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Review #1, by Lily Marie Evans PotterA Proposal...or Three: A Proposal...or Three

29th August 2009:
I would have said yes to that second one, what's not to love? James is such a sweetheart

Author's Response: haha same, if anyone ever accidentally proposed to me, i would so say yes. thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Lily Marie Evans PotterIntrospection: Introspection

6th August 2009:
Hi there, Lily here from TGS.

I'm really sorry I didn't review before that exchange closed but circumstances sort of prevented it (hospitalization after a major surgery with no Internet connection.)

I feel especially guilty after those awesome reviews you gave my novel...real food for thought, thank you very much.
Anyhow, back to your story. You ask if Draco is OOC and quite honestly, I think he is. It's probably a personal peeve, but I find Dramione in general not very believable. Even after his vulnerable stage in HBP, I can't see Draco feeling that way about Hermione, sorry!

Interesting style you have though, I noticed you didn't have any actual speech in the story...reminds me of my very first fic, no direct quotes. Was the absence of dialogue intentional?
At any rate, even I, a true Dramione-hater, see the potential here, well done!


Author's Response: It's all good, thanks for taking the time to do it now! I hope everything is well now that you're out!

I was trying for something different in this by removing all the dialogue. It was really difficult for me because I'm so rooted in having characters express themselves through their words, so exploring ways to write out his actions was very experimental and fun for me. I'm glad you thought that there was potential even though you dislike the ship!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe Day We Died: Beginning

16th May 2009:
Hey hun,

Thanks for the dedication, I'm flattered. I'll say again what I've said before, this fic is brilliant and you should definitely continue it. My offer to help you out with tenses and spelling still stands, just so you know. You know where to find me if you need help ;)

Best of luck and bravo,

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Review #4, by Lily Marie Evans PotterDefying Gravity: 19..Grow Up

29th November 2008:
EEK! You sucessfully freaked me out with this chapter. My name is Rina and I have black hair, just like James' one-night stand. I apologize that I haven't reviewed this story before now, it's been on my faves list ever since I first discovered it.

The drama, suspense and unpredictable twists make me long for updates more than for any other fic. As an author and a reader, I'm totally into drama and angst, both of which your story has an ample supply of.

Could you please develop the sub-plot of why Harry keeps getting headaches and heartburn? What with Jennifer's cancer and Albus possibly cheating (I still can't believe he'd go running to the queen of tarts when he has such an amazing girlfriend!) I understand that there's already a lot going on, but Harry's mysterious ailments are intriguing to me.

I'm so glad Nat and Rosie made up. You know, I don't normally like OC's in story's, but in Natalya's case, I feel as fond of her as my own OC who features in practically all my stories.

Update soon and check out my stories too please!


Author's Response: Haha, that's ironic! Wow...hmm, that's really weird. Sorry to freak you out! Thanks for reviewing now!

I'm into drama and angst, too, which is what I love to write. Thanks so much!

I'm trying to lighten things up really, but I'm setting Harry's health problems up for the sequel, and you can quote me on that. Just stick with me, you'll love it!

Thanks! I'm glad you like Nat. She's one of the OCs I like so much that it's actually tolerable to write her. Mostly I get so annoyed with keeping them in character that I give up.



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Review #5, by Lily Marie Evans PotterGiving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion: Absolute Chaos

2nd June 2008:
Hey Rose,

Seriously, how do you come up with this hilarity? I'm technically not even a Dramione shipper, as you know, but for the purpose of making Ron feel bad, it really works, hehe! I felt really bad for Ginny, she always seems to get the short end of the stick in your stories, and to lose Harry to Pansy of all people, how horrible for her!

I'm trying really hard here to think of other details to comment on, I totally want to pay you back for your amazingly long reviews of all my stories, but other than doing the same for you, I don't really know how! What else can I say?

