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Review #1, by sammieoxoxPerfectly Together: Perfectly Together

28th December 2009:
i love the quote. really random for her to say 'wanna go to Las Vegas?' but somehow still worked =P

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a bit of a random story, but I am hoping that is part of it's charm :P Thanks for the review xx

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Review #2, by sammieoxoxLove (It's Like a Carnival): At the Heart of the Fire

28th December 2009:
beautiful, light, but still really good.
ps. LOVE your banner! =D

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Review #3, by sammieoxoxNot That Girl: Not That Girl

20th November 2009:
it was really good, BUT I WANNA KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED =( 10/10 in hopes you will make it into a mini story. PLEASE. =)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the very generous rating. I have currently got some spare time so I am considering writing a small story based on this one shot, but no promises. I really like the one shot as it is and fear that writing more about it may ruin its affect. If I decide this is the case as I write it, then it wont be posted. Glad you enjoyed the one shot though.

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Review #4, by sammieoxoxA Mother's Dying Wish: The Wintertime Waltz

6th October 2009:
i, absolutly, LOVE this chapter.
i just hope no one heard the

"I didn't exactly expect to find myself pregnant during my seventh year and that happened too..."

cause that would suck. cause thats how everything ends up turning out. BUT NONE THE LESS, i say by far your best chapter. but thats just MY opinion.

Author's Response: Haha, nope no one heard it, don't worry! Super happy you liked it and thank you for this lovely review :) it really made me smile!

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Review #5, by sammieoxoxA Mother's Dying Wish: Secrets Stumbled Upon

7th August 2009:
-what ever he was he was a changed man-
awe. thats cute =)

Author's Response: Thanks, sammieoxox. Glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #6, by sammieoxoxHold Your Tongue: Floating

3rd August 2009:
no no this chapter is worth it, all the chapters are worth it, i just hope that sometime (im not gonna rush you, but sometime soon hopefully) you can complete it, cause i still love this story from when it first started... GOOD LUCK!! =)

Author's Response: I do hope that i can complete it soon. i swear i'm not leaving fan fiction until i finish writing everything. and since i keep starting new stories ... well, i guess i'm going to be here for a while. lol. :)

thanks so much!

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Review #7, by sammieoxoxPotter: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

21st December 2008:
aww that was so cute and sad at the same time. you really have a knack for stories. i mean.. when you finish them. lol they are still good through, id check every day if that meant you would continue. if you dont mind me saying. cause i have the same problem. lol oh wow sorry talk too much. i tend to do that a lot.

very nice jobs. i love the marauders. even whats left of them. of course peter isnt my favorite or anything but.. i can see how he got there so i cant hate him TOO much.

Lupin is one of my favs. =)

Author's Response: This was the first fan fic I ever wrote so it makes my head swell to hear this kind of stuff.
Ha ha, well, I have 'The Burn'Out Heart' planned out to the end, as well as 'It was A Sad Day After All' and 'When We Meet Again' AND about a billion others, so they will be complete one day. Ha ha, I promise you. lol. I don't mind you saying at all.

Thanks very much!

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Review #8, by sammieoxoxWaiting Game: Waiting Game

4th December 2008:
aww i wanna cry ='(
you made me so sad.
but i understand where hes coming from.
poor guys. at least they know that no matter what. something will always push them away, no matter how perfect they are together. the last line just killed me there.

"Even as I tell myself that I made the best decision, I'm wondering, if it's the right thing to do, why my heart feels like it's breaking as I walk away from the only man I will ever love."

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much, being told you wanted to cry is a huge compliment! I love these two together but realistically, I guess it could never work and I wanted to write a fic to show that, especially as it's very unusual. Thanks again for reviewing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by sammieoxoxHell Fire: Hell Fire

3rd December 2008:
the life and times of the infamous Lily Evans/Potter and James Potter. how beautiful you made it. i say a wonderful summary of all their years in Hogwarts and their life after words. i still dont get why they chose Peter though. Lily knew not to trust him. and to think.. if they had just picked Dumbledore like the Longbottoms.. things might have been different.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by sammieoxox:

2nd December 2008:
wow i dont know what to say to this..
its beautiful.
i dont think i can really explain it any other way.
it really was, real. and true to every word.
i dont think it did flow. but it didnt really have to.
its just like the thoughts of someone, un edited. tortured.
its really well thought. i like it.

