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Review #1, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Sound of Silence

6th December 2009:
I am so in awe with this story that I am constantly in a search for words to say appart from it being brilliant.
The character dvelope in a logical, natural way and are always interesting, the war is splendidly incorporated into the story, as is all the other canon.
Toby was harsh on his mother, afer all she had to look after him.
And I start loathing Tanith for not having been faster last chapter and saving Annie too, even though I see no possibility this could have have happened in any believeable way.

Author's Response: Thank you! I try to let the characters direct the story; I have a plot and I have events, but it's heavily affected and commanded by their behaviour and decisions.

Yep. Tobias was pretty downright horrible to his mother. But he was going to lash out at whoever first tried knocking him out of the funk, and she happened to be the one who got there first. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had been Tanith.

I don't know how Tanith could have saved Annie. If she'd ignored the Death Eater and gone right in... well, I don't know if she could have done that, but I think she'd have been in before they'd killed Annie. However, I think that would have just gotten all three of them killed, because once in there, there's no way Tanith couldn't have tried to save Annie as well, and I think she'd have failed against two Death Eaters. So that would have been dead Annie, dead Tobias, and dead Tanith. Most likely.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The End of All Things

6th December 2009:
I have problems finding any words for the review at all.
I understand Toby just wanting to die, too.

Tanith was so professinal about the rescue, and so lucky.

Author's Response: Lucky, hell yeah. Tobias will cope - he will live, he will move on, and carry the scars with him forever. This is probably one of my favourite chapters, so I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Tables Turned

22nd November 2009:
No cliffhangers, I won't be able to sleep! The suspense!

I really feel with and for your characters.
Let Annie survive. Please. Not Annie.

And I know Toby acts stupid at the end but really he has to, I'd do the same.

Author's Response: Yes! Cliffhangers! Muwahaha! Someone might die. Someone might not. You'll just have to wait and see. And, yeah, Tobias doesn't really have a choice. He's doing all he knows how.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Dark Side of the Moon

22nd November 2009:
poor Tanith.
But does she have to act so stupidly at the end.
Miles, really.

It's great how fast the chapters keep coming.

Author's Response: Yep. Poor Tanith. Poor, stupid Tanith. It's the only way she knows how to react, and nobody's gone and staged an intervention. The people she put on watchdog duty didn't actually think her throwing herself at Bletchley was a bad idea. *eyeroll*

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Importance of Being

22nd November 2009:
So Annie and Toby did it.
I got a bad feeling about their future now.
After all happy lifes make no good stories.

Author's Response: Muwahahahaha! And yes. Conflict drives story. This will prompt Major Conflict.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Ties That Bind

22nd November 2009:
Cal certainly has the warmest of families.

The Gray's family life makes me feel sad. Only the two of them.
And how much about his own feelings does Toby know?
I like that glimpse into the families, but where's Doyle?

I want a seeing stone.

Author's Response: Yeah, Cal's family the most normal. And ironically not blood-related to him! I do feel sorry for the Greys, especially for Melissa. Her story's quite sad - she threw away everything she had for the man she loved, turned her back on her family, on her origins, on her principles, made herself a target for Death Eaters... and then lost him. It's one of those backstories I didn't realise was quite so insanely cruel until I sat down and thought about it.

Nope. No Doyle. His family are a MYSTERY. :P

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The End of the Line

22nd November 2009:
Doyle really is a mistery.
His voice always mumbles about getting information, sounds a spy like his father. But for who? Is he only for him self?
He is certainly the most stereotipical Slytherin of your quartet.
He is still slightly unsure about his prophecising.
Nice to get a bit more character depth on Urquahrt.

And how stupid can Cole be?

Author's Response: Doyle plays the game. He knows the politics, and he also recognises that his friends either don't (Cal), refuse to play (Tobias), or get too emotional and prideful to be FULLY successful (Tanith). So he takes it upon himself to act, basically for them - though he'd never admit he's so altruistic, it'd be more about looking after the whole also serves his own purposes.

I do like Jack Urquhart. He's a runaway star, he was meant to be such a throwaway character, now he's got personality and even a freakin' prophetic vision under his belt. He's going to be a star. I just don't know in what fic. He'll probably decide for me.

As for how dumb Tanith can get? Very dumb. Very, very dumb. You aint seen nothing yet. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Life and Soul

10th November 2009:
Wouldn't it end? Would it end differently?

I like Annie.
Yes, she's given Toby up because of the publics demand, but she's much easier and much more fun than Tanith. Tanith just makes everything complicated, so Toby is better of the way he is now.

All the references to Tanith's and Toby's probable prospective careers makes me ask: will there be a sequel?
And I thought Cal was just so fun in the beginning so can you please spare him?

