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Review #1, by LadySoftballOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Seventeen: Simply Scandalous

16th April 2009:
Hm, I'm confused.

“You should really look up the definition of the words. You clearly don't know the meaning, because if you did, you'd know they described me. Not you."

.Ummm, is she insulting herself? shouldn't it be, "they're describing you. not me."?

Ahh, well, I know what it meant! Good job, loved the chapter.

I always look forward to your updates. Whenever I see your banner at the top its a wonderful surprise!

Thank you!

P.s. I would very much like another dose of Fred and George, hehe.

Update soon please.

Author's Response: OMGsh! Thank you for pointing that out to me. Of course I totally meant to write that the other way around. That'll teach me to write something AFTER I've got it back from the betas!

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Review #2, by LadySoftballThe Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Remember To Keep A Safe Distance Away From Your Opponent

23rd November 2008:
Heh, awesome.

I usually don't read OC/OC, but I'm glad I stopped to read yours. It's amazing and so fun to read. The obliviousness of Dobbs is hilarious. And seeing as this is probably the first and so far only story that I've read that's OC/OC I tip my hat to you and your originality. You have your own story, but are just using the comfort zone of the familiar Hogwarts plot.

I see potential, and I have no idea if I'm being cheesy or not, but with all the OCs and lack of major use of Harry Potter characters I think you could do much better, or just do well, with making the whole story something original and not just a fanfic. Cause really, when it comes done to it, what use does fanfiction give to aspiring writers? Besides being a stepping stone to finding a style as well as an outlet for expressing the story as we wished it would be.

I think you have a style and I like it, it's easy to read and you can really "hear" the voices of the characters.

Getting down to the point, which you probably want me to do by now, I really, really like your story, so please update soon.

Can't wait for the next chapter and can't wait to read about this brother, he seems interesting. (But in the seek peek it says "end up Miss Dobbs herself" did you forget "with"?)

So, yeah, update soon! ;)


Author's Response: Dear LadySoftball,
Wow, thank you so much! Your review seriously just made my life:) I'm so glad that you like this story, even if OC/OC isn't really your style. I'm flattered that you think this story has potential, and that you think I can do so much more with it. It's true, HPFF is really only just practice for aspiring writers everywhere...but it just seems hard to pull away from the Hogwarts plot. Well, practice makes perfect:) Thank you so much for the amazing review, and I will update soon!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

PS: Yes, I just edited that little mistake in the preview for the next chapter...sorry! I'm horrible at editing:)

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Review #3, by LadySoftballVermillion: Vermillion

2nd February 2008:
Ow, my heart hurts, that was so sad.

Good story!


Author's Response: Oh ty ty so much ^_^
I'm glad you liked it :)

Edenn (: x

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Review #4, by LadySoftballIf I Loved You: If I Loved You

31st January 2008:
Just as I finished I could not stop myself from thinking "Oh this is so cute!"

I love the Draco/Luna pairing, it's one of those fun, but unexpected ones you can never really picture easily, but it's great and interesting when you do!

Loved your story.


Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! :)

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Review #5, by LadySoftballWhat Do You Want?: June 3, 1947

29th January 2008:
Yay! Tom!

But still, knowing what happened to her Aunt H. makes me sad because I know what really happened. That poor house-elf!

Anyway, love the story, update soon!

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Review #6, by LadySoftballThe Game of Love: Drastic Decisions

27th January 2008:
Yay! Go Oliver! Fight for what you want!

Author's Response: Good advice for life :)


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Review #7, by LadySoftballSomeone To Love: Anyone

26th January 2008:
I for one would not mind having one of the Weasley men fall on top of me.

I also think that I would like to take up the challenge of trying to go after Charlie...I'd love to tame his dragon.

hehe, I'm so bad.

Well I'm going to the next chapter, see ya there!


Well I'm going to the next

Author's Response:
I'm glad you enjoyed. :P

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Review #8, by LadySoftballHope For The Hopeless: Sunny Side Up

26th January 2008:
Oo, am I the first review? Awesome! But also pressured filled. What I review might could make your esteem over updating go up or down, and I don't want it to go down, cause I want you to update soon, and I do want you to update soon because I like this chapter, and most likely will like the rest of it when you update, or rather submit your next chapter and wait with everyone else for it to update.

I guess I'll start there, yeah, that's right, all those words up there mean nothing and this is where I start the review, and I'm not just writing random sh** to make my review long, even though it'll be a treat for you to get an extra long review.

Okay, I guess that's not my review either.

I'll start here, yeah this is a good place. I'm content with this spot. I like this spot. You know what else I like, your story...or rather chapter, either way I like it.

You know by this time I probably won't have the privilege of being the first review and this review won't be as special is it was the second or third.

So I'll just wrap this up with a simple...


The capitalization is the extra amount of feeling I'm putting into it.

Okay, I'm done.

Have a happy day!

P.S. Oh yeah, you wrote this chapter beautifully and it was so well done that that when I read through it I saw no mistake, which probably aren't even there!

Okay, now I'm done!

Hope, emphasis on the hope, to read your next chapter soon!

Finnigan love to all!


Author's Response:
I'll update as soon as I get the next chapter written. (: I'm glad you enjoyed it and my self esteem isn't beat down that easily. :)


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Review #9, by LadySoftballWhat Do You Want?: April 28, 1945

26th January 2008:
o, I like this story. You haven't changed Tom

(Lord Voldemort appears behind me and points his wand at me, his snake-like face morphed into a rage filled expression.)

...I mean Lord Voldemort...into a completely different person than he really is, and I hope he won't be changed because he suddenly found love.

(rolls eyes)

I nice future Lord Voldemort is a boring Lord Voldemort.

Now I'm off to find a potion that can turn the future Dark Lord into the older version of the sexy school boy he was, but just as evil, because what girl doesn't want a maniacal bad boy to call he own that's nice to look at?

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