Good luck with the rest of your exams and update as soon as possible, this is a brilliant piece of work! 1000'000'000/10

Love ya,


Author's Response: hey lily! :D

thanks for reading!! and dont you worry about not making the reviews as long as mine, i dont mind at all! and you have written more than the average person does on reviews so im happy! hehe!

as to how i come up with the hilarity i have no idea! lol! im not a generally funny or witty person myself so it comes as a surprise to me that i can pull off comedy fics and with good writing too! i admit, im not a dramione fan either, and have never wanted to write it before. actually i didnt want to this time either, but it is a pairing that a lot of people crave and i thought that under love potion it would be feasable to have it happen... and also make ron jealous... ;)

anywho, thanks so much again for the comment! and also for the good luck wish! and WOW what a high rating... :D

luv ya too!

Rose :)

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Review #6, by Lily Marie Evans PotterLet Me Down Easy: Let Me Down Easy

29th May 2008:
Aww! Don't say you can't write humor again because it's not true! That list was so typical of the Marauders and it was very funny! James is such a sweetheart, still thinking Lily doesn't love him after two years together. I just wanted to give him a big hug through his entire "break-up list". This was the perfect balance of romance and humor, keep writing you're amazing at it!

Another reason why this story earned a spot on my favorites list: I love Lily and James! If you enjoy stories about them, please return the favor and review some of my stories!

Happy Writings,
Lily Marie Evans Potter

Author's Response: Thanks for such a flattering review!

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Review #7, by Lily Marie Evans Potter:

29th May 2008:
God that was tragic! I never thought about Sirius' feelings regarding Snape's Patronus and Molly's Boggart, that's so sad! I love how you made him feel guilty about what happened to James, it's a very plausible reason for why he was so protective of Harry. I adored the last few lines, they prove that although he missed James he would still confuse him for Harry, lol!

Huggles, Lily

Author's Response: I had to double check OOTP to be sure Snape actually USED his patronus to check on Sirius, but DD specifically said "the order has other ways to communicate". That's when I began to wonder what on earth Sirius would have to say about that patronus.

And I've always assumed that was what Sirius saw in that boggart when we first read about it, especially since his eyes lingered. He was always seeming to confuse Harry and James, it must have looked just like it did when James died.

And I'm glad you liked the end! I thought it would be ironic if, after always assuming Harry was James, in the end he was assuming James was Harry.

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Review #8, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe Angel's Kiss: The Angel's Kiss

8th May 2008:
Hey Sarah,

This was beautiful, it really was! As it is, you're a brilliant author (as in, on my faves list) but with this story you can tell it comes from a personal experience. Btw, thank you for the permission to write a fic based on "Meeting the Evans Family" I've finished writing the story and I'll submit it as soon as my current chapter is validated. Keep an eye out for "Lessons in Love"!

P.S I can't believe I'm the first reviewer for this story, yay me!

Lily Marie Evans Potter

Author's Response: hey hunni!!
Thank you for the absolutely lovely review... you've just made my day =].
Your welcome, I cannot wait to read it!!
YAY, First reviewer!! *claps*

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Review #9, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe First Kiss Series: Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett: Christmas Wish

16th April 2008:
Yay, first to review at last! This was adorable and brilliant as usual, the way you described Molly's nerves is exactly how I've been feeling ever since I got a crush on a boy who hasn't noticed I exist yet *sigh*! Btw, which couple is next up?

P.S I liked how he called her "Molly who wobbles", now we know where the odd nickname comes from! Keep up the fab work!

Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: Your review put the biggest smile on my face! I love that you love them so much =)

I was really excited for Molly + Arthur's, and I just had to put in the 'Molly wobbles' part =)

The next one I'll be putting up (I think.. not entirely sure yet) is Ron + Hermione's. I'm really excited for theirs, yet nervous too, because I have to do it justice. Chapter 12 of No Matter What is in validation, so in 7 days, the next installment of the first kiss series will be in.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Lily Marie Evans PotterLove Me: Love Me

15th April 2008:
I'm gonna put this story in my favorites, it was brilliantly written. Especially at the part where Snape was thinking that James didn't love Lily enough to give up his life for her, I swear I wanted to strangle the son of a b* then!! I was really touched when Lily said she had hurt poor James as much as Sev hurt her, that's so true!

