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Review #1, by Harry_Potter_MomLike Angels in the Falling Snow: Like Angels in the Falling Snow

13th July 2009:
I tend to find my way back to this story now and again as the mood strikes me... and imagine my surprise when I got to the end and found that the long review I posted the first time I read this was missing... (Aug 08) How sad - so I decided I better leave another one in its place.

It is a rare treat to come across a story, no matter the length, that draws out the raw emotion that this does. My husband and I both cried for an hour after reading this... not necessarily due to Severus and/or Lily, but to the vivid and heart felt longing that anyone who has lost someone dear to them can relate to. This could easily be an original fiction by replacing the names.

I was never a big fan of the title "song fic" but this one story alone has changed my mind forever... you are brilliant! I can honestly say it's one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read... so thank you again, Jules for sharing your heart...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for coming to replace your review, Teresa! :) I so appreciate it and it touches me that you and your husband were moved by this story. I'm so flattered and proud and am very grateful that you felt connected to this story. It has a special place in my heart because I wrote it shortly after my grandfather passed away from a long-term illness. It made me feel comforted to think that our loved ones never really leave us, and the snow angel metaphor was one that came into my mind.

Thank you very, very much for your kind words, dear!

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Review #2, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Sweetest Sadness: The Sweetest Sadness

13th July 2009:
Oh my goodness... after all this time, and I stumble again to another amazing piece by you! How do I miss these amazing stories?

My eyes are filled with tears and my heart aches for Helga... what a wonderful weave. I always envisioned Salazar as a harsh and cruel man, saving love for nothing but power, but you've (yet again) shown how small my mind wraps around these characters. Helga is proud but longing for something just out of her reach... my, how I understand that...

The greatest honor that you could give is to dedicate something so lovely and breathtakingly beautiful to me - thank you. Such an inadequate phrase, but I am truly honored. You have impeccable taste and a gift with words that would make any writer utterly jealous... please continue to use that gift.

Humbly Yours.

Author's Response: Hi Teresa! *hugs* Thank you so much for coming to read my story!

No, your mind wraps around the characters wonderfully! I just like to imagine all of these long-winded things about them that probably don't make sense :D I can never think of people in black and white, even if they're fictional characters. Salazar must have been a harsh and cruel man later on in life, but I want to think of him differently as a young man since the Founders were once very good friends. You'll see what kind of background he comes from and why he has such strong prejudices.

You're so, so welcome! You are one of the few authors on HPFF that I completely admire and want to be like, and it's an honor to me to have you read and review my work. You're a lovely person and thanks so much for being a good friend! *huggles*

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Review #3, by Harry_Potter_MomMadam Minister: Prologue

15th March 2009:
Hi Lee Anne!

It is my humble turn to reciprocate your kindness in reviewing... but I dare say that my review will not be anything in magnitude or helpfulness as yours continue to be.

This first chapter has me more than intrigued and I have marked it and pray that I remember to check in from time-to-time in order to follow the progress. Your words flow so well and you've painted a scene which leaves me feeling melancholy and eagerly anticipating your next chapter, or shall I say, your first chapter. :)

I love the mystery and angst. It's a perfect amount here, and not surprisingly, I see nothing that needs to be changed. It's a fantastic beginning and please give me a nudge if I haven't reviewed in a while - real life tends to muddle my intentions in other areas!

Author's Response: Hi Teresa!
Aww, you don't have to return reviews. Your fic has been enough thanks for me-I've really enjoyed it.

But still, thank you SO much! Your feedback back left me giddy--you really made my week. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Praise from a talented writer such as yourself means the world to me.

The next chapter should be posted on Thursday, but please don't feel pressed to review if you're busy ^_^

Again, thanks for everything! I'm off to review TRH right now ;)

Lee Anne

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Review #4, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: EPILOGUE

9th March 2009:
Beautiful, Jules! You are an utterly amazing writer and I look for great things from you in the near future dear! I love the Epilogue!!! The mist - the boat - the welcome home... contended sigh.

Thank you for following that plot bunny! Amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks Teresa :D I'm really glad that you liked this ending! Thank you for all of your support, lovely reviews, and friendship. You're one of my favorite authors and people on the site and it makes my day to hear from you! *huggles*

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Review #5, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: The Birth of Darkness

8th March 2009:
What do I say? It's such a beautifully, devastating chapter. He's searching for her... his thread of happiness, and he is hers - yet they are left - always searching. The locket continued to be creepy - and Salazar's spirit - shiver!

