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Review #26, by ladymarauder85Defying Gravity: 26..The Beginning of the End

13th August 2009:
amazing! Wow! I love it! You are awesome!!!
i liked seeing a bit of everyone in this chapter...Rose and Scorpious (can i smack him please?) James (I love him!) and of course Al and Nat. The ending was so sad. The characterisation is so brilliant and I jusat adore your characters. I cant say it enough how amazing a writer you are.
I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen next! What a cliff hanger!! I wonder if Al will go back?...

Keep up the good work!!! xxx

Author's Response: Wow, I just can't say THANK YOU enough! All the're making me blush! Lol!


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Review #27, by ladymarauder85Still Delicate: Build Up

11th August 2009:
wow!! Awesome chapter as always. Ohhh though I think Jenny is going to be mad at Rose by the sound of the ending!

Scorpious was so mean! I know he's married but he was a little immature, do you think? sending various family members to collect and drop of poor Aiden! aww.

I always wanted to see them back together you know, but I have no idea how it would work...unless you have something good up the authors sleeve?? x

Please let some good happen to Rose soon. I adore her, but feel she has had a tough time and needs a break.

Keep going cause I love this story! xxx

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Review #28, by ladymarauder85Oh, Ollie!: In Which Oliver Babysits, Kenna Cries, and Smith Colour-Coordinates

10th August 2009:
this was an amazing chapter!! I adore oliver, he is hot!! Kenna is one of the most amazing characters i have read on here and I adore how you have written her.
Aww twins...thats so cool!! Oh and Smith really makes me laugh!

keep this up cause it's an amazing story!! xxx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so. Oliver is VERY dishy, I must agree. :) Aww, thanks so much! I love writing Kenna, and it's great to know people appreciate her. And Smith is just...well, Smith. :) He basically writes himself, and I have very little to do with it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #29, by ladymarauder85Conventional Wisdom: Always Expect the Unexpected

6th August 2009:
ohh good opening chapter! I really think I am going to like this story! I already love how this has been set up and cant wait to read what happens!! xx

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your kind words. It's my only hope that I don't disappoint you.

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Review #30, by ladymarauder85Breaking the Quidditch Code: Preposterous Pink Puddifoots

4th August 2009:
you are brilliant!! I adore this story, it is the funniest story i have read in ages.
i really wanna know what bink is up is irritating me not knowing!! (i do love a good mystery!!). Ohhh when is James gonna realise he is madly in love with Avery???
I love how you have written James, he is ace!! I love him lots! lol

Keep this up cause I completely love this story!! cant wait for the next installment!! xxx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love it! It's so much fun to write! As for Bink, I have a feeling (what am I talking about? I know because I'm the author) you'll figure that out relatively soon. He's such a tricky guy. As for James and Avery, trust me, it's worth the wait. Trust me. I'm glad you love James :) I love him too!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I promise to update asap!

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Review #31, by ladymarauder85Still Delicate: A Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Disease

6th March 2009:
ah!!! I LOVE this! You are sooo hilarious. Do you a really wierd way I would love to have that wonderful sarcastic little voice in my head like Rose has...All I would do is laugh all day long! lol. Even in the most horific situations I either want to laugh or give her a big hug.
She is such a great character...can you update like around three times a day? I would be eternally greatful! lol xxx

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Review #32, by ladymarauder85Still Delicate: Where Have All The Fishies Gone?

2nd March 2009:
this is great!! aw i just want to give rose a big hug!! Though i did burst out laughing at the end bit!! opps...I have a funny feeling that things are not going to get too good for rose any time soon? bless her
anyways keep up the great work!! Im so loving this story! x

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Review #33, by ladymarauder85Still Delicate: New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

14th February 2009:
aww this was great but really sad. The ending of this made me feel so sorry for Rose. umm I may be completely wrong but i think there is a link with Richard (i dont wanna say incase i ruin it for everyone else!!). ahhh i cant wait to find out what happens!!!
update soon. x

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Review #34, by ladymarauder85Breaking the Quidditch Code: To the Hospital Wing (already)

13th February 2009:
ohh love this already! James is great... I already want him to fall in love with Avery...ahhh. oh and Meta is hilarious- please make sure she is in this story lots!!
10/10 update soon! x

Author's Response: Oh, I promise. Meta will be annoying you for a very, very long time :) I do love her. Thanks for the fab review!

