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Review #1, by floss bucketAurelia: Maturity

4th October 2008:
ah... Sirius is so funnily incompetent in this chapter... Loved the conversation with Mad-Eye at the end!!! 10/10

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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Review #2, by floss bucketAccording to Physics: According to Physics

12th June 2008:
that's a really interesting perspective on their relationship and james's feelings, and very well written. Also useful for the physics revision i'm supposed to be doing...

Author's Response: Physics revision, physics fanfic... close enough. ; ) I'm happy you liked it and found it interesting! Thank you so much for hte great review!

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Review #3, by floss bucketThe Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor: The Painters Are In

11th June 2008:
i am currently laughing hysterically!!! This story is hilarious!!! and it's also very good, nice mix of randomness and plot, and very well written! And the world needs more funny-snape stories!!! 10/10

Author's Response: The world truly does! Thank you very much!

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Review #4, by floss bucketMoonlight: Rescue Mission

10th June 2008:
very good chapter!! remus is awesome, isn't he? I liked the bit with teddy at the start, and i definately know how hard it is to stop reading!! I like how you've done peter, but i hate him (duh!) 10/10
PS: i can't believe i've been reading this since chapter 2!!! you've done really well on the regular updates!!1

Author's Response: thank you, first of all!
yes, remus is awesome isn't he? although i felt bad because in this chap i had him rolling around and smacking into things a lot. as if he hasn't got enough problems. oh well.
and peter is a terrible blighter, isn't he? i'll bet you can guess where he REALLY was....
and despite how difficult it is, i am glad i can keep up with the regular updates. it has been nearly a year now since i started writing this! whew! anyway, next chap coming soon, i promise! :)

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Review #5, by floss bucketUnforeseen: Rescues and Revenge

9th June 2008:
“Get away from my godson,”

had you by any chance seen the ootp movie when you wrote this?!

by the way, i love all your characterisation. and you've converted me to remus/emmeline!! (that's from all the other fics as well!) i still love remus/tonks, but remus and your emmeline... perfect!!! now i just need to finish reading this...

Author's Response: Yes, I had seen OotP before that chapter, and it stuck in my head, so I had to write it... I love my Remus/Emmeline. I was a huge Remus/Tonks shipper, but when I was writing my series, I just didn't see any way to get them together and make it seem believable - and Emmeline was my second choice; she's very rarely written about, and I've grown rather fond of her... She's in my new story as well - it's called Torn, if you're interested!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by floss bucket12 Years in Azkaban: Year Eight

7th June 2008:
well done! I definately know how annoying thinking you have an itch can be!!! very good idea for the chapter!! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you! and thank you for the 10/10! :)

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Review #7, by floss bucketMoonlight: A Dance with a Stranger and a Belated Birthday Present

4th June 2008:
yet another fantastic chapter! I've been waiting for the sirius/aurelia stuff to start happening (i read it in your other fics!) and it was really sweet! sirius is in lurve! Keep writing, cause you're doing a fantastic job!

Author's Response: thank you! don't worry, updates will keep coming! ;D

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Review #8, by floss bucket12 Years in Azkaban: Year Seven

31st May 2008:
this isn't my favourite of your stories (that is moonlight!), but it's still pretty good! I love your writing style, it's so easy to read, and that makes me read all of your stuff!! I also like how you've been showing sirius's descent into madness, cause he is a little mad by the time he gets out! this chapter was... weird. but good! i like how the chapters have been getting a bit simpler, because it's like sirius's mind going mad. i don't know if you've been doing that on purpose, but it's good!! looking forward to when he gets the paper from fudge!!

Ps: i think this was the first story of yours i read, back when i didn't review much!

Author's Response: i'm glad you still like it even though it's not your favorite! yes, this chapter was a bit weird. and they have been getting shorter. the only other long one coming up is chapter 13 (year 12) and i'll let you guess why (wink). but another reason these chapters are getting so short is actually b/c well yes, he's going mad, losing track of time, but also well...i was having trouble finding stuff for him to DO i mean most of this stuff's stewing in his mind, so he's not doing much of anything really, so I thought I'd been general about his day-to-day life with each passing year. anyway, fudge will be coming soon, so sit tight!

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Review #9, by floss bucketTwenty Ways To Know You're A Weasley.: Twenty Ways.

26th May 2008:
this fic is hilarious!!! I was crying with laughter!!! but it's also really accurate, and not just random, and that made it even better!!!

Eleven: You’re named after some whacked out professor/flower/convicted criminal that was innocent/family friend/some dead relative.

that bit was especially funny, cos almost all of them were!

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Review #10, by floss bucketMoonlight: The Wedding Day of James Aldous Potter and Lily Violet Evans

21st May 2008:
aw!! I love it! And i love the remus/tonks thing going on there! There's something about remus/littletonks that is sooo cute! but poor remus! ;( I like the unrequited remus/lily in here! by the way, how far are you going to take this? is it to Halloween 1981, or remus and tonks' deaths? Keep writing!!