I wonder if he ever knew - about the baby... probably not, but if he had, then what? And Bethe... will you tell her story too? I feel like a child begging for another tale.

This is an amazing story and I am so glad I've been able to see it unfold. Please forgive me for being so incredibly late in reviewing - it was completely unintentional - you know how RL can take hold and run away... but it's nice to have this little corner of the world to hide in from time to time. HUGS to you for another fantastic chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you Teresa! Your compliments mean so, so much, I really don't deserve them. It means so much that you enjoy my story! :)

In this story, at least, Tom never knew about the baby. I think this part might be slightly AU because wasn't it Dumbledore who suggested that Tom left his pregnant wife? There was an implication that he knew Merope was pregnant when he jumped ship, because he had discovered that she was a witch. I decided to ignore that hint because in the interest of this story, I really don't think it would have fit with his character. Tom Riddle Senior in my story isn't that kind of man, simply put, and he would never abandon his pregnant wife however angry he was. He's hot-tempered, but I don't think - even as he was walking out that door - that he ever seriously considered abandoning her forever. Guilt turned him back eventually.

Don't worry at all! Thanks so much for coming back to review and leaving me all of the feedback that was lost in the crash. I appreciate it so much :)

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Review #6, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: The Leave Taking

8th March 2009:
Oh Jules... he really does care about her! I did not see that coming and it's so redeeming!!! I just want him to rush to her side and beg for the potion...

Bethe was so brave to actually tell him that she had brewed the potion... wow!

I'm really curious at to the 'wispy, ghost-like man' helping Merope while she was sick. Interesting...

Again, another wonderful chapter and I'm leaving a terribly short review simply to rush off to the next one... :)

Author's Response: He does, he does!! He's not completely heartless :) Although I want it a little ambiguous as to whether he's *in love* with her or whether the potion is still wearing off. I think it would be so meaningful if the potion never really left a person's body even after they stopped taking it. It's an extremely powerful potion ... I wanted it to be even stronger than Amortentia because this one is binding forever.

Yeah the wispy ghost-like man shall be explained! He has been living inside the locket all this time.

Thanks love!

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Review #7, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: Give Up This Fight

8th March 2009:
I don't know how you do it... your flair for words is greater in one finger than what courses through my entire body...

This is such a perfect sentence: "He lay in the darkness with his eyes wide open, seeing nothing in death as he had seen nothing in life." That could be used for so many people...

And I just noticed... Tom passed along his arrogance and tendencies to steal from those who anger him along to his son. I can't believe I missed that the first time I read this chapter! Very cool! :)

Yet again, my heart breaks at Merope's decision... there's no easy answer, is there? Perhaps 1/2 a drop... wean him off of it? But it's not going to be that easy. I love this story and as I rush off to the next chapter, I'm painfully aware that it's getting closer and closer to "the end." :(

Thank you!!!

Author's Response: That is so not true! I will never agree to that :) You could write bestselling suspense novels in your sleep.

Yep I definitely tried my best to make Tom Riddle Senior as "Voldemort-like" as possible, to imply that he passed these traits on to his son. The sense of entitlement, his arrogance and confidence, even the way he likes to control Merope and everyone else around him - these things went on to Voldy who made "good" use of them in the future.

I hate having to make Merope choose, too ... I wish she could have kept the potion going but there is no way someone could live a life like that. Imagine loving your husband so much but knowing that he didn't really love you ... or being unsure that he really loved you because of the potion. Most people would go crazy and I think Merope realized that. It would have been more in keeping with her character to continue the potion for years until she couldn't stand it any longer, but in the interest of story length, I made her a lot stronger and had her quit while she was ahead.

Thanks my dear! Your reviews always bring a smile to my face. :)

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Review #8, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: The Secret Love of Marvolo Gaunt

8th March 2009:
Hello again! :) Another amazing chapter!! It just keeps getting better and better. I find myself so immersed in the flow, I tend to forget it's a fanfiction and near-expect to turn the page.

Some major foreshadowing here perhaps: "Merope felt a bit sick, but she thought that it might have less to do with the turbulent journey and more to do with her lack of sleep." I'll have to read on to find out! :)

Oh, I remember the ruins! And it begs to question that perhaps this was the home of Salazar years ago? Wouldn't that be a cruel twist of fate, would it not?