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Review #35, by ladymarauder85Princess Lily: Princess Lily

8th February 2009:
aww this was brilliant. Also one of my fav songs, that always brings a tear to my eye.

I thought it was hilarious when Harry slammed the door in Lily's boyfriends face...classic!

Beautifully written as always! x

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Review #36, by ladymarauder85Defying Gravity: 24..Can it Get Any Worse?

8th February 2009:
ohhh I wonder whats going on here then? I just don't know where you get your ideas from!! I adore James and I love how his storyline is unfolding. Aww it would be such a shame if Kylie is just spying on him for some reason, she seems cool.

Ginny and Harry fighting? I wonder who's side they will take when the whole story comes out!

Ah and you have also got me wondering about lovely Scorpious...I wonder what the reason is that he can't be with Rose. They make a great couple!!

I cant wait to find out so please, please, please updat soon!!

10/10 as always! x

Author's Response: I know, I don't know where my ideas come from either. I mean, next chapter totally blew me away. I had half of it planned, then a bit in the middle wasn't, and then the end...weird.

Thanks so much!

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Review #37, by ladymarauder85Colour My World: 14. Victoire

1st February 2009:
aw...this is great! I adore these two characters, they are so believeable. I love this chapter- I like that Vic has finally realised she is in love! 10/10 xxx

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #38, by ladymarauder85The Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts: The News

11th January 2009:
yay you are back! i love this story, it's so seems to come naturally from all your characters as well.

hahaha i think it would be any kids nightmare to find dad suddenly headmaster at school...i love it!!!

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Review #39, by ladymarauder85Love Thy Neighbor: Mystical Vibrations

3rd January 2009:
i adore this story! sorry i havent reviewed the other chapters but i have just came across this story and i couldn't wait to read each chapter!
I love how you have written the two characters. It is clear there has been alot of thought put into how they have been written. I love scorpious! He is a wonderful character and i love how the relationship formed between the two. It is refreshing to see a different storyline other than the head girl/head boy thing.
I cannot wait to find out what will happen after that little incident at the end of this chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #40, by ladymarauder85I Love You 'Till The End: I Love You 'Till The End

2nd January 2009:
aw this was beautiful. Lily was fab...I adore how this started in the middle of a fight that James knew nothing about, it made me want to read more!
James is so sweet..he loves her more than quidditch eh? haha.
I love how this has been written, and as always I am a sucker for a lovey happy ending!!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #41, by ladymarauder85Still Delicate: A Beginning Of Sorts

30th December 2008:
first- wow a sequal already!!

omg!! married? this is fantastic!
I adore how it is not set immediately after the first story and Rose is still fabulous!
This already sounds like it is going to be brilliant! I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this one! xxx

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Review #42, by ladymarauder85Colour My World: 11. Teddy

27th December 2008:
I really love this story. I adore how you have written the romance between them, it is a brilliant story line. I especially love the ending of the chapter where Teddy leaves- beautifully written. Its easy to see the love he has for her- it's almost like he is so desperate to prove it and make her love him back, that he would do anything to prove it. Such a sweet guy!!

I feel so sorry for Victoire though, she is a little confused and I love how you have written her. She has this endering innocence that makes her a wonderful character to read.

Author's Response: thank you so much - endearing innocence.. i guess that's exactly what i was going for!! thank you so much :D

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Review #43, by ladymarauder85Defying Gravity: 23..Silence is Golden...or is it Deadly?

24th December 2008:
yay!! what a great prezzie. This was interesting...Rose arguing with teachers?! that girl could be headmistress one day! ohhh and scorpious- im interested to know whats been going on with him lately, but hey a kiss is better than nothing right?! x

poor nat, having to go to the scan without Al...I hope they sort themselves out soon. Oh i cant believe its only 5 months into the pregnacy!!! that means theres still lots of action to take place!! yay!

