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Review #26, by cnewkAre all memories good?: The Aftermath

21st May 2011:
I like what you have written but I was wondering is this really all there is, is the story really complete? Or have you decided to add another chapter

Author's Response: Thank you. I have submitted chapter 2 :The Search.

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Review #27, by cnewkSpitting Games: Spitting Games

5th February 2011:
I'm sorry but I can't say I care to much for this story. It's a well written story but I'm a "purest" so I can't wrap my head around this pairing. but it's still interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and taking time to review!

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Review #28, by cnewkSet the Fire to the Third Bar: Set the Fire to the Third Bar

4th February 2011:
I loved this! It was so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #29, by cnewkAgainst All Odds: Mooning the Marauders

22nd February 2010:
I liked the chapter

Interesting distinction Chloe says that she is over the top not because she Likes him but because she finds him attractive, though she said that isn't what she meant it's what she said as a first response and that says a lot.

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Review #30, by cnewkLike Something Out of Someone Else's Life: First Rumor First Date

28th January 2010:
while yes it was fairly long and could have probably been stretched into 2 chapters I think It was good and I enjoy the longer chapters especially after it has been a while since the last one. I like the perspective and how the story is going.

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Review #31, by cnewkYou Will Always be just Lily to me: You Will Always be just Lily to me

26th January 2010:
It's an interesting story but confusing, I guess I don't really get it.

Author's Response: its just a view on how james was in love with lily and how it hurt him so much that she didnt love him back and 'hated' him

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Review #32, by cnewkThe Art of Awkwardness: The Truth Comes Out

8th January 2010:
the stories are fun to read but while I understand that they are not all totally related the inconsistency of one story they have the head dorms and the next they are in the tower while they are 7th years in both isn't needed

Author's Response: I understand what you are saying, but the reason I chose to keep them all unrelated goes beyond the years jumping about. It is also partially because I wanted to keep it clear that what happens in the previous chapter isn't relevant or part of the backstory in the next chapter. I hope that makes sense, and I apologize for any confusion. Thank you for the feedback!


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Review #33, by cnewkForever in the Rising Sun: Your Guardian Angel

18th December 2009:
I liked this part and look forward to the next,

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing, I'm so glad you liked it, this was a fun story to write, I'm glad others think so too :D:D:D:)

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Review #34, by cnewkCarol of the Bells : Harry Comes Home

15th December 2009:
I agree with the other reviewer, good story but wondering what is up with Fred being present.

Author's Response: i love fred and that's why he's in my story! i'm sticking mainly to the cannon but i'll change a few things, just because i didn't like some of the deaths that came along in the deathly hallows. :)

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Review #35, by cnewkForever and Eternity: Forever and Eternity

5th December 2009:
I like the story. I also like her middle name, it is fun to see my name in print when completely unrelated to me, it's almost nice that it isn't as uncommon as i thought.

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Review #36, by cnewkMudblood to Murder: Home for Christmas?

6th October 2009:
I love the story, can't wait till they are together finally!

one nitpick moment, Sirius' brother is named Regulus not Rudolphus. But otherwise good

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Review #37, by cnewkJust to See You Smile...: Chapter 19: Whipped and Wonderment

16th September 2009:
I liked it, about time they got together though the build up was nice.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #38, by cnewkAt Last: Finally

14th September 2009:
you did really well, loved the story

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am incredibly pleased to see that you enjoyed this.

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Review #39, by cnewkFlames: Chapter Sixteen

14th September 2009:
I liked this chapter

Author's Response: Thank you!! I totally appreciate the fact that you took the time to review!!!

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Review #40, by cnewkBeloved of a Hero: A Family Christmas

8th October 2008:
Arg! cliffhanger why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: It's in the writer's handbook, chapter four, section seven, paragraph D: "All writers must at some point in their careers give their readers a gruesome and terrible cliffhanger..."

Really, I stopped it here because if I hadn't, this chapter would have been seventeen thousand words or so. That's going a bit overboard, don't you think? But don't worry, the next chapter has been posted. Enjoy!

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Review #41, by cnewkWaiting for Harry: waiting for harry

5th October 2008:
very cute I like it sirius is funny

Author's Response: Thanks for your review.
Lily Times

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Review #42, by cnewkSeeing the Change: The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

12th June 2008:
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rotfl

love it

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Review #43, by cnewkBeloved of a Hero: Caught and Released

26th May 2008:
Man that pisses me off i really wanna keep reading :[
Any way really good story Bye

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it so much! The next chapter has now been posted, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #44, by cnewkA Time to Live: Chapter 19: Getting Settled

20th May 2008:
About Ron and Harry yes they do seem a bit outspoken in public to put it nicely but I feel the confidence to speak their mind so readily just comes with the experiences they have had in the past 7 years and more so in the past year and they will just need to learn how to deal with these issues better as they continue to adjust to the job. I also think that they feel a need to make sure people have the "right" information so they correct them immediately so that they will no longer be mis informed. In respect to the picture and correcting tonks name one sharing a picture does not seem so bad because it fit the topic of discussion at the time and it helps him connect some with his co-workers in a way, two I feel if tonks had been there she would have been correcting them as well because it is an important issue for her because if she let people ignore her changing her name in some ways she is letting them ignore her marriage lupin and that does not seem like something she would be ok with because she was proud that she married the man she loved and it did not matter to him what he was so I feel that even if she hid it at work during the war for the most part now that the war is over I think she would want to be shouting it form the roof tops figuratively at least and so she would also correct them in the situation, three Remus and tonks(dora) are a sore subject for them right now and I feel that harry and ron would want to help ensure that they are both remembered correctly/properly which includes making sure people have the right information about them. Now if this makes sense or not I don't know, but those my feelings on that issue.

