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Review #1, by SoloThick As Thieves: one.

27th May 2015:
yesss! a sequel! honour amongst thieves is one of my all time favourites so this has just made my day. i love it already, looks to be shaping up to be just as adventure filled. slightly sad it seems to be a solo mission without the rest of the clan, but i suppose that could all change. not telling scorpious though, ops!

Author's Response: I know right! A sequel! as for the rest of the story, its gonna be a solo mission for a while, but then I'm pretty confident that's all gonna change!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #2, by SoloRabbit Heart: 7. Heart To Handle

15th December 2014:
I'm definitely supposed to be asleep right now but I can't stop reading!

I think the main thing I love about this fic is the way you grasp the magical world and weave it throughout every single sentence. You make it come alive in a way I've only seen JK herself manage. You mention things that make me run for the wiki - like the mention of the Carpe Retractum charm in her memory. Brings up so many questions! So many people seem to gloss over the fact that Hogwarts is actually a school and instead focus on the social aspect but you manage to incorporate the school aspect so well.

Secondly, I love all your characterisation. Especially Wren's. Her desperation at losing her magic is clear - and all the failed attempts at charms, even the supposedly easier ones like Colovaria. Her losing her magic I'm guessing is related to the weird little were rabbits?! I was so relieved when she managed to perform a successful Wingardium Leviosa! Maybe there's hope for her yet!

Onwards and upwards!

Author's Response: Ahh, what a lovely surprise!

I love the magic in this world. Yes, it's a school, and I wanted to do school-like things with this story, definitely. Having a character that actually cares about classes is fun to write, and gives me an excuse to have all those classroom scenes. I'm so happy it comes alive for you!

Wren is very unhappy about this new development in her loss of her magic. It's why she's there, after all. There is hope, but of course the characters must struggle first.

Don't listen to those people who say that sleep is overrated. I hope you get a chance to come back sometime, when you are well-rested! Thanks so much for such a lovely review and letting me know that you're reading my story!

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Review #3, by SoloDeath Eaters: Death Eaters

14th December 2014:
Hello there!

I'm going to be honest from the outset: I've never been a fan of microfiction. The concept of it seems to go against everything I like in a work of fiction. I like fluidity and prose and willowing descriptions and getting inside characters heads. Which is why I'm (very pleasantly!) surprised that I adore this.

You have a perfect balance of description and characters thoughts. Your descriptions are amazing. Some are especially chilling - I love the setting of Rosier's and his struggle between the disgust but also the affirmation and the feeling of self worth. It's really interesting to see the 'alternative' side to Death Eaters - so often they're painted (quite rightly in most cases!) as hopeless evil causes that you forget about their lost humanity and emotions.

Oh, Snape! Bless his cotton socks. The amount of emotion I get through just a snippet on his obsession with Lily is fantastic, real kudos to your writing.

My favourite short is probably Regulus'. He's such an underwritten character and you've managed to explore so much in just a few sentences.

It's really interesting to see into the potential backstories and motives of his followers. I really enjoyed this, so well done and thank you!

Author's Response: Hi!

I knew nothing about microfiction before this challenge, honestly. Hearing that you adored this is so amazing, so thank you!

I have a difficult time writing Death Eaters without feelings. But I'm going to have to for my WIP. It's just I can't wrap my head around murdering without feeling something. Thanks!

Ugh Snape's feels get me all the time.

I love Regulus. He is so underwritten, but I manage to weave him into a lot of my work. :)

Thanks so much!


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Review #4, by SoloRenegade Heart: Changed Priorities Ahead

20th February 2014:
Fred laikes her. Came back for her, the little cutie! The idea behind this fic is so fresh and original, I love it.

Author's Response: Fred says that there are a number of things that could have gotten him to come back. *snickers* Oh, Fred. ;D But thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I appreciate it. :'3

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #5, by SoloRenegade Heart: Special Order No. 682

21st January 2014:
I love this already! The idea is intriguing and I definitely want to read more, and I love both the characters. It's like chaos vs. serenity and I think they're a beautiful match! Looking forwards to the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review -- it's definitely appreciated! I'm glad to hear that this intrigued you, and hopefully it will continue to. There's something big and exciting and plot twisty coming up the next chapter. ;D

-Chasm ^___^

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Review #6, by SoloBlue Monday: All the World's a Stage

13th January 2014:
Oooo this is just amazing. I love your writing style and the voice of Beatrice, she's just so fleshed out and well rounded already. I feel like she's established. The rivalry and the backstories are just brilliant, so well thought out! Looking forwards to reading more :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you, it means a lot to me!! xx

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Review #7, by SoloDaddy's Girl: Enjoyment

25th August 2013:
Ee. Yes! Sweet Albus and kissing. And Flora swearing (-le gasp-) and drunk. Poor Flora though, and that woman wanting to find her is very creepy...

