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Review #1, by lily16Clash: Epilogue

7th February 2014:
Oh my god I can't believe you're leaving us with a cliffhanger in the epilogue of all places! who's gonna win the match?? haha that was pretty impressive though, I actually don't want to know because that ending was literally perfect.

Wow I'm getting a little emotional now. I think I started reading this story waaay back when it was 5 chapters in...I even sorta remember the first banner. And I remember that this became one of my favorites when Dom went on a date with that really weird guy who did cat paper mache and Aggy fell out of a tree. Haha idk why but this story has had a special place in my heart ever since. It's really nice to see how much clash has grown since then, both in terms of your writing and the characters themselves. It's weird seeing it ending because it feels like I finally finished reading my favorite book after 5 or 6 years.

And let me tell you, I've read a lot of books but I do honestly count Clash as one of my favorite novels ever. I've loved this story for so long, I definitely believe that I'll remember it years from now. Just to organize my thoughts here's a list of what I wanted to say that I loved about this story:

1. Aggy. She's the perfect heroine (my favorite ever in fact). She's the perofect balance between relatable and admirable and I loved how she refers to 5th year Aggy as gawky and it's true but she was lovable even back then :) And good job on staying true to her voice all through the did some amazing character development with her.

2. Aggy playing quidditch.did not see that coming at all but it makes so much sense. All 5 of them playing against each other was really fun.

3. James Potter (of course). He's the best and I don't even know what else t say about him. jaggy scenes never fail to melt my poor heart and when they said they loved each other I was dying! it's like a dream come true! man they've been through a lot but it was soo worth it.

4. All the secondary characters. I honestly loved them all and enjoyed every scene with them. Usually I have favorites in stories but Dom, Aidian, Freddy, and Eveyln all had their moments and I'm gonna miss the whole group. But I'm glad you didn't make it cheesy and pair them all off to one another.

5. The humor was always on point and I love that you use so many pop culture references. And obviously your writing is amazing as well

6. The plot. there were a lot of twists and turns and honestly, at one point I was worried about where the story was going, but you really pulled it off. The ending especially and this epilogue were flawless

And that's it I think. Lol i'm so sorry for how long this is, I got a little carried away. But thank you for writing this amazing story :) I'm definitely gonna miss looking forward to updates on Aggy's crazy life but this ending was perfect and it feels right :)

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Review #2, by lily16Clash: Heal

25th January 2014:
omg I can't believe that after all this time jaggy is finally together and only took 49 chapters and several near death experiences ;) and they used first names! I love that James calls he Agatha instead of Aggy :)

The best part is that they're so natural and realistically cute together. You really exceeded my expectations for them.

Soo only one more chapter right? honestly I thought I would be sadder about clash ending, but after these last few chapters it feels right that the story should end here. Aggy's gonna be ok, I can see her ending up as the next female minister one day with James as her first man.

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Review #3, by lily16Clash: Helter-Skelter

23rd January 2014:
What the heck. Let me tell you something funny...way back in the day I thought Clash was gonna be a cute little rom com type fic about a normal girl who would never channel a russian mobster in times of crisis. How did it come to this?? This whole story is seriously so amazing. If it was published it would be in my top 5 favorites for sure :)

And can I just say for the millionth times that Aggy and James are the best ever. Those two really make my heart melt. I loved them when they had the whole sexual tension thing going on but they're like 10 times better when they get along :D Im soo glad you took the time to develop them so well!

btw that line about aggy having an awkward conversation with her potential killer was freaking hilarious! sadly I cant relate very well(minus the killer)

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Review #4, by lily16Clash: Darkness

21st January 2014:
Wow that was intense! This is as good as the ministry fight at the end of the 5th book...seriously the perfect mix of action, humor, and emotion. And it's all still believable which is what I was a little worried about. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #5, by lily16Clash: Overdrive

19th January 2014:
Aww man that last part was so cute I'm going to melt! They really do make a very nice couple together, I can actually see them falling in love and having a healthy relationship after this story is over. Haha they sure deserve it after all that drama

There were a lot of nice moments in this chapter like the Dom/Aggy moment and Evelyn coming back and Aggy taking charge so naturally. But I do feel sad for them all, considering they're getting ready to risk their lives and all. You conveyed the whole melancholy marching into battle tone really well...even though I doubt any of them will die (right??), I still almost teared up a few times. I'm just really gonna miss these characters when the story's over! I love all of them :)

And congrats on finishing the whole thing! I really admire you for keeping up with this story for all these years.