Ah, and Ralph is her half-brother - very nice! I'm so glad we got to see that side of Merope's story... but how awful for her to realize how like her father she really is. I wonder if this will be the end of the potion-giving. Is her love for Tom any different than her father's lust for her mother - perhaps - but the means are the same, are they not?

I eagerly run to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Oh Teresa you are too kind :) Thank you! Yes that was some foreshadowing that you picked up on ;) I definitely meant the ruins to be Salazar's home. I just thought it would be so fitting that Tom and Merope would come there, and for their son to later return and begin torturing Muggles there. I *almost* had Voldemort conceived in that cave ... I was considering it but decided against it, since how romantic could it be with all the rocks and evil and everything around them. :D

Yes, Ralph is a whole other side to Merope's story and she needed to be told about her father's marriage. I think you're absolutely right that Merope's love and Marvolo's lust are two completely different things, just obtained by the same means. Exactly!

Thanks a million for your review *hugs*

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Review #9, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: Whispers in the Night

8th March 2009:
The creepy necklace is on the loose!!! That conversation simply gives me the chills! Again, my heart goes out to Merope in her struggle... poor thing...

"...and the wet pools of unidentified liquid that lay dangerously close to his leg..." Oh my! I'm certain I left a review for this chapter as I distinctly remember that line. It must have gotten eaten in the site crash...

How horrible for Merope to realize that her happiness hangs by a mere droplet...

I'm anxious to continue, so I will apologize for such a short review... this is literally one of the very best stories on this site! Thank you for sharing your brilliant gift of writing!

Author's Response: HAHA! It is a very creepy necklace, isn't it? I wanted to make it as evil as possible for a number of reasons, but mainly I had been wondering how I could get Merope to want to sell it (since we know she does in canon). I'm sure you did leave me a review as well so I'm really grateful you came back to replace it! *huggles* Thank you so much.

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Review #10, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: Long-Forgotten Memories

8th March 2009:
Wow... what an amazing chapter. That word (wow) is so insignificant to describe the movement of the words and the story - you truly are gifted!

I can't believe I haven't reviewed the rest of these chapters yet - I'm so sorry! I love the twists and turns as Merope's future and past unfolds... the man - Ralph - very interesting. I can't wait to learn more about him.

My heart aches for Merope as she ponders whether to give Tom the potion anymore - how I wish the ending could change. But even though I know the 'end' of this relationship, I'm consistently amazed at the journey you are taking us on.

Bethe continues to be a favorite character of mine - I LOVE the dream sequence! It sheds a nice amount of light onto Merope's mother... I'm wondering if that same woman ties into Ralph.

Onto the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Hi Teresa! Thanks for coming back to review :) I'm so glad you find Ralph interesting! He is sort of a shady character but very important to what's going to happen next. You will definitely be learning more about him and you'll see how his story ties into Merope's and eventually, Tom's. I was wishing the ending could change all through the story too :( But I had already promised to stay as canon as I could, so... but I hope you'll like the ending anyway because I did what I could with it. So happy you like Bethe and her dream sequence, which will turn out to be important as well. Thanks for your review dear!

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Review #11, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 5- A Diagonal Sort of Day

9th December 2008:
I really enjoyed this chapter! Snape was, again, spot-on in his characterization and the arrival of Jacob is quite timely. I can't wait to find out more about him!

The descriptions were very good and you left little things unsaid, which is a great way to add to the mystery and drama of the story.

Good Job! Let me know when you update and I'll continue reading and reviewing!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this one! Snape just seems to write himself-I would make him too much of a softy! :-)

Not to fear, more will be revealed about Jacob! All I'll say is that he's a very complicated young boy.

Some of those little things will be answered, although not for a little while. I don't want to spill the beans too early! I'm glad you liked the mysteriousness of it.

I'm not quite sure when my next update will be, but I'll be sure to let you know when the next chapter is up!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!!!

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Review #12, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 4-The Morning After

10th October 2008:
Oh, I don't know that I like where Snarky is going with those thoughts. {worry, worry, worry} This was a nice chapter with more insight into the characters and you're developing them all nicely. Again, I can't say enough about my relief at not rushing this... you're doing a really good job with it! Kudos to you! :D

I'll be watching for an update and if I don't see it, please PM me and I'll head over to review! :D Good job {clapping}.

Bye for now.

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry too much! I don't want to give too much away, but I think Snarky is going to be the least of their worries!

