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Review #1, by Jacqueline NoirThe Shadow and the Soul: The Seed of Darkness

14th December 2017:
I'm incredibly happy you won't abandon this! And you updated! I enjoyed every line and I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #2, by Jacqueline NoirThe Shadow and the Soul: A Light in the Abyss

15th January 2017:
I need more.

Once again, your writing is so exquisite, the images so vivid that I am at the edge of my seat. The perfect sensuality of words and gestures, the slow build-up of the action, the silent innuendo of so many situations... I just love this!

I cannot wait to read the next chapter!

Keep up the wonderful work!

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Review #3, by Jacqueline NoirPotentially Problematic: Potentially Problematic

19th August 2016:
This was so sweet! I laughed more than I should have had and I enjoyed every minute of Draco's distress. :))

Yes, indeed, I do like the way you write children.

Thanks for making my evening better!

Also, I noticed a few typos that you might want to correct (pick instead of pink, rouge instead of rogue and your own about instead of you're on about.).

Super, super sweet one-shot! I am so happy you kept writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out the errors! I do all the editing myself so I tend to miss quite a few things even though I read it a million times over! Doesn't help that I usually only write at night, the brain doesn't function the best at those late hours;)
I'm really happy that it gave you a laugh, the kids were quite hard to write once again so I am pleased that you approve!
Surely there will be more to come so keep an eye out! As always I love hearing from you, until next time:) Xx

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Review #4, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Six Years

12th August 2016:
Dearest Always Addicted,

This was so fluffy that, for a moment, I thought world peace had been achieved. :)

Regardless, it was a pretty ending, some sort of wish fulfillment and it has been a good journey. I hope you are happy with the way things have turned out (I am, for one) and that you will continue to write. Don't be sad that it's over: think about what will be coming next.

I hope to read more stories from you and I always imagined how a full house at the Malfoys might look like. I am a sucker for happy endings, at times. Also, I think you write mischievous children quite well! :)

It has been a pleasure. Now I am waiting for your next story!

Author's Response: Here is the review that I have been waiting for:) I just want to say thank you to you for giving my story a chance and always leaving reviews that made me smile.
As you can tell I am a sucker for very happy endings and I'm glad that you enjoyed this fluff fest of an ending as well. I already have the ideas for one-shots for this swirling in my mind, most including mischievous children so I'm glad to hear you think I write them well, i actually had quite a hard time with them.
A new story is already in the queue, although it is very different from this one in pairing. I hope you give it a read if it suites your tastes. To steal your words this little adventure and conversation has been a pleasure, surely you will see some reviews from me soon as I plan to begin All Our Future Sins.
Thank you for always being lovely!

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Review #5, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Revelations

5th August 2016:
Okay, yes, he was sweet, but was there any other way to get to the Hermione you've portrayed? :) Enjoyable dialogue there. :)

Only one chapter... is it the epilogue than? Because otherwise I think it's a bit abrupt to end things here.

And don't be sad that it's ending. It only means you have to regroup and come up with a new story. But you, with your quick updates and the different angle have set an example here.

So I'm eagerly waiting for the conclusion and hope you had a blast writing this. Because it doesn't have to end how we imagined, but exactly the way that you imagined it. ;)

Author's Response: You are so sweet! And yes the next chapter is the epilogue set a few years later. The end is slightly quick but it's the way I imagined, also itleaves lots of room for me to create quite a few one-shots showing the time between these two chapters;) shockingly one-shots were all I was ever planning to write but then this just happened somehow! Funny how the imagination works sometimes. I'm happy that you enjoyed this journey with me and I hope you enjoy the ending as much I as do:) Cant wait to hear your final thoughts once it is complete ❤️

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Review #6, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Glass Fragments

2nd August 2016:
Aww... I know it was sad, but awww! This was bittersweet to read and I believe this is one of the best written chapters so far. It's believable and sweet and it gives me anxiety. :)) Because I cannot wait to see what happens next and because I want them to get together!

