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Review #26, by siriuslyawesomeIn Walked Trouble: Duplicity on the Tracks

17th April 2011:
Gen seems interesting deff, what is she hiding? I just want there to be another chapter i want to keep reading about sirius and gules. I like that after truce was called it isn't all sunshine and daisys you just dont start trusting someone right off the bat. It will be interesting to see how sirius tries to woo her

Author's Response: Gen is interesting huh? Well, I can't tell you what she's hiding but if you read on... *grins*

Sunshine and daisies... pah! Not with them...

Lol woo, I love that word. It shall indeed be interesting to see how he puts his thus far nonexistent charms to use...

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #27, by siriuslyawesomeIn Walked Trouble: Lie to Me

17th April 2011:
was sirius waiting/ watching her? must things be so complicated a bet and an undercover report geesh. I laughed at the first evil tree comment then was worried at them running through the strom then my pulse was racing for them on the porch... Teenagers they should just give in to there hormones! i can not wait to find out all sirius's secrets and have the 2 of them figure out what was behind that first look at kings cross

Author's Response: Not waiting, but he was looking out the window as he seems to find himself doing quite a bit more than would be considered normal.

Wish they'd give in to their hormones too, guh, but that would make it all too easy. Haha.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #28, by siriuslyawesomeIn Walked Trouble: Waltzing With Trouble: Part II

17th April 2011:
so that dance was amazing it was hot thats the only way to describe it even there argument it was like heat was being emitted by your words.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, for both reviewing and the compliment :)


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Review #29, by siriuslyawesomeConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of pubs, kissing and proclamations of love

14th April 2011:
hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahah I i had magical abilities i would make the rest of the chapters of this story appear from your imagination. Is in wrong that i loved her reaction to kissing. Poor girl puking all over the boy she likes and gah Elanor dancing i picture my friend who has a um. a way with moving. I wish Albus would just say goodbye to Gemma and sweep our nutter leading lady off her miscoordinated feet, MORE UPDATES

Author's Response: If I had magical abilities I'd make all my exams go away. Haha, I was trying to think of the worst possible thing that could happen. Yeah, Eleanor's not the most... skilled dancer. Albus is too nice to do that to Gemma.

I will try! Thanks for reading! :)

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Review #30, by siriuslyawesomeThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Therapy, Wally, Hair Care And Me

23rd March 2011:
gahhh i was so happy to see that you updated i love this story so much so that I have adopted fish finger into my vocabulary for insults, i just get looks when i use it but me and other friends who have read the story always get an added laugh from it. Please update soon i am always so happy to read another chapter from you then sad when it's over

Author's Response: Ah! I'm so glad I could make you happy with this update! It means a lot to me and gets in me through the rough patches. Haha. I'm so glad you like the insult fishfinger. That's just made my day there. Haha! I'll try to update soon! People like you give me motivation to finish the next chapter.

Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #31, by siriuslyawesomeThe Never Forgotten: Chapter III

21st February 2011:
What am amazingly intense and emotional chapter my hands are actually shaking with anticipation. Please do not wait to long to post again the suspense in becoming physically painful

Author's Response: Oh wow - thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed the read (and sorry for the physical pain!) Next chapter is in the validation queue x

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Review #32, by siriuslyawesomeAlways so BitterSweet: My Constant

12th January 2011:
but more importantly BOO i do not care how charming sebastian seems to be and while i want loren to be happy just not with him! sebastian would look much better with two black eyes delivered by sirius THE ONE SHE SHOULD REALLY BE WITH. Ok my rant is done though i expect you to rectify the atrocity that is this relationship. I can't wait to see what happens with everything, maybe loren will hone her water abilities she is a little down on her self power wise but im sure she has it in her somewhere and maybe she can drown her bf with them(just a suggestion) And her and lily need to make up! so hurry up and update or i shall cry

Author's Response: I love you so much for this review! I love how into my story you became and truly were one of my favorite reviewers. I apologize for not having updated in so long. Life honestly got in the way but I think I may try and fix that and finish my story.