Well it's alredy written(lying in the distant folders), the future is decided and just we readers are ignorant, so pls help our thirst to see what will be.^^

My reviews might indicate why I don't wright myself.:P

Author's Response: Yeah, I like Annie too. Tanith and Tobias are NOT right for each other, at least not at this point in their lives - their heads are in other places, and they're both over-thinking their feelings for the other, which is prompting unhealthy attitudes and behaviour. Annie has had a few failings to peer pressure, but she's learning and growing up and is ultimately a smart, well-adjusted, kind young woman, without half of the hang-ups of Tanith. She probably is better for Tobias at this point in his life.

There will be a sequel, that is for definite. Shade will cover the events of Book 6; I'm soon enough going to start Falls the Shadow, covering definitely the events of Book 7, possibly some of the aftermath of the war. Shade is a mostly self-contained story, but threads will obviously carry over. I'll update as promptly as I can!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by remusrockssiriussucksShade to Shade: The Day Is Gone

10th November 2009:
This chapter built up nicely.
First there was just lessons, talking, and this bit of advice.

And then Tanith met Grey.
That part was so emotional. the advice kind of connecting it.
Im surprised how quick Gabe's phrophecy came true, I fear for Cal.

The beautiful discription of sensing the forest gave the Tanith becoming alive part in the last lines real feeling.

Can I order a nother update pls^^

Author's Response: Glad this was enjoyed! Yes, I pop Gabe's prophecy pretty quick, hopefully keeping you all on your toes. ;) And I'm happy the final description worked; it's a bizarre aspect of how my own mind works, that for some reason internal strife makes me more externally aware.

Update? Might just do. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by remusrockssiriussucksAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: The Daily Prophet (is a lying liar who lies.)

9th November 2009:
I don't think Harry would be negativ about Al being friends with Malfoy.
The Slytherins are really hilarious, especially Lia and Faith. I love their morbid humour.
This chapter is really action packed, I really like it.

Author's Response: Argh, sorry I took so long to respond! I really thought I'd already done it :(

Nice to hear you liked the chapter, anyway.

You've made me think more about how Harry would react - I do still think he'd be a bit concerned, because Scorpius is an unknown quantity and Al acts quite fragile and Harry doesn't seem the type to take half-measures with his family's safety, but I think I'll tone it down in future. Thanks for that.

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Review #11, by remusrockssiriussucksLatet Anguis in Herba: Prologue

23rd October 2009:
Your prologue is brilliant.
I love how you take a muggle's POV to look at your protagonists.
Your writing has great flow and seems always entertaining, I especially loved the beginning about the weather and drinking.
Youre descriptions created the pub and its owner in my mental image.

Author's Response: I am rather fond of the scene-setting regarding weather, etc, in the prologue. It's the kind of thing I'd have tried to have used for any fic at some point, even if LAH hadn't gone ahead. Recycling paragraphs, yay. I'm glad it was all enjoyed.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by remusrockssiriussucksAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: The First Day (dammit rosie, quit sucking)

26th September 2009:
your story is funny
I love how you put in the auror story
your characters so far are quite well drawn

Q:What is it with Slytherins and food, Malfoy and Avery?

Author's Response:

A: The Slytherins have to eat to keep up their strength for the attack on the Hufflepuffs. Score goes off his food when he's nervous like a good Malfoy, and Avery is addicted to chip butties. Do you think I've overdone it with the food references? It's just that a lot of the talking is at mealtimes, and I didn't want it to just be
"blah" said Al.
"blah!" said Faith.
"blah blah house solidarity blah" said Avery.

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Review #13, by remusrockssiriussucksAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: SLYTHERIN! (so far so good)

26th September 2009:
better chapter length than the 1st's

Faith troll story was hilarious
I like you wrote a sorting song

I see Al as a more belivebale first year after this chapter

and your Slytherin house so far is brilliant

I'll favourite this story.

Author's Response: The sorting song was very difficult. I sat for several hours staring at a blank piece of paper and trying to think of rhymes for 'heroic', but 'Buick' didn't really fit the HP world so in the end I gave up and made my dad write it. So I can't really take credit for the song. :(

I'm glad Al's gotten to be a more believable eleven-year-old.

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Review #14, by remusrockssiriussucksAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: On The Hogwarts Express (om nom nom food)

26th September 2009:
Im not sure about your Al
he thinks too logical for 11 years with his ambition
but your description he wants to change slytherin because what harry teached him aboutright and wrong really sounds like a childs thought

Faith seems to be fun, will we see more of her?

I'll read chapter two now,
good intro
keep it up

Author's Response: Really? Oops. I may have to cut down on the manipulating people.

There will definitely be more Faith.

