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Review #1, by notenoughpotterCronus Rising: The Siege

6th September 2009:
Come on, Harry, go ahead and give her the ring!

Ok, now I've gotten that off my chest. Great chapter! I kind of thought there might be an attack at the church. I'd hoped I'd be wrong, though.

Can you really resign as a witch? Interesting having Dudley marrying into the wizarding world. Wonder how that'll go over with Vernon?

Author's Response: I know! He should give her the ring. I debated about having the battle in the church or the reception. I thought the reception would be better. Not so much "resign" as a witch but more like she just left the wizarding community and lived as a Muggle. She does not practice magic and lives life almost like a Squib would. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by notenoughpotterGinny's War: Interrogations

29th August 2009:
Great last sentence! I think this chapter really accurately represents the chaos that reigned over Bill and Fleur's wedding. I'm really enjoying your story. Can't wait to see what you have for us next!

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Review #3, by notenoughpotterProtection: Kicking and Screaming

21st July 2009:
Another brilliant chapter, but I'd expect nothing less from this story.

Wow, can I say how much I dislike Bill? I kind of "get" Arthur and his desire to protect his daughter, but Bill is totally unreasonable here.

I hadn't remembered that Harry had killed Snape. I know Harry will have to answer for it, but since he was somewhat "possessed" at the time, I hope the Wizengamot (or whoever would do that type of punishment) takes that into account.

I know you have many reviews to deal with, but I was wondering if you knew how many chapters total you've planned for this story.

Great work!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you notenoughpotter. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that it didn't disappoint.

Ah, poor Bill. He's just...always in trouble in this story, lol. If only he didn't always think he was right and determined to do what he felt was best even if it wasn't what anyone else wanted. I need to have a talk with him I think. In my mind he has always felt protective, perhaps with more responsibility than his younger brothers, of his baby sister.

As for Snape, I left that deliberately unclear. You saw Harry throw him against the wall, but you weren't supposed to know, for sure, that he was dead until Ginny found out.

I'm not sure how many chapters. Right now my guess is two...but it really just depends on how the timing plays out once I start writing the scenes that I know need to be there. It won't be less, but it might be more. :)

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Review #4, by notenoughpotterGinny's War: 1. Without Goodbye

20th July 2009:
I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for "Ginny's 6th Year" fics. I had to stop and read yours.

I think this is well done for a first fanfic. Your flow was good (as was your grammar and spelling). I thought Ginny seemed mostly in character, although I'm not sure if Ginny would have collapsed at the point he left. That seems a little Bella-esque. I've always envisioned Ginny to be made of stronger stuff than that.

I'll definitely be returning to this story to read how her year progresses.

Author's Response: Haha, yes I agree that it is a bit more "Bella" for her to collapse. My intent was to show that it was all too overwhelming for her. Have no fear though, Ginny's attitude will be showing itself shortly!!

By the way - I love that you reviewed my stories, because I love yours!!


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Review #5, by notenoughpotterCronus Rising: Fallen Heroes

19th July 2009:
Very interesting, although sad, first "official" chapter. I figured Ginny would have to be a target. I'll be looking for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Glad that you are still enjoying it. Thanks for reviewing both chapters! :)

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Review #6, by notenoughpotterCronus Rising: Prologue

19th July 2009:
Great prologue! Really sets the mood of the story!

Author's Response: Glad you liked. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by notenoughpotterA Dream of Hope: Epilogue

18th July 2009:
Oh - such a sweet ending!

I absolutely loved this story. Thanks so much for taking all the time writing it. You created your own AU, and carried it out seamlessly. I normally don't like "superHarry" or Harry/Ginny "connected" stories, but yours worked so well without being cliched.

Wonderful job! I wish you success with your original works (which I gathered you're working on from your author's note).

Author's Response: Thanks so much, notenoughpotter! :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much and found the ending satisfyingly sweet.

I appreciate your readership and your well-wishes for the success of my future writing endeavors. You're correct, I've already begun work on my first original novel. I'm not doing the actual writing yet, but pre-writing steps (research, characterization development, plot arc planning...) that sort of thing.

Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to offer you and my other readers something that is truly mine. Thanks again for your compliments on my story development of this A/U fic and enjoy the remainder of your summer. ~Sugar~

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Review #8, by notenoughpotterA Dream of Hope: A Dream Unlocked

18th July 2009:
Wow! Happy birthday to me! Two of my favorite stories had updated, and I totally didn't notice.

Great ending! I like how you tied your two stories together. Brilliant work, indeed.

