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Review #1, by Tor PettyWhen the Lights Guide you Home: Two

2nd August 2011:
This chappie was really amusing. I laughed out loud in a whole bunch of different spots. ;]

Author's Response: Thanks, love! Unfortunately it's not going to be too terribly amusing from here on out, if it keeps going :

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Review #2, by Tor PettyWhen the Lights Guide you Home: One

14th June 2011:
Girl, you HAVE to keep writing this one. ;]

Author's Response: I lost the original! I don't know where it went AT ALL! So I have to restart from where this chapter left off D:

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Review #3, by Tor PettyAnd in Darkness Bind Them: One

14th June 2011:
Oh, darling, this is pretty good so far!

Author's Response: thank you, my love! Sorry I haven't answered your reviews sooner!

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Review #4, by Tor PettySomething Accidental: Chapter 6

19th September 2009:
For starters, like shoving this blessed thing right up Moonys arsehole!

Oh my gosh. I love how horrible Sirius is in this chapter. It's downright wonderful! Dont talk about me like Im not right here in the room, Remus.

And there's so much sexual tension in this story, already. I bow down to your greatness!

The gayness is amazing, by the way. Gosh, I still love this story.

Author's Response: I am sorry it's taken forever to respond, lots of things swirling around, but thank you for liking this so much. Glad that you liked it, and the tension I was driving for...yay...somebody got it!! Thanks hun ;)

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Review #5, by Tor PettySomething Accidental: Chapter 5

19th September 2009:
Aw, dear :}

You're so sweet! Sorry I haven't been around lately! Great chappie, and boy did I catch what you snuck in this chapter. :P

Author's Response: Hey you! Glad you did come by and catch that, I just couldn't resist. I have missed you, and you need to post more soon! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #6, by Tor PettyTrust Me: Trust Me

6th January 2009:
Oh my God. This is so personal and so... amazing. How ever did you right such a wonderful piece of work? And this screams 'Amanda' all over it - I can't believe I didn't read this one first! -Gushes-

Wowee. His descent into madness, but still so eloquent. And accidentally slipping 'Prongs' into the one letter to Tonks.

The last letter was the best. I nearly jumped and squealed.

Just. Ah - Just Fantastic. I'm nearly speechless.

Author's Response: Wow, you're so sweet, hon!! It just makes me miss you terribly!! :'(

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Review #7, by Tor PettyFirsts and Seconds: Firsts and Seconds

1st January 2009:
Oh my, how clever your 'Raggedy Andromeda'. Hee hee.

Best part of the story: "If you were sleeping with one of my old students..." Simply marvelous, dear.

Haha, Harry can't take another kid peeing on him AGAIN.

So, about it never being perfect... I think that it was pretty rough in the beginning as far as style and prose goes, but as the story went on, the writing improved. Maybe some day you can work on the beginning of the story.

That person that begged for Fred to be alive wouldn't be Rammy, would it? :P

Overall, I really liked the story. There's something about Remus being Father Christmas that just works out in my mind. I LOVED THIS, and I think you have yourself another wonderful creation to add to the others.

Hugs from Moi!

Author's Response: Yeah, Andromeda just kinda popped outta my brain XD

haha, yeah, I couldn't resist that. I had to cancel out some of the angst!

Well, would you want to be peed on twice??

And yeah, I'll prolly take another look after I crank out the new chapter to Obliviate; I'm almost done with the chapter!

Correct in one! Awesome job!

Thank you so very much my dear! *blushes*


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Review #8, by Tor PettyEVOLUTION: Two Birds with One Spell

15th December 2008:
At last, I am here! It has been so long since I reviewed this story!

So, here it goes:
FINALLY Shannon sees! YAY! But poor Dorcas and Sirius. :[

I loved the line about Remus's footwear. :D

Haha - I loved the imagery in the Slytherins' forked tongues! Haha.

LOL: "I CAN'T FEEL IT!" & "Get your hands out of your pants this instant."