2357654673574537465766/10 Kudos!

Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: Yes Snape is a jerk isn't he? But he's a pathetic love sick jerk so we all feel bad for him! lOL but I LOVE James so I don't care ;) lol

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #11, by Lily Marie Evans PotterHarry Potter & The Great Wizards War: What The Hell Are Snidgets When They Are At Home?

3rd April 2008:
Hi Craig,

Great job on this chapter! I waited for it a very long time and it was definitely worth the wait. that's an evil cliffie though, why has Fawkes come to harry? I can't wait to find out and I hope you have Chapter 21 planned out!

Well done!

From Lily

P.S Yay it's the first time I'm the first to review a story, lol!

Author's Response: Hi Lily,

Its really nice to hear from you again! Thanks I am really glad that you enjoyed Chapter 20, sorry you had to wait so long for it, it took a while to write!

I'm really sorry about the evil cliff-hanger, but I had to do it, as it made a great ending to the chapter :D As to your question Why has Fawkes come to Harry? Well I am really sorry but I can't answer that question just yet, but don't worry all will come clear in time! as the saying goes good things come to thoese who wait hehe! I promise you it is really worth the wait!

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have Chapter 21 planned. But I am affraid you may have to wait a little as i have exams soon... but I promise you my spare time shall be used to write Chapter 21. But it should be up for you to read fairley soon :D

Yours Magically,

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Review #12, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe First Kiss Series: James Potter and Lily Evans: The Beginning

31st March 2008:

I cannot believe I only noticed this was up today! I love love love it too bits. I did mention that I'm the biggest L/J fan on earth and you did their love story complete justice! This one- shot is a million times better than the one I wrote. I made the mistake of handling an L/J kiss as my first ever fic. Not one of my better ideas!

Keep up this fantastic series, I'm hooked!

Hugs Lily

Author's Response: Awww thanks so much!! I really love this one, and I was hoping I'd be able to do them justice. Thank you so much for reading and for your wonderful comments!! As soon as the queue opens again, I'll be posting No Matter What's chapter 11, but after that, I think I'll be posting Molly + Arthur's one-shot =) So keep a look out! Thanks again for reading =)

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Review #13, by Lily Marie Evans PotterHarry Potter and the brighter Future: Death Tolls and Unfinished Business

17th March 2008:
my FAVE chapter so far!:)


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Review #14, by Lily Marie Evans PotterHarry Potter and the brighter Future: Awakening and Guilt Trips

17th March 2008:
yea really really nice


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Review #15, by Lily Marie Evans PotterHarry Potter and the brighter Future: Victory, Gratitude and Promises

17th March 2008:
wow this is a really good chapter i cant wait 2 c wat happens Next!


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Review #16, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe Dream: The Dream

16th March 2008:
Hi Maddie,
you've got a fab story here if only Harry had really been that lucky. there were just 2 tiny mistakes about eye colors, Ginny and James both have hazel eyes.


Author's Response: oops, I didn't catch that, haha, thanks for the tip!

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Review #17, by Lily Marie Evans PotterUnrighteous: Turbulent Thursday

16th March 2008:

I'm afraid I can't comment on the story itself YET as I have not finished D and D, but I saw your fab banner and have to ask, who's that girl on it. I think she's perfect for one of my fics, but I can't for the life of me remember her name.

help me out?
From Lily

Author's Response: Her name's Emmy Rossum. (:

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Review #18, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe First Kiss Series: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks: Trying For Love

1st March 2008:

I have loved all three one-shots up till now and this is another sure-fire favorite! The best part was that Remus' and Tonks' ride wasn't a smooth one so when they do get together, you feel even happier for them.

YAY! I'm so excited you're putting L+J up soon! I love them both!

