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Review #1, by hoggywartyhogwartsHeros of Darkness: Playing the Hero

18th May 2009:
emmett has 2 t's, just so's you know :)

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Review #2, by hoggywartyhogwartsMaggie: Tell me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

13th May 2009:
aw man!!! this story totally rocks, and its been in my faves like FOREVER, but you said the next chappie was the last one. and yet you havent posted a chapter since october. will there ever be an end to this awesomely awesome tale? or am i waiting for a nonexistent chapter? xxx aimee

Author's Response: lol, i\\\'m so sorry. life has been throwing some curve balls my way (broken jaws, job quitting, exams a plenty, learning to drive and getting into my second final year of school) so that\\\'s why things have been mighty slow, and for all those maggie fans feeling neglected, i am sorry. a new chapter should be up sometime around august.

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Review #3, by hoggywartyhogwartsDragoness: Unbalanced

9th April 2009:
its cool

its totally different to the whole imprinting thing... didn't even think of that till you mentioned it (a first for me i can assure you lol)


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Review #4, by hoggywartyhogwartsAccidentally on Purpose: Of Just Friends

13th October 2008:
stick... bum... hit me!

omg i laughed sososososo hard at that that i literally fell off my chair and my brother came in thinking i was being attacked or that the wardrobe had fallen on me...

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Review #5, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe List: Epilogue

10th June 2008:
*more applause*

Author's Response: Aw, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

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Review #6, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe List: Internal Pining: Ginny's Essay

7th June 2008:
7. Professor McGonagall

“They are,” insisted Hermione. Harry raised his eyebrow at her. “Okay, so maybe a few of them are correct, but really – Cho? Viktor? Malfoy? Professor McGonagall? My mum?”

“Cho and Viktor both believed that there was something going on between us when we were going out with them,” Harry explained rationally. “Professor McGonagall asked me just last week what I planned on getting you for our five month anniversary (she suggested a jewelry store in Hogsmeade), Malfoy wanted to know if Ron and I were still friends now that I was going out with the...well, you know what he said. And I’ll have you know that the last time I met your mother, she said, and I quote, ‘The Bar on St. Agnes would be a marvelous place to hold a wedding. Hermione’s been fond of Italy since she was a little girl, and the beach there is simply breathtaking.’”

“I honestly don’t see what they see,” Hermione sighed, scooting over next to Harry and laying her head on his shoulder. She slightly stretched her neck so that she could look at him.

“Neither do I,” Harry answered, wrapping his arm around Hermione’s shoulder and placing his head on top of hers.

yeah. its hilarious!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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Review #7, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe List: Prologue

7th June 2008:
7. If anyone on the list dies, people might assume it was actually a hit list.

Pure. Gold.

definitely worth continuing!!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest. :-)

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Review #8, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe Life and Death Brigade: The Easy Way is Overrated

7th June 2008:
Don't worry, we australians do silly things like adding u's to words too.

i like this story and can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: The 'u' is a very underused letter in my opinion. Wow austrailia, this site really hits all over. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by hoggywartyhogwartsLate on a Spring Night: Late on a Spring Night

26th May 2008:
i am so glad that you have posted this story in honour of rob knox. and so quickly, too.

i hope that everyone who reads this understands what the knox family is going through because of his death, and that they realise how terrible these stabbings have been for all the victims' family and friends.

i have never and probably will never meet the knox family but i would still like to thank you for what you have done for them in remembering rob in such a way.

Author's Response: Thanks so much babe, it means a lot to me!

I have never met the family either, but as a British lawyer, I felt I just had to do something, even if my humble talent and power pointed towards a one-shot.

Please people criticise and pm me because at the end of the week (hopefully before the funeral service) I'm going to submit this as a fanfic contribution to his memorial page. As far as I know, no-one has contributed a story yet and I would love to post links to several, if you see what I mean.

I'm basically broken hearted even if, no, I didn't know him.