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Review #33, by siriuslyawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Twenty-Five: Bruises

12th January 2011:
I love this story and the the two chapters coming out so quickly was an amazing treat. What is happening to our favorite Jacob I have a feeling it will make me cry ='[. Im so excited for the next chapter you never fail to disappoint.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

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Review #34, by siriuslyawesomeThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Home Truths, Zombies, Falling Apart And Me

12th January 2011:
I love this story so much I have been following it for such a long time and It is one of those stories I can go back and re-read chapters and still laugh at the jokes and find it everything to be fantastic... I liked this chapter even if if was un- nellie ish because you are right something like this doesn't happen and not leave an impression. But please pretty pretty please update as much as i enjoy reading the other chapters over again which i have done I would love a new one

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you do! I'm glad that you've stuck with it for a long time. I'm so glad you like this chapter, it means a lot to me :) Cause I was really worried about it. But people seem to like it :D I'm really happy that you re read the other chapters. I'm working on Chapter 29, I hope to update soon :)

- Keely.

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Review #35, by siriuslyawesomeEVOLUTION: Holding Hands in Small Spaces

24th August 2010:
No there is still more james and lily in closetness to be had yet there are no more chapters to read! Im back and reviewing again so you must post, my return must e what you've been waiting for afer all because a long wait would just be cruel

Interesting lilly doesn't like people touching her ears thats a strange little quirk that has me thinking why would someone touch her ear

*James ostentatiously waved his wand and shouted with a ridiculously pompous accent, “open sesame!*
-Oh jamsie is a little testy though i did enjoy it i liked the common muggle magic thrown in by a wizard

*And don’t you even play coy like the unicorn who fancied his own horn.*
- i loved this whole part firstly cause it was hysterical and secondly because other writers try to slip in magical things but do it awkwardly the way you wrote this made it like something every wizard would understand and say when joking around not oh right there wizards so i have to throw magical stuff into there normal conversations

*the only regret I have is that you’re not here because I know that you’d be right beside me guarding the blasted door. But in every way, you already are…*

*she’d fainted from her own dreaded phobia of closed spaces in front of the one person who scared her most*
- it's interesting that he is the one she is scared of is it because she just can't control her self around him. He was so good though taking care of her even when he is not chasing after her he can't help but be good to her *sigh* love

Every time lilly says something diry i laugh so hard you write so well i can just see it all playing out in my head like im watching a fantastic movie

*The concentric circles he absentmindedly traced on the back of her hand didn’t help matters. Shannon could feel the ripples radiate outwards from inside her stomach to her toes.*
-Its so hard to be like no she is wirh sirius because remus and her seem so good to each other and we know sirius likes julia but you still don't want him to be hurt but these two are clearly meant to be together somehow, i can't wait to see how you work everything out because even with boys dating ur mates ex isn't always looked highly upon. Maybe sirius will be the bigger man?

*“Lily and James have hexed his sorry arse back to the Dark Ages. And knowing Sirius, he’d most likely be turning every witch-hunt topsy-turvy.”*
This was just witty i love the dialogue you write... if you were to ever pen a movie i would go to the midnight showing

angelina deserves to be hexed i hope she falls down a flight of magically moving stairs

i hope that you post again soon and i promise if you do it wont take me over a year to review, i really love this story and if it weren't for all the copywrite issues you could publish it it is truly that fantastic.

Author's Response: So I did FINALLY post a new chapter, it's waiting in the queue as we speak. All of your comments are so wonderful, and it makes me so happy. I'd love to write a movie one day, but the hard part is coming up with an original idea. It's easy to play in someone else's back yard, JK really has one heck of one. But, I promise to keep working on this story, yet, I fear that you will be unhappy to know that Sirius and Julia will not meet for some time. Remember, she's just 14 at this point. The next few chapters will start to tie up some things so we can get to what everyone's been waiting for. Thanks again for your fantastic reviews :)

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Review #36, by siriuslyawesomeEVOLUTION: Backsides, Bras and Broomclosets

24th August 2010:
I am terribly sorry it has been an inexcusabily long time since my last review, but on the same hand ONLY TWO MORE CHAPTERS
sigh well I am terribly sorry that i have not reviewed in so long life was crazy then i went abroad for university and internet was a little spastic I needed to make sure I could also dedicate a good amount of time to reading and reviewing. It was refreshing to come back to this story and find it as skillfully written as i remember it.

*Deep down, James still held a slight resentment that Kettleburn allowed Sirius to ride the hippogriff in fourth year, and not him.*
-I love when you throw in interesting asides like that it is part of the reason your characters have so much depth there history with each other does not start when the story starts but seems to preexist what we know.