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Review #8, by SoloBang: And just when everything looks like it's going to be alright...

19th August 2013:
It was all going so well. I was smiling. They were smiling. They were having a good time (eh eh nudge nudge). Everybody was happy. Then, wham! Hit us with that. Now no one happy.

But on the other hand your writing is excellent and I can't wait for the next chapter no matter how much I'm screeching in frustration, so well done!

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Review #9, by SoloRubber Ducks and Eckeltricity: Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

17th August 2013:
Hello, here for the review tag -waves-

Well I was spoilt for choice out of your stories. I'm usually an angst/drama sort of girl myself but today I was fancying a bit of fluff. I've always had a little giggle over rubber ducks and Arthur Weasley and a story that possibly combined the two?! I was in heaven!

I wasn't disappointed. From the ducks on the windowsil to Arthur Weasley's enthusiasm, I loved it all. Your author voice is wonderfully clear. I giggled in places, but it wasn't so ridiculous. It was just so... Arthur. I think you captured him fabulously, I'm always worried about tackling canon characters in their childhood but you did it so seamlessly. I'm so jealous!

My favourite line has to be; "A blush crept up the back of Arthur's neck, red wine staining the cream carpet of his skin." You descriptions are just delicious, I adore all of them! The ending is just perfect, it's the ideal little explanation for some of his foibles and his obsession. The professor is just amazing too, I love his eagerness and his lack of understanding and his sadness at not being able to explain.

I'm never calling it a bicycle ever again!

Author's Response: Hello! *waves back*

I'm so pleased that you weren't disappointed! As you might have seen looking at my other stories, I tend to write minor characters a lot more and Arthur was one I was quite apprehensive to tackle, but I had a lot of fun writing this. It's great that you think I did it well!

Descriptions are something that I take a lot of time over, and I love including imagery in stories. The professor was such a fun character to create and I'm really happy you liked the ending!

Thank you for this lovely review and all the compliments on my writing! *blushes*

Sian :)

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Review #10, by SoloCross my Heart: Histrionic (adj.)

15th June 2013:
I love this fic! Your writing is just so real, it's brilliant. Your characterisation of Liz is perfect. I love all the nicknames of everyone. All characters seem to have a depth to them even if they're not 'main' ones. I love her wordsearching! (being a bit of a wordsearch fiend myself...) so yay, lovely fic.

Author's Response: Hi Solo! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! Glad to see you're enjoying the nicknames, and that the characters aren't too shallow/confusing (I know there's lots!) Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to leave a lovely review!

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Review #11, by SoloLemonworld: Coming of Age Novel

12th June 2013:
It's like readying my future. I'm going to be Lucy, except probably living above a florist with my many cats (and I'm allergic to pollen and cats which just about sums it up really). I love how you've portrayed her and her parents are just brilliant, so infuriating in that concerned parent way that makes you feel like you're suffocating in their niceness and can hear their concern but really, it's my choice to sit here in my pajamas and eat ice cream out the tub with a spoon and do you remember daring me to do it? Humph.

/end rant

Basically, I like Lucy. And Fern seems interesting, and Scorp! Darling Scorp! He seems like a misunderstood odd-bob, and I do so love them. They're charming fellows.

Author's Response: I know - while I was writing this all I could think about was how Lucy was supposed to be this hopeless, immature and totally oblivious character but I could just tell I was writing out my future.

And thank you, I was trying to find the balance between concerned parents and irritating naging parents. I think you have a really good feel for the story, I'm so glad you got it and like it and I'm even more glad that you reviewed the chapter.

I feel like I am the living image of Scorpius - hiding behind stuff and hoping people will find me brilliant and interesting and smart (they don't).

Thank you so much, really.

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Review #12, by SoloInsomnia: Fathomless

11th June 2013:
Ooo I like this story. I'm intrigued as to why she reverted back to her muggle backstory. Sirius is also brilliantly written, as is Lily! Your characterisation is just fabulous.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'm trying hard to work on characterisation, so that meals a lot. :)

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Review #13, by SoloAnd Capers Ensue: Bittersweet

10th June 2013:
I love this story so much. Your writing is just absolutely perfect, you have every character portrayed just magnificently, Bea is so lovable and Scorpious! I adore him. I feel so sorry for him, having to leave Hogwarts and taking on so much. But it's kind of fitting that he is. The humour in between everything is just so delicious. Capers is probably my favourite story on here, it's just superb!