I'll write my final review after the epilogue.

Author's Response: Well, that was great timing then, wasn't it! :-) Happy birthday, by the way! I'm glad I was able to help make it a little brighter by posting for you.

Thank you for your compliments on the conclusion of my story. I'm glad you liked that I tied both stories together in the end. Thanks for your dedication to reading and posting throughout the story. I really have appreciated the support. Happy reading! Sugar

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Review #9, by notenoughpotterProtection: Sparks and Lightning

14th July 2009:
It has been a while since I read this story. I decided I wanted to read it again, and it is just as good the second time around.

I think the "disoriented Ginny" is very well done.

I'd missed the point that she thought she was at the World Cup, but since Harry knows he was there, she decided she remembered wrong.

The sparks are definitely already flying between them. Well done!

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Review #10, by notenoughpotterDaddy's Little Girl: A Family Affair

16th June 2009:
The argument in the hospital ward was stressful, but I loved the scene in Ginny's room at the end. Ron having to leave because he was overcome watching Hermione was touching.

Author's Response: Stressful? In a good kind of way, or a bad kind of way? You see me, I would be inclined to find that a good kind of way, I hope. I love the idea that I might possibly be able to affect emotions in my readers. It would mean I would have to be doing something right, right?

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Review #11, by notenoughpotterDaddy's Little Girl: The Coming Home Party

16th June 2009:
I really enjoyed the conversation between Ginny and Hermione. It definitely sounded like two old friends getting back in touch.

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Review #12, by notenoughpotterDaddy's Little Girl: Little Girl

16th June 2009:
A very touching chapter - I see that Ron feels some remorse for taking "baby's" family away.

Loved the line from Harry regarding Ginny's "don't make her angry" face.

Author's Response: How could he not? No matter what he thought of them as people, they were her parents and it\\\'s a very sad thing when a child losses their parents.
Can you imagine what it would have really been like in the Potter household when Ginny was pregnant or just after? With the ability to go full out Weasley temper mixed with unstable hormones. I\\\'m sure Harry would have learned very quickly not to piss her off and I\\\'m sure he would have taught his son the same thing. I just love Harry and his little family. It makes me happy every time I get to write one of those scenes.

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Review #13, by notenoughpotterDaddy's Little Girl: Family News

16th June 2009:
Molly made an interesting comparison between Harry's parents' death and "baby's." Yes, the "right" side killed her parents, but it could still lead her in the wrong direction.

Interesting story!

Author's Response: I always thought Molly was very wise. Mothers usually are. Just don\\\'t tell mine I\\\'ve said so. She\\\'d never let me here the end of it.

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Review #14, by notenoughpotterTelling Ron: Telling Ron

14th June 2009:
Nice bit of fluff - very enjoyable read.

I have to say that I'm a bit surprised that Ron immediately went to "we're going to be brothers." I'd think it would have taken him longer to process the news.

It was a very fun read.


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Review #15, by notenoughpotterA Dream of Hope: The Storm

12th June 2009:
Oh my gosh! What a chapter! Just so I'm clear, he really did kill Voldemort, didn't he? (I know, sometimes I just get caught up in a chapter, and I assume something happened that didn't.)

I'm happy the baby seems to be safe, but it will be really heart-wrenching after spending so much time with this story if we lose Ginny.

I really have enjoyed the story, though. Thanks so much for all the time you've spend writing it to bring it to us.


Author's Response: lol...Thanks for the read and review, notenoughpotter! As for your question, I think I\\\'ll just let you wait and see the answer as you read the next and final chapter. :-)

Stay tuned for more on the baby, Ginny, Voldemort and more. I am really happy to hear that you have enjoyed the story up to this point. I really appreciate the time you have spent reading and consistently posting your thoughts. :-) I hope you will enjoy the ending. Look for it soon! ~Sugar~

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Review #16, by notenoughpotterWelcome To Heartbreak: Attacked

3rd June 2009:
We don't often see Hermione having made a mistake. Interesting turn of events.

Author's Response: well its not really her fault. but im glad u found the chapter interesting. keep reading and reviewing, thanks.

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Review #17, by notenoughpotterWelcome To Heartbreak: Welcome To Heartbreak

3rd June 2009:
Interesting start to the story. I'm curious as to who this foreign wizard is and why he's come in search of the trio.

I noticed quite a few spelling and grammatical errors, though. For example, you've spelled your "bad guy's" name both Simmerov and Simerov. While the story was still very readable and interesting, it would look more polished if you considered taking on a beta (or having someone else take a second look before posting).

