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Review #1, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Anxiety Build-Up

8th May 2011:
OMGOODNESS! Love the drama! This chapter was AMAZING! And I am so GLAD that there will be more chapters! Please update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!! so glad that you liked it :) and yes, an extra chapter there shall be. dont wanna squish the ending now do i? you guys should be treated better than that lol ^_^

the end of the semester is here so i should be able to post at the very least the end of this week, or sunday :)


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Review #2, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Tender Moments and Farewells

20th March 2011:
What, the end coming soon and no more Dramione?! Anyways, awesome chapter and I can't wait to see what will happen in the end!

Author's Response: i know! its a bit sad, i can admit it :(

more shall be coming soon (hopefully shorter than it took for the last chap!)


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Review #3, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Tears and Hard Decisions

13th January 2011:
He's leaving?! No! Love the drama and the chapter, please add more soon!

Author's Response: i know! back to england he goes *sniff sniff*

so glad that you like it!!
-WP :)

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Review #4, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Calling it Quits

12th December 2010:
:O DRAMIONE BABY?! Zomg, I hope so! One of the main reasons I still come on this site is for THIS STORY! It is so amazing! Please, more drama and AWESOME chapter!

Author's Response: hahaha, i wont comment on her "sickness" as ive told many others, but you'll find out what's going on with that soon enough :)

lol, i'll be sure to post again soon!

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Review #5, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Changing up Fairytale-esque Routines

18th November 2010:
Yay!!! Dramione!!! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: yey! oh my little dramione fan, of course you're excited for this chap lol.

glad that you liked it!


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Review #6, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Happy Times and a New Friend

10th November 2010:
Nooo... poor Dramione... Awesome chapter and more drama please! And congrats on the 100th review!

Author's Response: thank you!! oh yes, dramoine issues... more shall continue to come :)


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Review #7, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Tempation at Her Feet

18th October 2010:
Awesome chapter! Yay for more Dramione! I can't wait for it to pick up more and for the drama that will happen when Ron finds out about the kids...

Author's Response: thanks and yippee, dramione action!! though it was practically a forced kiss and draco's a complete and total arse lol.

but yes, this story has such a long way to go and drama when ron finds out about the kids, and hermione's affairs. and dont forget about the intro to this fic when harry finds out about draco... now THAT will be interesting lol :)

but until then,
glad that you liked the chap!!!

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Review #8, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Surveillance and Indecent Proposals

9th October 2010:
:O DRACO!!! Need... more... Dramione... Poor Hermione, she must be so confused... I can't wait for more drama! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: hahaha, oh we ALL want more dramione lol. i'd be confused myself, but oh, draco *faints* lol.

more shall come around soon!
-WP :)

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Review #9, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Neglect and Harry's Woes

30th September 2010:
Poor Harry... I'm torn between him and Draco :( Who will Hermione choose?! Of course that is if Draco ever gets on her good side... Anyways, awesome, amazing, terrific chapter!

Author's Response: yeah, the choice is a bit hard between harry and draco, especially after this chapter when you have to feel bad for harry! and of course draco, the little nuisance that he is lol. he'll get on hermione's good side eventually :)

thanks for the read/review!

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Review #10, by macerinutConquest: Drastic Measures

20th September 2010:
lol, awesome chapter. Blaise is great in this and I love his swapping loyalties. When I write Blaise it's mostly... ridiculous insanity that's not exactly kind to him, lol. Anyways, awesome chapter and can't wait for more!

Author's Response: thanks :) blaise is much fun! haha, just like pansy said, a neutral figure who, in reality, doesnt really have a set loyalty to anyone. which in my opinion makes him the most dangerous one because you never know whether he's going to go to the left or to the right ;)


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Review #11, by macerinut3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Hold Me.

30th August 2010:
Sweet chapter. I'm glad Hermione and Draco are still sticking together. Awesome writing and congrats on the story so far!

Author's Response: Awww, why thank you. I'm glad that you thought it was sweet and that you enjoyed the chapter.
I think, that with everything which Hermione and Draco have been through together that there is no other way for them to turn apart from to one another. Especially at the moment, when Hermione doesn't have Ginny or Har ry to console her.
I'm just amazed at your wonderful reviews, and I really do mean that.
Thank you so much for them all, which have occured throughout the story, so thank you again.
I also apologise that I haven't replied to your review for such a long time, but things have been a little mad over the past couple of months, and so I hope that you will forgive me,

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Review #12, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Unveiled Secrets and Life Unfair

29th August 2010:
Boo... Loved Draco though nad I can't wait for Dramione action! Wish they weren't moving though... poor Harry. But now I'm excited to see if anyone else will figure it out. Awesome, amazing, superb chapter!

Author's Response: oh dont we all just want draco and hermione to come together already lol. i know, its sad!! hermione and ron are gonna move :(. we'll soon see how harry reacts

thanks for the review!
-WP :)

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Review #13, by macerinutReturn to Prince Manor: Titania's Request

25th August 2010:
I'm glad Luna and Duncan are still going strong and Nesmay is a very interesting character. Can't wait to see what will happen next. Awesome chapter!

