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Review #1, by DransyForeverPeace Of Mind: Peace Of Mind

7th March 2008:
aaaw, it's sweet. And it's beautiful. And it's very Canon. And it's Dransy. Love it ^w^

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Review #2, by DransyForeverThe Wedding: No One Will Ever Forget This

7th March 2008:
URGH I HATE DRACO/ASTORIA FLUFF! I'm gonna go throw up. But your writing is good, very good. I just hate the pairing and i can't look at it seriously in any way.

Author's Response: Erm thank you....i think. I understand that you dont like Draco/Astoria parings but why would you read one if you hate them so much?

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Review #3, by DransyForeverA Fun Day Out: "Let's do that again!"

7th March 2008:
aaw, this story is so sweet, somehow..
I've never read a story like this, i only read Draco/Pansy so this was very different. I thought i'd never say this but... I read a Harry/Ginny and i liked it! It stays Canon which is terrific! You really opened my eyes, you know? C;

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! I wanted Draco to marry Pansy. Would've been a good coupling i think. . .

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Review #4, by DransyForeverTheir Blood on Me: I'll Never Forget Them

4th March 2008:
aaw, this is SO beautiful! Brought me to tears ...
I really love it. I've never read a story like this. I'm speechless, sorry. 10/10

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Review #5, by DransyForeverCHAIN REACTION: Pansy

4th March 2008:
aaaw, i really love the Pansy part.

Author's Response: :-)

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Review #6, by DransyForeverIf You Take Time to Look: Uncontrollable Anger

4th March 2008:
Draco's really OOC in this ..

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Review #7, by DransyForeverThere's No Way: Prologue

3rd March 2008:
oh... I'm guessing at first Draco will be sad/pissed cause when he talks to her, she's like.. pushing him away, not remembering they're married, and thinking of Draco as she did in school, but then Hermione will fall inlove with him again as soon as they get to know each other and everything will work out and they'll live happily ever after. Hmmm... You could make Hermione hate him, Draco stop loving Hermione and start loving Pansy instead - and there you have a great story. *Please kill Hermione, too*

Author's Response: Ooh, you're a very good guesser, right on the spot, but read the rest to find out what happens. I will tell you though he will not end up with Pansy, I'm also a huge Dransy fan, but this story is a Dramione. You can check out my other stories, two of them are Dransy and I will be writing more in the future, so look out for those. Thanks for reading and reviwing :) *btw I will not Kill Hermione*

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Review #8, by DransyForeverWho Knew: I

3rd March 2008:
aaw .. how sweet. I really like it.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #9, by DransyForeverRam's Power: Ram's Power

19th February 2008:
aaaw, that was so cute, and it totally made me cry :(
Draco was adoreable! I love it!

Author's Response: Heya again!! :) Thanks. Oh no, it made you cry. I guess that means you felt the emotions though, so I think it's Ok to, lol. Thanks so much for another review. I'll be sure to come round your account!!

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Review #10, by DransyForeverCakes: Cakes

19th February 2008:
wow, OK calm down.. *still laughing*
I loved the description of the girl, HAHAHA, the cow-part was great! And i started laughing just at the first line in this story, and I never stopped! OMFG...
I love that Crabbe was amazed about Goyles dream, that he was like really serious about it!
I loved: "Crabbe’s mouth made an ‘n’ shape. 'I don’t like diets', he decided.", "'We’ll go on a diet,' Goyle said, feeling extremely clever. 'If we can eat ten cupcakes, three cookies, chocolate fingers, seven packets of gummy shoelaces, and four packs of Hippogriff Heads.'", "'Party!!' Goyle bounced up and down. Two ornaments crashed to the floor, and smashed. 'Look at that,' he pointed. 'Look what I just done.'
Crabbe opened his mouth as wide as it would go. 'Amazing,' he stuttered. 'You didn’t even touch it.'", and i love when he gets happy cause she throws a pie at him, and my FAVOURITE part is when he says the wrong name and says Goyle and says that it sounds like an actual crab.. wow that was hilarious! I love the cow-part to! "not just any cow - a brown cow!". God, I really needed that... wooaaah ^^
amazing work! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your review. It's always so cool to see a big chunk like this, and especially with so many capital letters in the text!! Is my humour really like yours? That's so cool!!! Oh yes. I wanted everything to be as simple as possible and really go into Crabbe and Goyle's heads. I love how this was written at like two in the morning and yet people seem to really like it!! It's so cool. :) I'm so happy that you've selected things you like from the text too. I can see what things can be needed for future humour fics, and what twists to take and so forth. Thanks again for this wonderful review, or should I say, 'wanderful?' 10/10???? Really? Wow, thanks!

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Review #11, by DransyForeverHarry Potter and the Staff of the Basilik's Tooth: First Year

19th February 2008:
wow, i really like this, which is unusual since i mostly (*cough* ONLY) read Draco/Pansy fics.
OH, LUCIUS AS A PROFESSOR? Brilliant idea!
I hope we get to see a little Dransy during this, like when Scorpious is home for the holidays and so, because i like the thought of Draco/Pansy married and having family and things... I think i ought to write one myself where Dransy are married, XD.
please update ASAP! I'll be waiting!

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Review #12, by DransyForeverShatter: Shatter

17th February 2008:
I love this so much! It's extremly beautifully written.
It's really poignant, it reach out to me, you know?
Wonderful, buoyant lines somehow. Really sad and sort of dark, just the way i like it. 10/10

Author's Response: Awah, thank you :D

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Review #13, by DransyForeverPansy's Lament: Pansy's Lament

14th February 2008:
Wow, this is so amazing.
Fics like this alway make my heart sink...
Because Pansy can't have him. They're supposed to be together!
It's the saddest thing - Draco marrying Astoria. Well, I dunno if this wonderful and beautiful story is about that, but when i heard who Draco ended up marrying, i sort of felt heartbroken. Weird, huh? I almost cried, I felt sick, I was angry with Rowling.
Pansy's pain... Oh God...
They're SUPPOSED to be together.
Draco&Pansy, Malfoy&Parkinson, Dragon&Flower, Prince&Princess...
This story was just very touching and extremly well-written. I love these kinds of fics, they really reach out to me.
Well, I'm off now, I've bothered you long enough with my sort of off-topic review.

Author's Response: I would hardly call it bothering, as this was such a lovely review :P I'm glad you so enjoyed this piece. Funnily enough I always seem to write that those two don't end up together, perhaps because it leaves so much room for angst which I love in my stories. :)

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