Long live Lily and James Potter!
Lily Marie Evans Potter

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! And I agree - Lupin + Tonks had a very rough road to where they ended up. I really loved them as a couple (for the very short time that they were one), because Lupin finally found someone who really loved him. It was awful when they died - I was totally heart-broken =(

Lily + James' is definitely quite a bit happier, although it was sad for me to write it, knowing that they died so young. They barely had a chance to live. But I still love it - for some undertermined reason, it is my favorite of the one-shots.

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Review #19, by Lily Marie Evans PotterA Picture's Worth: A Picture's Worth

12th February 2008:
You really captured the spirit of Christmas very well! this story is one of my favorites. Just one tiny thing, near the beginning of the story, after Harry's conversation with Ginny in the kitchen, he goes to Al's room where Al pointed out that Harry forgot to "Silencio" the kitchen. I think you probably meant "Muffliato" which causes buzzing in the ears for anyone in the vicinity. Apart from that, this story is brilliant, keep up the good work! I'd appreciate you checking out my page as well. Lily M.E Potter

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Review #20, by Lily Marie Evans PotterSpeech: Speech

8th February 2008:
This story is one of my favorites, the emotion comes across really well!! I especially got teary-eyed when Ron mentioned Fred! I miss him a lot, but I liked that George was able to crack a joke anyway! A one-shot I wrote about Lily and James got validated recently, please read and review!
Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I'm glad that the emotion comes across. I really wanted to illustrate the George was healing. So many people write him on this horrible spiral to destruction but I just don't think he would be that way.

I will go and read your story right away!

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Review #21, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThe First Kiss Series: George Weasley and Alicia Spinnet: A Kiss for a Gryffindor

6th February 2008:
I love this story, it is headed straight for my faves list just like Fred and Angelina did. I can't wait to see how you handled your first story in this series about the older generation RL/NT, should be great and I'm looking forward to it. I especially look forward to your J/L one-shot, as I recently wrote one and it will be cool to compare styles.
Mine has just been validated, please read and review for me!!

Cheers, Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much!!! Lupin + Tonks was actually the first of these that I ever wrote, so I'm excited to put it up. As soon as my 9th chapter is validated (it should be today) I'm going to be putting theirs through validation, and I'll definitely put James + Lily's next.

I will definitely read you James + Lily one and leave a review. Thanks so much for reading!!

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Review #22, by Lily Marie Evans PotterOMG!!!!: Chapter 1

5th February 2008:
Good story, very sweet!! Thanks for reviewing mine.
Lily M.E Potter

P.S Did you know your story is up there twice as if it had copied or something?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and your welcome.
I know it is up twice it won't let me delete the second one but thanks fr telling me!!

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Review #23, by Lily Marie Evans PotterMeeting the Evans Family: The Meeting

4th February 2008:
Hi hlj

This story is on my favorites list, I love it. I do have a question however, do you know the name of the guy on your banner who depicted James, it would really help if you could tell me this as I am in the process of making a banner for an L/J fic I wrote.

Thanks, Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: hey!
Thanks for the nice comment, and the man on the banner is 'James Franco'- good luck!

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Review #24, by Lily Marie Evans PotterThinking Of You...: Introducing THE James Potter

4th February 2008:
Hi Al,
I have a question! Who is that guy on your banner which is supposed to be James? I wrote an L/J fic recently but the banner is still to be made. It would really help if you could tell me his name!!

Thank you Lily M.E Potter

Author's Response: Helloo there ^_^
His name is James =] lol
Ermm, im tryna think of his last name...oh god =/ i know he's in spiderman lol..ill go google it now ^_^ aha!

James Franco =]

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Review #25, by Lily Marie Evans PotterHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: With ot Without You

3rd February 2008:
Hi Noblevyne,

I have a very important question! Who is that guy on your banner that's supposed to be James? I would love to use his pic on my still to be made banner!!

Cheers, Lily M.E Potter

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