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Review #1, by mheftHarry Potter Ascension to Power: A BUNCH OF O.W.L.S

30th August 2004:
harry should inherit "cash" as well as estates all across the country from sirius otherwise potter's should give him the land that was godric's hollow, yes a secret power, makes actions easier to write, no super powerful harry try to make him have weaknesses harry should train and be trained, yes make him buy lot's of things for him and his friends fudge needs to be minister; creates drama

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Review #2, by mheftHarry Potter and the Sands of Time: The Not-So-Ordinary Morning

18th August 2004:
your plot so far is very very original and i can't wait to see where your story goes. if you want some advice; 6 pages in microsoft word = about 2000 words. either way i should be enough satisfy the censoreds who think it's only good if it's long.

Author's Response: Sorry, I keep meaning to get on and tell you Thank you SO much for you input i'm REALLY glad that were unique, School has started and it's gettin' really hard to write chapters, and not enough ppl are reading it, better yet givin', reveiws. So i'll add chapters dependin on how many reveiws i get, NOT BY THE SAME PERSON. i'd like to get 10 for chapters one and 2 then i'll know a lot of ppl read it. Thanks again.

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Review #3, by mheftHarry Potter and the New Beginning: Chapter Two: Dueling

1st August 2004:
i think your story is quite good, a few tips though; don't rush the story because you want to get to the exciting part. the mark of a good writer is that he relishes the times between the parts he likes to write because that's what the challenge of writing is. also, i would recommend you read through your story and make the layout a bit easier to read, it will flow much more smoothly and i caught a few punctuation errors but they are minor. All in all it was a fun read. and thanks for your review of my story

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I like the constructive critisism (or whatever) and I'm working to correct it. Thanks!

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