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Review #1, by Masked BeautyContrast: The Charm-Bracelet

29th May 2008:
gah, i knew i was wrong...but hey, the next predition on my list would have been that matthew was gay. anyway, update soon because i wanna see claire and sirius together. ^^



Author's Response: Haha a lot of people actually did guess he was gay weirdly... anyways, thanks!! x

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Review #2, by Masked BeautyWhen Luna met Rolf: Curiosity killed the cat

13th May 2008:
Oo, you really know how to make your readers suffer. Stupid cliffhangers! Heh. Yeah. Anyway, I just had to say that I really enjoy this story and I've probably read the first three chapters about four times. There's too much time on my hands! Well, before I make a complete and total fool out of myself, I'll stop here. :) Update soon!



Author's Response: Hello Gemma!

I'm sorry for making my readers suffer:) but cliffhangers are nice sometimes, aren't they? And besides, this one is not that important really, you should wait for the next one:))) Sorry, I'm torturing you right now:)

I'm so happy to hear that you like this story so much that you've actually read it more than once. It makes me feel really important.

You are not making a fool out of yourself, on the contrary, you are being very sweet and kind.

Thanks for the review and for the rating and rest assured that the next chapter will come as soon as it gets validated.


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Review #3, by Masked BeautyThe World Is Not Enough: Casino Royale: Tomorrow Never Dies

4th March 2008:
okay, usually, i don't review fics often. but this one calls for a special quote review:

"I know that's only a picture on a computer screen, but I think his eyes are slowly destroying my soul," mused Potter.

"It looks as if the man has never heard of shampoo," remarked Black. "Shame, really. It's a wonderful invention."

"You can ride shotgun, Evans, seeing as you have the enormous hardship of wearing hooker clothes for this mission. I'll put the roof down and Potter can sit in back. The wind usually knocks the daftness right out of him."

10/10 for all the loverly and funny quotes.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it =). I really want to return to this story soon since it's so different from what I usually write.

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Review #4, by Masked BeautyBringing Freddy Back: Chapter Four

22nd February 2008:
okay, i just had to laugh. the soul of George's ear is with Fred and Fred's been talking to an ear. strange, but creative. there's some spelling errors and such, but overall, great chappie.



Author's Response: Yes, yes it is strange. Ha. Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #5, by Masked BeautyEgregious Affair: Prologue

28th January 2008:
Oh, wow. Very emotional beginning to a story, but it suits your style of writing. :) You slowly feed vague, foggy information to the reader which I quite like as it adds mystery and plot. Victoire and Teddy are already well characterized even in the beginning stages of the story. Wonderful description and staging. You plop the reader right into the story.

I like it already.



Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm trying to do the mystery thing for the first time and that was... hard. And that's putting it lightly - I didn't even know if it made any sense! But I'm glad it did and thank you SO much for the wonderful review!! Update is in the queue now! YAY!

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