I enjoyed the whole chapter as i have been enjoying the story since I discovered it @ Christmas. Just a question about the grades was it just me or did Hermione get the same grades for both N.E.W.T.S and O.W.L.S, whatever the answer I still loved the entire grades scene with Hermione's reaction and their co-workers reactions to Harry and Ginny just picking up Ron and Hermione's results to read when they got up and left the table.

wow I wrote a lot. well again good story

Author's Response: In response to some old reviews that survived the crash (but my responses didn't), I have to say that I really enjoyed your review. You have a great many insights that I find intriguing and I certainly agree with you (or else I wouldn't have had the characters act the way they did, lol).

Hermione's grades are exactly the same as the ones she got for her O.W.L.s, but I now realize that this is incorrect. She did not continue one with all of those classes, but as no one has noticed we'll keep that quiet. Obviously it's not quiet anymore, but it was until I said something about it!

Thanks so much; your review really made me feel great!

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Review #45, by cnewkFatherhood: The Truth Behind the Books

16th May 2008:
just one word to saw cute story and chapter

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #46, by cnewkBruised, But Not Broken: Bruised, But Not Broken

11th May 2008:
I agree wit every one else good but sad, nice view of Lupin to give us in his time of pain. I like what he "heard" the others say to him about still living since he was alive but I would have liked them to also give him a "reminder" as well that harry still needs him in some way as well because i feel that being there for Harry is part of living as well.

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Review #47, by cnewkHarry Potter and the Shattered Pieces: Time to Say Goodbye

7th May 2008:
Thank you for no cliffhanger especially to the betas for stopping you from doing so. I almost cried but didn't because I had hope and faith that you wouldn't killed her off. I have hated Lawton from the get go b/c he reminded me of a bad mix of fudge and scrimgeour and you just increased it ten fold the nerve of calling harry someone who runs from problems, I have to admit that part of me is mad at you for having him say those things b/c you wrote it but I feel like giving you grace (not that you need it from me) and I realize that is his character.

Author's Response: When my daughter had me read her my rough draft of ch. 11 after she proofed this chapter for me, I knew the cliffhanger had been poorly timed. Once the next chapter has validated, though, this chapter will return to its originally planned length (and ending).

I also detest Prof. Lawton. To me, he represents everything that is still wrong with the Ministry in one person (arrogance, incompetence, a lingering distrust of Harry). Chapter 12 goes into much more detail in the inner-workings of the Ministry in its current state.

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Review #48, by cnewkNever say Never: It All Comes Down To This

7th May 2008:
it seems a little sudden but it is cute so I like it.

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Review #49, by cnewkA Kiss from an Angel: Hogsmead Date and a Trip to the Moon

7th May 2008:
Love the story, love the chapter they are so cute and so right together. just one Q has it already happened and i missed it or have we not yet seen her break up with jake for real or will we not see it, that is just something that i would like to see.

Author's Response: ah, well it is in chapter 24.. Dunno if you read only the half chapter, that was out by mistake, or the whole chapter.^^ it's supposed to be there! Thanks!^^

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Review #50, by cnewkPotter and Prejudice: Fear and Loathing

30th April 2008:
To start I think Miss Haggan's sums up my first part
"I have just read through all 24 chapters and I think this is brilliant I will add it to the list of my favorites.
10/10 for every chapter.
please update soon."

now for the more "detailed" comments
I enjoy seeing James and Lily dealing with the real life issues that students in a new relationship would deal with even though sometimes it does hurt to see happen.

I appreciate the way you paced james and lily getting together in some stories I an biting at the bit because it seems to be taking too long for anything to be accomplished, but in this story slow and steady fits.

I am sorry but the new Severus plot line you added seems to be a bit out of place, though I realize it makes it a little more true to canon after DH to add this it, to me it feels a little forced like it was thrown in just to accomplish this goal.

I agree with others that the confrontation with the death eaters did play out well and was well written, it is sad that corrin died though in some ways I do understand where you came from when you said you didn't like her any more.

And I think finally, the final scene with Dumbledore, I agree with others that he was a little out of character when talking about the DEs, but I did appreciate the bits of his sense of humor that were shown, any there was a silent cheer coming from me with the Order invite.

Now that the "business" is taken care of, I repeat good story, I like what you are doing, and looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: wowowow, thank you so much for reading through the whole thing! :)

i'm glad you liked the pacing of the story, for some people it got a bit too boring, and i was worried. as for the snape plotline, yes, it was an add-in after DH, and i'm sure with the rest of the story it does seem thrown in, but i felt like the subplot was too good to pass up. when i have the time i'll see if i can add in a few more lead-up snape scenes in the earlier chapters :)
with dumbledore, did you read the version that said "unfortunate" or "disgraceful"? i do think it changes it a bit, but in any case i'm glad you liked his humor :) Thanks so much for reading my story, I'm amazed at you people who go through it all at once! I'm working on the next chapter right now, hopefully it'll be smooth sailing to chapter 25!

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