I'm really glad your enjoying this so far. I'm hoping to update soon-the next chapter is done. I can't get on my internet at home, and unless it's fixed, I don't think I'll be able to get it one for at least another week. :-( I was going to bring it with me today so I could put it on, but I only remembered that about 30 minutes ago!!! Oh well...

I'll let you know when it's up!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review all these chapters!!!

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Review #13, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 3-Truths and Revelations

10th October 2008:
What an interesting look into Snape's home life! I still feel sorry for everything he lost all those years before... You are doing a good job of progressing the relationship realistically. You've also obviously gone to a lot of trouble (and study) to theorize her mode of transportation to get to Snapes!

The house elf was a nice touch! ;)

Oh, one more spot that stood out:
"Severus smiled. "I've very glad you did..."
Should that be, "I'm very glad you did..."

Everything else looks good! :D Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm really trying to keep this relationship realistic. Its kind of hard for a lot of people to picture, so you have to work extra hard to make it work.

Snarky really does seem to fit. Severus seems like the type of person who needs someone to look after him, even if he would never admit it!

Ooh, thanks for finding that! I'll try to fix it at some point-I'm not at my home computer since my internet is down. :-(

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

Thanks so much for the review!!!

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Review #14, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 2-Treat Me Like You Did The Night Before

10th October 2008:
Wow... there was a lot that went on in this chapter! Poor, poor Ron - I just want to cuddle him. What will he do when he finds out who Hermione is with? Oh, my!!

Harry and Ginny are cute together! :) She's not as edgy as I would have expected, but since the story is about Hermione and Snape - it works!

Another spot stuck out...
"With a flick of her want, the mess was gone."
Did you mean "With a flick of her wand..."?

On to the next chapter! :D Good Job!

Author's Response: Yeah, I wouldn't want to be in the room when Ron finds out!

Hmm, I can see your point about Ginny. I guess I see her as being a little softer, but not too much, of course, or she wouldn't be Ginny!

Oh, thank you for pointing out my typos! (I meant to say something in the last review, but i must have forgotten. This goes for that one too.) I try to make sure the chapters are alright, but there's always that line or two I miss.

Thanks so much for the review!!!

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Review #15, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 1-Five Years Later

10th October 2008:
Hello again! :)

This was another lovely chapter... it drew a lot of emotion out and I actually laughed out loud in a couple of spots (when Snape was talking about what he would do to Ron). Very nice!

I like the fact, again, that this isn't rushed - meaning you didn't jump to them planning their wedding the day after she saved his life! :D I like the turmoil - it's realistic.

One little thing jumped out at me (nothing major)...
"A part of her wanted the draw her wand...
Perhaps that should be "A part of her wanted TO draw her wand..."

That's it! :) Good job... on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yeah! I made you laugh! If I've succeeded at that, then I know I've done my job well. :-)

I'm really trying hard to keep this as realistic as I can. I mean, I can't have Severus suddenly wear pink robes for fun! I'm glad you think I'm doing a good job so far at staying on track.

Thanks a bunch!!! I really appreciate your feedback!!!

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Review #16, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Prologue-Making Alterations

10th October 2008:
Hello :D

Wow - that was a very nice beginning! I like the idea of Hermione using her wand to 'see' the poison within Snape. :) I'm thrilled that this wasn't an automatic love connection - excellent.

Hermione and Snape both were very much in character! Good job! And the blending between DH and your first chapter was wonderful!

On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad you liked it so far! I agree, with something as complicated as Snape and Hermione, it just can't be automatic love.

Thank you so much!

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Review #17, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: A Dream Fulfilled

21st May 2008:
Wow... simply amazing! I was completely lost upon reading the first sentence, drawn into the world you've created.

My favorite phrase, "...feeling the words linger in the air as do all private dreams which are spoken aloud." I love that. I've never thought about it, but it's true...

And Bethe running into Rose on the ship and learning of her misunderstanding... yikes. Plus, we now know for certain that Cecila ran back to John, thus depriving Rose of love. I feel sorry for her (Rose).

And Rita Porter... a nod to a great snoop/reporter coming about? That was a great addition to show how fast the news spread about the 'tea disaster'. The Riddle family will definitely feel humiliated by the gossip...

Oh... and the locket... very interesting! Still spooky, but I wonder if it too will abandon her when she stops giving the potion, or does it 'suggest' that the potion is unnecessary thus ridding itself of Merope and sent little Tom on a course of self destruction. I'm probably giving the locket too much credit...