How sweet that you describe Remus's voice as soft - so in character! - and Sirius's as musing. Aww.

The last line was completely and utterly amazing, also. I'm so happy that you updated, m'dear.

Author's Response: I am postively beaming that someone mentioned the Remus footwear comment. Honestly, I am! So sorry it has taken me forever to get anywhere on this story (and to respond to your kind review), but I am hoping to have another chapter up before or right after the new year. Lots of things are gonna happen...

Thanks so much for all your fab reviews, it's one of the big reasons I continue with this. I always love reading what you think. Have the best new year :)

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Review #9, by Tor PettyA Tale of Two Faces: The Road Ahead

17th November 2008:
First and Foremost: This was probably the most amazing ending that a story has ever bequothed to the world. You are amazing, and I am happy to boast that I was there throughout this story's blossoming. :}

Lastly, you author's note broke my heart. I want you to know that I love you, dearie, and you have a special place in my heart.

NOW, go and WRITE MORE so I can gobble up your stories like CANDY!

Author's Response: my dear, I am blushing. :D I honestly wasn't too fond of the ending; I didn't want to end it and therefore did A LOT of stalling before I finally realized it had to stop. XD And I, too, am happy to boast that you were there!

Every word I said was true, ya know. ;)

I shall! You should know that; we talked last night! :P

Thank you again dear. *luff*

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Review #10, by Tor PettyA Tale of Two Faces: Aftershock

17th November 2008:

Author's Response: ...umm...*trying to think of a snappy retort*...I AM STARING AVIDLY AT THAT PIC YOU SENT ME LAST NIGHT. OH MAH GAWD.

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Review #11, by Tor PettyA Tale of Two Faces: The Mirror Chamber

17th November 2008:

Author's Response: Sorry it was so sad, but I can see that you've already read the rest, so I'll just thank you for reading!! :D

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Review #12, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: EPILOGUE

4th November 2008:
Hmm. You'd think that with Voldemort's talent with legilimens, he'd realize that his father wasn't lying. Perhaps he didn't want to believe it, then...

Amazing Ending. This really was one of the best stories I've ever read on this site. Thanks so much. :D

Author's Response: Good point! My reasoning is that as a 16-year-old, Tom Jr.'s skills at Legilimency weren't so hot yet. I get the feeling it's something you improve at as you work on it over the years, and by this point he hadn't quite acquired the level of skill he had as the Dark Lord. :)

Thanks so much for all of your reviews. I'm really glad you liked this story, dear!

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Review #13, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: The Birth of Darkness

4th November 2008:
Good Afternoon! It's me again, hopefully - if I have time - to finish reading this amazing story!

"Poor men could not afford to dream, and rich men were not allowed." Wow, that's extremely true. I never even realized!

OH MY GOODNESS. The selling of the locket and the birthing of Tom Jr. was extremely chilling!

Wonderful, m'dear! 10/10

Author's Response: Hi Tor! :) Thanks for coming back to review :D I'm so happy that you liked this chapter. Writing Tom Sr. has been a lot of fun - he's pretty much become my character since I had almost nothing from canon (regarding personality, family, etc.) to go by. I like to think that he was trapped as much as Merope was - both in real life and by the potion. And I'm glad you liked those two canon parts - the locket being sold to B&B and the birth of Voldy! Thanks hun!

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Review #14, by Tor PettyA New Moon: A New Moon

3rd November 2008:
Haha. The bloody bastard bird could have died.

And Sirius had died. :[

Damn good last line. I loved this fic.

Author's Response: Thanks dearie! I'll have results for my placing in the LJ Challenge up soon!

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Review #15, by Tor PettyMasquerade Madness: Who's my Prince Charming?

30th October 2008:
WOW! This was fantastic; I loved it. And I'm not one for the retarded pairings, either, but you... eh... you really pulled it off. I'm speechless!

