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Review #1, by KassiaPhoenix: Worries, Smoking, and String Bikinis

17th June 2009:
OHH! GOODY! When's the next update! You're not a terrible person Sephira. I would know if you were. I think you should have my evil side attempt to kill somebody!

Peace and Blessings,

Author's Response: ZOMG THATS A FANTASTIC IDEA!!! i'm totally doing it :P thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #2, by KassiaWhy?: Rune's Birthday Tribute

3rd June 2009:
WOW! I thought that was amazing. I'm so glad Ali got over Rune's death in her own way and is celebrating his birthday! I'm anxiously waiting for more. I'll add more to mine as soon as I finish this chapter. It's being stubborn and doesn't like me. If certain circumstances hadn't arisen then I'm sure I'd have everything done by now!

Author's Response: hahaha thank you!! My goal is to finish all these stories before i graduate highschool! so its gunna come to a close within the next year!(hopefully lol) and i cant wait for the next one of yours!

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Review #3, by KassiaWhat I thought I knew: Revenge

8th March 2009:
HOLY FRIGGING CRAP! lol. Brilliance! AHH! Darn... now I have to update Dark Love. :)) Kill that evil William bastard. I forgive you for killing me. :)

Author's Response: hahaha dont worry, of course he dies! He kinda has

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Review #4, by KassiaWhat I thought I knew: Its Official: Dates= Disasters

4th March 2009:
wow... um... i hate dying.

Author's Response: hahaha well sorry u needed to die. Its important to the story line.sorta ;)

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Review #5, by KassiaPhoenix: Misused Favors

27th February 2009:
AWESOME! I love being disturbing! My sister says I look cool too. :)

Author's Response: hahaha cool i"m glad you like it!!! I had fun writing your part =3

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Review #6, by KassiaWhy?: Reminiscences

31st January 2009:
HOLY CROW SEPHIRA! *re-reads* I can't wait for more! *laughs*

Author's Response: lol thank you kassi! i'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

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Review #7, by KassiaPhoenix: Raye the Spy

1st December 2008:
Awesomeness Sephira. And I'm not gonna kill you. Geez. Chill out and wait till I get to the good parts would you!? You're so impatient Sephira. Really.

Author's Response: lol danke kassi ;3 and my lack of patientence is why you like me XD

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Review #8, by KassiaPhoenix: A Secret Smile

22nd January 2008:
YAY! Very cool. Can't wait to read more! Love the way Harry is thinking *cough* about *cough* Raye. *laughs head off*

Author's Response: Haha, yeah. Some people have this idea that the characters in HP ( save the marauders lol) do not have sexual fantasies, b/c that's the way JK wrote. BUT HARRY IS A TEENAGER TOO. HE CAN GET BONERS!!!

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Review #9, by KassiaPhoenix: Luncheon Fights

5th January 2008:
Ha ha! LOVE IT! Thanks for changing the spelling in Ava's name! :) Write more! I can't wait for the rest!!! :)

Author's Response: Haha, will do. I'll see you later today.

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