Author's Response: Aaah thanks c: When I stepped back from the writing a bit and took a look at everything, the end really became about everyone going their separate ways. That's been the issue since the beginning, starting with Bea and Fred, and I think this chapter got to show that it can be a happy or a sad thing, but always hopeful. I tried really hard at the humor this chapter, just because there is quite a lot of sad D:

♥ thank you again!

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Review #14, by SoloThose Girls: Those Girls

8th June 2013:
Hello -waves- here for review tag!

First off, I absolutely adore your writing style. It makes me so happy. I love the contrast between how she was and how she is now. The description of Teddy (despite how I dislike how he is to her) just portrays perfectly why she's in love with him, it's so believable and almost understandable why she keeps taking him back even though he's so mean! Which is excellent, kudos to you. I often read 'the other woman' fics and find myself in despair because he has some hold that I never find is aptly described for me to understand why! But I do, which is brilliant.

The ending is just the perfect cliffhanger. Coming from a suspense hater, I adore it. It's the right mix of will-she, won't-she leaving the rest up to the readers imagination without me wanting to scream YOU DIDN'T END IT I WANT TO KNOW and throw my laptop across the room in a rage. So my laptop thanks you.

Favourite quote: 'Like an inept mathematician, I try to subtract the sum of him from my life, to take away the warmth of his skin and the calluses on the tips of his fingers. I try to picture a world without his irregular appearances, without his mocking smile, or his sarcastic remarks.' Just stunning.

You're writing is just absolutely superb, I adore this. Well done!

Author's Response: Hello! *waves back*

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! It's just wonderful to hear that Dominique's behaviour seems believeable and understandable, as I was very anxious that she'd come across as sympathetic. I feel so happy that that all works for you! ♥

I'm glad you (and your laptop! :P) liked the ending- especially coming from someone not keen of cliffhangers (I'm starting to think that I have an unhealthy enjoyment of them, haha)

Ooh I'm so glad that you liked that quote! I had fun writing it!

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful review. Thank you so much for all your kind words- It really means a lot! ♥


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Review #15, by SoloYoung Blood: Hell is for Children

7th June 2013:
I may have done a little squeak when I saw you'd updated... ;)

I have to say I adore this story. The evil characters are just so inherently evil, and though Clara's essentially 'good' she's still not liked by the purebloods, nor is she really fitting in with the Muggleborns. So she's stuck in some sort of limbo that makes me want to cuddle her and take her away...

James I also want to cuddle and steal. And Rose seems like an absolute sweetheart, looking after her family. I love the fellowship between them, they're just so cute. In a very sad way.

And ugh Ivan you swine. I dislike you. Control freak grrr.

Really interested in the devlopment of this story as it's so promising! And yes I still love your writing style. I'm already shipping James/Clara like there's no tomorrow.

Author's Response: I DEFINITELY did a little squeak when I saw I had a review! I'm so glad you like the story! I struggled with writing evil characters because I'm the sort of person who can't bear to be openly rude or cruel to anyone, so I am over the moon that it seems so real.

I want to cuddle and steal James as well, I've never been so attached to a male character I've written about as well. And I love to hate Ivan ;)

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments and the review!

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Review #16, by SoloYoung Blood: Heroes

5th June 2013:
Oh wow, this is... different. I really like it. I kinda want to know a bit more as to why the purebloods are so hated, because they kinda saved the world. But I adore James, and your writing style is lovely. Looking forwards to more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Different is definitely what I was shooting for. The history of it all will come in later, don't worry ;) James is one of my favorite characters to write so I'm so glad you like him.

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Review #17, by SoloMuggle Studies: Summery and Summary

2nd June 2013:
I bloody love this story. I love Archie. I love the humour. I love everything and everybody. Yay!

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad that you liked it :D :D :D

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Review #18, by SoloProblems: Problems

30th May 2013:
Solo here from the review tag -waves-

I'm usually one to scoff at fluff and go dear lord it never works like that in real life. But this, this was just adorable. Heart melting. It made me want to cuddle both the characters. I love the repeated beginning at the ending, it's just so perfect. I love his out of control morphing and "his hair acted like a mood ring." Just brilliant. His relationships with the rest of the Weasley/Potters is just too cute as well!

