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Review #1, by dramionerulesDrowning Down Under: Chapter 9: Diagon Alley

2nd February 2012:
Great story. Great chapter. I'm happy to see Hermione likes Draco. Yay! haha.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Scratch that.. Thank you for reading! I plan to put up another chapter as soon as I get home :)


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Review #2, by dramionerulesCruise of a Lifetime: Chapter Four: The Plaza

2nd February 2012:
I think the story is great, I just have some thing that's kind of confusing me. In the books draco knows hermione is muggle-born. In here you said he doesn't know. And mudblood is a term for muggle-born, if Hermione is half blood that insult really wouldn't apply unless he didn't know she was half blood and if that was the case then it would make more sense for him to say something about thinking she was muggle-born. Then again I could just not be understanding it right or something but I thought I'd ask. Hope I didn't offend, I don't think you are doing a bad job.

Author's Response: Haha, you didn't offend me! Thanks for asking though. Draco doesn't know about Hermione's blood status but he does know that she isn't a pure-blood. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #3, by dramionerulesDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Alone with Granger

3rd May 2011:
Dark Whisper! I love this story...LOVE it! It's wonderful, no really. I love the characterizations for Draco and Hermione and the last line as Draco was leaving was awesome it had me laughing out loud. Great work! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like the characterizations... as I don't want them to go too far out of character, but they need to fit the mood and storyline I'm trying to convey.

Yes... that last line of his... he had to confess sometime and he KNEW that would really have her freaking out! LOL! So wonderfully devious of him!

Thank you so much for your kind review. They all make me smile inside and keep me going!

Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by dramionerulesSimply Irresistible: Another Twist

21st April 2011:
I'm writing this on this chapter but it is also for the story as a whole. Amazing. Wonderful, I couldn't stop reading it. The way you portray Hermione and Draco is superb! Keep going because I would die if I couldn't see this finished!

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Review #5, by dramionerulesA Sweet Affair: A Losing Battle

4th January 2009:
So i sent you a new banner...only changed a little bit but i think its better...great chapter!

Author's Response: oh thanks, i'll go check it out. glad u liked the chapter :)


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Review #6, by dramionerulesA Sweet Affair: An Unexpected Fondness

25th December 2008:
Well i really love this story and i look forward to more chapters...i was bored and made you a don't need to use it if you don't want but i made it anyway for you...but i can't leave it here...if i can send you a message i'll try otherwise i'll find a way to get it to you

Author's Response: im glad you like it and u made me a banner? wow, thanks!! To send it, maybe you can do it through the HPFF forums? My sn is the same.

Once again I really appreciate it and thanks for reading my story!

-WP (hope you had a great x-mas!)

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Review #7, by dramionerulesAn Unlikely Change Of Events: The New Blaise

16th December 2007:
i do love the plot for this, though it does seem just a tad rushed...but thats not really a big deal...i just noticed a couple of the daily profit it said the 10 year imperious was lifted but hermione kept saying 7...and mcgonagall said they each had their own bathroom but then draco discovered it was shared...maybe i miss read that part but thought i should point it out just in case...great story all in all!!

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Review #8, by dramionerules:

12th December 2007:
I really liked that and can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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