, even if my life depended on it. He's just so worn out from snogging and snogging and well, I think you get the point.
I like Viola's character so much. And I would have loved it if she removed her mask, but guess it wasn't the moment, was it?
What i don't really get if at some point she will fall for him, or he will fall for her. But well, that's cliffhanger.
So, cheers!

Author's Response: You know, in all fairness, I don't believe that the Sirius Black JK Rowling created was like the one I've used in Deception. I just took the common "Casanova" stereotype and slapped Sirius Black's name on him. But in regards to school, I've got my share of Casanovas as well. They're everywhere. Some are nicer then others, but anyway, I think you get the point.
I really like Violet's character, too. Although, I won't deny that she gets on my nerves sometimes. She's very..."I hate men, blah blah blah," which, after a while, gets irritating.
I couldn't have her remove her mask now. It's not the right time. One day,though.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by florenin2uWhat It Is To Burn: I See You, You See Me

17th May 2008:

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Review #11, by florenin2uyou could be eaten by a flobberworm: happiness.

10th May 2008:
i liked it very much... m... i think i am falling for that ben guy, sounds sexy, lol.
well, well... our dear charlotte isn't that innocent, is she? shame on her!
but who are we kidding? who on Earth is innocent nowadays? :P
Good start, it's quite catching :)
10/10, good job, boss

Author's Response: thankyou so much!

i'm glad you liked it!

it's a new story and so the first chapter is always a little slower than the rest of the story because you have to introduce most of your characters and set the scene but i'm glad you didn't say anything about it being boring or slow.


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Review #12, by florenin2uI Only Wanna Be With You: Chapter one ~ Fate?

8th May 2008:
I mean, really, it's amazing. I fell in love with this story, and the moment this review is edited, I will come back here and press the 'Add to Favourite' button. 10/10
I'll be honest, I don't like quite much the name Celeste, having myself some kind of issues with a girl called like that. But, I said to myself Come on, you can't be so silly. Just give the fanfic a chance. I did, and I do not regret. I do love the story, and the way you described Celeste and Sirius. You didn't talk much about Mark, but I predict he's gonna have a good future. Isn't he? Seems like a good bloke.
So, do write soon. 'Cos I'll be waiting as well as many other readers-


P.S. I also have another story going on. I would like to give me some advice, because I'm running out of ideas, and you seem to know exactly what you're doing. So, if it isn't too much trouble do tell me what you think about it. Criticism is appreciated.

And to say that this story is awesome is an euphemism
;) (wink, wink)

Author's Response: hi

first off thank you so much for the review and sorry its took me so long to write back as ive been writing chapter 2 :)
il be reading yoour story soon and if you have any questions email me at
thanks again you've gave me inspiration and yes i do think mark is going to have a good future he is a nice guy and he deserves it wink ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Review #13, by florenin2uThe tragedy of Regulus Black: The End finds itís beginning.

28th April 2008:
WOW... I mean, WOW! It's awesome, I absolutely love the beginning and believe me when I say that I'll be waiting for more. It's just amazing. Great comfort Sirius is... I would hug him, I don't know, talk to him, it's so unnerving. Where is the love???
I would like to hear her story whether it comes from her or from Regulus... and well, let's hope Regulus don't get too drunk.
Anyways, I have a story about Regulus too, the latest one. Well, honestly Regulus will appear in the next chapter, which is being edited. But if you wanna read it, I would really appreciate it, 'cos you could give me some advice.
If you happen to be interested in this my e-mail address is

so, let's see what you have in store for us
meanwhile 10/10

Author's Response: i love the beginning too. i spent like a week just writing that, Ha.
i wanted to really get across the felling that althow they are brothers they don't know how to be.

as for regulus getting too drunk, he gets just drunk enough, for what i will not say, but it's the main part of chapter two. which is like...oh, 75%-90% done but my writing tends to have a mind of it's own so we will see, I'm aiming to have it finished next weekend.

for such a positive review i shall have to take a look at your story as soon as i have time.

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Review #14, by florenin2uCrossing the Line: Choices

28th April 2008:
I didn't read it, honestly, i'm on my way to school
I just write to you in order to tell you that the banner is out there in the world. I wrote the story, and they published it, and your banner is included... and well... HUGE THANKZ!
Luv u lotz


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Review #15, by florenin2uAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Sixteen: Oblivious to the Obvious

27th April 2008:
it sounded so Grey's Anatomy, Christina, the nazi thing. I lurv Grey's Anatomy, and I lurv this chapter as well
Awesome, really
Well, you may have realized by now that I'm a huge fan of your story given the fact that I leave reviews in every single chapter of yours. I do love your story.
Well, I'm from Argentina, and yeah I know what you may be thinking. Hey! You're sepaking English. Well, well, my friend I've been learning it for elevn years now. I may not be an expert but I do what I can. And that's why I'm writing my own story... so if you'd like to read the latest one at least, I'd be really glad to have my ehem-mentor-ehem telling me what she thinks about it.