The only thing I noticed was here: "So, how's the Herbology essay goins?" - is the s a typo at the end of going?

I'm a bit indifferent to the Victoire/Teddy pairing having seen so many perfect, snooty Victoire's etc, but I really like her. I like the way she took the jump because Teddy is an eejit and shy. I love non-conventional and these two have just made it awesome.

Basically I adore this one shot. Please write more about them, these two are just absolutely edible!

10/10 because it made me smile like a loon and your writing is just delicious. What about one where they both babysit the younger Wotters?

Author's Response: Haha! I agree that fluff is never the way it works in real life, but I think it's one of the reasons why I adore reading and writing it.

I'm glad you found it adorable and other fluff-induced feelings. It's good to hear that by reading something I wrote, people wear a smile on their face for at least a while.

His hair changing colour depending on his moods seemed like a really natural thing to happen to an adolescent with his abilities. Sometimes, our feelings just run away from us!

Yes, this story is typos abound! It requires a bit of an edit, which I shall be conducting very soon!

I agree - some of the Victoires out there are less than likeable, but I tried to make her a bit different from the rest! And because Teddy really can be very dense!

Ooh! That's a really good idea! They're a really fluffy couple for me, so who knows? Maybe there's another story for them somewhere out there!

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Review #19, by SoloDominique: Thirty-six.

29th May 2013:
Your writing is just amazing, I love it. You kept me guessing right until the end, really well done. I'm so looking forwards to the sequel!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #20, by SoloEyes of Glass : Eyes of Glass

23rd May 2013:
Solo here for the review tag! -waves-

Boy, am I glad I found this little nugget. I adore it, completely. I love her scattered thoughts at the end, the madness and how disjointed her world is. You have to think about what she went through, don't you? Total pain. I love how she does recognise Neville but can't quite place him. The description of him growing up is just perfect, it's so utterly him. It's just heartbreaking how he wants her to love him and she does, she just can't tell him.

Oh, my poor heart!

I like how Alice sees herself as nothing more than ordinary; it's so easy to have Mary-Sue descriptions. Their wedding is just oh so perfect. Poor, poor Neville, poor Alice and Frank.

Absolutely beautiful, m'dear. Well done. I love your style; it's like elongated poetry. Fabulous. I'm off to read more!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm so happy you liked the story, it's so wonderful to hear that! It must have been so difficult for poor Alice, and I'm glad that came across through the fragmented thoughts. I really wanted to do her story justice, and I'm glad this got the emotions going! :)

Alice definitely underestimates herself, and I'm glad she came across as un-Mary-Sue! I loved the idea of the wedding, neither Frank nor Alice would have wanted to make too big of a fuss! I feel so sad for all of them, but enjoyed imagining their struggles into words. :(

Thank you so much for this lovely, lovely review! Elongated poetry, what a wonderful compliment! :)

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Review #21, by SoloThe Prime: Limp

4th May 2013:
I love Charlotte. And all the characters. And your writing, and your humour and... gah. Loving it!

Author's Response: thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

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Review #22, by SoloTwo Letters: Rite of Passage

4th May 2013:
This is so cute. Just a lovely, easy read. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #23, by SoloLittle Rosie: Better

18th February 2013:
This is stunning.

Really, really beautiful. I adore the last line, it's just perfect. It's just - ack, I'm nearly speechless. The idea of personifying an adjective is so effective. The utter sense of desperation and pure need to be the best is so clearly conveyed, I feel like I know her. I feel sorry for her, but then I doubt the truth behind the words because she does seem so full of herself.

Wow, it's just brilliant. Well done!

Author's Response: Okay, give me a moment, because, seriously, YOU ARE TOO KIND!!

Thankyouthankyouthankyou so much! And also, "The utter sense of desperation and pure need to be the best", just, wow, that was so well put, I'm jealous! You truly rock!


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Review #24, by SoloLucy in the Sky with Diamonds: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

21st May 2012:
Wow, this is beautiful! I just... wow. Okay. You have a brilliant way with words it's just amazing. I'm literally spellbound. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #25, by SoloTrapped.: This isn't Romantic.

15th June 2010:
RAR. I love this story. I just want to eat little Reggy, and Sirius is pretty awesome too. But Reggy, why didn't you ask her to that snakey thing? WHY? WHHHY?

So, yeah. I kinda like this story :) Your style is awesome.

Author's Response: don't eat him entirely!! haha
Thanks for the view and the nice comments :D

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