Also, kudos for not getting tempted by the usual cliches and telling me that Draco just takes in to Rose immediately. I would have hated to see him all sappy and in love with a child that isn't his. I believe that your choice, to have him getting attached to her very slowly it's the most believable one. And earned my respect for your writing! ;)

Until the next one! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This chapter was hard to write I wanted get all the feelings and emotions right. I'm glad you agree with my choice on his opinion on Rose, in my eyes Draco is not a child person at the start, and who could blame with his childhood. There are only two chapters left and it makes my heart hurt a little bit for it to end. The next chapter I have tweaked many times already but it has to be perfect! So once I tweak it a few more times and edit it will be off to join the waiting queue!
I have to say that your reviews have truly been amazing, I wait patiently for each one every time I update. Kept me very motivated to keep posting quickly!

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Review #7, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Sweet Wines

30th July 2016:
Such an emotionally charged chapter... Really beautiful!

I know I keep saying this in every review, but it's so good to see how fast you update. I'm writing a fanfiction now and all I'm thinking is: pff, I can't publish this yet, not until it's finished, because otherwise I won't be able to update as fast as you! :)

But back to the chapter... I loved the build up to their kiss, you took things nice and slow. I felt that attraction, I understood how it worked. And the ending seems more than plausible, I expected Draco to do something like that.

Very well, once again! :) Eagerly waiting for the next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am really happy you liked it after all the waiting;)
Now I will eagerly be awaiting your new story , hopefully a Dramione:) if not I will give it a read anyway. I had been planning his reaction from the start, this is Draco Malfoy afterall, nothing can be too easy.
As always I am looking forward to your next review.

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Review #8, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Visiting Hours

28th July 2016:
I was so happy to see you've updated! Seriously, I'm in such a hype when I see authors that I like updating fast! 10/10 for delivering! :)

It was a very well written chapter. I liked that we get to see a bit of background about Draco and oh, he finally acknowledges his feelings for Hermione! Yay!

I, for once, am hoping for a lovely kiss between them. I know, I know, everything has a pace, but it's a lovely story!

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm sure you will love the next chapter then;) don't worry it is already in the validating queue should be up tomorrow if it goes fast! I'm glad you enjoyed this look into Draco's feelings and life. As always I look forward to your reviews. I know you feel like it's going by slowly but to me it's going by so fast, I don't want the last chapter to come!

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Review #9, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Bubbles

24th July 2016:
Draco? her voice called from the kitchen.

No, its You-Know-Who back from the grave.

I laughed, I must admit. This was a sweet chapter and I enjoyed the growing intimacy. Plus, the whole "teach an old dog new tricks" scenario. I am eager to see how things progress.

Author's Response: I'm glad you laughed I will also admit that I laughed to myself a lot while writing this chapter. Cant wait to hear your thoughts on the next one, always eager to read your reviews.

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Review #10, by Jacqueline NoirThe Shadow and the Soul: Prologue

18th July 2016:
I had to go back to this because I see this story has been updated but I can't see a new chapter. So I'm holding my breath when I say it pop up in the new Dramione stories list and then I feel like I've lost something when I don't see a new chapter. So this is me asking when is a new chapter coming because I truly enjoy this story and I cherish every word. :)

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Review #11, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Contractions

12th July 2016:
Now this was interesting... I'm really, really curious how their relationship will change once the baby comes. I enjoyed this tremendously.

Author's Response: Fastest time between reviews ever! You are my favorite. I'm so happy you enjoyed this, once I edit the next chapter after work it will be off to join the waiting queue!

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Review #12, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Bulgarian Binds

12th July 2016:
That was a chill little chapter. I think of the merits of this story it's that it brings into focus the post battle period, which very few fanfictions seems to talk about. I enjoyed the calm and the gentle teasing between former enemies and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I can't believe how fast you update: yay!

Author's Response: Thank you I was looking forward to your review as always:) I hope you enjoy the next two chapters, finally getting to the turning point of them finally spending time together!

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Review #13, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Cheers

7th July 2016:
Aaarrgh, I always think your chapters are too short. But I'm not being objective, I know. :) It's just that somehow, to me, it feels like you cut the chapter right before something good is about to happen. I think it would bring more to the story if you'd manage to sew together more details. As in here, I would have envisioned more than just this one scene about the New Year's Eve.

I really enjoyed this one. I believe in the potential of this story and I'm happy to see that you update so fast!