*With each deflection, Sirius found himself laughing louder...He found that he was having the time of his life quite honestly. James also appeared to be enjoying himself, practically prancing about as he dashed from the Slytherin attack* -I found sirius laughing a reminder of his laugh laugh before he goes through the veil seemingly always mocking his adversary but i was not expecting to really see any of future serious just yet it was a reminder of what we know to happen to serious for me Im not sure if it was meant to be like that or not but I really enjoyed it. And the james prancing comment reminded me of something snape would say about james

*Sirius and Avery panted from their own exertions but excitedly observed the girls. There was nothing in the world like two girls wildly going at it.*
-GAH LMAO lets not forget they are teenage boys and hormones are hormones though snape seemed unfazed

*as he could manage in order to deliver the most powerful punch to Sirius’ perfectly chiseled features. No girl would ever look at him again, if Severus hit him properly. Suddenly, with a flowering fury of robes and red hair, a hideously large tome of Which Witch; a Full History of Witch Contributions to Magical Society cracked over the top of Severus’ head*
-well that in itself is another contribution by a witch to magical society lily saved sirius face! this scene to developed the friendship between sirius and lily some more which i loved i love there interactions as friends. Not to mention lilys un characteristic enthusiasm to fight which as you said so fantastically bravery is not always logical and she was put in griffyndor not ravenclaw

*James Potter stood up in such sudden commanding glory; it was amazing lights didn’t shine out from every orifice of his body.* - just happen to really enjoy the word orifice =P

I thought the whole scheme to get the two to the closet was quite sly on the part of sirius and im excited to see how it pans out so i am leaving this review here and off to the next chapter

Author's Response: It may have taken you some time to review, but it took me even longer to respond! Sorry bout that because your reviews are always so wonderful and inspiring! There is a new chapter in the queue, honestly, and I do hope to get back to this and finish it! Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement ;)

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Review #37, by siriuslyawesomeThe Memory Box: Chapter XXX

31st March 2010:
This story has made me laugh and cry countless times. You did an amazing job. Even the idea it self and the characters you made where simply fantastic. I can't wait for the sequel

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Review #38, by siriuslyawesomeAlways so BitterSweet: Mazes

6th December 2009:

Author's Response: HA!
You are my favorite person right now. (:
Thanks for reviewing, I was starting to get so discouraged since no one had been reviewing and I was honestly considering ending the story..

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Review #39, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: With Me

1st July 2009:
James isn't as oblivious as he seemed i mean he narrowed down all the girls in the school to the 2 right ones he just assigned them to the wrong boy. But now remus and sirius know each others dirty little secret are they going to have a little heart to heart.

Aw james and lilly are finally together i thought the fight and slightly angry i love you was appropriate to there history and the way they work. But yey happy

Will remus make even the slightest move soon???
Will sirius tell remus about the look out and just how much he likes scarlette???

Author's Response: James is a pretty smart cookie- he\\\'s got some good and bad moments in SIHE :) I love writing James, though; much easier than Sirius.

I wanted to get L/J together early on in the story (if you can call this early) because JKR says that they marry right out of school, and I personally think that\\\'s ridiculous if they first get into a romantic relationship in February. I wanted some time for their relationship to grow so it would seem as if they had been there all along (something, unfortunately, that lacks in Sirius and Scarlett\\\'s relationship and is constantly one of my main critiques of the whole story)

- Soon? Meh. Scarlett still has A LOT to figure out herself in these next few chapters, putting Remus and Georgiana on the backburner. But you never know...
- Nope. Going out after hours (and being extremely dangerous, which Remus wouldn\\\'t appreciate) and having a -- well -- sort of -- romance with a Slytherin are two things that Sirius wouldn\\\'t want to trouble Remus with. Sirius, no matter what he says about Scarlett needing to get a move on to get out of the whole Pureblood mania, still has trouble getting out of the Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry. It\\\'ll be a while before anybody else knows as Scarlett feels the same way.

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Review #40, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Caring is Creepy

1st July 2009:
Aw poor sirius he is going through his own stuff i love james the guy has been after lily for so long but its got to get annoying to listen to.
Then remus who finally go hit with the full force of his crush...

Ambrose sounds like for lack of a better word a complete bitch, but im sure her scheming will turn out dreadfully entertaining...

Author's Response: Oh, absolutely... =)

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Review #41, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Intimacy

1st July 2009:
I like that she doesn't have an answer for him because nothing is ever that simple and they are playing truth so lying is not allowed.

Now her biggest secret is her dark mark.
Whats sirius is it that he is in love with her? ?