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Review #10, by hoggywartyhogwartsOne of us: Chapter 3

15th May 2008:
Personally, i prefer long chapters, but the shorter chappies seem to suit your story more. (its great, by the way, and surprisingly well-written for a fan fic!!!)

i like how the story's going and i can't wait to find out more!

Author's Response: LOL, that made me laugh. "surprisingly well written for a fan fic" - I know, right? - most stories have an amazing potential to be great, but aren't just because they are badly written. It is too bad. So I hope! my story is not like that. Thanks so much for making me smile :)

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Review #11, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Transfiguration Havoc

6th May 2008:
hmmm... i wonder what was written on the aeroplane... and just how long can this sugar high last?!

Author's Response: Oh not too long! =D

(and not even I know what's written on the aeroplane ;)

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Review #12, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: The Start of Sugar...

6th May 2008:
mmm... syrup...

yeah i was on a sugar high yesterday, i was at the movies with my cousin and we were both eating sugar nonstop. it was hilarious cos shes only like nine years old (babysitting duties. *sigh*) and LOVES anything sugar-coated. needless to say, we were giggling and chattering non stop all through the movie.

happy days.

anyways i think this story's absolutely fantabulous and i can't wait to read more!



Author's Response: Thanks!

And yes, I have been on MANY sugar highs! (It doesn't do well for my health though ;) heh heh)

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Review #13, by hoggywartyhogwartsThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Pick on Charlie Day

6th May 2008:
i like your story and i just wanna say...


ah thats better. yep i'm an aussie too!!! so rare these days. there aren't enough of us writing fan fics. so not fair.

can't wait to read more! 10/10


Author's Response: Yes we're few and far between (or some just don't make it known)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by hoggywartyhogwartsMaggie: And Just Where is Jean?

12th April 2008:
omg poor jean!!! mcgonagall seems to have turned evil, i mean, CONFUNDING STUDENTS??? LOCKING THEM IN A DUNGEON WITH A WEREWOLF AT THE FULL MOON??? DRAGGING THEM UP STAIRCASES??? YELLING??? (well, actually, thats not so unusual...) i think shes gone mad, personally.

Author's Response: wo..... it's just a story...and she's not evil...

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Review #15, by hoggywartyhogwartsAccidentally on Purpose: Of Practicing the Basics of Human Kindness

7th April 2008:

please? *bats eyelashes*

this is a really really absolutely completely 100% fan-bloody-tastic awesome magnificent amazing funny hilarious wonderful good great bloody BRILLIANT story, and if you don't update soon, i don't know what i'll do.

so yeah. hope to read more soon!!!


Author's Response: well how can I say no to that? really? and the cyber batting of eyelashes? how can anyone say no to that? Of course I will update as soon as I can. And I think that has to be the most adjectives I have ever seen in one review. That's pretty brilliant you know? And the praise? whew... you make me blush.

Read you will. I promise.

100% witch

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Review #16, by hoggywartyhogwartsAccidentally on Purpose: Of Party Invitations

7th April 2008:
indeed, the lunatic HAS spoken. rather a lot, actually. which is good, because the more she talks the more i laugh and the more reviews you get!!!

haha yeh i'm going to read on and find out whether or not she goes to The Party. i'm guessing she does. but hey, can't be sure till i've read it, right?

Author's Response: haha. She is just a chatty Sally isn't she? But a funny too, from what I gather from you, so its all good. chill. And as selfish as this sounds, i love reviews, and want more more more more more.... they are like my drug really.

So read on dear heart, read on and all your questions will be answered.


Thanks for the review.

100% witch

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Review #17, by hoggywartyhogwartsAccidentally on Purpose: Of Flying Forks

7th April 2008:
oh my god i absolutely love your story!!! i haven't reviewed before now cos i just wanted to keep reading, but i have to say that this is BY FAR the funniest chapter yet. its so incredibly rare to find fanfics that make me laugh so hard. it was FREAKING HILARIOUS and i can't possibly write any more... i NEED to hear what happens next! LOVE IT!!!