And the love scene... perfectly, impeccably done! It just makes you, well... it was really good! :D

10/10 as always! Again, thank you for writing such a lovely story and in a classic, romantic way that simply draws us in and allows us to walk away with a smile... you truely have a gift!

Author's Response: Thank you Teresa!!! :) This review made me smile a ton. I am so, so glad you liked this chapter - it's one of my personal faves (mostly because of the Tom and Merope scene which was fun and challenging to write).

Yes ma'am! Cecilia totally went back to John. I think it must have hurt her pride to be rejected by Tom, so she just rebounded onto the first person who was there for her. It kind of wrecked her relationship with Rose, though, obviously.

Haha I had fun writing the gossip scene too. The Riddles have "aired their dirty laundry" for the first time and the entire village is really, really into it. If you think about it, humans are that way. They LOVE drama! It's like a real-life soap opera playing out before their eyes.

The locket's still there! It's starting to annoy Merope a little bit and I'm actually really glad that I had her take it off before she and Tom ... you know. It would be kind of creepy, like having a voice in your head while it's all happening. *shudder*

I'm so incredibly grateful that you like my story :) Thanks for another amazing review, you never skimp on encouragement and I appreciate that SO much.

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Review #18, by Harry_Potter_MomAfter Death Did Us Part: After Death Did Us Part

21st April 2008:
Oh my goodness... this is the third time I've read it and I love it more each time. I couldn't leave a review before (as I was supposed to be working... shhh).

This was so tastefully and sweetly done. It's the perfect blend of sadness and heartache, but with that tiny bit of fluff to round it out and leave you walking away with a sad smile of what was and what could have been...

There's only one little thing I found and perhaps I'm reading it wrong: " if fuelled by a magical force". Should that be " if fuelled..." or " it was fuelled..." That's it - the rest was perfect.

I can't wait to dive into your novel! That will come soon... :D

Excellent! Marking this (and you) as a favorite!!! :)

Author's Response: Wow, you have now made my day! I totally understand about being at work... well my laptop has died and I'm having problems accessing the internet. If people at my work found out they would send me to the loony-bin!

I'm so glad I posted this because I wrote it quickly for a challenge and I was worried that it was ever so melodramatic and yet, it has had such positive reviews! Yes I think "as it fuelled..." sounds better actually.

Thanks so much for that! x

Now, the novel is a long thing and still very much in progress. Also, it's a year 7 thing but from an odd perspective, I guess. I include elements that JKR could not really dabble with such as religion etc but I look forward to your comments when you get to it.

I'm so behind with everything. I'm still to finish reading Girldectective's wonderful story which is now in the book club! This lack of internet is doing my head in!

Hugs x

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Review #19, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: Letting Go

17th April 2008:
I'm breathless... this was an amazing chapter.

Tom Sr. does have quite the temper, doesn't he? Here, we thought it was all Merope, but Tom is a bit more than demanding.

I'm so sad that he's the one that made her promise to never see Bethe again... but that was incredibly realistic... scary. He reminds me a bit of her father... controlling and manipulative... cold to those who do not agree with him.

I do hope you'll continue to mix Bethe into the story (or a side story of her own)? She is a lovely character!

Surely they aren't going to live in the Guant cottage? Tom is much too spoiled for that! :)

Perfect chapter and I'll be watching for the next one! :D

Author's Response: Hi Teresa! :D

Yeah Tom Sr. does have his moments, doesn't he? But granted, I think he had a good reason to freak out because his parents were being such turds to Merope. And yeah he has a control problem too! The fact that he always gets his way, coupled with the obsessive love from the potion, combine to make him over-jealous of anyone who tries to stand between him and Merope. He is a little like Marvolo, isn't he?? Look at all these "wonderful" genes that baby Voldie is going to get some day!

Thanks for saying that about Bethe :) I will definitely continue to keep her in the story - she's got a big scene coming up in Chapter 10 with another minor OC and I'm excited for that. :)

Haha nope, you're absolutely right - Tom Sr. can barely survive without five servants let alone live in a tiny cottage. I think they're going back there to plan and regroup before making a move. After all, the Gaunt cottage still belongs to Marvolo who is currently shooting the breeze in jail.

Agh thanks for another brilliant review! I thrilled that you've been enjoying it and I'm planning on updating soon (to try and make my goal of completing the story this summer)!