I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #15, by remusrockssiriussucksThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: Stay In My Corner

18th July 2009:
I love the twins.
Your description of Arthur wrestling the Badger LOL

Great story
I cant stop reading
and it always gets me in a good mood

Author's Response: hehehe... the badger scene is one of my all-time favorite things I've written. Thank you so much for this review, it really made my day.

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Review #16, by remusrockssiriussucksWhite For Silence: Yellow, Red, White

14th April 2009:
I think I've reviewed this before the crash,anyway

It stirres feelings so deep so easily,
this story really is a wonderfl piece of writting,
the sympolism is perfect

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Review #17, by remusrockssiriussucksThe Forsaken Ones: Before the Fall

13th December 2008:
It's a shame for such a brilliant story to be reviewed so little, so I help you out a bit.

MajiKats poem touched somethng inside me, the temptation of the dark. Simply the words like shadow and fallen night and the connections to this need(dream, taste the honey). There's certainly some foreshadowing in it.

"Sometimes I wish I had died with them." Does this hint on Ahni? The mirror thing hints this way. The language makes me somehow think the Elli is the storyteller. Younger years: so no Elli:(
Must be some one in Anarchstal.

It's good you pointed out the realationships quickly, and whose dead. Should have read it more concentrated the first time.

"If ever there was a female born that should have been taken back as she gasped her first breath; it was Christy Zabini."

"We are the Forsaken Ones and you cannot save us." Does it tell soemthing about me that I feel more like dancing than like crying?:D

Your chapters are überlong so I declare this one review:P
But perhaps some other chapters get some too.
Really love your story, probably most addicting on this site.

Author's Response: remusrockssiriussucks

Your name is a mouthful!!! ^_^

Thank you for taking a moment to help us out! We greatly appreciate it!

MajiKat will love that her poem touched you ^_^

You've picked up on the mirror thing! ^_^ We love it! Keep pondering the narrator!! We love to hear theories ^_^

We think you saying it makes you want to dance just means you get excited like we do - and thats totally okay with us ^_^

Thank you for your review and we can't wait to hear from you again!!!

- C&M

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Review #18, by remusrockssiriussucksFools Like Me: Realizations

9th November 2008:
You did it.
An update*doinghappydance*
Ron's letter was brilliant
the ending is so cruel

next time update quicker

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Review #19, by remusrockssiriussucksThe Wages of Sin: The Wages of Sin

12th June 2008:
I had read it some time ago, and having favourited it, I've decided to tell you:
This is the best story on this site, brilliant, oh that twist, and Ron's and the Malfoys' are so in canon, and it seems so logical in the end.
If this is nominated at the next dobby's it should get best twist and best one-shot.
Thank you for this marvellous piece of literature.

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Review #20, by remusrockssiriussucksWe Gryffies: Let The Sound Take You Away

11th June 2008:
hilarious as usual
especially loved the drama at the end
your're brilliant

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Review #21, by remusrockssiriussucksBefore They Were Blood-Stained: History, Hysteria

19th May 2008:
you have a very interesting picture of Tom's mind here. canon tells the story of Voldemort but your way inside him, he has not had many people to talk to in his childhood, I love how you put him into his own world
I hope you try a few more chapters, nice idea (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much. The inspiration in part comes from reading about Arthur Rimbaud, a young French poet in the late 1800's. I'll try to update again as soon as I get this virus off my computer. :]

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Review #22, by remusrockssiriussucksShampoo: Chapter Five - Snape's Bad Hair Day

10th February 2008:
great stuff
you made my day

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Review #23, by remusrockssiriussucksLove letters, Lies And Golden Snitches: Wake Up Call

22nd January 2008:
I don't think you have to worry about meeting the page's standard. I count you to the top 5%.
I like the way you characterise people by mentioning that James didn't hold up the door or Madame Malkins always smiled.
Please raise the plot's pace a bit.

Author's Response: okey doke (:
thanks for the advice

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Review #24, by remusrockssiriussucksOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Five: Ribbit!

20th January 2008:
Snape vs Shiloh sharp as ever
and then the frogs
hilarious, loved it though some credit goes to JKR for inventing Lockhart

Author's Response: yes, of course credit goes to JKR for Lockhart. I never claimed him; I just enjoy playing with him. He's quite fun, haha.

I'm glad you liked Snape vs. Shiloh. I LOVE those moments, personally. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #25, by remusrockssiriussucksHarry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve: Chapter 26 - Friends and Enemies

20th January 2008:
small café rather large café, I don't get it
I like, however, the way you emphasise the good in people, how they can change,even if some don't, as well as the importance of family throughout the whole story.
The Potters and Weasleys all seem so warm and caring. ah

Author's Response: The cafe thing is easy enough to explain...I screwed up. :-)


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