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Review #1, by Draco_LuvaMy Path Is Set For Darkness: Nightmares

4th August 2009:
Hey there! I though I would give this a read since I have nothing better to do. And I must say I am quite interested now. I can tell this is going to be an exciting plot, so please update soon!

P.S. Glad you like the banner.

~ Laura

Author's Response: Aww thanks, I'm tring to update really quick. And the banner is amazing. Thanks! =D

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Review #2, by Draco_LuvaNot What He Was Meant To Be: Not What He Was Meant To Be

8th June 2009:
Hmmm, not sure how I feel about the ending. This story started out all happy and funny and then kinda morphed into angst in this last chapter. I'm all for twists but I just don't think that fit very well.

Nevertheless I am still looking forward to the sequel, (which I read about in your answers to other reviewers) do you have any idea what it will be called so that I can keep an eye out for it??


Author's Response: The angst fits in with my sequel which I will be posting very soon. I\\\'ve neglected my FF lately due to real life, hate it when life gets in the way lol.

I think it\\\'s going to be called Burning Regret & you\\\'ll be able to find it under the Draco/Luna section.

thanks for taking the time to review. I\\\'ll be posting soon!!

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Review #3, by Draco_LuvaTiny Heart: Always Waiting

26th May 2009:
Gah! I love christmas stories. I loved this, and the sweetness of it.

I have a question also, I looked on your authors page and saw your bio image is centered, how on earth do you do that, it drives me nuts that mind is sticking to the side?!


Author's Response: I believe i used tags


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Review #4, by Draco_LuvaThe Malfoy Downfall: In No Mood To Play Hangman

14th January 2009:
Pretty good first chapter, looking forward to the next update.


Author's Response: Thanks for replying!
It means a lot!

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Review #5, by Draco_LuvaBroken Wing: Broken Wing

23rd December 2008:
Fantastic. Loved it! Song was great, and really sad but also kind of happy. 8/10 :)


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Review #6, by Draco_Luva7 Things : 7 Things

23rd December 2008:
Awww thats so sweet. Absoluetly hate Miley Cyrus but it kinda worked. 7/10.


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Review #7, by Draco_LuvaThe Wizarding Talk: The Wizarding Talk

23rd December 2008:
Haha awkward, but in a good way. Loved how you ended it.


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked how it ended. Thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by Draco_Luva*A New Christmas*: Change

23rd December 2008:
That was great, love the last few paragraphs. Amazingly sweet.


Author's Response: thanks so much for the review! It means a lot and I'm glad you enjoyed this!

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Review #9, by Draco_LuvaAfter Dark: The Cullens

23rd December 2008:
Amazing as always! That was a wonderful way for them to meet, I could feel the tension. Can't wait to see how Edward and Bella are introduced lol.


Author's Response: Thank you! I tried to make their meeting as realistic as possible and I knew that there'd be a ton of tension between the two groups, with each in fear of the other. And Edward and Bella will be introduced in the next chapter ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Happy holidays!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #10, by Draco_LuvaThe Way It Should Be: "A Night To Remember"

11th December 2008:
Aw cute. Ron can be a real prick sometimes, I wanna smack him. But Cedric on the other hand... there are no words!


Author's Response: Aw..thanks and Ron can be a prick. And you are not alone on the slapping part. And I'm glad that you like Cedric.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Draco_LuvaThe Way It Should Be: "I'm Here, I Promise."

4th December 2008:
The quotes at the start are good, so I was kinda expecting them to have a snog this chapter. And you seriously didn't disappoint!

"That was the right time."

Too right it was, good old Cedric/Robert/Edward...whatever! XD


Author's Response: Oh, goodie! That's what I was trying to get at! And I guess I did! And I'm glad that I didn't disapoint you! =D!

And yes, all three of them are extremley good looking! =P!

Thanks for your review! =D!

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Review #12, by Draco_LuvaAfter Dark: The Homecoming

4th December 2008:
Why must you leave it there?!?!
Loving it so far, can't wait until they finally meet up.
And please please please don't have Jacob break Edward and Bella up, they belong together! I will seriously murder you if they split!