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Review #20, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Wand of Lord Voldemort: Chapter Three: The Watcher in Little Hangleton Meets his New Master

11th April 2008:
Hello :D

Ah... so we meet not only the masked Death Eater, but his new master as well. Curious a creature Pansy is.

This sentance gave me a bit of trouble... "With a start, the watching Death Eater who was seated in a dusty chair in an upper room in the disgusting muggle dwelling was jerked from his slumber." The word 'in' is repeated three times. Maybe something like, "In the uppermost room of the Muggle dwelling, the watching Death Eater jumped from his dusty chair with a start."

Ahh... using the 'Prior Incantato' theory for the wand - very nice! :D

I'm very curious where the wand is hidden? Out in plain site? Disguised with a spell? Hidden/buried away?

Again, great descriptive chapter! :D

I'll watch for updates (or message me so I can get over here!) :)

Author's Response: Hmm, you're right that I went a little "in" crazy in that sentence, I'll have a look when I edit and see what I can do. I'm glad you like the prior incantato aspect! As to where the wand is, you'll have to wait for the next chapter (which will probably be a bit, given that I have to write a couple of research papers)...

Thanks so much for coming!!

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Review #21, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Wand of Lord Voldemort: Chapter Two: A Frightful Place

11th April 2008:
Hello again!

This was an amazing chapter! Wow! Great descriptions and I especially enjoy the different POVs! I was literally leaning up to the computer reading (very drawn in) and wanted to yell at Dennis "Don't!!! Come back!" LOL

I think you might have missed a word in this sentance... "The pair sorted through the things for a few minutes, but were able to sense any sort of magical presence in the room, although both felt a sense of gloom permeating the room, possibly resulting from the man who had lived there alone for so many years." Should it be, "...but were NOT able to sense any sort of magical presence..."?

I don't know that Perkins would say, "Screw this.." but maybe, "Bloody hell, Dennis..." or is that too overdone? The other screams 'american kid' to me but I only know but a couple of Brits and they are both in their 80s... :D

Love the snakeskin... hmm... so is there a Basalisk or is that just a skin from Voldemort's snake brought down to look like there is a giant snake on the premises? Very interesting!

And the masked figure... my mind is going wild wondering who it is!

Again, wonderfully-written chapter! :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm glad that I was able to hook you! You're right, I did have a word missing, and the snakeskin is supposed to be left over from Nagini.

Well, with screw this, I suppose I am echoing my american upbringing, but I do feel like bloody hell is overused. Hmm, maybe a british author can give me another authentic phrase there.

Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #22, by Harry_Potter_MomThe Wand of Lord Voldemort: Chapter 1: A Mystery Begins

11th April 2008:
Hello :D

I'm finally here and so excited that you are doing this story!

Perkins is a wonderful character to use; he was mentioned and therefore canon, but via JKR we know so little about him, it will be a great character for you to develop. And adding Dennis was great! That should make for an interesting pair. :)

I love this part... "Ron had visited many times, and Perkins had been both surprised and a little awed that the young boy who he’d seen reading comics on the floor of his office had played such a prominent role in the defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." I can picture Ron there on the floor with his comic book (Muggle?) and there must be food involved! :D

I am a bit confused at to what position Arthur has... is he in a different department and the head of a subcommittee there? That paragraph, for me, needs a bit of tweaking - tell me again where he works, etc. Perhaps take out the different department and just say that he was named head of "XYZ" or something.

Lol - the office now has a window! Great reference there and very noticed by we 'die-hard HP fans'. :D

Small spelling error in Deloris - it should be 'Dolores Umbridge'. Oh, and Muggle is always with a capital 'M' (I didn't know that either until someone pointed it out to me!)

Great, great chapter!!! On to the next! :D

Author's Response: Hey HP Mom! Thanks for coming over to give me a quick look here! I appreciate the help, and I've got some editing to do, ehh?! Haha, thanks for spotting my errors! I didn't name Arthur's position because he'd been promoted in book 6, so I just assumed he was there still.

I'm thrilled you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #23, by Harry_Potter_MomGive Up This Fight: Outside Looking In

17th March 2008:
Again, a fantastically written chapter.

I realize that the chapter was not meant to be about Cecilia, but I think it adds to our understanding of how the potion not only affects Merope and Tom, but also those that really care about them - like Bethe and Cecilia.