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Review #6, by lily16Clash: Real

14th September 2013:
I just about have a heart attack every time you I wouldn't be surprised if all the excitement from this story has taken a few months off my life. thank you so much for writing this :DDD

oh my god.

Okay, now I'll go and actually read the chapter (!!!)

...Wow. That was really good. They're sort of actually together now?? Wow. Somehow I still can't believe that conversation happened, even after 45 freaking chapters. I loved James is the first to admit that he doesn't regret sleeping with her, and Aggy explaining why they might work together, and James saying he admires her (omg), and finally both of them letting go of their fears and actually taking the plunge. They were both so brave and mature in that conversation; it really showcases how well they've matured. And the allusion to the first chapter was perfect.

I wasn't very surprised by anything they had to say, but for the first time I think I have a good idea of what James was thinking throughout this whole story. I sort of misjudged him because even though I knew he cared a lot about Aggy's well being I thought he acted the way he did mainly to protect himself from another heartbreak, I didn't think he was trying to protect her the same way. Aww :) And obviously he always cared about her opinion of him, but it's a whole nother story to think that he sees her as a girl to be admired and looked up too...that gives more definition to certain scenes. Personally, I think they'll fall in love pretty quickly from here ;)

And finally, I have to say that I loved the way you wrote that conversation. Which is a shock to me because the main reason I love this story so much is because Aggy and James' interactions have always been so richly detailed and in your face emotional that you actually feel like you're with them in the story. Aggy's always trying to catch the tinniest bit of emotion in James and she's so aware of his body language and her own emotions. So I would have expected to be disappointed about the fact that their most important conversion, the one we've all been waiting for, is only dialogue.but I'm not because it was perfect that way. It's like Aggy and James are truly listening to what the other has to say without judgement or anything else in the brings home the point that they're laying the truth bare. And it's sort of nice that they have a certain degree of privacy in this one scene. The kiss was beautiful btw.

Wow this is turning out to be a pretty long review! Obviously this story's coming to a close soon but I really hope we get to see a tiny bit of Jaggy acting like a couple before the end...I'm really interested to see how their physical attraction, respect, and bickering work together in a relationship.

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Review #7, by lily16Clash: Goosebumps

25th June 2013:
I knew Cooper would be involved somehow! This is some very crazy stuff Aggy is dealing with, it's hard to believe that Rufus used to be her biggest problem ;)

But I'm really glad she's not alone anymore. It's nice to see the gang all back together again. I'm looking forward to Evelyn regaining consciousness because I love her friendship with Aggy and Dom.

And maybe this is just wishful thinking but was James finding ways to spend time with Aggy in this chapter? Like after her makeover and during Adian's brawl. I think he might feel a little guilty about freaking out on her. Man I love them so much :D

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Review #8, by lily16Curiosity: Compromise.

16th May 2013:
Aww that was such a nice conversation. Cassie and James's personalities complimented each other in this chapter, I love seeing them interact :)

I'm really excited to see what's going to happen!

Author's Response: Really glad you enjoyed it, Lily16! I really enjoyed writing this conversation and having them finally work each other out a little. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by lily16Clash: Gold

1st February 2013:
Oh my god. Wow. I don't even know what to say!

That was really perfect. Like it couldn't possibly have been better. It doesn't sound ideal, losing your virginity while drunk and emotional to your enemy, but for Aggy and Potter it really was perfect. I was so happy that they were actually talking and getting to know each other then THAT happened! I can't believe you can still surprise us after 40+ chapters, that takes a lot of skill.

Haha I don't think I can even wrap my head around everything yet. But it was all amazing, trust me. I'm so glad there's a reason for all that Vespertine and Evilyn drama. I think Cooper's family also has ties with Vespertine.

Thanks so much for updating so quickly! It was the best surprise after a long week of school.

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Review #10, by lily16Clash: Snap

18th January 2013:
Wow I did not see that coming at all. I love Aggy's life gets so dramatic and potentially angsty but her voice stays light and she keeps the one liners coming. You would think the humor wouldn't work in a story like her's but, surprisingly, it does. Good job :)

Anyway, I really loved seeing Aggy's dad and Debbie. Hehe and I was so proud of how manipulative Aggy was. They all make a pretty nice family considering everything.