Author's Response: ahhhhh! That is so bombbbbb. I love that you love to read this, that in itself for any writer, is an accomplishment. oh, and the fact that you decided to review and write a rather long one too. You are supa dupa. So I'm glad Janelle is making you laugh doll! Hope you like the resssttttt.

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Review #18, by hoggywartyhogwartsWhat's in a name?: The Confessions

6th April 2008:
ewww gross colin germs! not! haha thats funny (i mean, COLIN??!!) but still slightly disturbing. still doing really really well, cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Lol, I liked Colin because it was so unexpected, and, I mean, it's Colin! haha. I'm so glad you like it and thank you so much for the review!

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Review #19, by hoggywartyhogwartsWhat's in a name?: The Train Ride

5th April 2008:
i have no constructive criticism for you, because there's nothing to criticise!!! its going very well, and i can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Aw, why thank you very much :] As much as I love constructive criticism, I love compliments more! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and I hope you keep on enjoying!

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Review #20, by hoggywartyhogwartsDon't ever let go: Blind Freddy

18th March 2008:
leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel leave a sequel or ill set blind freddie on you!!!

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Review #21, by hoggywartyhogwartsChaos: Colourful Beginnings

18th March 2008:
cool. i reckon its great that you're tying it in with hbp. should make things interesting...

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Review #22, by hoggywartyhogwartsDon't ever let go: A wolf, a dog a doe a stag...

17th March 2008:
“That it!” muttered Sirius, “I am banning post from this table!”

there was lots of fave quotes from this one, but OMG you just had to end the chapter with character deaths, didn't you???!!! there was the animagi bit, then the lovey dovey ooey gooey gonna be sick bit, then there was THEY"RE DEAD! at the end!!! ah!

still good though. variety makes it even more interesting!

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Review #23, by hoggywartyhogwartsDon't ever let go: Just friends now.... or not

17th March 2008:
James cowered away slightly under his girlfriends wrath, even though it was turned to Ray and Sirius,

“Friends! Friends!” yelled Lily “You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends!”
James laid a soothing hand on Lily’s shoulder
“Give them five minutes alone and you may be in danger of becoming a godmother,”

it makes sense, i just don't know why they wanted to make sirius look like a pedophile...

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Review #24, by hoggywartyhogwartsDon't ever let go: A dog, A stag and a violent walrus

17th March 2008:
“I feel like a penguin!”

“Your all horrible freaks of nature!” said Vernon furiously his face turning red
Sirius looked at him coldly “and your morbidly obese and resemble a walrus but everyone has refrained from mentioning it until now,”

“she’s Satan, she works quickly.

“I do not have fleas!”

James looked horrified “don’t leave me!” he whispered,

Ray rolled her eyes and whacked his arm, causing Sirius to turn to her in distress,
“Stop hitting my arm!” he demanded “one day it’s going to fall off and it will be your entire fault for hitting me all the time!”
“Yes, but then you will look comically lopsided and I’ll love you anyway,” explained Ray patiently,
“But if I didn’t have two hands I couldn’t hug you or touch two places at once or grab…”
“Enough!” interjected Lily before he could finish his sentence “please! Just stop talking!”

more fave quotes!
still going good, can't wait to read more!

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Review #25, by hoggywartyhogwartsDon't ever let go: Bridezillas and Sleeping with Severus Snape

17th March 2008:
“Now good night!” said Lily firmly “no bed hopping, Sirius I am looking at you!”

“do you always kiss your mother like that James?”

“Eeew!” said James “Snivillus germs!”
"Prove it!" said James childishly,

“But he stalked you for seven years!” said Lily’s father “normal girls don’t date their stalkers,”
“Since when has Lily ever been normal?” asked Petunia snidely,
“I never stalked Lily!” exclaimed James
Both Ray and Sirius snorted “yes mate,” said Sirius “yes you did!”

“it will be an honour to risk our lives to deliver your message,”

“Lily why is there a walrus with a lamp in your living room?”

“Ah! Bridezilla!”

enough faves for you??? i personally think that 2 years and 17 chappies is long enough.

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