Author's Response: Omg, yay thanks! Thank you for the wonderful review *huggle attacks Tor*

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Review #16, by Tor PettyThe Snape Incident: Just A Prank

30th October 2008:
UGH! I LOVE the paragraph about Sirius's feelings toward Lily Evans. That's EXACTLY how I think Sirius WOULD feel about the situation. Marvelously done!

The bit about Madam Pomfrey made me giggle, also.

Aw, I particularly adored Sirius's dialog toward Snape, even if it was very arrogant and rude. Ahhh. :D

Wow, I feel totally and completely outdone! This is a FANTASTIC piece of work! I can't wait for the rest!

Author's Response: DO NOT FEEL OUTDONE!! I preferr yours, seriously, mine is so average and ordinary. Like I say in my author note, I was very very bored.

Thank you so so much, I am really glad you liked the dialogue, I wasn't sure if it was a little extreme...

Everyone who had reviewed has commented on my bit about Lily- I adored writing that bit, because I wanted someone not to think she was perfect beyond belief.

I seriously cannot thank you enough for reviewing, thank you thank you thank you!!

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Review #17, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: The Leave Taking

29th October 2008:
'Allo! It's me again. :)

It's so unique how you made the love potion addictive - I've never seen it portrayed that way before!

Malopey. Remopey. XD

Now I understand what you mean about the locket. Kniving. Ugh! But so omniscient!

Ah! Bethe is so good to Merope, talking to Tom about things. Wow, great chapter.

Author's Response: Hey Tor! Yes, the way I see it, the love potion is a drug and drugs are addicting ... once Tom starts drinking it, he craves it if he doesn't have it. It's kind of weird how Merope gets addicted to it as well, even though she's never tasted a drop. It is one powerful potion!

Haha ... yeah the locket is the old creep of this story. Very, very omniscient, but it will make sense why it knows so many things as you continue reading.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #18, by Tor PettyEVOLUTION: Pumpkins, Cowboy Boots, and Kissing

28th October 2008:

I was giggling madly with Sirius's response, you should know.

Ick - Sirius suspects that Remus fancies a girl. If he only knew, right?


Heehee - you made my wish come true with the bands. I had a conversation with my penpal / kindred spirit about which band Sirius Black would like the most. We think he's a the Who fan.

My favorite sentence: "And the levels of pomposity far exceed his capacity; hes like a horrendous boil on the backside of a troll."

Godfather references. -sob-

Wow - Brad Tone totally owned them.

And kisses on the Ferris Wheel! Yay!

Uh-oh. Why Sirius? Why lie? Shannon's a Ravenclaw! I.E. NOT STUPID!


Great chappie.

No guesses, though. I'll politely wait. :-P

Author's Response: YES, I have to agree with what you said about the Who, all the angst and guitar smashing...most definitely :)

Glad you love Throckmorton, good ole Mort...

I should really put some Petty in there ;) eh? It is in the same era after all...and, yeah, Shannon is not one you can easily pull the wool over her eyes, happy that someone mentioned that. And the Ferris Wheel thing, yeah, that's where I had my first kiss, hee.

Thank you for your awesome review, I so look forward to them. And I hope to have something posted very soon! There is a big hint at the end of this chapter though. Thanks again for all your support, you're the greatest.

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Review #19, by Tor PettyA Tale of Two Faces: The Beast Within

23rd October 2008:
Hey de-e-ear,

Sirius needs to keep his hands busy by repairing Remus's clothing. XD

Awww, the moment Remus had with the picture was cute.

The ending confused me, though, but I'm sure that everything will be clear come next chapter.


Author's Response: yeah, I was trying to be a little vague, and it'll hopefully explain itself in the next chapter. :D

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Review #20, by Tor PettySimilarities and Differences: Nah, I just meddled with it.

22nd October 2008:
First thing: I LOVE your disclaimer.

The prank she mentioned about the green hair made me giggle so hard. It seems like something they would do - and the 'sexy' part, too... :-P

On the list, though, you put 'Jame'. You might want to correct that.

And THANK YOU for saying that Sirius's eyes are gray. I hate it when people get that simple characteristic wrong in fics.