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Review #14, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Moving On and Disappointing Outcomes

22nd August 2010:
:O more Draco... please... more Draco... I hope they don't move otherwise poor Harry... Awesome chapter and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: oh yes, we all just want more draco, dont we :)

lol, glad that you liked it and yes, it would be sad if hermione and draco moved, but you shall find out how things go soon enough :)


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Review #15, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Complications and Promises

14th August 2010:
YAY DRACO! :DDD This story has my fave pairings- Draco/Hermione and Harry/Hermione! Awesome chapter!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Author's Response: YAY!!! lol, i'm glad that you like the fic!! and yes, we all love draco and harry too :)


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Review #16, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Quick Fixes and Vacations

24th July 2010:
dun da da da... oh please let the baby be Harry's! Drama... need... more... Anyways, awesome chapter and plot twist :D

Author's Response: MACERINUT!!! i havent seen you in a bit lol. hope you're enjoying your summer, and thanks :)

glad that you like the chap and it'll be updated again once the queue opens back up


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Review #17, by macerinut3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Getting Along?

19th May 2010:
lol, Blaise and Daphne... poor Astoria, is she in a relationship at all? Great chapter.

Author's Response: I know, I just had to put them in their really. I think it would have lost a lot of its humourous side if that relationship wasn't in their.
As for Astoria, you'll discover in about chapter 60 what's been going on for her I should think. That is, so long as the inspiration continues to flow.
Thank you so much for all of your absolutely awesome reviews. You know just how much they mean to me so really thank you.
Also, I apologise unreservedly for the lateness of this response; and I hope you will forgive me.
Thank you again for continuing to read this story, I hope that you continue to enjoy reading it as I write more of it.

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Review #18, by macerinutReturn to Prince Manor: Call to Arms

15th May 2010:
Alive. Please, please, please keep her alive!!! Awesome chapter.

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Review #19, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Promotions and Dream-Breakers

13th May 2010:
Poor Hermione... I'm curious to see how they end up having more kids. More drama! Awesome chapter.

Author's Response: everything just seems to all against hermione, huh? lol, you'll see how the next kid comes soon enough :) glad that you like it and i'll post again soon!


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Review #20, by macerinutInnocent Deception: Keys and Love's Definition

7th May 2010:
Aww! *cries* it's really over?! This was an AMAZING story! One of my absolute faves ever! Awesome chapter, I'm so happy they're all together and happy ^.^ Can't wait for your other stories to update and any new Dramione ones!

Anyways, AWESOME story!!!

Author's Response: ah, yes its really over and i'm sad, but it was a great fic to write :) i'm really glad that you liked this story and an update for one of my others shall be up some time next week.

(im going home from college today, so i should have plenty of free time now! yey!)


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Review #21, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Fathers and Forget Me Nots

30th April 2010:
OMG, how can they not realize it?! And people wonder why I have the Weasleys be mean or the bad guys or just... blah in my stories. AWESOME chapter and yay for drama!

Author's Response: hahaha, oh yes, weasleys are thick, no doubt about it lol. glad that you liked and i'll post again soon!


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Review #22, by macerinutInnocent Deception: Lost Games and Words Unexpressed

21st April 2010:
What?! *gasps dramatically and faints* oh dear... C'mon! You gotta have Hermione and Draco get together! Please?! With a chocolate frog on top?

Anyways, awesome chapter, awesome story- extremely sad there's only one chapter left, maybe an epilogue one-shot will happen?- and you're an amazing writer which is why I do read most of your stories and review because you always reply and I review when I get replies to them and now I'm rambling...

Awesome, terrific, amazing, superb, original, unique, fantastic story!

Author's Response: lol, oh i know, hermione and draco HAVE to get together, because it just wouldn't be fair :)

i'm sad that the story has to end as well, but hey, can't say that it wasn't a good run. and i'm glad that you think i'm a good writer. makes me feel good and that i'm obviously doing something right! :)

last chap should be up sometimes next week (i'm assuming)

-WP :)

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Review #23, by macerinutDouble Standards: The Two Ways to deal with Mickey Fisher

18th April 2010:
Very cool. Loved how you had Hermione and Draco and Josephine was very cute. Awesome story!

Author's Response: :) thanks.happy that you liked it

p.s. i love how you review on like, just about every one of my fics. you're like my #1 reader/reviewer! cudos to you :)


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Review #24, by macerinut3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Family Part 2.

18th April 2010:
lol, very sneaky of the Dramione couple. Very sneaky... Great chapter and I can't wait to see if the two will survive or not. Or if there are any good, amusing curses or hexes thrown in anywhere ;)

Author's Response: It definitely was incredibly sneaky of Hermione and Draco which is probably why I enjoyed writing it so much even though it took me a while to get these two chapters written.
Though, I think if this pairing had happened in the books then their personalities would have rubbed off on one another, which is the main thing I was trying to address here.
Well I'm sure by now you have found out, but I still haven't written the one-shot - although it is on my list of things to get written over my summer holiday- and so you'll be able to see what exactly happened during the trap set by Draco and Hermione, with some help from Lucius, shortly I hope.
Thank you so much for every last single review you have given me. They have been so incredibly supportive, and they really are appreciated so thank you.
I'm just incredibly sorry that it's taken me so long to respond to the reviews because of my exams.

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Review #25, by macerinutA Den of Sin: Jealousy and Babies

16th April 2010:
Oh yay! Green eyes, brown hair... will the Weasleys figure it out? AMAZING CHAPTER! Please update soon! And boo Harry. He doesn't seem to be suffering as much as Hermione and is still acting all lovey-dovey with his wife? Bah. Hermione should tell Ginny.

Anyways, awesome chapter!

Author's Response: haha, yes the number one question, will they figure it out. u'll see the answer to that with the next chapter. and yeah, hermione's the one who's going absolutely crazy and harry's just.there. no symmetry at all lol

shall post again soon :)

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