Im so sorry i haven't reviewed in awhile i had prom and graduation but im so happy to be reading this amazing story again.


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Review #42, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Just the Night

4th June 2009:
ah her ignorance its not bliss its giving me acid!
She gave in ! She took the jacket
Is the shadow woman scarletts mom is that why she looks like someone else we know
Oh all these mysteries are so good but i want to know, really answers should start coming any time now

Author's Response: I LOVE her taking the jacket. This is right around the time when my love for Theo wears off and all it is is Sirius, hahaha

And to your theory, no comment... but it will be answered! =D

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Review #43, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: It's Beginning

4th June 2009:
Wow i loved this chapter i could feel sirius getting frustrated and i want to know so badly what tenereus is seeing in the stars.

She left theos arms for sirius !
Ok i got that out of my system

I dont even know how to explain what i felt when she asked him to stay with her i feel like the story is amazing and getting better with each passing chapter

Author's Response: I love you like seriously!

Tenereus has seen a tooon in the stars. I don't mention this until much later, but Tenereus has been alive for a very very long time. He knows what's going to happen next; he's just trying to do the best he can to tilt it in his, and Scarlett's, favor.

And your last comment makes me so happy to have readers like you and gives me motivation to write. Thank you so much!

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Review #44, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Awakening

4th June 2009:
Wow my head is buzzing for her maybe when she gets a few of those answers other things will become clear to her and she will be less oblivious.

It seems like this chapter set up a lot to do with voldy and the war which makes me excited to read your spin on everything.

Why have her friends dispositions changed?

Maybe sirius has been the change she needs and she wont be able to change back

Author's Response: =D Thank you!! (the war is a very important part of the story)

To your question: technically, for nothing; they're just sour. However, this chapter is the first indicate that the group is noticing Scarlett's secrecy (is that spelled right?) over her and Sirius, which increases as time goes on and it becomes harder to keep quiet.

And =)

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Review #45, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: These Arms of Mine

4th June 2009:
Poor sirius he is painfully aware of just how much he likes scarlette and she has no idea.

Maybe shadow woman from the last chapter was right and that she is oblivious, because she wants to be. Everything is easier if she wants to marry the man who she has been promised to.

Author's Response: =D

Yep. It's definitely not a good quality to have -- to ignore everything that shouldn't be -- but Scarlett cannot come to terms with the possibility that she might not want to get married, which means that her society is wrong, because, if she were to, the battle for freedom would be painful. If that makes sense.

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Review #46, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Only Seventeen

4th June 2009:
Firstly sorry for not commenting in so long the end of school has me in a tissy.

WOAH is Tenereus talking to bellatrix?
Whta does our shadow lady want and what is the pre existing deal on the table?
Tenereus lied for Scarlette aw.
What exactly that they have seen in the stars that is important ?
Ok onward to the next chapter

Author's Response: hahahaha, dude: ME TOO!

Answers to questions:
1 - no comment. =)
2 - basically, Woman is working for Voldemort, yeah, because Voldemort himself can't be on the grounds. She wants to get the centaurs to align with the Death Eaters and wants to talk to them more extensively to see if they will agree. Tenereus says that it's unlikely because they're happy, and it's been a topic that was brought up 2 years ago but then dropped for more important things, revived just now. However, Woman really wants this for Voldemort's sake. She also is there to check up on Scarlett and Sirius.
3 - I haven't read this chapter so I don't know who you are referring to, haha... if you're talking about Sirius and Scarlett, nothing, which is the problem. Woman knows about the arrangement with those two but thinks it's so they'll read the future more so she knows more... but the fact that they're wasting more time talking to each other is what Tenereus keeps from her, because if she knew of any indication of a positive relationship, Scarlett would get the consequences.

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Review #47, by siriuslyawesomeNotion.: I Stand Corrected

17th May 2009:
*‘Oh, how original Black, a crude comment about Evan shagging me, do you and Potter think of them whilst you’re spooning in bed together?’*


Did he really have sex with Isla or was he just being mean.
Wow he does like to think about her and Evan a lot or maybe he just likes picturing her naked both work.

Of course she wants to know why remus kissed her I mean i want to know he is clearly harboring a crush.

I think sirius is deff too but he shows it in there little fights, he deff likes getting her all worked up.