Author's Response: haha! i love that show!!! haha. i'm so glad you like my story! haha. thanks!!!

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Review #16, by florenin2uLose Control: No Sense Of Fun

26th April 2008:
lol, i laughed so hard at the last part. it was amazing, honestly. i loved it.
i so love shannon, really, he's like the dream of every girl, as a best friend of course, 'cos i can't picture a boyfriend who dreams of huge zombies and all that stuff, would be... weird!
hahaa. okok, going back to your story, and leaving aside my speaking diarrea i'll just say, that the story is awesome, shich is not a small thing to say.
and well i hope you keep on writing 'cos i can see good material here, one that has a lot of potential. really, so, sit your butt in front of that computer and so write, soon !


P.S. I also have an story going on, and it's also my first chappie. I have two, in fact, but the latest one in my opinion is te best one. anyways, don't tell the other one 'cos she'll get a little bit jelaous.
So, if you wanna read it and leave a review, there's no objetcion to that
10/10, see ya

Author's Response: Hey. Thanks so much for your review. I saw how long it was and was jumping in my seat with joy. You have no idea how happy i am that you guys loved it.
After i send you this reply i'm going to check out your story. See you soon.
Love, Tate

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Review #17, by florenin2uVampire: Captured

20th April 2008:
my god, that was amazing.
i read and read and kept on reading
i don't understand why these boring people don't leave reviews. 'cos actually i loved the story.
and let me tell you i have a fetish for vampire's stories. they're so dark and misterious, and they have to struggle with their inner self
i remember there was a great story about a vampire. it was regulus/oc.
and that introduced me into the world of fantastic vampire's stories which i fell in love with.
and i really likes this one because unlike the rest it tells you the story of the girl. why she became what she is. who she really is. and is it a wrog guess or the one with white hair is my beloved dumbledore.
m. i'm smelling success :)
so keep on writting girl
be sure you'll have a review from me in every chapter you write. and don't let your hopes down, cos eventually people start leaving coments after a week or so
i also have a sirius/oc
two in fact
one is in the process of being updated. so if you wanna give it a read, you're very welcome

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Review #18, by florenin2uWhat It Is To Burn: Trouble Sleeping

16th April 2008:
oh, it's so sad.
and the girls are such bitches, I mean, come on is not in them to judge whether it was the correct thing to do or not. It's Sirius who should be and is upset, but what has the rest to do with it? Taking parts is so stupid in this cases.
And believe me I can understand the decision Elllie took. A couple of months ago the boyfriend of a friend hinted on and flirted with my best friend. And I DID TELL HER, and what happened? My best friend, my friend and her boyfriend got mad at me. The only people who took my side, where people outside my circle of friends, who saw things from an objective perspective. Anyways, believe me when I say that it was a living hell. I f I had to do it again, I don't know what would I choose. But I'll tell you that what Eleanor did seems to be the most sesible thing to do.
I just get relly upset when I read about the rest of the group. Everyone mad at them. So stupid! Can't wait to see what James has in mind, though. And hope to read something about the guy's situation. We know what is happening in the girl's dorm, but what about the guys? And Eleanor is in her own. At least Sirius has Peter and James has Remus. But Eleanor, can't help but think that she must be in a hell of a sitiuation. Still I think that she has a right to be mad at Lily and the other girls, not at Sirius 'cos it's understandable. But I wouldn't be abad idea if she gets upset with other people who get involved when it's really not their place.
And, also I just wanted to pluck up every single hair of Lily's head, one by one when I read about the trunk and Eleanor belongings popping out from nowhere in the middle of the garden. Stupid cow! Honestly I have always thought of Lily as a snobbish person, and this is like the cherry on top.
I think I may be taking this too seriously for my own good. Lol.
Well, in conclusion 10/10, master piece.