Until the next time. :)

Author's Response: I promise they will spend more time together soon:) I just always envisioned their relationship with one another to happen over a longer period of time instead of all at once. I am only planning this story to be about 15 chapters long so don't go wishing it away now;) thank you for always leaving a review your feedback makes my day. As usual the next chapter is already in the waiting process! Check back tomorrow:)

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Review #14, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Confrontations

6th July 2016:
An interesting chapter yet again. I would have loved it to be a bit longer though. I felt that the conversation between Draco and Hermione was a bit too short (yes, I know he was running late), but perhaps they need a chance for more interaction?

But I do like the way you've portrayed them both and I am eager to read the next chapter? When will it be published?

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: The next chapter is waiting to be validated! Hopefully it swill be up later today or tomorrow. I know the interaction was brief but don't you worry there will be quite a bit more interaction coming soon:)

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Review #15, by Jacqueline NoirBaby Steps: Fuzzy Blankets

3rd July 2016:
This is a very good start, I'm very curious to rea d more! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: More chapters coming soon once I get a chance to edit them:) thank you for the nice review:)

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Review #16, by Jacqueline NoirTeeth Sinking Into Heart: Part I

16th June 2016:
This is so good! I'm very happy you decided to write a new story! I like the build-up very much and I am very curious to see how this will progress. Honestly, every chapter of yours seems a tad bit too short!

Can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: Thanks for another lovely review! XD Usually they're more than 5k! Admittedly this is a shorter piece... I just couldn't commit to anything bigger, and it's always a challenge for me to rein things in a bit. I hope you like the next part :)

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Review #17, by Jacqueline NoirThe Shadow and the Soul: The Lies That Bind

16th June 2016:
Tantalizing chapter! I'd usually be a bit annoyed at how "slow" things develop, but it's such a well constructed pace that I can't help but enjoy every line. I do wait for them to kiss at least, but I realize it's going to take a while. After every chapter I have the urge to go back and reread Prey for the umpteenth time. :)

I liked the interaction between Lucius and Hermione (of course he wouldn't have said more) and the bit at the ending. I liked everything, really.

One little thing though: I don't know how canon you want to kept it but I believe it was forbidden to enter into Azkabam with your wand.

Very good work, as usual, I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! In terms of Azkaban, while it wasn't specifically addressed in the chapter, the prison has changed dramatically, and Hermione is there in a ministerial capacity so (in my vision of the way it works now) she's able to be armed.

I think you'll enjoy the next phase of the story, as everything is going to start ramping up quite a bit from this point on. I'm delighted you've been enjoying their adventure so far and really appreciate all the feedback, it makes my day!

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Review #18, by Jacqueline NoirThe Shadow and the Soul: A Hall of Ghosts and Shadows

15th May 2016:
You do something to the English language that makes it seem almost magical, as if I could taste it on my tongue. I find myself rereading entire passages, marveling at the sheer exquisiteness of the words. Reading your stories is a treat.

I've been waiting so long for an update that you cannot imagine how happy you've made me this Sunday. Prey is one of my favorite fanfiction stories ever and the sequel feels like a grown-up version. I know that a lot of my favorite authors have given up writing fanfiction (I was an avid reader in high school and that seems like millenniums ago) but I come back to this website from time to time hoping that at least some of them could not really forget just how magical their stories were. And just how happy they made some of us.

So when I saw you are still around - posting new stories and updating the old ones - it made me think that some of will always come back to this magical place, where everything is possible and where our dearest characters never really disappear despite the changes in your lives.

So thank you for not giving this up. You will always have a faithful reader in me.

Author's Response: I've read this review a few times, and I cannot tell you quite how much your lovely words resonated. A lot of the old guard have left... and indeed I had as well for the most part. But it was such a huge part of my life, my writing life, that a part of me always wanted to come back to it. My writing, and my confidence in it, has been a constantly redeveloping thing and these stories and the wonderful feedback from readers has shaped that in so many ways.

I'm so happy that you decided to keep the faith, to continue checking, and I hope you're rewarded with what is to come and that you continue to enjoy it. I'm very fortunate in the readers I've had, and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts.

