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Review #1, by tragiclyHPLILLY POTTER and the Heart of the Matter: Seventeen

1st June 2010:
All in all not bad. Some spelling issues and you should do a little more homework. As an example. The hollyhead harpies is an all girls team. :)

Author's Response: Maybe they changed, lol sorry it was my first story and tbh i really dont like it that much (any more) but i still think that i should leave it there as a reminder to improve and get better. also just for you i will endeavour to change the Hollyhead harpies bit

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Review #2, by tragiclyHPMake You Feel My Love: Making you Feel my Love

2nd October 2009:
The garth brooks version of "To make you feel my love" is also fantastic. :)

Author's Response: I haven't heard it actually, but I'll take your word for it and check it out soon ;) lol.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by tragiclyHPFinal Dance: Fix Anything

8th July 2009:
A writer after my own heart. I just broke up with my Boyfriend and those songs are pretty much what gets me through the day without weeping. Knowing that I can come home and listen to them and break down in peace. This story is absolutely fantastic...

Author's Response: wow. that's really all i can say. I'm glad you thought so. Music, i think is a great healer and i'm glad you can find some peace in it. cheers, and good luck.

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Review #4, by tragiclyHPOne Fine Day: The Epilogue

21st April 2009:
I know I'm on Gwens account, this is her sister Solange, I just read Two to Tango and One Fine Day. Loved them both thought they were amazing! Keep on writing!

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Review #5, by tragiclyHPDelicate: I'm Not You

20th April 2009:
This is the BEST! I'm only a few chapters in and I'm crying for laughing so hard. You have written the most amazing stary, I love the twists the plot is taking already!

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