And at the end Potter was so freaking endearing! They can't keep ignoring their feelings for long :D

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Review #11, by lily16Clash: Hero

6th November 2012:
This chapter was amazing and by now I'm pretty sure that Aggy is one of my most favorite literary characters ever. Right up there with Harry Potter himself :)

But she's planning on leaving? Where will she even go? I'm a little worried that this is all a trap to get her away from the safety of Hogwarts because its suspicious that Nott would just leave something like that lying on his desk. But I hoping Potter and the rest of her friends can either go with her or help her in some way. They can tell the aurors right?

If only the current headmaster was more like Dumbledore though. Why would she let Nott keep the sword out of all people? She's an idiot. And I can see why someone like her would expel Freddy.

But it's so cute how even with all this going on, Aggy and Potter still get distracted by their own relationship. I loved the last scene :) And now that even Aidan sees how perfect they are for each other, it's only a matter of time before they have to see it too right? Haha I can't wait for that day

Before I end this review though, Congratulations on the Dobby! You really deserve it. And don't feel pressured to update the next chapter, you should enjoy college as much as you can :D

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Review #12, by lily16Clash: Sugarcoat

28th August 2012:
Wow that was a lot to process. I can't believe Fred actually left! I still expect him to pop back in next chapter and go back to his normal self. I guess that's why Adian, Dom, and Evelyn are so messed up right now. Especially Evelyn, poor girl. I sort of saw this coming but she must have serious problems if she thinks going back to Cooper is a good idea. She needs a hug.

I like that Aggy and Potter are so mature in the face of all this drama though. I was sure they would explode a few times, but they kept it together :)

...Expect then they had to go and break up. Ouch. But I have to admit, even their break up was pretty mature; it reminded me a lot of Harry and Ginny from book 6. Haha it's like James is dramatically reliving his dad's romance. I swear his inner awkward Harry showed a few times when his composure slipped around Aggy. He's a real, slightly awkward teenage boy in my eyes now which is really nice. Of course Aggy would bring out that side in him, since they are meant to be and all. I hope they don't stay apart for too long.

Thanks for updating and I hope college is going well for you!

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Review #13, by lily16Death and All His Friends: in the end.

16th July 2012:
Can I just say that you are an amazing writer. Honestly, I hope you write a book one day because you have more natural talent than at least 80% of the real life authors out there.

I mean, there are A LOT of really great authors out there but there's something about your writing that seems so effortless and smooth that it draws readers in like a really powerful vacuum (lol weird analogy, sorry). You make very impactful and heavy lines just glide of the page and that makes reading your work very enjoyable.

If you ever do write a book though, you should find some way to let us all know :)

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Review #14, by lily16Clash: Lights

15th July 2012:
Now I'm really worried because expulsion seems like way too harsh of a punishment for the prank so what if Vespertine isn't a reasonable person? Expulsion means they snap your wand right? Sirius didn't even get expelled for trying to kill Snape back in the day. Poor Freddy.

But I liked seeing more of Aidan in this chapter. Haha and for some reason I found it hilarious when he says he's sick of all the lies in the group. I'm glad they realize that their lives are a little more dramatic than normal.

And as always, I love Aggy and James's relationship. It was so cute when he woke up from the punch! And it's amazing how you're making their relationship progress so believably and subtlety :)

Does literally all of Hogwarts know about them by now?

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Review #15, by lily16Clash: Stupid

12th June 2012:
Thank you for making me look crazier than usual because I just spent the last half hour laughing alone at my computer screen. This is actually better than a tv show, you have a gift.

About that cliffy though...will Cooper's psychotic side finally be revealed to authorities? I hope so. And I hope Evelyn's relationship Freddy and the rest doesn't suffer too much, I really love having her as part of the gang. She fits right in and it's nice seeing all of them spend a carefree day destroying a green house together. I can just picture that scene in a teen sitcom with happy music, slow motion, and friendships being cultivated.

Also, Potter and Aggy! AHHH I always freak out about them but I can't help it. They were flirting and they were happy together. He was laughing and is it just me, or has Aggy been getting a little bolder and more adventurous recently? (...In normal teen stuff, not just life or death situations) Obviously, this means they are perfect for each other.

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Review #16, by lily16No Solid Ground: Can't Make It Through It But I'll Try Anyway

8th June 2012:
I'm glad this story is back :)

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Review #17, by lily16Tug Of War: Confrontation

30th May 2012:
I never get tired of this story :)

Really, there's not one thing that I don't like about it.