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Review #19, by Jacqueline NoirWinner Takes All: Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

1st July 2011:
My dear, amazing writer,

First of all I must say that I feel like a complete ungrateful reader for not commenting on every chapter from this masterpiece. I do hope to go back and redeem this. :)

Secondly, I must say that this is one of a kind piece of art. I have read so few-oh, so few! stories - that transmit this rare emotion. Authentic, hypnotizing at some points, heart wrenching.

I loved how you wrote this, the flow of it: always ascendant or descendant, never dull. You captured our hearts and carried them through a tunnel of emotions where we indulged ourselves in the dark without ever wanting to see the light at the end.

It was beautiful. Extremely beautiful and soul filling just as art should be. Your Rose was the best character I have ever encountered on this site: she was authentic, alive, she with an identity entirely of her own. I must ask you if there is someone in real life that inspired her. :)

Scorpius... how majestically. What a real "bad for your heart" young man. He seemed so real that, at some points it felt like if I would raise my eyes from the monitor and look in front of me he would stand there.

Teddy... such a sweet emotion he emitted. The good guy that always saves us from the bad guy. The one we are destined to be with when the fascination is gone and we come back to our senses. When we have been burnt enough to appreciate the sweet rain. Made me want a Teddy. Without the blue hair, of course. :)

All in all I must say that I dearly wish to read an one-shot that depicts that letter. Can you, oh please, write an one-shot with the content of the said letter. I'm dying to know and I know you can write it. I know the words are already in your head and you are smiling knowing what none of us, readers, know.

Fantastic, my dear. Write more of such amazing works!

PS: let me know when you publish a book. I want to order it.

Author's Response: This review has had me floored ever since I first saw it. It brought tears to my eyes, and still does when I reread it. Thank you, thank you for leaving it, as hearing such compliments doesn't only boost my confidence, but they're also very inspiring - I don't know how else to say it, other than that I greatly appreciate your review and the comments it contains. This one review is worth 10 (if not more). ^_^

As for your question regarding Rose, I can't say whether someone specific inspired her, I just wanted her to be real, an awkward girl of 21 (or thereabouts) who is trying to find herself in the world, and struggling at it. She's not me (though there are some unavoidable similarities :P) - that much I do know.

I'm very glad to hear that Scorpius was realistic as well - I worried many times that he was too stereotypical-villain-like in manner, and I wish that I could have drawn out more humanity from him - it's there, but just barely hinted at throughout. The story is always focused on Rose, which takes away from other characters to a certain degree.

I'm afraid that I don't know what Scorpius said in the letter - I'm too distant from his thought process, and so I left the letter out completely so that I wouldn't have to get any closer to Scorpius. Whatever he said, very little of it would be genuine, and the rest would never satisfy, not Rose, not readers, and certainly not me. I'm sorry about that - you can fill in the blanks however way you'd like. ;) (You'd write a much better one than me, anyhow).

Thank you again for this wonderful review. It means so much to hear such appreciation for my work. ^_^

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Review #20, by Jacqueline NoirFoul Play: Of Banshees and Scrofungulus

13th February 2011:
Hey, dear, this is turning into a very good story. It really amuses me and I love the title. Lola and James are both very good characters. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I spend a lot of time developing my characters -- some would probably argue too much time, actually -- so it really warms my heart to hear that they're good ones. And knowing that my humor is translatable is really appreciated, too. XD

I'll try to update as soon as I can! Academics be damned. *grins* Thank you so much for the review and the compliments! :D

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Review #21, by Jacqueline NoirNot Once, Not Ever: Epilogue

19th January 2011:
pt mahalia

It's OK if I cry now?

That was such a beautiful ending and so beautifully written... How to find the right words at the end of this? It's so much more that I want to say and yet the words won't come our right.

So I'm just saying this was wonderful and I hope you understand.

This one was a masterpiece that made me believe again in all the beautiful things. Thank you for everything you gave to us, your readers.

Your truly,

Author's Response: No, Miss Jacqueline, I forbid you to cry! ): Unfortunately, though, it was a sad ending, and I was so sad it was all over - but God, it only took me three years! Haha.
And I do understand. You have been the most wonderful friend throughout this story. I still remember your first reviews, which helped me out a lot, and now they end in this, and I'm a tad sad about it ): I am so glad I met you though (:
And this review! It just left me breathless reading it again! I didnt think masterpiece would ever be used for any story of mine, so I'm so flattered. Thank you thank you thank you!
Many hugs,
May xx

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Review #22, by Jacqueline NoirNot Once, Not Ever: Honesty

18th January 2011:
No, no, no!