I loved how you got a bit of everyone in this chappie- nat, Rose & Scorpious, Lily (go Lily!!) and James as well. Im really loving the story with him, I hope he sorts himself out.

Wonderful chapter as always!
merry christmas and happy new year x

Author's Response: thanks! there's def. something going on with him.

that sucks, but I think Al's getting the worse end of the deal. There's tons left, and I keep adding more every day!

Thanks! I wanted a little bit of everyone to finish out the year. Thanks!

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Review #44, by ladymarauder85Defying Gravity: 22..Tied Up in Lies...Part Two

16th December 2008:
awww! this was a fantastic chapter, the one i have been waiting for!! beautifully written definately my fav chapter of your story do far! I adored the ending! wow. Nice to see scorpius again! Who thought he was gonna be a little sensitive after the way he broke up with Rose. Oh and i really want to know that secret.
aw poor nat & al. They are such a great couple I hope you dont keep them apart forever.

I am so loving this story, I can't wait to find out how this one is going to work out!!
Fab as usual! xx

Author's Response: Thank you! I think Scorp is still very much in love with Rose, they just hit a bad patch in their relationship and he did the only thing he could think of to do.

Thank you so much!

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Review #45, by ladymarauder85Along Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Five: Crashing

15th December 2008:
Yay!! fab chapter! Im so pleased you updated today!
Awh Jay dumped her? makes sense i guess, he would have been blind not to have noticed what was going on with sirius and addie. I knew he was only seeing that girl to make her jealous!!! boys are useless! x

as always the chapter was written beautifully, I loved it. I especially loved how you wrote her reation to her split with jay...i thought that was the best part of the chapter. Oh yeah and Sirius appearing at the end! that was brilliant!!
10/10 as always! x

Author's Response: thanks!!! =] hah.a yeah, he would have been getting a bit annoyed. haha. thanks!!!

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Review #46, by ladymarauder85Delicate: Call Me Mum

14th December 2008:
awww!! this was so sad it's all over!
Rose is officially one of my fav characters and I love how you have written her. I adore the relationship with scorpius and how it is a little awkward, even after the baby has been born, but it's so clear they are totally in love.
You are a brilliant writer, I am definately looking forward to the get writing :).
This was one of the first next gen fics i have read and you have got me hooked...i have been checking out others now and have found that there are plot bunnys working away- so thanks for that!!

Anyways just want to say thanks for keeping me entertained with Rose's hilarious personality & keep up the writing- you definately have a talent!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked Rose. I know she was bordering on the point of annoying there for a while when she was getting all emotional and whatnot! Thank you so much for your kind review, I never actually considered my ability to write nonsense a talent, but if you say so!!

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Review #47, by ladymarauder85Defying Gravity: 21..Tied Up in Lies...Part One

10th December 2008:
awesome!!! yay i got it right!! awh and now i feel sorry for Al. Your doing such a great job of the characterisation in this that i adore all the characters!!
well i cant believe how fast your updates are! awesome again!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much!

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Review #48, by ladymarauder85The London School of Further Wizarding Education: Dear Victoire

8th December 2008:
wow this chapter completely works as just Teddy's letters. It is quite good to read without any character reaction as it just shows Teddy's actual termoil in having to break up with her.
Aw I really love this story- good stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you:)

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Review #49, by ladymarauder85The London School of Further Wizarding Education: Mrs V Lupin

6th December 2008:
I love this story!! aw poor Victoire, they are in the same flat? AWKWARD. Anywhoo I love Dom already- im glas shes going to be in it lots!
ohh and Ted has a little bit of explaining to do...cant wait to find out what happens next!!


Author's Response: I know, awkward barely covers it, lol:P
Thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #50, by ladymarauder85Delicate: Blood, Sweat and Tears

4th December 2008:
aw this was so great! i love how you wrote this because a subject like this is not easy. the different pov's worked great! i hope they get back together- they are a little silly really for breaking up, bless them!

I have a really random thought- can you write a story about auntie audrey? i love how you have written her and it would be hilarous!! Every time i read that yoo-hoo i feel the tears of laughter come on! heehee
aww only two chapters left. i hope you are going to write another one!

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