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Review #18, by lily16Clash: Closer

26th May 2012:
Omg Potter and Aggy :D After this chapter, I soo see them as a couple. I mean, she already has him climbing out of windows in his own house. Can you imagine the shenanigans (haha sorry) they would get up to as a real couple? I know they'll probably start fighting about something again soon, but this chapter looks like real progress! Plus, Potter smiling into the kiss was adorable.

And let me just say, Aggy and Dom are perfect for each other. I would never imagine them even liking each other if they weren't already such great friends. It's really nice the way they always sort of subtly support each other no matter what. But I'm worried about what Potter mentioned about Dom's thinness a few chapters ago...I really hope it's not an eating disorder or something. And I hope this Xander guy doesn't turn out to be a jerk who makes everything worse. Still looking forward to Aggy giving him the evil eye though! :)

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Review #19, by lily16Coming Back a Swan: The Falling Angel

19th May 2012:
I'm so glad you're back! Your chapters are always worth the wait :)

I'm really excited for Alexa's relationship with Saundra to develop; I think they have the potential to be really great and supportive sisters to one another. Just the thought of them becoming close melts my ice cold heart.

Also, James and Alexa must fall in love!

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Review #20, by lily16Clash: Point-blank

4th April 2012:
Something about this chapter makes me very content. I think it's because Jaggy seems to have made a lot of progress in these last few chapters and I'm so proud of the way Aggy is facing the truth more and James is actually showing emotion (!). And I swear, I practically had a heart attack when he mentioned her sodding blue eyes and how she's always in his head. AHHH I don't even know what to say!

The whole thing after the Debbie incident just made me happier. You wrote that part amazingly and it's probably my favorite passage since the chapter where Adain wakes up. I really love it when James lets his guard down around Aggy and acts more like teenage boy than an enigma. It's probably moments like this that make me ship them so hard :) I hope Aggy doesn't read the kiss as him not caring because he obviously does. And how will James react to "I'd rather date a woolly mammoth?" Haha, oh Aggy.

I also really liked the Debbie bits of the chapter and how it brought up Aggy's family. There was a perfect mix of non-Potter drama, Potter drama, and humor in this chapter. I wish we saw more of Fred though, I can't get enough of him :)

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Review #21, by lily16Being A Fan: A Flaw In The Plan

5th March 2012:
It's so weird seeing friendships as fake as this...but still really fascinating. And even though she definitely has her flaws, I sort of like Jaycee. She has potential.

I was very disappointed when she didn't join Addison though.

Author's Response: Flawed characters are fun to write though, aren't they? I hope they are fun to read too ;D
Thank you so much for taking the time to review! :D

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Review #22, by lily16Being A Fan: One Of Those Girls

5th March 2012:
I swear, I been wanting to read a story like this forever! Thanks so much for writing it and writing it well :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

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Review #23, by lily16Clash: Move

22nd February 2012:
YES! Aggy and James finally seem to be on equal footing :D Haha that makes me really happy. And I find it very interesting that even though Aggy acted very Slytherin-like and James acted very Gryffindor-like in this chapter, they still make a really good pair. Their personalities just click in a weird way. Ekkk I can't wait until they actually start dating each other!

Also! I love that James lost his composure so many times in this chapter. Well, not SO many times. But for him it's practically a record. I'm taking this as a very good sign, especially since he got so jealous of Ryan :D I wonder if he knows that Aggy used to have a huge crush on him.

Btw, when Aggy colored her hair brown, I was like "NO Aggy change it back!" But obviously she didn't hear me. I'm looking forward to everyone's reactions to it but I hope she doesn't keep it for too long. Aggy = Redhead and there's no way around that. Sigh. I get why she did it though and at least she didn't go blonde :)

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Review #24, by lily16Clash: Blur

10th February 2012:
Muhahaha I find it really funny how pathetic Potter's attempts at getting over the Jaggy situation are. Granted, he's living with her so it must be hard for him to put his plan into action but I bet he thinks about Aggy way more than he needs too. I just hope he doesn't do something stupid like hook up with a random girl at the concert and break Aggy's heart even more.

Speaking of Aggy though, I really really like her new mature thing. It's about time. And it saves her a lot of drama :D You kept her sense of humor perfectly intact as well so I think it's a really good balance right now. Also, I love that she's getting closer to Aidan now :)

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Review #25, by lily16Tug Of War: Hogsmede

31st January 2012:
Ahh you don't know how much I love this story! And I have a feeling that James has a crush on Stella :D

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