Author's Response: Lol, well, lucky for you I'm Team Edward, so, there won't be any breaking up, but that doesn't mean Jacob can't have a little fun...thanks for reading and reviewing!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #13, by Draco_LuvaThe Way It Should Be: "Are You As Excited As We Are?"

25th November 2008:
Love it, most wonderfully. Update quickly! And did you enjoy Twilight. I though it was awesome, although I had to watch it on the internet, but I still loved it.


Author's Response: Yay! You loves it! =D! And I will! And yes! I did! I loved the movie! It was really great! beyond my expectaions of what it was going to be! I loved it as well! =D!
Cedric Diggory + Edward Cullen = Robet Pattinson! Who is awesome! Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Draco_LuvaSecrets of Our Fathers. : Chapter 1 Weclome Back 3rd years

24th November 2008:
Hmmm, I think I will like this story, keep writing ;)


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Review #15, by Draco_LuvaAfter Dark: The Decision

7th November 2008:
OMG! Love it. And Draco being involved makes it even better! Can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved it! I'll try my hardest to update soon; thanks for reading and reviewing!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #16, by Draco_LuvaPavement: one ;

5th November 2008:
Aw, I want more! You can't leave it there!


Author's Response: i admit, it was a little unfair to leave it there
but if i have time over the next week, i'll try to (hopefully) post a sequel.

thanks for your review!

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Review #17, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 6

31st October 2008:
o_O WOW!

Great. *Does a happy dance* So the other woman was Luna. Never sawthat coming.

And that was really cute by the way. Sounded really nice. Ginny is a real bitch, but I do kind of understand in a way. You would do anything to be with someone you love, even if that is stabbing a friend in the back.

How did Luna die. Hoping to hear more about that too. Glad that Harry felt comfortable enough to confess all that to Draco. I love all the little bonding moments they have. And not just this story but all stories in general.

Some people find them really boring but I love to hear the back story and all that jazz. Looking forward to youe next update. Although I might not review right away, but no worries I will get round to it eventually... I hope!


Author's Response: haha (i'm seeing that dance, too!) Yes, the other woman was Luna. I thought that would be a nice little twist for you all. What better person to help Harry through his depression than Luna? Ugh, Ginny. Her obsession just got the best of her.

I'm still working on this story, so I'm not sure what I'll be doing regarding Luna's death. I'm sure whatever I do will surprise me. My characters seem to like to take this story in their own hands at times. :)

It was really nice to see Harry tell Draco about it. I like their bonding moments, too. Those two just need each other. :)

Thanks again for your great review! Another chapter will be coming very soon (probably tomorrow, Friday). Can't wait to hear what you think of the rest of my story!! :)

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Review #18, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 5

31st October 2008:
Whoop great! I didnt mind you switching into third person at all. If you didnt then I wouldnt be drooling over the image of Draco and Blaise getting all steamy!

So things are starting to happen. Draco likes Harry. Draco Likes Harry. You have to imagine I just childishly sung that while dancing in circles around you.

And btw, I am at a friends house right now, staying over for halloween and I am getting very strange looks for giggling at the computer screen. Thats your doing missy!

Can I just say that you are really very good at sex scenes, but must you leave me wanting more?! Grrr!

Andrew? Hmmm, hoping to find more about him. But now I will be thinking of my cousin whenever I read about him who happens to have the same name and that can't be good since he is only like 14 lol.

DRACO ABRAXAS MALFOY! YAY someone else uses that. I think that sounds really awesome. I can't remember, I think Abraxas was Lucius's father... was he? But anyway whenever I get bored in class I start doodling 'DAM' on my books, so my teachers get works handing in with a random DAM in the corner!

Incase you failed to notice, I am a little bit hyper, that was candy apples and bubblegum do to me. That and singing Dirty Little Secret on Rock Band!


