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Review #1, by loolupeStill Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

26th April 2010:
I don't know about Rose, but I'm completely over Scorpius. Stupid idiot. (notice I said Stupid instead of .)

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Review #2, by loolupeMy Sister's Fiancé: Chapter Seven: Help

5th May 2009:
This has just taken a turn onto Very Interesting Blvd.

Author's Response: haha. clever. and yes, it has.

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Review #3, by loolupeStill Delicate: Confessions

19th March 2009:
I flippin' love you.

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Review #4, by loolupeStill Delicate: A Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Disease

7th March 2009:
Maybe I'm weirder than most people, but I laughed out loud twice in this family is looking at me with a scared look in their eyes.

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Review #5, by loolupeStill Delicate: New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

26th February 2009:
Can I just tell you? I flippin' love you. After 'Delicate' I quit visiting this site only to come back today to find this!! I almost quit after the first chapter though, fucking Scorpius, but I'm glad I didn't.

I want her to go out, enjoy herself, be young for once, and I hope Scorpius turns green, has a shit fit and pops a vein.

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Review #6, by loolupeSaving Mum & Dad: Do You Know Why?

24th February 2009:
I think you have a wonderful voice and you need to write this story as YOU want it. It is good to get cc, but in the end, just tell the story your way.

Author's Response: Oh, I know... *blushes* I'll try to make the ending my own, then. LOL :) Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. :)

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Review #7, by loolupeSaving Mum & Dad: The Misunderstanding

24th February 2009:
I am absolutely mesmorized by this story.

Author's Response: Aww... thank you, hun! I'm glad to hear that... :)

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Review #8, by loolupeMy Sister's Fiancé: Chapter Four: Reasons

22nd January 2009:
Just found this story today...have to say that I absolutely love it. I love the characters, the plot and the dialogue. Can't wait for more

Author's Response: haha. yay! thanks!!! =]

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Review #9, by loolupeConstance: Unfaithful

17th December 2008:
I've been where Ginny is at the moment. I lost three babies before I had my daughter, each one hurt more than the last. Yeah, telling Ron in that manner was cruel, but first of all, he needed to know the truth, Hermione should have told him, and secondly, when you are in Ginny's place, you want others to hurt like you do. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Author's Response: Yeah, miscarriages are horrible :( it's the sad truth that it's a huge problem for many women in the world today.

And yeah, I needed Ginny to have some sort of motive for blurting out the secret to Ron, so I figured that tearing her down mentally would make the story and her blurting out the secret seem all the more likely and reasonable :P

Thank you so much for taking the time to review.

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Review #10, by loolupeAddict: Consideration and Incubation

20th November 2008:
i am confused...confused, but intrigued.

Author's Response: I hope not confused because it didn't make sense, just confused because I haven't yet revealed all that is going on.

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Review #11, by loolupeAddict: Admitting You Have A Problem

20th November 2008:
Its painful to see how she almost clings to her pain, not wanting to release it, as if she believes that her pain is all she has.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing, She is in pretty deep.

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Review #12, by loolupeAddict: The Need

20th November 2008:
absolutely beautiful. a broken hermione and a selfless draco make for some excellent reading.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, glad that you like it :)

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Review #13, by loolupeDelicate: Victory and Defeat

7th November 2008:
Very nicely done indeed. I wasn't expecting it, but after reading it, it became glaringly apparent that it did need to be done. They both have some major growing up to do and more importantly, they have to figure who they are and what their true feelings are. Great Job.

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Review #14, by loolupeDelicate: Desperate Times

3rd November 2008:
Hormonal Rose is pretty flippin' scary

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Review #15, by loolupeDefying Gravity: 11..Twelve Questions...Part One

18th October 2008:
I love your story. I just found it yesterday and read straight through. You have done an excellent job with your characterizations. Every single character is believable, except maybe Meghan Longbottom...I can only visualize Neville in a short skirt:)

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Review #16, by loolupeThe Thought Of It All: Wouldn't Walk Into Trouble

6th June 2008:
Well this is a wonderful beginning. You should have many more reviews than what you have. Keep writing, it is a very interesting story, I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Well, i have more reviews on, but i wanted to take a chance on here. The next chapter is being validated, so stick around


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Review #17, by loolupeA Clandestine Reality: Complications

6th June 2008:
Now what is she going do!! Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

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Review #18, by loolupeWhen Luna met Rolf: Coup de foudre

28th May 2008:
This is such a beautiful story. I love your Rolf and Luna is perfect, as is his perception of her. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you very very very very much! I'm always happy to get praise for my two main characters!

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Review #19, by loolupeOpen Wounds & Broken Hearts: Chapter 3- Anniversary

19th May 2008:
I love it! Great story so far. It is very believable. People deal with loss in very different ways. I lost my sister 18 months ago and even though I think of her every day, I am able to cope. My mom, on the other hand, is still struggling to cope. Great work. Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you so much. I'm so pleased I've been able to portray grief in a realistic sort of way. :D Thanks so much again. I'll update as soon as I can.

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Review #20, by loolupeA Silent Goodbye: A Silent goodbye

15th May 2008:
Harry is Harsh, but I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Harry was just being truthful, well as truthful as a jealous guy can be. thanks for the comment

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Review #21, by loolupeNo Words: No Words

14th May 2008:
You can write the hell out of a one-shot. Super!

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you - they're my favourite kind of story to write.

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Review #22, by loolupeDisturbance: Volume I

14th May 2008:
I love this pair. Next to HG/DM, they are my favorite. I'm intrigued with the ability for the Light to attract the Dark. I hope you continue this story.

Author's Response: Thank you, and I will :D

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Review #23, by loolupeWhat If...: XI

14th May 2008:
Getting very interesting. I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #24, by loolupeDeadly Sins: It's time for the Truth

13th May 2008:
Now that's the Ron we all love. Hotheaded ass. She should have hexed his balls off.

Author's Response: Lmao! i agree totally!! thanks love

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Review #25, by loolupeNo One Fathomed: Two compartments

12th May 2008:
Absolutely perfect. I can't find words to express how much I enjoyed this chapter, I never wanted it to end. I feel so bad for everyone. I love reading angst and I have apparently found the perfect story for that.

Author's Response: lol, no I'm sure you were thinking "Oh my god, when does this end?" I can't explain how flattering your last comment/sentance was. So thank you, I hope to keep you reading :)

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