I do hope that Cecilia can truly be happy with John - it would do her good to feel that she is the priority in someone's life.

I enjoyed the 'language' as well. Not overly flowery, but quite tasteful yet easy to understand.

The potion was subtle, giving the desired effect without being too sloppy. I am glad you wrote it that way. I also enjoyed Tom questioning (in the conservatory) about how this obsession with Merope came about, and the phase "No woman had ever bewitched him like this." LOL He has no idea how true that is!

The dream that Bethe had - WOW... chocked full of mystery there. I understand the significance of parts of it, but not all... but that is your purpose, is it not? :)

Still loving it! Can't wait to see more! 10/10


Author's Response: Hi Teresa, thanks a million for coming back! :) I love reading your reviews. I know, I hadn't even planned on writing that much about Cecilia but I felt that she was a loose end that could not be ignored. After all, when two people are in a relationship, it can affect everyone around them - especially the people who care about them, exactly what you said.

I think Cecilia could eventually find some happiness but obviously she has lost someone she loved very much so it won't ever be the perfect life she envisioned ... but what life is perfect? I'm more worried about John who has to settle with someone who can never really love him back as much as he wants. But isn't that the same situation with Merope? :)

Oh thanks! I'm glad you liked the language. I think my niche is more old-fashioned than modern for sure, I always find myself writing in an more antiquated style lol... it's my comfort zone. :D I'm also happy that the potion made sense to you; I think he would be semi-conscious even though it has turned his head, that he can still wonder why he has so suddenly fallen so hard for Merope. There's no truer word for it than "bewitched," the poor guy. ;)

Yep the dream was meant to be confusing! I'm glad you got the significant parts but it was supposed to be a little whacked out as dreams often are...

Thank you my dear! I'm thrilled that you still like it and I loved reading your thoughts as always! :)

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Review #24, by Harry_Potter_MomLove: Abstinence

16th March 2008:
Let me just go on record to say "Oh My Gosh - That Was Brilliant!"

Wow... my mind is reeling right now. I was all set up to see a mushy romance between Snape and Narcissa, and you blew me away!

It's like a rocket, ready to launch - you know the path, you know the destination - and then BOOM, it explodes and completely takes you off guard. Excellent.

I really feel you've captured Snape and Dumbledore quite well. I've never given much thought to why Snape acts the way he does - just chalked it up to his childhood or something. You take him much deeper and I can certainly appreciate that.

The memory/flashback was, of course, my favorite. Darn James not willing to make the vow to Lily (oh, if she knew...) and then Snape to willingly make that sacrifice... so sweet.

Now, I get to imagine in my mind what happens when Lucius finds out his beloved trophy wife bedded Snape and killed him in the process. lol...

Brilliant, really. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much.
I don't think I could write a mushy romance if my life depended on it.

I've imagined the moment when Lucius, fresh out of Azkaban, stands before Narcissa, one hands on his hips, the other cluthing the Daily Prophet, and a hurt look in his eye. Fortunately (1) our Cissy is Slytherin to the core and (2) she's had time to get her story straight.
(And, really, if she had a seance and asked Severus what to do, he would certainly give her a pragmatic answer.)
So, although she has a couple of options, she would probably go with the old tried and true, "He brought me a potion. He said it was for my nerves and I should drink it right away. So I did what he said. I don't remember anything until I woke up bed and he was . . . oh, Lucius, it was horrible, horrible. The Aurors? They hate me. They're lying."

Piece of cake. Lucius would buy it because he wants to keep his family together as much as she does. And nobody really trusts Severus except Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Anyway, I hope you didn't mind the gratuitous creative writing. And I'm totally thrilled you enjoyed the story.

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Review #25, by Harry_Potter_MomI'll Keep Your Secrets: So Much For Always...

8th March 2008:
=[ Aww... how awful for Snape. Happy and in love to broken and bitter.

How did Ambre go from Snape to Remus? Why?

I was completely drawn in. It's a short chapter, but well worth it... it leaves me hoping for more very soon! I do hope you continue! I'm marking this as a favorite and will watch for an update.

Author's Response: Well, I figured that something had to have happened for him to be such an ass all the time... I just love the James/Lily pairing too much, so I had to sub someone else in for Lily instead.

As for more, that really was supposed to be the end... but I suppose that I can put up an epilogue if you want me to.

I probably should, actually. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Thanks ever so uber much for reviewing!!


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