Author's Response: Aw, good. I know some people don't like changes in POVs, but it had to be done. And, I know! Draco and Blaise... mmm :)

haha Yep. It's true. He likes him. And omg... totally visualized you doing that. (heard it too) lol Your friend must think you're nuts. :) Unless she's into the whole HP thing too, and then perhaps not. :) Hope you had a good Halloween, btw.

lol Thanks for the comment on sex scenes. Sorry I had to end it there (rules, you know...) However, I do have this fic on another site, so it gives me a bit more freedom with it. :)

haha I hate when you know someone who has the same name as your character. Then all you can visualize is that person. Yes, you will learn more about Andrew. Don't you worry. :)

I know! I rarely hear that name. People usually go with Lucius instead. And yes, Abraxas was Lucius' father. LOL That is so funny about DAM. If only they knew. :)

haha I have not failed to notice that. Sweets can make anyone hyper! Mmm Candy apples. I haven't had one of those in AGES!

Thanks, as always, for your great review!! :)

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Review #19, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 4

31st October 2008:
Haha, awesome chapter. I really find is sooo amusing when Harry tries to flirt. I like it better when he tries to filrt with muggle women becuase they dont know he is famous so it is alot more entertaining.

I like how well you go into Harry's head. I can't write first person very well... actually I suck! Thats why all my stories are in thrid person, atually I attempted Dracos POV, I don't like it much though lol. But you do it very well.

Tough look getting a girl called Ginny. He was doing so good as well. Poor Harry. But if having Draco's arms wrapped around his waist wont make him feel better I dont know what will.

Btw I'm loving Draco's attitude in this, he is kind of bubbily and free spirited, I like that more than I should lol. Why do american girls love British mens accents? Trust me, living in Britain for your whole life gets you pretty sick of them. But I do love Irrish randomly. XD!

"Protected Witness Protects Protector" LMAO *sniggers*


Author's Response: :) lol Yes, it is pretty cute to see Harry make a fool of himself. And you're right. Much better to go after muggles then witches. No one knows him this way. :)

Thanks for your comment on how I write Harry's thoughts. First person can be a bit tricky, especially when you can only write your main character's thoughts, instead of what others may be thinking. Oh what I would love to know what's going on in Draco's head. :) Maybe later on I will do another story, seeing it through his head. :) Ooh.. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind.

I know. Of all the girls he chooses, it has to be one named Ginny!! Life can be so cruel sometimes. :) But what a wonderful end to have Draco's arms around him. haha

Yay! I'm glad you like Draco's attitude. He is pretty free spirited. I like that phrase for him. :) haha You know. I don't know why we like British accents. Actually, I think it's just accents in general that gets me. :) Italian, English, Australian, Irish... YUM!

LOL Glad you liked that little headline. That would definitely be something I would see in a newspaper.

Thanks for your review, Laura!! :)

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Review #20, by Draco_LuvaForbidden: Forbidden

25th October 2008:
Simply WOW. That was awesome. Good job!


Author's Response: Thank you for reading.

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Review #21, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 3

18th October 2008:
*sniggers* good chapter.

I love Draco's logic. And if you think about it, it is completely true. Ok so if Harry has only slept with two people who are they. One is Ginny since they were married, who is the other?

And how many people has Draco slept with? I'm betting on a hell of a lot more than two.

How old are they btw? You might have mentioned it but as you probably already know I don't pay much attention to little details??

Hmmm, looking forward to see what happends when they go out on the town lol. Maybe one of them will get lucky with some random girl... or together... whatever works. As long as Draco is shirtless!


Author's Response: Thanks, Laura. Glad you liked this chapter. :) Yes, Draco does make sense. Harry should listen to him more. haha

And the question about the other person comes up. :) Well, don't you fret. That will be answered later. And Draco's partners? Well, yeah, more than two. lol Actually, I didn't mention their age in here, so you didn't miss that detail. I really haven't thought about an exact age, to tell you the truth. I would say they're in their late 20s.

Next chapter will be posted soon. Draco shirtless? Hmm... not so much in the next chapter. But eventually. haha Thanks, as always, for your reviews!!! :)

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Review #22, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 2

18th October 2008:
Hahahahahaha. The mile high club! Classic!

You made my day. Draco on a plane discussing with Harry about having sex lol. And loved the part where he flirted with the girl and got a smack lmao!

Maybe they could discover exactly what the MHC is together, in the cramped little bathroom.

Btw didnt Ralph Fiennes have sex with some random woman on a plane? I remember reading about it somewhere. Well that though actually makes me shivver. Voldermort and the mile high club. Urg!

Anyway 10/10!