My dear, I re-read this whole story again. Of course your story gives me a feeling that I don't get from anywhere else. That I'm bringing to life a part of me made of the rawest and most fragile emotions. There's such a sensibility in it, that I can't help but be amazed by your writing style.

I loved to pieces each paragraph of it, and I'm sure that in a few months or so I'll be reading this again.

I foresaw the sad ending, and not even when some things seemed to indicate a happy one I did not want to believe. Too much had happened and sometimes you have to deserve that happiness... But I would have loved them together so much...

And then congrats for the character of Ginny. I've never read her like this before and to see her supporting Hermione... that's something.

I can't wait for the final of this amazing story!


Author's Response: My love!!! Only today I read your email, and I was so touched by it! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get around it - but I have good news! Your little Mahalia has moved out of home and is on her way to uni (: Pretty excited.

I am so glad you have come back to reading this story. As always, I am touched and moved by your emotional reviews. I seriously cannot even believe that you have read this story again - that in itself takes my breath away!
The sad ending was a bummer ): It appears you're one of the only people who foresaw it, which amazes me! But, I think you might be surprised at what the next chapter has in stall. I felt that this story had been lacking all the way to the end, so I've drama-packed the next two chapters. It's a shame, because I can see I have lost a lot of readers, but at the same time I have also gained some new ones. In all honesty, though, I am so happy to get this story over and done with... It's about time, too :P
I'm glad you liked Ginny. I think you're going to enjoy the next chapter. I put a lot of thought into where I think Ginny should stand, and in the end I concluded that though she is a very family-oriented person, she is also moulded on friendship and loyalty. And it is obvious to me throughout the books, that she loves Hermione like a sister.
It will be up this week, sis (: Keep those eyes peeled!
With all my love and so much more,
May xx

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Review #23, by Jacqueline NoirRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: The salvation of an old enemy

24th September 2010:
Amazing story you have here, darling! I love it even though it's very dramatic. And the banner is very appropriate; at least every time when I look into that girl's eyes I feel Rose Weasley looking back at me.

I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!

Yes, I'm hooked. :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I am really glad you like it and thank you so much for taking the time to read and review--it means a lot to me.

I have to agree with you on the banner...when I saw that little girl i saw Rose Weasley!

I will write and update as soon as possible and I'm looking forward to reading your opinion about how the story will develop.

Merope :)

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Review #24, by Jacqueline NoirRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Roses of a stranger

8th September 2010:
I see potential in this story.

First of all I really love the title, it's a very catchy one, but you shouldn't reveal so much of the plot in the summary. Then it's extremely sad ( I almost felt like crying at points).

Other thing that I don't understand is Hermione's pregnancy: how would she and Draco fall for each other with her pregnant: it just seem... wrong.

But kudos for Hugo: he is truly adorable, and Rose it's one of the most interesting kid-character that I have ever read about so far, so congratulations!

I am truly curious to see how this develops.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review--it means a lot to me. I'm really glad you like the title, as it took me a while to figure it out.

I know I revealed quite a bit in the summary, but the story will have quite a lot of turning points so I hope that will make up for it.

Hermione being pregnant...I thought it was a good way of making the plot more complicated and interesting. As for Draco...I've read many books where guys were prepared to accept another man's child for the woman they loved, but it's not clear yet whether Hermione and Draco will really fall for each other. Maybe Draco will resist the chemistry, or maybe not. That will be revealed along later chapters.

I am really thrilled you like Rose and Hugo, as I do love writing about them. They're such interesting characters and J.K.Rowling has allowed so much freedom by not building up their characters that it's almost irresistible not to write about them. But I'm really glad you like Rose and I am flattered by the compliment.

I am looking forward to read your opinions of future chapters and once again, thank you very much for your time.

Merope :)

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Review #25, by Jacqueline NoirBroken: Send in the Clowns

4th September 2010:
I want more!:)

This is a ridiculously short chapter, I'm telling you.

Author's Response: hahahaa
chapter 3 is on its way xD
thanks darling!!

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