Author's Response: i'm so glad you like it! i've liked to entertain the idea that remus knew nymphadora before when she was little, which then partly adds to why he feels he's "too old" for her later on. i'm hoping to take this all the way to remus and tonks' deaths (which is proving to be quite a feat) but i'll manage it somehow! thanks for the 10/10 and for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by floss bucketTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: Laying Down the Law

18th May 2008:
please please please please update! This is a very good story, with a really good plot, and it's extremely original!!! I know you haven't updated for years (wow, that's a long time!) but please? Or if you've managed to publish a book of your own, can you tell me what it is? Cos then i'd read it! Or maybe i already have, cos i've read a lot of books!!!

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Review #12, by floss bucketWhere Do You Think We Are?: Where Do You Think We Are?

17th May 2008:
that's so sad! ;( It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but when i did, i was so sad ;( You've got the emotion really well in this fic, well done!

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Review #13, by floss bucket100 Years: 100 Years

17th May 2008:
aw!!! I love it!!! Made me cry though... ;) but happy crying, so that's good! And not many stories make me cry, so well done!

Author's Response: thank you for leaving a review. I haven't received one in a long time. I've gotten a few reviews of where people cried...;) thank you for reading and I have ten other stories so if you would like you may read them. Thanks again!

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Review #14, by floss bucketThe Godfather: Requiem

16th May 2008:
Teddy is sooo cute! I love how you got Andromeda and Narcissa making up! But now Harry and Ginny have to make up, cos Harry's being as much of an idiot as ron and hermione were for 6 years! And I also love how all your stories fit together so well, so it ends up being one long story. But can you finish Moonlight? That's my favourite! But this one's pretty good too, so keep writing it as well!

Author's Response: Yes, Harry and Ginny do need to make up! But of course, "the course of true love never did run smooth". Partly b/c guys like Harry are such idiots sometimes. But they'll come round, not to worry! As for Moonlight, I am putting in a new chap in the queue right now, so keep an eye out! ;D

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Review #15, by floss bucketThe Way We Are Part 4: Chapter 104

9th May 2008:
Wow! Brilliant story!! it's siriusly one of the best marauder stories/series I've read!! But it's over ;( So write more! A book 3 one would be good, maybe from Remus's pov??? 10/10

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Review #16, by floss bucketPotters Fall for Redheads: Second Chances

6th May 2008:
This is a very good story, but maybe you could put in some comparison to Sirius, cos I think that would make James feel better about being in Gryffindor, since Sirius turned out alright. but that's only my suggestion. Keep writing!

Author's Response: floss_bucket~

thanks for the review and the advice. i'll consider it.


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Review #17, by floss bucketWe seem to have a knack for miscommunication : Surprise vs Delight

5th May 2008:
I loved the Alan Rickman reference!!! (i assume it was him and i'm not coming to false conclusions!) Very very clever!

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Review #18, by floss bucketWe seem to have a knack for miscommunication : Lily vs James

5th May 2008:
so sad ;( but very good! I like how you're doing all the lily/james stuff, and I really feel sorry for james now!

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Review #19, by floss bucketCome What May: Come What May

5th May 2008:
omg! I love that song! And that movie!! And this fic!!! It's very well written!! Poor remus and dora :( I love your other fics too! Are you close to updating Moonlight, cos I really like that one!!!

Author's Response: thank you! i love that song and movie too!! :D well, i guess that was kind of obvious.... :P
yes, i will be updating Moonlight just as soon as the chapter i submitted to The Godfather goes thru the queue!


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Review #20, by floss bucketTruth or Dare: Truth or Dare

4th May 2008:
Very good story!! Can you do a story about Remus's darkest secret? Cos that'd make a pretty good oneshot, and a pretty sad one too!

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Review #21, by floss bucketThe Boy, The Man, The Beast: A CHRISTMAS BETRAYAL

30th April 2008:
I hate Peter, I really hate him. But your story is really good! Just Peter is my least favourite character. However, you do have him pretty well, about why he betrays them. Very good story though!!!

Author's Response: Hi there floss bucket,

Yes Peter is a pretty spiteful character. He's my least favourite character too. Why do you think I make him such a jerk!!

Thanks for the compliment about the way I handled the betrayal.

Again thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #22, by floss bucketGoldfish and Chocolate: Goldfish and Chocolate

28th April 2008:
awww! this is sooo cute! Just so you know, i love your stories!

Author's Response: Yes, see, I don't just do emo angst!!! I swear, I can be cute, lol!

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Review #23, by floss bucketPassion and Pain: Passion and Pain

28th April 2008:
omg wow! why do you write such brilliant and sad fics? This is really good, and sad ;( but i was just wondering, why doesn't tonks notice the scars before?

Author's Response: I have no idea. I'm going to have to reread that one, it's been so long! Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by floss bucketScattered: Dumbledore's Gift

28th April 2008:
wow... That was really good! Very dark, but it all ended up happy in the end, so i'm happy. I don't mind dark stories, as long as they end up happy!!! It was really interesting how you dealt with the time travel stuff, and how something so little can affect the world. I especially liked the example about the dragonpox. Very very very well done!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks flossie! I loved this story myself - know anyone who can make my feature film, lol! Anyhow, I'm so glad you liked it, and held on through the emo rollercoaster ride!

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Review #25, by floss bucketScream My Lungs Out: Taking The Hogwarts Express By Storm

24th April 2008:
Very good chapter!!! I love the conversation between Sirius and Regulus! poor Sirius :( Update soon!!

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