Author's Response: thanks for letting me know, nobody has sed anything yet so i just assumed it was alrite, allthough im not at all surprised about spelling 'simerov's' name wrong ,but that was my first chapter and i hope ive improved since. please keep readind and reviewing, thanks.

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Review #18, by notenoughpotterHarry Potter & the Veil of Shadows: Chapter 26 - "In From The Cold"

3rd June 2009:
I was thrilled to see this new chapter.

I loved all the work that Harry put into the proposal. I do agree that Harry not being freaked out arriving where he hadn't intended to be might have been a bit of a hint to Ginny that everything had been planned.

Nice cliffhanger! Don't keep us waiting too long.

Author's Response: It was! It's got to be hard to keep secrets from someone who can feel your emotions. I expect it would take a lot of control to even conceal anything.

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Review #19, by notenoughpotterHarry Potter and the Last Great War: Chapter One: Reminisce and the Future…

1st June 2009:
I really liked the interaction between the brothers. You captured their rivalry in a very believable way.

I'm sure that Harry didn't tell his boys too much about the war. Interesting, though, that a portkey took them there.


Author's Response: A.S.P. and J.S.P. just so easy to work with. Sibling Rivalry is so easy to write.

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Review #20, by notenoughpotterHarry Potter and the Last Great War: PROLOGUE: In Every Age...

1st June 2009:
Interesting start. I've always wondered why more authors don't work more with the mystery of "the arch."

Nice beginning.

Author's Response: It'll be back...

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Review #21, by notenoughpotterQuestions: Questions

1st June 2009:
Oh, wow! This was intense. Really great work. I totally enjoyed it, although it does leave the reader with a few questions.

What happened to Victoire?

Poor Teddy - first his parents, now his bride-to-be.

Great one-shot! Thanks for sharing it.

Author's Response: Yes, I did leave a few things open-ended -- I did it intentionally, although I'm glad you mentioned it, because it may mean that I need to go back and tweak a few things.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #22, by notenoughpotterBeloved of a Hero: Necessary Strength

28th April 2009:
This chapter almost brought me to tears. Watching Ginny deal with her grief was heart-wrenching. Her discussion with Dumbledore really showed her inner courage - as if we hadn't seen enough of it already in the story.

She seems to have a bit of Harry's self-blaming streak. I hope she learns to deal with that and not take everything on her shoulders.

Brilliantly written!

Author's Response: Ginny has taken on a bit of Harry's self-blaming tendency, but only a bit. She'll come through this and be stronger for it.

Thank you for finding the chapter so quickly! That in itself is a compliment. And thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts.

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Review #23, by notenoughpotterBeloved of a Hero: Fear and Loss

25th April 2009:
Great chapter! I'd always pictured Remus falling before Tonks, so you had an interesting take on the battle. I enjoyed your conversation between Remus and Ginny. Also, cool reminder that Ginny had a unique relationship with Snape last year.

I'll look forward to the end of the story. (Although, I'm not really expectantly awaiting the story really being over.)


Author's Response: I had pictured it that way, too, and then I thought, why? Poor Remus has always been left behind by the people who loved him--he would be able to handle it better than Tonks would. And it was interesting to look at just how much she ended up meaning to him.

I also am excited for the end of the story, though I'm not going to be happy after that. But I hope you enjoy what's left, and thank you for staying with me!

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Review #24, by notenoughpotterA Dream of Hope: The Calm Before

21st April 2009:
Wow! Another awesome chapter! The tension is building, despite the respite before the storm.

The idea of ripping Harry and Ginny's baby from them is totally terrifying. I'm pleased to see that Snape is still trying to help them, though.

Author's Response: Thanks very much, notenoughpotter. :-) I'm glad you liked the most recent installment of my story. I appreciate the read and review. It's been a bit of a roller coaster as the tension has continued to build. As we head toward the end, I hope you'll hang on and continue to enjoy the ride. :-)

Thanks again for your post. ~Sugar~ :-)

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Review #25, by notenoughpotterBeloved of a Hero: The Right to Stand

19th April 2009:
I loved reading this chapter from Ginny's perspective. It must have been difficult to write without quoting too much from such a pivotal scene.

Great work! Will you be taking this story beyond the last chapter (prior to the epilogue)?

I look forward to reading your next installment.


Author's Response: A little bit beyond, yes. I will have the Harry-Ginny reunion in this story, which seems to be what everyone--including myself--wants to see. Still, it's only a few more chapters! It's incredible. Thank you so much for staying with me, and I hope you enjoy the rest!

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