Author's Response: ahaha i'm glad you picked up on that line
that's my fav
& yes he did, Isla, in reality would sleep with Sirius because he is Sirius Black, and Callie knows this, not that she'd admit it, which is why she really let her emotions show for once in front of him, because it was cruel

lol and i think you're rightshe does want to know, she's just so disgusted at the moment that she doesn't want to think about it, but she will soon want to know his motives

you're seriosuly good at working out my characters, three out of three ;) he does love to get her worked up, partyl because for him its funny and also because he quitwe likes her, not that hes gonig to tell her

thanks so much for the review

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Review #48, by siriuslyawesomeSparkle in Her Eye: Jewels Surrounded by a Face

14th May 2009:
*He was thinking of her in a way that was not only morally unacceptable, but completely wrong...and bad, so, so bad.*

Poor sirius tortured by temptation, he was able to get to see her wet though. Props to him.

Was theo dear dreaming of another girl?

How could Scarletts gave not have even a hint of lust when looking at sirius i just don't believe it.

Is there a reason behind the heat?

Author's Response: :-D I looove your reviews. Thank you (: and YEAH HAHA I KNOW. This chapter is so sexual.

To your questions--

1) Theodore is dreaming... well, quite a lot. He is dreaming of a bunch of people. Some different girls. Some different guys. *waggles eyebrows* It's a very foreshadow-y segment of SiHE, and, anytime there is anything relatively romantic going on, it can always be led to that chapter.

2) Well, during the time all of this is happening, there is still a ... well, I don't know if this is the best way of saying it, but a fog around everything else besides Theodore. I'm not too sure if I mentioned this in previous chapters, but -- though Scarlett has had other romances -- this is the first that wasn't superficial. And the severity of that superficiality is all based on whether I mentioned if she had a first kiss or not. Whoops. Anyway, Scarlett kind of has stars in her eyes, and she doesn't really get what's going on. As the wedding comes closer and closer, that could change. Or not. Or possibly.

3) Besides getting Sirius and Scarlett in a lake, nah. *grins* A lot of these chapters are all sort of in the same vein and are -- this is from a very technical standpoint -- only there to provide some substance to the fancy. The last chapter that doesn't add anything new to their relationship, really, is Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre, a chapter which I really really hate. Afterwords, though, every chapter is incredibly important to SiHE.

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Review #49, by siriuslyawesomeNotion.: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

8th May 2009:
Walking into the boys dorms seems like a dangerous task, she is one brave chica.

Seems like all the boys in that room just want to get another peek at her underwear. ^^

***‘Just because you’ve never seen any underwear other than your own,’ I replied stepping closer to him, refusing to loose face ‘and of course when you’re taking off Black’s.’***

First Lupin stads up for her and gets sirius to back off then he follows her... interesting very interesting

The walk of shame even though she didn't even do the dirty thats harsh.

*It held no sense of arrogance, or Gryffindor importance, nor did he look as if he was about to curse me.

‘They’ll kill you,’ I muttered, allowing his fingers fall to my cheeks.*

Its funny she didnt seem to be thinking about Evan at all during this time...

Now in general i am a Sirius fan but i do so love your remus and i cant wait to read what you write next...

Oh and so this is the 2nd Cage the Elephant song you've used and once again i must say i love them i saw them saturday at bamboozle and they were amazing i even got to talk to them after there set. oh and i love you for liking there music

Author's Response: she certainly is brave, i'm sure there's many who ahve been in that dorm that haven't come out alive, lol and i'm sure you're right
they probably do ;)
& no she ddin't do the dirty, but these are teenagers they'd make something out of nothing, plus it's callie, shes'laughed at by most gryffindors (probably because they all want to agree with the boys)

&& no, she didn't think about evan most probably because sirius' words were still ringing in her mind, making her unaware of what was really ahppening, and making her forget she is dating him

well i'm glad you're liking this remus, tbh i don't know who to go for, but iw ill, eventually :P

and cage the elephant (L0 jealous man that you got to see them & meet them! hope it was good!
thanks so much for the long review, i was smilnig so much when i saw the length of it!
next chapter is being validated atm

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Review #50, by siriuslyawesomeRebel in love: I Can't Breathe, there's no room with James's Ego !

6th May 2009:
I love the subtle hand holding, very smooth mr james.
NACHOS i understand being healthy but i must side with the boys on the side of yummy lol.

I cant wait to read your next chapter for some more Alix and James

Author's Response: Lol thanks soo much
Nachos rule dont they ? lol

Thanks still writing it had writers block but i have an idea so i will continue tomorrow xxx

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