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Review #1, by AineTwice Loved: To Breathe Again

19th November 2012:
OMG, finally!!! Awww, the hanger is just too much, I so want to know what comes next!! Please update soon, I adore your work :D

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Review #2, by AineThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Surprises Around Every Corner

1st July 2012:
Loved it!! I can't believe they found that way they were pregnant but finally Harry is on his way, hehe. Is this the third time they defied Voldemort? Anyways, I hope you update soon. Keep up the amazing work!

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Review #3, by AineTwice Loved: Desperation

27th May 2012:
It was worth waiting for an update :) But how is Hermione going to face her past with both Ron and Draco? I look forward to the next update :)

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Review #4, by AineTwice Loved: Losing Her Again

22nd January 2012:
Aww finally an update!!
I loved this chapter, his recovery process and I can totally understand the self-sacrifice and the final resolution. Sometimes we can try to give up things for others and finally realize how stupid we are for letting go that one who matters the world to us. I hope you update soon :)

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Review #5, by AineTwice Loved: Dragon Awakening

10th July 2011:
Aww finally!! Can't wait for an update!! Is he free now? I really, really look forward to the next chapter!!

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Review #6, by AineTwice Loved: Dragon Dreams

29th May 2011:
Thank you for updating, I have been waiting for so long to read from you! First, I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope you find the reassurance you need in those who love you, and if it helps somehow, also in those who admire your wonderful writing skills.
The chapter was really good, and Josh is an amazing guy. I still want Hermione to get back with Draco though XP Haha, about Ron it's just funny when you know someone so well that you know what's on their mind without even talking to them and I hope they find a way to sort things out between them. I wouldn't be displeased either if you decide to allow them to continue their story, but just for this one, I prefer her to stay with Draco, what they had gone through in your story... wow, they deserve it. Keep up the amazing work, and can't really wait to read the next chapter. After all this years, I'm still following your fanfic :D

Author's Response: sh! he may be back next chapter. about 2000 words into it so hopefully it won't be long. Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

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Review #7, by AineTwice Loved: Going Home

2nd May 2010:
Hey!! I just read the chapter and I loved it!! This Josh guy is really nice, a gentleman, just what Hermione needed but I still wanted her to get back with Draco XP So, is this guy Draco? Aww, can't wait to read the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Not Draco :) Update soon, I promise!

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Review #8, by AineTwice Loved: Lunches and Revelations

14th September 2009:
Once again you did a fantastic job. One can just feel every emotion through your amazing writing. I can't wait to read the next chapter. It took a while to get updates from you, but it was all worth it.

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Review #9, by AineGetting to Know the Real James Potter: Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

23rd March 2009:
Wow!!! I loved it!! The chapter was amazing!! But how in the world the death eaters got in the castle? I also loved the whole James/Lily interaction, seems like Lily has started to notice there's definitely something there and Alisha, hahaha I just love the girl even though she wasn't that much in this chapter. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read some more from both of your stories :)

Author's Response: i'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the chapter and you like alisha (i know a lot of people were on the fence about her initially until i got to develop her a bit) and all the james/ lily interaction (my favorite part of the chapter, naturally). as for the death eaters, i'm sure there are ways into the forbidden forest that might not be as protected as they could be, and the protean portkey of the dark mark might be untraceable, but that's just my opinion, as i'm coming up with that guess on the spot... lol. i just knew they would be able to get in somehow, if they wanted. although, as you can see, it's not something that was thought through because they were easily caught. thanks for reviewing, and i will do my best to update soon!