P.S. I'm writing a new story, it will probably be updated during this week, Let's cross fingers. Touch wood or whatever. So if you wanna give it a read whenever it's published. I promise I won't punnish you. :)

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Review #19, by florenin2uFinding Luck: Hogwarts Express

13th April 2008:
your first fan fic? you're so kidding me
this is amazing, you kneo i love the story, is fresh and funny, and just easy going... i like it, really do
and loved the thing about her brother's pet names, at the ebginnig i saw something wrong, but didn't get it, so read that sentence again, and then i started laughing my head off.
it was spectacular, really
well, well
i have to tell you i do LOVE your banner with all my heart
and it goes along with the story characters, so i have to give you a 10/10 for the whole thing
keep on like this
now, i'm really excited about it, want to know what happens next
the end leaves a huge cliffhanger
and i wanted to tell you that i am also writing two fan fics... one is somewhere in the fanfic world and the other is going to be posted this week hopefully... so we could eschange reviews like a secret society or something of that sort ;)
if you wanna check it up, you're welcome
hope to hear more about it SOON

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your sweet review! It's so nervewracking to put my writing out there for people to see and to get such great reviews is a huge relief! I'm really glad you like it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy it! I'll be updating very soon so keep checking back!


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Review #20, by florenin2uFamily Connections: Family Reunion

13th April 2008:
hey, first chappie! congrats!
hope to hear more abour it... what a spoiled girl! i wanted to pluck up all her hair one strand by one.
if i were lily i would at least do something to be fairly accused of... (insert a mean smile :P)
so, let's just wait and see what happens, shall we?
i have the sllightly idea that she will go to Hogwarts, and will be sorted into Slytherin... wrong? right?
haha, time will tell
meanwhile i just can't tell you one thing for sure

P.S. i have a story going on, if you want to check up and a new one i coming up... so we can exchange reviews, something like a secret society. mwahahahah
see ya

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!

I'm not a fan of Katie either at the start because she has basis of several young kids that I annoy me. But Katie I'm sad to say is 100 percent muggle, though that doesn't mean she won't have fun with the wizarding world.....

As for Lily's revenge you'll have to wait and see.....

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Review #21, by florenin2uwith birds in her hair: The call of the wild

13th April 2008:
oh... wasn't expecting lulu to do that, but now that you happen to say it, it's the most reasonable thing to happen. isn't it?

well, well... you may know by now i'm one of your fans and i love your work, so that's why to me every single chappter you weite deserves a 10/10... and that, my friend, is the final score for this one

i'm writing some stuff too, i think that they will be edited probably during this week... let's hope. if you would like to read and give some good advice, which i'm sure you're extemely capable of... i would be very greatful

i'm from argentina and i usually make a lot of mistakes on my writings so if you could just tell me what you think about it, it would be of great help


Author's Response: yes lulu is such a darling, she's just tryign to get her love back. her broken heart would never let her think of anything else!!!

thanks so much! im glad you like it, i'd love to read your stuff, i have a real need for some good fanfic! and dont worry, you english seems great from what ive seen. .. thanks again, =]

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Review #22, by florenin2uThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Confusion, Friends, Reasons And Me

5th April 2008:
so true, we do tell each other everything
in fact i think that most of the times we trust more things to our friends rather than our boyfriends... weird, isn't?
well, well...
the chappi was great, fabulous, amazing, 10/10
i've something to ask you anyways
so, please could you add me?



Author's Response: yeah, very weird.
thank you very much.
yeah, sure, i'll add you once i log in.

no problem ;)

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Review #23, by florenin2uAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Fifteen: Saving Secrets

5th April 2008:
ohhh, it's so lovely
i love it, and sirius
he's the night in shinning armour.
love that coment about her nerd friends
and well, 10/10
you're already one of my fav stories.
i'm gonna write one soon

Author's Response: thanks!! haha. he is. =] hahaa. thanks!

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Review #24, by florenin2uCrossing the Line: In Class Discussion

4th April 2008:
i'll have a guess...
sirius, isn't it?
well, well... let's see what you're preparing for us. shall we?

P.S. I'm writing my story which will be updated soon... can you make me a banner, or know someone who can make me a banner for that matter?
my e-mail address is

hope you add me
see ya

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Review #25, by florenin2uThe Whomping Willow: Hogsmeade

29th March 2008:
hahaha... it was hilarious, i'm still laughing at the chapter
well, well... miss thecoolestdork13 took a pretty looong time to update. and i was suffering here, counting the minutes, hours, days, weeks... it was suffering, real suffering
i so want to know what happens next.
and i also have a request. i would like to know what they feel like when they're kissing... 'cos i'm going to strat my own fanfic and that's something it'd help me. and plus, i'd like to know, just for the sake of it.
no, im not a perv... it's just that the story sound more romantic :) god, that's the blond in me... she just doesn't seem to get that i'm brunette, pity
i'll add you to my fav

add me... there is no pun intended in the banana thing, sorry if you don't like them

Author's Response: Thank you!
And I'm sorry, I was being a lazy butt-head, it won't happen again.
I don't really understand your question...
Heheh, I like bananas, it's just Amber that doesn't. However, I don't like coconuts. :P

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