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Review #11, by sammieoxoxAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Four: Impulse

26th November 2008:
or.. even better, him breaking up with HER
so she wouldnt even see it .. but then Sirius would still be with Courtney.. and she would be like, half way empty, half way weight-off-her-shoulder. and and and.. lol sorry a little carried away. but i just see a whole scene in my mind.

he wants to talk to her, but she drags him off to the library cause she heard Sirius was there (but she doesnt say its because of that), so they sit at a table, and as she looks around, spotting them, he tries talking and doesnt notice that shes not paying attention and keeps rambling on, and shes still looking at them, and Sirius spots her looking and thats when she looks at Jay, and he says, "so, yea, but i think we should still be friends, its just, i dont really want to be in a relationship right now, i hope you understand" or something like that. she is dumbstruck, but he reads that wrong, so he RE explains that he was thinking during his trip, and rather be alone now. shes still dumbstrucked, and he leaves her there. THE END!!

oh wow.. sorry that was long.. sorry when i have a though, i have a thought =$ .. if you are confused by this..heres my email.. =)


Author's Response: hahah. thats a good idea! but i already know whats gonna happpenn!! haha. =] thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #12, by sammieoxoxChemistry: Boyle's Law

23rd November 2008:
GENUS .. lol I LOVE IT =)
CAN YOU SAY...added to favorites ;)

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Review #13, by sammieoxoxNo One Knows You More Than Me: No One Knows Your More Than Me

23rd November 2008:
brilliant.. amazingly done.
a real anthropologist.
i like how you wrote this, so out there, its beautifully done.

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Review #14, by sammieoxoxDiscovering Love: Discovering Love

19th November 2008:
im sorry.. but that is cute
lol i like the last line. just the whole last little convo.. was cute

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Review #15, by sammieoxoxBroom Closet Surprise: Common Misconception

29th October 2008:
i read that and when i saw the name Sirius Black there.. you don't understand.. i had to take FIVE mins to collect myself then read the last part again .. brilliant darling!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :)

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Review #16, by sammieoxoxWild Hearts: Life and Death

29th October 2008:

CURSE YOU.. but bless you for actually updating
and i can see right through his little plan. =)
though congrads on the teaching though,

i can see the ending here.. no more than a few chapters left

-explaining their come back
-a defete of Voldi tempararly before he disapears
-connecting with everyone again.. maybe back to the wizarding world
-living 'happily ever after' .. for now at least with all their new friends.. and dont forget about BLAISE! lol

haha well.. good luck.. ill be looking out for the next few chappys =)

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Review #17, by sammieoxoxFamous by Association: Chapter Nineteen: The Importance of Pie

22nd October 2008:
what? its almost the end!
oh wow i love this story
its one of my favorites =)
i love the fact that she was forced to go to school lol, but it was kind of stupid of her to think he was defending Cali,

and no offense to anyone, but eventually i think i would rip up the letters too .. stupid but.. feels necessary after the first one read.

haha i love how Lily says
"the old James would have loved this"
tehehe that is so true.. ah i can just remember when he magically put the charm on Alexandra to make them kiss at the awards in front of the paparazzi .. classic =)

Author's Response: I know I can hardly believe it myself!

As for the the letters... Alex is trying to move on. Who needs those kinds of contsant reminders.

There are a few references to the "old" James in the next chapter... you will like those to :)

Thanx for the R&R

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Review #18, by sammieoxoxHer Veil Lies: She Ran

14th October 2008:
wow, that was... amazing
i have to admit that i could never really see it
them being together
but you wrote it so beautifully.. it was just amazing
this defiantly was worth the read lol
i think you can already tell this is a 10/10 from me
and trust me, it it really good... lol no wonder you are one of my favorite writers =) oh and btw.. what made the huge effect was that i was listening to the song as i read, it really did make the effect. you should listen to it next time if you havent already

Author's Response: I can't really see them as being together either. But I figured I'd give it a shot and see what happened.
I"m super happy you like it. =]=]

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Review #19, by sammieoxoxI love Lily : Tales of the Marauders and Friends: Epilogue: One October Morning

