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Review #1, by Luv2lern:

28th February 2008:
Ooooh cute idea! adopting a kid would be VERY harry potter... maybe her parents died in the Battle of Hogwarts?? that would be interesting..

Author's Response: Thanks! A short while ago, I just came up with this character. I gave her a name and characteristics. But I wondered how I could associate her with the family. Then it hit me that Harry might want to give a home to a kid with no parents. And what happened to her parents is a mystery.......

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Review #2, by Luv2lernA Fear of Falling: A fear of falling

3rd December 2007:
cute idea! A few typos, though! and the space between each paragraph is a bit too big. but otherwise, really good!

Author's Response: thank you! it was my first story i ever posted =]

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Review #3, by Luv2lernTeddy Lupin And The Art Of Love: Almost Easy

1st December 2007:
OOooh i looove it! keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! :D

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Review #4, by Luv2lernTeddy Lupin And The Art Of Love: Returning to Hogwarts

24th November 2007:
awesome, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! :D

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Review #5, by Luv2lernWhispers of the Willows: Rustles of the Autumn Leaves

24th November 2007:
awww hahahahahaha i loved this! "Wotcher Teddy!" awww so cute sooo gooodd keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #6, by Luv2lernMy Fifth Year: My Fifth Year (Part three)

19th November 2007:
“I just wanted to wish you luck today (I’m going to need more then luck today Harry…we are going to need a miracle).”

“I see you got another broom, Ron told me about what you did with yours” (Did he now? The prat, I’ll kill him).

“I don’t think McLaggen will ever anger you again” (He better not, if he knows what’s good for him).

“So do you think you can handle Fred’s broom?” Harry asked.

“Well yes, it will take some doing with Fred being a bit taller than me, but I should be fine” (Harry don’t make me lie to you, I’m going to stink today).

Harry then replied, “Well, I was thinking that maybe you could do me the honor of carrying something of mine into the match or the battle as Ron and I like to call them?” (Like what Harry, maybe a handkerchief? It doesn’t matter what you give me because I carry you in my heart wherever I go. I need nothing else).

But before I could protest he handed something to me. My heart stopped in my chest. No, it wasn’t a handkerchief; it was his most prized possession. There was no mistaking it. From the beautiful hand carved wood to the long grey hippogriff feather carefully tied to the top of the handle. I looked away, “No, Harry it’s your Firebolt. I know what this means to you. I-I know who gave this to you”

His response made me weak at the knees. He gently pulled my chin up so I had no choice but to look in his eyes again. “I want you to use it. You are an incredible seeker and I know you will make Gryffindor proud” I was stunned. Our eyes were locked together for what seemed like ages but Harry broke eye contact first (Harry if you had kissed me right now it would have been perfect. It’s OK. Please, I want you to).

He carefully took hold of my uniform and started adjusting it…wait he didn’t adjust my uniform he pinned something to it. If I was stunned before I was speechless now. It was his captain’s badge. “You have proven yourself to be the life and soul of this team, there is no one I would rather have as captain in my place today or any other day”

. i dont think that ever happened... but whatever

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Review #7, by Luv2lernUnable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave: Life After Death

18th November 2007:
omgsh, its SOOO GOODDD hurry up with the next chapter PLEASE

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! :D I should be updating after thanksgiving so watch out for it! Thanks again dear!

Lots of Love,

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