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Review #10, by AineThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 38 - Lurking in the Shadows

20th January 2009:
This was a great chapter as usual. The werewolf attack was really scary. It really gave me goose bumps. And what if Remus was there undercover (kinda) for the order? He is supposed to act as a spy, right? As far as I can remember anyway. The whole point I guess is to make us aware of the possibility of having a traitor in the order, so it was so well-written.
I also felt sorry about the whole Regulus thing and his effect on Sirius. I love the chapter and can't wait to read some more. Thanks for updating :)

Author's Response: remus, unfortunately, was not one of the three werewolves present - james would have been able to tell as he has seen him transform more than a few times. remus is behaving peculiarly, but yes, that is because he is trying to entice himself to other werewolves so he is more like them, and hence, more trustworthy. i'm glad you enjoyed the regulus part. i had to throw that in there. regulus is now a part of the bad guys, but just how committed IS he to that side? that's the fun part... muhahahaha! thanks for reviewing and more will come as soon as i can! ;)

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Review #11, by AineTwice Loved: CONFRONTATION

10th November 2008:
OMG!! I loved it!! I've checking like eveyday to read some updates and the waiting was totally worth it. I can't wait to read the next chapter... I just can't describe all the things I felt while reading. I could feel the anguish and the pain on both sides. Great job!

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Review #12, by AineThe Last Five Years of Lily and James: The Epilogue

24th October 2008:
That was beautiful!! I liked your story very much. I can only imagine how hard would it be for James if things had gone that way. You did a good job, though I wonder about Sirius or what happened. Anyways, it was beautiful, I almost cried when James talked to Lily.
I will love to keep reading your stories.

Author's Response: thank you so much! it means so much to me that i can touch readers like that! thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by AineIncandescence: The Missing Half

19th October 2008:
It was an amazing story. I loved the way you made each character different, and even complicated like Sirius and Vanessa. I loved the way everything finally came together, the explanation of the whole. And well, I just love the way you wrote this story.
I was surprised about that part where Remus asked Sirius about what he was doing; I didn't see that one coming. Still, he let him do what he had to do.
I can't imagine being in Lily's and James' shoes. Somehow, they were pawns of Sirius. He did it for the best, of course. He is an amazing friend certainly, and he had to sacrifice a lot to get his friend together with the girl he loved...
Anyways, I so love your story and I will check the new ones soon :)

Author's Response: I'm very happy you liked it ^_^ I loved writing all the different characters - I generally like to have as much contrast between them as possible. A more powerful contrast provides better dynamic between characters, which is what ultimately makes a story interesting. And it provides variety so you don't get bored when you write them :D
The Remus/Sirius part was something I've always wanted to write. I was curious as to how they'd interact in a situation like this, so I explored the possibility. I actually enjoy writing them, because while Sirius is clearly the stronger, dominating character, Remus can always make him feel so small and ashamed of himself.
I'm very very glad you liked this chapter and the entire story, it means a lot to me to hear that. I hope you enjoy the other stories just as much or more. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this little fic, I appreciate it enormously. ^_^


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Review #14, by AineGetting to Know the Real James Potter: Chapter 4 - Interference

15th October 2008:
Wow, an excellent chapter as usual. That Rachel is really annoying and I can't relieve believe how James manages to stand her. Lily is not accepting she is starting to have feelings for him, she is so obvious!!
About the ending of the chapter, I'm intrigued. Is it the Order? Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter :)

Author's Response: i'm glad you are intrigued! and like i'd give all of my secrets away! lol. rachel is annoying, but she's a pest that helps lily realize maybe she has more feelings for james than she really thinks. more will come as soon as i can! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by AineIncandescence: Scent of Summer

14th October 2008:
A great chapter as always. I liked the way everything came together. Amazing job, I look foward to reading the last chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the review! I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well :D


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Review #16, by AineSiriusly: A Marauder's Last Stand

4th June 2008:
Hey, it was a nice chapter, I like it. Although, I expect it to be a little bit funnier. Anyways, the whole Pettigrew thing was something I didn't expect, but I like it a lot... If Sirius had just realized...

Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: i expected it to be funny too, but as i wrote i guess my tone changed, until the end result was completely diffrent too...

and i always thought peter's betrayal had to have started soewhere. thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #17, by AineGetting to Know the Real James Potter: Chapter 2 - The Musings of Lily Evans

2nd June 2008:
I just started reading your story and I like it a lot... Probably as much as I like "The Untold Story...·" :) Alisha is just great, somehow she managed to make Lily realize how James truly is

Keep up the good work and I hope to read a new chapter soon ;)

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you like this story too... it's a bit different, since the focus is about getting them together and getting them to see each other as they should have from the beginning. alisha came to be ratehr randomly so i thought it would be fun to just try writing it out. as for the story's progress, alisha still has her work cut out for her, but lily is definitely on her way. thanks for reviewing! ;)

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Review #18, by AineReturning from the Shadows: Chapter I: A Surprising Offer

27th May 2008:
I really like this. When I read the prologue I thought it would be under Remus perspective but after reading this one, it seems you're going to take each characters perspective, which I think is good.

I look forward to reading the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Aine. I'm glad to hear you liked the first chapter.

Yeah, I just don't have the attention span to remain strictly with one character throughout an entire chaptered work. I have to go around to lots of people's heads ;)

Thanks again for the review.


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Review #19, by AineThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 36 - Caught

26th May 2008:
OMG, I was biting my nails. There were times when I even felt I was there... Your writing is so good... I'm glad they finally escaped, and I look forward to reading the next chapter... I'm shocked right now.

Excellent work.

Author's Response: lol. my favorite stories make me feel like i am the characters or right there along with them so i'm happy to hear i was able to do that for you, and hopefully others as well. :) glad to have you shocked, and hopefully more will come soon.

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Review #20, by AineTwice Loved: Broken Dreams

23rd May 2008:
OMG, it's horrible!! Poor Hermione, it's so hard... You made me cry this time :'(

And Draco? If he's in Azkaban, he's gonna have a lot of problems, because of his mother Voldemort is dead, the death eaters might want to take revenge... It's so horrible!!

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I cried a little as well, more tears in next chapter too. Thanks for keeping with this. I really appreciate it.

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Review #21, by AineThe Perfect Couple: Unexpected

5th May 2008:
Wow, that was really unexpected. I really like it. Good job!! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I wonder what would happen to Malfoy's sister (sorry, I forgot her name), and what about James? He might think Lily really cheated on him. And Narcissa and Lucius?

Congratulations on the bachelor degree and good luck with the thesis. Don't worry, I will wait for the updates of your story in the meantime :)

Author's Response: thank you:) and Im glad you left a review too. Hope you like the ending, which should be coming soon... I hope heh

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Review #22, by AineThe Last Five Years of Lily and James: Chapter Two

4th May 2008:

Great work!! I love it!! The whole emotion thing, Remus' change, James and Lily's conversation over their parents, their food fight and finally Lily admitting her feelings. Keep up the good work!! I look forward to reading the next chapter :)

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Review #23, by AineWindows In Heaven: "Don't Cry For Me, Mum."

19th April 2008:
OMG your story is so good, it made me cry, it made me laugh. I believe losing someone that close is hard, fortunately I've never gone through that, but your story made me think about it, what would I feel, what would I do. I totally loved it.

Great job!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you were moved by my story, and that I was able to inflict good emotion. Yes, I believe losing someone is hard, though I've never had to experience the death of a loved one personal. That being said, I'm hope that I managed to capture it well. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #24, by AineThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 34 - First Blood and First Draw II

17th April 2008:
This chapter was terrific!!! Oh my God, I couldn't stop reading and I was biting my nails. You did a really good job, the whole description and emotion. James was nuts and all but I just loved how he protected Lily. What about Christina? Is she going to be ok? I can't wait for the next one. :)

Author's Response: i'm glad you liked the chapter! i loved writing it, especially james and lily's portions. seriously, this scene and a few of the next ones i've had in my head for a long time now, almost since the beginning of the story. christina still has her part to play and will be ok, as ch 34 suggests. i'm hoping to post ch 35 after finals! :)

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Review #25, by AineThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 33 - First Blood and First Draw I

13th April 2008:
This is the first time I review your story, I'm new in this site but I must say I totally love it!! Your writing is really good, the sequences and all. This chapter was particularly great, the tension and all, I just can't wait to read the next one!! :)

Author's Response: a new reader! and new to the site as well! :) i'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the story so far, and there is plenty more to come! ch 34 has been posted and is waiting in the queue.

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