13th October 2008:
i don't think that you should do a sequel..
i know you would do a good job but this was such a beautiful ending before any catastrophe so its beautiful being that their last day was so precious.

i love the last line, it just made my heart swell up and couldn't help but be happy that they were able to have a beautiful last day together.

you did an amazing job and i love it. ill check out your other stories really soon.. if not right this moment. i bet they are amazing too =)

Author's Response: thanks! i know, i hate having to leave on a sad ending, but somehow it makes it all the more precious? thanks for the review! xx

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Review #20, by sammieoxoxAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Two: Little Things

10th October 2008:
well id say that its been a wile lol
but you know what?.. it was a cute fill in
not too boring.. not TOO reveling
but it does throw a couple of foreshadowing towards the
Marauders part in this whole thing.
it was cute, and i love the last phrase

"she thought that it really had begun to feel like Christmas"

Author's Response: i know, i know. i'm so sorry. haha. i'm glad that it didn't suck though. haha. thakns so much!! =]

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Review #21, by sammieoxoxThe Other Way Around: Part 9

7th May 2008:
OMG THREESOME!! gosh what an ending
ahhh, that was. a bit funny to read actually
cause of the convo before hand about the curiosity of things .. lmfao -- awsome ending note

"But it didnit matter, really. Nothing else mattered. Blaise was right. This moment was all that mattered now. Case closed. "

BTW .. you forgot to classify the story as COMPLETE

Author's Response: Fixed! And I guess since it's over 50000 words (!!!) it's also a Novel. Holy wow, I wrote my first official novel.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'm so glad that you liked it. D/Hr/B is such a guilty pleasure.

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Review #22, by sammieoxoxFamous by Association: Chapter Eleven: Mommy Dearest

7th May 2008:
such raw emotion in this one.. deffinatly not a waste of a chapter-- cause you know this is going to result in some chaceing and groveling on James' part.. =P

Author's Response: I love love love the next chapter.
While there is a small amount of groveling a few other important things happen... you'll see!

Thanx for the review

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Review #23, by sammieoxoxDeception: Beyond

6th May 2008:
haha NIICE .. i loove the fact she hits him and screams, and she wasnt stupid and actually .. ahh i love it -- its goes so nicely, you didnt mess it up, on the contrary, you made sure it didnt turn cleche, and make problems with her BF.. and the fact that he STILL cant have her, for the fact that even though he got a a kiss, it wasnt willinly, which is the whole point of getting someone
well awsome chapter -- wonderful job.. andd highest raiting from mee.. WAIT TILL HER FRIENDS HEAR ABOUT IT!!

Author's Response: She doesn't necessarily scream, but she does have her way with words. At least, I would like to think she does since I am the one who writes it. Of course, I could be dead wrong. Anyway, I was pretty stumped before beginning this chapter . It was originally going to happen a very, very different way. But when I got to that point I realized that it was something that would make the readers confused. It didn't make sense to me, so I didn't think it would make sense to anyone else. SO, in result, I completely changed it up.

Thanks for reviewing. As for her friends, I don't know when she plans on telling them...

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Review #24, by sammieoxoxDragoness: Because of you

30th April 2008:
omg no dont worry about itt!! this was soo worth it
i ilove the song part, it was just so beautifully written
andd the part with Dumbledoer was so good

you did an awsome job with this chapter .. and wow you already have 28 chapters .. impressive ;)

Author's Response: Thanx, that was actually my first attempt at a song fic. I've written a few other, ACTUAL songfics that don't go with the story since then, but I doubt I'll post em for a while.
I'm to committed to Dragoness to start chasin white rabbits with dinky little songfics.
No offence to songfic writers, it's just that my shorter works aren't as high on my agenda as my novel length whatsit.
And I'm glad you thought I did good on Dumbledore, I wasn't sure if I was portraying him correctly, or not. Lol, thanx for the super review!! The next chappy should be out pretty soon, keep yer eyes open for it.

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Review #25, by sammieoxoxThe Other Way Around: Chapter 8

28th April 2008:
haha niice that is soo classic
witht he guys.. KISSINGG !
yum* lol

now that.. was funny ;)

Author's Response: Lawlz, thanks. =)

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