Author's Response: Yay! So glad you liked that part. I was laughing when I wrote it, and I was hoping others would do the same. :) It's just so funny how innocent those two are about it, too. They have no idea they're talking about sex, or the fact that Draco inadvertently told some random guy that Harry would know if he was or not. :) I liked the smack, too. He really should be careful with saying that too much around people. :) haha I think that would be a nice little discovery for the both of them.

LOL Voldemort and the mile high club. You're awesome. :) Thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by Draco_LuvaProtected: Chapter 1

18th October 2008:
Haha like the way this is going.

Yeah, you so can't get away from me that easily.

Hmmm I wouldn't mind being stuck on a plane with Draco. The seat tend to be small and there would be alot of touching and coughsexytimecough. Well if it were me and Draco it would be.

Nice tactic Draco created though. Wish someone did that to me when I was flying to America! I frigging hate planes... unless I'm with a fictonal blonde haired grey eyed guy.

Kinda do feel a little sorry for Harry though. Having to be stuck on a plane for a long time with someone you don't particulary get on with. I feel his pain.


Author's Response: :) haha I didn't think I would. I'm glad you decided to stop over here and give this story a try.

lol Yes, being on a plane with Draco would be nice, unless you're Harry, that is. :) But, come on... close seats, knees touching, elbows bumping... Got to love it. :)

I'm glad you liked how Draco helped Harry. I thought it would be a nice change for Harry to be the one who is afraid, instead of Draco all the time. Just because he's a Gryffindor doesn't mean he still can't get scared about a few things. I rarely fly, but it can be pretty scary. I'm sure Draco would do the same for you. :)

Thanks for your review, Laura!

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Review #24, by Draco_LuvaWho Knew: Chapter 22

13th October 2008:
YAY happy ending. I can go put that rusty spoon away for another time now.

I never expected Nagini to do that, thats was a little surprise.

I'm gonna keep this sort and sweet. Loved it, will keep on loving it!

Although I would like to know about hoe Luna took the news of Rons death. But I am pretty sure that part will make me cry lol.

Great story. Love it. Love your talent. Basically love everything. But I'm sure you could have just set me on Voldie and he would have been deaded alot quicker lol. Trust me on that.

Anyway, so sad that I can't say I am eagarly awaiting an update but still happy in a way lol.


Who knew some one could write so good. (pun intended)


Author's Response: :D Could I honestly NOT give them the happy ending they definitely deserve?? Their love is just so sweet. I couldn't do that to them (or you for that matter... I was scared about that spoon coming back out a few chapters ago). :)

Yes, Nagini was a surprise, wasn't it? I hope you liked what I did with all of that. :)

I'm so happy you loved my story, Laura. Your constant reviews kept me going. :) I really have appreciated your comments throughout the chapters. Thank you so much.

Hmm... perhaps one day I'll do a one-shot of Luna, but I don't know. That would just be such a sad story.

I liked your pun. Thank you again, and toodle pip (I had to) until the next story. :) I hope you will stick around and see what other stories I come up with in the future.

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Review #25, by Draco_LuvaWho Knew: Chapter 20

13th October 2008:
Ok so I re-read chapter 17. I missed the park where Draco went to sleep when Voldie implied Harry was still alive, my mistake. Oopsy.

Anyway, loving the little plan, I love it when Harry gets angry. And I find it incredibly cute when Harry is willing to die for Draco.

And I don't know who to trust. Are they acting like bastards to get Draco and Harry out? Or did Lucius actually betray them. I know Snape said he was acting but I'm not so sure anymore. I hope he is only acting.

OK I am kinda nervous now, the next chapter is the last. I don't want ti to end but I am dying to know what will happen. Hope Draco gets to at least see Harry.


Author's Response: That's okay. I'm glad you reread it, though. When I saw your review, I was wondering if you would. :)

Yes, Harry's willingness to die for Draco is so sweet. You could just see the love there. :) I like when Harry gets angry, too.

Is Lucius acting, or did he truly betray Severus and Harry? Hmm... I told you this man was rather questionable. Perhaps the next chapter will confirm some suspicions. ;)

I hope you will like my ending. *biting my nails* Thanks for your review, Laura! :)

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