Sirius laughing his arse off at the list... ingenious. It's EXACTLY what he would do, isn't it?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Sirius's number 7 is SO funny. I love his whole list, actually, especially number 9. AND NUMBER ELEVEN!

This was a cute story. Made me laugh really hard. Good job!

Author's Response: awww thanks i love my disclaimer too! Poor Lily and James would def still be alive if it were up to me!

lol yeah i'm thinking of writing a story about the "green hair incident"--you know, sorta like a prequel? idk we'll see.

Oh yeah, i noticed that mistake i was just too lazy to fix it XD ahaha.

This is actually my fav fanfic i wrote but i lost all my reviews so thanks for reviewing =)

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Review #21, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: Give Up This Fight

21st October 2008:
This chapter was just sad. I feel so sorry for her!

Author's Response: Glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #22, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: The Secret Love of Marvolo Gaunt

21st October 2008:
RALPH ELLIOTT!! HE's the dark red-haired man! WHOA!

Oh wow, love potions run in the family, then, don't they?

Oh my. This is a thick plot indeed. Two families ruined. And Ralph wants to kill him.

Author's Response: Yes ma'am! (Or sir ... I'm sorry if I got your gender wrong, I always tend to assume my readers are female because of the content) That is Ralph Elliott all right... and love potions do run in the family, apparently, except Marvolo's circumstances are very different from Merope's as you will see. :)

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Review #23, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: Whispers in the Night

21st October 2008:
Haha, first completed novel since the unicorn story at age eight, huh? You know... it's funny... I wrote a unicorn story myself in the fifth grade. I wonder if that's a common element in female authors?

OoOo, we change POV... to Marvolo, nonetheless! "you can bet I'll lock it" made me laugh so hard.

No, Merope, you don't want to stop the dose. You don't!

The letter was amazing. It's awesome that you included the fact that Phineas was the headmaster before Dippet, bringing my favorite wizarding family ever to the surface of my mind. Heehee.

Charles Elliott? The plot thickens.

Gosh - why does it take so long for Merope to understand that the potion is wearing off? Come on, Merope - you're not thick!

Wow. Intense ending.

Author's Response: Whoa! Maybe we should compare unicorn stories :D Yes I remember it clearly ... I was 8 or 9 years old and in the fourth grade, and my mom had gotten me this big spiral notebook with a purple cover. I spent about a week writing in it (and illustrating, too! You should see some of my unicorn drawings, it's a miracle they could stand with stick-thin legs) and I made copies, and forced everyone in my presence to read it. Yep, I was super annoying. But it was so fun ... I think I sold a few copies for 5 cents each.

Yeah that guard at Azkaban made me laugh too - I was thinking about my Azkaban story when I wrote that scene. :)

I had to do some research first before writing that letter! I couldn't remember exactly who had been Headmaster before Armando Dippet, because I knew he was there when Dumbledore was just a teacher... and it was Phineas :)

Glad you liked this chapter!

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Review #24, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: Long-Forgotten Memories

21st October 2008:
I'm glad things are moving along nicely with Bethe. It's good to focus on her a bit.

And another deeply symbolic dream! Are those going to occur a lot in this story? They are quite intriguing!

Good chappie. This is such a great story; thank you for posting it, honestly.

Author's Response: I agree, I like to switch around to different characters instead of settling with one. It keeps the perspective fresh I think. I have noticed that there are a lot of dreams in this story, but rest assured they all mean something and will become clearer in the end. Aw, sweetie - thank you for reading. :) I'm so grateful that you like this story!

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Review #25, by Tor PettyGive Up This Fight: A Dream Fulfilled

21st October 2008:
Aw, the ceremony was so sweet!

But the gossip... not so much. X0)

The ending was beautiful. Hopelessly romantic, of course.

Wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the ceremony :D HAHA the gossips are one of my personal favorite things to write. They just can't shut their mouths about other people... thanks for your review!!

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