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Review #1, by crazycheetahMixed Messages: A Moment In The Life Of Oliver Wood

26th May 2009:
aw!! poor oliver! *cough cough* and anne haha update soon! ur doing an awesome job :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope as much! And I will update as soon as possible! x x x

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Review #2, by crazycheetahChaos In The Order: Betrayal

25th May 2009:
love ur stories! just thought i shuould review cause no one ever reviews mine *starts grumbling to herself* i never really bother people about it though cause hate when people are like i won't write unless u review its annoying

Author's Response: Haha, sometimes I say that but I never mean it...when I first posted HHWC, I got pretty much no reviews. So, it's good that people are liking my story and thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by crazycheetahIt's Funny, It's Drama, It's Steamy, It's...Sirius?: The Storm

10th March 2009:
i'm glad that you think that and i'll review but a lot people don't review because they are too lazy too or because that person is like 'if you don't review then i won't write!' and no that isn't the purpose of writing to write your story on a website is for your story to be found maybe not always reviewed but read sure it's good to have a review to help keep up the good work to encourage or make you better but you shouldn't depend on it esspecially if you want to be a writer i love writing but i do it for myself and also for others if i have a lot of readers i know i do a pretty good job if they're taking the time to read my story instead of doing something else or reading somelses story so please don't get discouraged if people don't review and please don't yell at the lovely readers you have but if someone does review mention a thanks or something like that so they knew you took the time to personally read theres also please read my story i like yours a lot though it's really great! :)

Author's Response: Trust me I know just because people aren't reviewing doesn't mean I'm gonna stop writing...b/c honestly I don't think I could. It's just that is it really hard to type "hey, i like your story please keep writing!" even for someone like me...(who is very very very lazy) can do that...
I just want to know if they like it...

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Review #4, by crazycheetahAvoiding Corruption: An Explanation

20th November 2008:
hey um, you didn't have to make it Laurella, it could've been just Laurel cause that's my full name and my nick name is Lauri haha

Author's Response: I really liked the name!

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Review #5, by crazycheetahTongue Tied: The Inner Workings Of A Young Man With A Curiously Furry Little Problem

1st April 2008:
okay like i said but a little different i think you make Remus's POV too factual and a bit boring because it's too factual so that makes a bit unsmooth but plz don't be mad i said that!

Author's Response: Haha don't worry, I'm not mad. It was just a personal take on Remus' character really. He seemed to me to be like a meticulous person and I thought his mind would probably be more orderly and less chaotic than Calliope's. But I understand if you feel like it's an impersonal approach to his character. Thanks for the review!


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Review #6, by crazycheetahBehind closed windows: Be With Me

31st March 2008:
this story is so cute i recomend sequel if haven't yet you know give an awsome like ending you can even make a one shot where she maybe dies with the Potters or they live happily ever after something like that it would be great!

Author's Response: I am writing a sequel:)
The first chapter is here already:) I hope you will like it;)


P.s. it's spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by crazycheetahHeart Breaking Memories: Heart Breaking Memories

28th March 2008:
yea do that it would be good and i don't get it does she die if she does write a one-shot of Sirius finding her and if she dosn'e write a novel about her like meeting Harry and like a relationship with Sirius or something maybe even have Lindsey adopt Harry or something like that you know you could do tons with this there's a prequel and sequal you could do

Author's Response: Thanx 4 the review, yer she died cause at the end it says the pain she had been trying to outrun for so many years was finally gone or somethin like that so yer.

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Review #8, by crazycheetahCara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders.: Dark Blue;

17th March 2008:
i luv the song dark blue i have it on my MP3 player

Author's Response: i love ittt. thank you ! (=

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Review #9, by crazycheetahA Thousand Words: A Thousand Words

16th March 2008:
it was too confusing

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Review #10, by crazycheetahCHILD OF THE RAIN: CHAPTER SEVEN-Swallowing Evil

13th March 2008:
okay well what is your website you need to tell us

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Review #11, by crazycheetahAvoiding Corruption: Kidnapped

12th March 2008:
oh my god this is hilarious okay um... RadiantRavenclaw i just wanted to tell you my name is Lauri and thats how i spell it too! So funny! LOL

Author's Response: LOL! I was trying to find a name and I thought that was a good one for her... I just kind of guessed on the spelling! COOL!

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Review #12, by crazycheetahA Rebel By Heart: What A Year Has Gone By

26th February 2008:
okay i forgot to write this in the Yule Ball chapter but when you said that Nagini fell out a window i was cracking up and i had tears in my eyes that was just hilrious!

Author's Response: thanks! I really didn't think anyone would find it funny, but I'm glad you did

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Review #13, by crazycheetahIce Queen: Chapter Fourteen:: The Butterflies in February

23rd February 2008:
okay! I don't know why but i thought i would be Seamus and i swear to god i don't know why, i mean seriously why did i think that he's not even in this story! *Beating one's self up*

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